Sony A7S III REVIEW (おすすめ動画)

Sony A7S III REVIEW (おすすめ動画) 動画
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(c) Matti Haapoja Sony A7S III REVIEW // The Perfect Camera?

(c) Matti Haapoja さんのチャンネル登録、高評価、お願いします。きっとお気に入りの動画やコンテンツが見つかります。 PCだと動画の左上のアイコンからチャンネル登録も可能です。


As a stills photographer, this makes me super excited for what's to come with the A7IV.

I felt Daniel Schiffer presence in that beginning broll sequence, thank god it was true and I'm not crazy.. hahaha 😅

“Sony’s color science is better than Canon’s color science.” OMG. He said it😱 I can’t believe my ears😱

We need some “Don’t be dumb” Matti merch 😂

2:50-2:53 “pass, my smartphone can do better than that” “don’t be dumb” 😂

No one is going to talk about the banding in every sky? look at @8:34 -

I'm so impressed at how Sony does not mind cannibalizing all their professional equipment in order to compete. Kudos to Sony. Coming from a Canon fanboy.

“Don’t be dumb.” Rofl

Matti: The perfect camera doesn’t exi—

Some crazy banding in the skies. That must have been 8bit Slog? @1:05 is a good example.

Shakes head.. "Don't be dumb."Matti's best quotable to date!! 🤣🤣

I was about ready to switch From Sony to Canon, but I’m pretty sure this camera is going to make me stay with Sony

Awesome that you gave Gerald Undone a shoutout. His review was by far the most extensive and informative that I saw.

I am so happy they changed their color science! It looks so much better.

"Perfect camera, can I say that?"Sounds like a conspiracy to me. Anyhow, think you can, providing the Toneh is good.

Thank you so much for the Reviews Matti Yours was the 1st Video I watched to help me Cancel the R6 and Pre order this BEAST👍❤

“Less Overheating” *chef kiss

Can’t wait to get mine, really exceeded all my best expectations, amazing job done by Sony.Great video, greetings Filipe, Resize Films

"They decided to go with a 12mp sensor". Uh... they've had a 12mp sensor on this line the entire time... for the same reason everytime...

Matti, it warms my heart that you gave Gerald Undone a shoutout. His review is insane how much he went into detail.

“Don’t be dumb” is such a wholesome insult 😂

Perfect camera, perfect review! For real though, right down to shouting out Gerald if you want to get into the real nitty gritty! Also crazy to be able to do slow motion at night without having to wonder if there’s enough light! I’m stoked for this camera!!

I see the intro I knew instantly Daniel Schiffer was involved

I cancelled my Canon R5 to preorder for the Sony A7s III.

I guess I’m staying with Sony hahah. Thank God I don’t have to buy bunch of Canon lenses

2:50 This is my favorite reaction that sums up internet nerds.

Imagine telling Matti one year ago that he would be come a Sony boy😂

Matti: "There is no perfect camera"Camera Conspiracy: "All I want is the perfect cameraaa"

I bought one, anddddd, I’m bout to buy another one😂

the biggest thing i missed going from a Canon 600D to a 6D was the missing flip out screen

“PASS!!!” - “don’t be dumb”... hahah. Dead.

We need "don't be dumb" merchandise 😂

These are exiting times for creators! Can’t wait to get my hands on this beast... Cheers from The Netherlands 🇳🇱

The Best friend of the Canon Ambassador is now switching to Sony! Woahh

8:15 will sell a lot of A7siii.🤣👏🤣👏🤣

If there’s a perfect camera, their business will go bankrupt.

Damn! That B-Roll 😍❤️ is freaking awesome ✌🏼 Sony A7S lll 🤘🏼👊🏼

Did I hear that right... did Matti really just say he might switch camera systems!!!😮😮

This a7sIII is the best by far right now. Can't wait to get my hands on one.

“Don’t be dumb!” Hahahahaha best quote ever!

why does every filmmaking youtuber have the need to drink something in all their b-roll? like it’s not aesthetic anymore. just stop.

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