Canon EOS R5 価格や性能、レビューなど

Canon EOS R5 価格や性能、レビューなど ガジェット
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Hands ON with the NEW CANON EOS R5! THE GRAIL CAMERA!  (c) Peter McKinnon


(c) Peter McKinnon Pre-order the Canon EOS R5 today in Canada and in the US Lightroom PRESET …

What is your favourite feature of the new R5? GUESS MINE! Ok thats easy. 4K 120 LETS GOO!

My only question now is…. When is my pre-order coming in?


Does the 4k 120fps record with audio, or is it like most camera that have no sound when in HFR modes?

I’m still using my iPhone camera but thanks for telling me everything I’m missing out on…

Bruh his name is a combination of Nikon and Canon

Now we can officially address Peter as:*Mr McCannon*

Canon: IBIS + IS mirrorless is now here!Sony: First Time?Me: *cries in EOS T6i*

3:25 “here they R”, we saw what you did here

I think you will need a Server to start editing the 8k Footage, because just 13 min of shooting will take 256GB 😨😨

The “Grail” camera if you’re shooting in sub-zero temperatures.

Yes freaking plzzzzzzzz! oh man I’m so pumped for this camera

Great review.. and now, “Reverie”filmed entirely on a Canon 5dii or wait, was it the Nick-on d90?? lol

Awesome!, I have accidentally recorded through automatic mode using my external mic which resulted in no audio, is there I way to override this maybe?, thanks so much

The overheating concerns me. Otherwise, it looks like a great camera.

Me when watching: “The R5 is sooo good, I want one!!”*Saw the PriceAlso me: “yeah… I love my 600D”

Welp I guess I need this to shoot John do a fakie 360 flip nose grind

Sometimes I just wish I’d have more money that I could spend on camera gear 😂

Pete, I really liked to hear your comparison to past “industry” milestones. Your passion is contagious. Would love to hear more of your thoughts about other milestones and how they affected you in your career.Thanks, as always, for the great content.

before recording again. With that said, this isn’t a great camera for making short films.

【実機レビュー!】EOS R5 / R6 発表!スペックの違いを確認すればするほど、どっちを買えばいいかわからなくなる!!!  (c) 瀬戸弘司 / Koji Seto

【実機レビュー!】EOS R5 / R6 発表!スペックの違いを確認すればするほど、どっちを買えばいいかわからなくなる!!!(c) 瀬戸弘司 / Koji Seto

(c) 瀬戸弘司 / Koji Seto Canonの新型フルサイズミラーレス機「EOS R5/R6」が発表されました! EOS Rを持っている私としては、ようやく使えるフルサイズミラーレス機が出てきたなあ…という印象 …






EOS R5の実機は返却までまだ時間があるので、確認して欲しいことなどあればコメント下さい。手元にあるうちに、R5/R6どちらに買い換えようか決めるつもりです。


6:23 「長回ししたけりゃCINEMA EOSを買え☆」で笑ってしまった











4:06 ここのbgmめちゃカッコいい。

5:21 心が汚い人でもR6が見えるようになりました

Canon R5 - What I Wish I Knew BEFORE Buying the Canon EOS R5  (c) JHawk

Canon R5 – What I Wish I Knew BEFORE Buying the Canon EOS R5

(c) JHawk Watch this BEFORE you buy the Canon R5..These are the things I wish I knew before I bought the Canon EOS R5 WATCH NEXT: Canon R5 Review …

What do you guys think?? Should I stick with the R5, or try something else!?

Didn’t they fix the wobble with a firmware update?

I could tell instantly you looked different haha Looking good on that Sony 😉

I’m comparing this vid the previous right before this and I definitely like the look of this one much more. Definitely a cleaner look. Also a bit softer but in a flattering way.Btw also look like you got a few hour of sleep in since the last vid lol.

I really like the idea of the Canon R5C, a video centric camera that doesn’t overheat as it has a fan and still has that 45mp sensor for photography – now that would be a BEAST and may hopefully solve all the problems wrong with the current R5. Still not sure how they would market both of them together though….

I currently work 95% of the time just taking pictures and I’m thinking to get the EOS R. I’m thinking that may be getting the R5 might be a little bit overkill if I only use it for photos. Do you have any thoughts on that. also I’m not planning on shooting videos anytime soon

Canon be the confident ratchet girl yellin and clapping saying ” So why dont you go to SONY??!!!, WHY??,…thought so… ” lol

I currently shoot just about everything on the EOS R + 15-35. before the release and the whole advertisement of the 8k – all people ever wanted was a no crop 4k so ( honestly even as a person who doesn’t have the R5) – I still think it’s an amazing camera. but yeah.. wabble bothers so I guess Ill still stick with my R for now

So I’m a Sony fanboy and I love the all-in-one mentality they have with their non R or S lines. So I’m waiting for the a7 IV. I loved that Canon started to compete again with the R5/R6. I personally think they need to take the Sony approach though; have one camera that is mirrorless body that is great for video and another for photo, and one that is good at doing both. It’s a model that works really well for Sony. Tbh if Canon adopted this approach to their mirrorless bodies I might consider switching.

Loved these points you touched on, as well as talking about how you can’t quite trust it in a professional client work situation for video. Also YOUR LIGHTING LOOKS SO CLEAAAAN

Love the video as always bro! 🔥 🔥

This video should be a must watch for new buyers. I use the R5 as well and I love it for the most part. I do film in 4K HQ and I’ve experienced overheating only once or twice. Even half an hour of Aroll in 4KHQ is not a problem for me. I don’t really vlog (yet) so haven’t experienced the wobble myself. What I did notice though is that whenever I hook up a simple camera monitor, it does overheat much faster. Idk why. I totally agree with you, the camera is not reliable enough for client work. You just can’t afford it flaking on you. It’s a real shame. Great video man.

Send it to me… I won’t never rant LOL 😆

I was about to type a comment asking about your grading on this video… it looks super clean!! Good thing I watched until the end. Also a video on the a7siii would be fun.

Sony 24mm? Different look here, but I like it! Great work as always dude!

Wow yeah that wobble is so bad. Thank you for doing this I would be so mad if I bought this and it did that 👀

Haha, I just wanted to comment, if you could do a comparison with a camera similar to the R5 and you pop out the Sony A7SIII at the end 😆Knew the look is different then usual 🤓You finally answered my IS question for my R6 – always wondered, if the IS setting is an all or nothing thing. Didn”t figure out to turn off IBIS, in case lens has IS.Let’s see, if Canon will change this in future firmware or not.Great video as always, can’t wait for your experience with the A7SIII 👍

Let’s get clear, so I can’t edit easily with premier pro if I buy this camera ?


H.265 is pretty much the stabdard for about 3-4 years now, isnt it?

EOS R5レビュー!使ってみて良かったところ#1(操作性、画質)- EOS R5 review. (Overview, operability, image quality)  (c) 中原一雄 / studio9 channel

EOS R5レビュー!使ってみて良かったところ#1(操作性、画質)- EOS R5 review. (Overview, operability, image quality)

(c) 中原一雄 / studio9 channel メイン機をソニーα7R IVにしていた私がEOS R5をいろいろ使ってみて良かったところをまとめました。ホントに良いカメラ! めちゃくちゃ長くなったので今回は全体の概要と …





早く続きが見たいです~~~画素数が多いと、ボケボケにした時のカラーノイズは どうでしょうか






Canon EOS R5 - WTF is Wrong?  (c) Kai W

Canon EOS R5 – WTF is Wrong?

(c) Kai W MUSIC Isaac Joel – Chanterelle Isaac Joel – Forsythia Isaac Joel – Mendax * I may earn a bit of commission if you use the product links above to help me keep on …

R5 is the first camera I considered switching to from my 5D mk IV but it’s a real bummer it’s so hard to get your hands on it to test out in the UK 😩

You hit the nail on the head. 🙂

“They should release the camera in the winter” 😂😂

kai reminiscing on the good old digitalrev days ….

“Like an entanglement – without penetration.” – Kai*** will-jada-august reference. hahahaha. 😀

Kai managed to trigger Google Assistant on my phone at some point. I didn’t notice and it dictated the whole video. Let me know if you want closed captions, I guess.

anyone else’s heart jump when he started waving the camera wayyyyy to close to the brick wall at 1:30?

I decided to move to Antarctica so that I can use my R5.

I have to pause because I am laughing this: “And iMac is propably going to make that noise it’s about to takeoff.”

Hey Kai, the way you present is so engaging. Great work mate.

Someone in Canon marketing department give that man an R5! We need an honest review! And YES they should of release this camera in the winter 🙂

I love how he mentions Lok and his Chanel,that’s what a good friend would do

“Like an entanglement…… Without penetration…” Spat my coffee!! 😂😂😂

The only wrong about r5 is I cannot afford it 😂

Was waiting for this 😁

so, when can we expect a review of the new BlackMagic 12k camera? 😉

Ive had my 7D since 2013. due a replacement. feeling dated now

“I feel sorry for Pentax” hahaha good one

5:56 “Questionable crippling of the camera…” started looking for the Canon Cripple Hammer.

Man, somewhat this video reminds me of the good old Kai, Lok, Alamby trio. Bokeeeeeeheeee

Introducing the Canon EOS R5 Digital Camera  (c) CanonUSA

Introducing the Canon EOS R5 Digital Camera

(c) CanonUSA Discover all the new, enhanced and amazing features in the EOS R5 including Dual Pixel CMOS AF II, In-body Image Stabilization, 8K video capability, People …

Who ever composed the background music needs a raise! Literally felt like I was watching a final fantasy reveal trailer! Next camera!

I can’t wait to see YouTube videos of people switching back to Canon from Sony.

They literally gave us everything we wanted with this camera….this R5 is gonna be a mirrorless killer!🔥🔥🔥 seriously a canon fan boy 🙏🙏😂😂

This is the best news for today, thank you!

It’s on fire… literally, from the early tests. 🔥

I still love my 5DS R despite how powerful this camera is.

Awesome.. Cant wait to get my hands on one of these.

FINALLY! Thank you Canon.

Ol’ Peter McKinnon’s video was way more 🔥🔥🔥🔥There is just something off about Canon’s ads that make it look old styled..

We can on canon cameras📸🖤

due to our overexcitement, this camera overheats now!

So this is what AWESOME looks like!!!!! Finally Canon….THANK YOU👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻👏🏻👍🏻

The music reminds me of Joe Hisaishi’s work.

Hmm, a lot to think about. If I sell my R, I will definitely get this because the R was already great.

This is the good news the world has been waiting for

It is always a pleasure watching videos like this. Thank you cannon!

I am ready to sell in my heart, One of the most drug in photography field…..

I’ve been always dreaming to have a professional Camera like this.

🤩 the most awaited camera 📸