Ramen Adventures(おすすめch紹介)

Ramen Adventures(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Nakiryu Ramen (創作麺工房 鳴龍)

Nakiryu Ramen (創作麺工房 鳴龍)  (c) Ramen Adventures

(c) Ramen Adventures The 2017 Michelin Guide has awarded another star to a Tokyo ramen shop. This time, the honor goes to Nakiryu. This shop has a …

Ramen Adventures was hit hard by the algorithm in 2019. Views are down but I’m still crushing bowls around Japan and the world. If you enjoy these videos and want me to make more, you can support me over on Patreon for a buck. https://www.patreon.com/ramenadventures

Thank you for the subtitles. I’ve watched a lot of your earlier videos, and I always wanted translation or a summary of what the owners or chefs said about their food. Keep up the good work!

I went there with friends last year and it was amazing. We had to wait an hour and half to get in though but the funny thing is that we did not even know it was a Michelin star restaurant until after we got back. I was really craving some ramen and I remembered that this was the best ramen place I ate at during my entire 1 month stay in Japan so I was searching on google for photos of their ramen and here I am. It was more expensive than your regular run of the mill ramen shop but not by much and the difference in taste is night and day. If I remember correctly, it cost me roughly 1500-1800 Yen ($15 – $18) with twice the serving of pork, a refill on my bowl and an extra egg. The ambiance is great and the ramen looks even better in person than in this video.

good stuff, keep up the good work! hope we can go grab a bowl of ramen when i go visit japan for the first time next year!

Thank You for the recommendation Brian, I have gone on my Little Ramen adventure whilst on holiday in Tokyo. I have always been a Ramen fan but the sheer choices available can be overwhelming. Your videos and recommendations helped a lot. I finally got to try it today and boy was it good! Even the wife agreed and she ain’t much of a ramen addict as I am. Thanks again and keep up the good work!! 👌👌👌

i was here last week and my god their tantanmen was divine, probably THE BEST soup noodle dish i’ve ever tasted. Probably the best dish i tasted on my trip to Japan. Their Shoyu was good as well, but not as good as their tantanmen.I tried Tsuta, the other Michelin star ramen restaurant as well but they couldn’t compare

Will be in Tokyo in less than one week, gonna try and hit this place up or Tsuta while there.Thanks for making these videos!

Thanks man for your channel! Last year I went to Tokyo but didn’t know nothing about best ramen shops. Now I’m going to Tokyo in January, and thanks to your videos I know where to find best ramen! Subscribed 🙂

Awesome video! So cool you got to speak to the owner. The shot of the yolky egg was insane

I loooove your videos, they truly makes me happy. I enjoy so much your honest and also excited way of showing your experiences. They makes me smile. Keep up the good work. Greetings from Chile.

Glad you doubled up on the Tantan men! I’m not a huge shoyu fan, but I was interested in checking this place out because they do tantan! Good video.

Awesome channel and video. The Tan Tan Men looked incredible. Wish I knew about this place when I was in Tokyo.Subbed!

Great video. I’ve always dismissed Michelin star ramen as something super fancy, but this opened my eyes, so thanks. Just a little correction though. Sichuan peppercorn is actually “kashou”. Same genus of plants as Japanese sanshou, but different species 🙂

I have yet to taste real ramen and I wish to know how do they differ from instant ones?

Love the music in this video and that those Ramen looks yummm!! 😍😍😍

Awesome video! I’d like to visit a Michelin Ramen store as well! May I be very rude and ask how people in Japan react to your half sleeve? Especially with onsens and such?

Is there such thing as a bad ramen shop in japan? I would love to see a video on that!

It’s amazing that you can eat a restaurant with a Michelin star for less than you spend at any family chain restaurant. Heck, less than a lot of fast food meals.


Oh, BRIAN,, You made me want Ramen so badly now…. and it’s so cold today!!I was away from honshu, and Japan itself since 2010 and missing Ramen culture!!Now, I’m back in Japan and shifting to Tokyo very soon!I wish to join your Ramen Tour!! When are you shaping next tour?? ( My favourites are Sour-Spicy Chinese style Noodle, Clear Shoyu Soup with Thin Egg Noodles, Paitan Noodle with Prawns) I must try the Tan-Tan Noodle at Nakiryu, too. It looks soooo good!! Can’t wait to come to Tokyo!!

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MICHELIN STARRED RAMEN in Japan  (c) Ramen Adventures

(c) Ramen Adventures Tsuta is one of Tokyo’s most revered ramen shops. After gaining much acclaim locally for their shoyu and shio soups, they were …

Ramen Adventures was hit hard by the algorithm in 2019. Views are down but I’m still crushing bowls around Japan and the world. If you enjoy these videos and want me to make more, you can support me over on Patreon for a buck. https://www.patreon.com/ramenadventures

To me, the first thing I tasted was fish stock which gradually took a back seat to the chicken stock, shoyu and red wine. Still thinking about it months later.Also, get the little bowl of pork and rice. Best $2.50 you will spend.

What a beautiful bowl!It’s nice that ramen is being recognized for the great cuisine that it is. As a base for other ingredients, or a comforting warm bowl of simply noodles and broth, ramen is an ultimate food!

Wow, that’s old-fashioned-Tokyo-style-simple-shoyu-ramen !Nowadays, thick-heavy-tonkotsu-ramen is in a great prosperity.But…..THIS IS THE RAMEN I believe !

Been waiting for a Tsuta ramen video for a long time now. 10/10 as expected.

That looked delicious. A must try when I’m there.

Love Tsuta. I went there on my first Japan trip in Jan 2015, as I saw it on your website. And then went back again just 6 weeks ago and ordered the works for 1,250 yen with the 4 slices of Chashu… Noticeably busier cause of that star! Simply a brilliant bowl of food and it even looks like a work of art.

Just subscribed to your channel, this is genious. By the way if you could pick someplace to get the most traditional kind of “home-y” ramen in tokyo, where would it be?

I’ll have to head there on my next trip in January, looks amazing

I’ve been there! Best shoyu I ever had!

So good, we had quite few good ones in tokyo, but this seems far above those

Looks AMAZING. Makes me crave real ramen so bad.Well I guess I’ll cook some top ramen here at home lol. Maybe add some bacon and an egg and call it ghetto tonkotsu

This looks very good. I love Ramen.

nope singapore has a michelin star hawker stall that serves traditional soya sauce chicken noodles for about $2, it was the first ever hawker/street food stall to win a michelin star:)

�����Me encanta el Ramen !!!!! 😛 estos videos me dan mucha hambre >.<

I tried a ramen shop called Bigiya (びぎ屋 located in Meguro-ku, Tokyo) which is listed in the online Michelin Guide. Just a small shop, the taste was fine and I paid less than ¥1,000 for a bowl of the stuff. I wish I made a video about it.

oh YES!! This is the cannel I was looking so bad!! I just found this video…now I’m subscribing and going to watch every single video of yours 😀 I just loved loved loved this one!Much love from Italy!

I went there this summer and it was very good. Like extremely good.

Yum.I will be eating this next month during my visit!

I went to the one in HK which was really disappointing but looking at how delicious that char siu looks maybe you just have to go to Japan.

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Takeoka Ramen Recipe with Shono-San from MENSHO

Takeoka Ramen Recipe with Shono-San from MENSHO  (c) Ramen Adventures

(c) Ramen Adventures We couldn’t turn off the fan so the sound is not clear. Please make sure to turn on the English subtitle 🙂 Ramen creator Shono-san …

Ramen Adventures was hit hard by the algorithm in 2019. Views are down but I’m still crushing bowls around Japan and the world. If you enjoy these videos and want me to make more, you can support me over on Patreon for a buck. https://www.patreon.com/ramenadventures

Cool and interesting video! I’d love to be hanging out with a ramen expert like that! And I agree with the other comments: a tsukemen recipe would be great. Thanks for taking time to make these 🙂

so i made this and for everyone who was worried about salt content it wasn’t salty at all. it tastes amazing! Very full flavor.

WOW that was way simpler than expected. Soup base did not have to simmer for a week with 7 secret ingredients that could not be shared on penalty of death. I love the “secret” noodles too. Even the Char Siu /tare was so simple. Thank you for sharing this recipe. I am half Japanese born in Japan, and have tare in my blood, LOVE ramen of every kind. A recipe for spicy ramen would be great. Onegai shimasu. Domo arigatou gozaimasu!

When I was making this, I was worried it was going to taste really salty. I was surprised at how awesome it turned out! Thanks, I’ll be subscribing!


More “How to” please! Thank you for this awesome recipe. Shono-san senpai, please teach us how to make tonkotsu ramen 🙂

Absolutely awesome! I would love to see more how to make videos like this, I only regret that I saw this a month later!

YES! MORE! PLEASE! There’s no way to eat some in Japan right now, so these glimpses with these recipes give us a small taste. Thank you, Shono-san!

More recipes please! Shio and Tonkotsu soup, also I would love to learn how to make noodles from scratch!

I love this! Please do more recipes with him!! Next should be a spicy miso or one of his specialties, chicken paitan.

i also recommend chashu on top of fried rice (if you have left-over chashu). It’s such a comforting dish, added with some pickled vegetables!

Definitely would love more at-home recipes. Killer job!

I love the recipe idea! The videos are great. Keep doing what you’re doing

great video, especially for those of us that don’t have all day to make ramen. I hope we get more of these with different styles. thanks!

Hi! I’m fairly new to your channel and I’ve been whipping up simple ramen. Most of those I’ve made have miso base so it would be nice if there are more varied versions of ramen that you guys can show us. If there are more it would be nice to have me redirected as well. Thank you!!!

please more! I really want to try and make this for my friends!

Really cool video, would definitely love to see more recipes. I’m surprised at the tare/soup balance. Maybe I’ve been trying too hard to get the umami in my soup and should concentrate on the tare more. I’d love to see the following: 1. Tori Paitan 2. Seafood shio 3. Tokyo shoyu (although this recipe seems to be that, I’d like to see any variations, for example this but made with a meat soup or a fish soup)

YES. Yes, please more. I really need to make them at home. Thanks.

Hell yeah, I would love more recipes like this!

How to Make Ramen

How to Make Ramen  (c) Ramen Adventures

(c) Ramen Adventures Making ramen is harder than it looks. GACHI 二丁目つけめん GACH 2-17-10 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo 東京都新宿区新宿2 …

Ramen Adventures was hit hard by the algorithm in 2019. Views are down but I’m still crushing bowls around Japan and the world. If you enjoy these videos and want me to make more, you can support me over on Patreon for a buck. https://www.patreon.com/ramenadventures

Wow! It really looks easy but as you say, precision appears to be required 😳

I have a ramen shop in my neighborhood and it’s amazing! Not only is it very cheap, but it’s only two people running the whole place. The server/kitchen aid takes care of 20 people by herself and still always has my food ready within at least 5-10 minutes after seating me.

Nice work! Really interesting channel. Just starting off in the art of ramen myself, at home..


That was literally the best looking bowl of ramen I’ve ever seen in life

Damn, that’s crazy. 10 seconds too late on that timer, and he could tell they were off. Very precise dish.

hi Brian this is art!i am a fans of ramen �when i retired i will go to try a 2weeks formation at the osaka school.oiishi desune

im learning making ramen from your video too

Something tells me that you will open up a badass ramen shop someday.

I loved how he said: “halfu!” instead of just half 😀

awesome vid. keep em coming!

Do you mix the chicken soup with the fish soup? What are the toppings?

Can you do a how to video showing us what you currently understand of the ramen making experience?

More videos man I remember when I saw you on the Japanese channel on TV here in the U.S awosme

Yeaaahhhh more videos! Kepp it up man, loved it.

“I could sell this.” *Correction* “I could sell this in America.”

I have to ask because I was mind boggled. Why did you dip the bowl into the hot noodle water and where did the water go? Did I miss something ?

Wooo looks really good and easy, but it isn’t. Nice

Love this <3

Ramen School – Making Tonkotsu Ramen at the Tokyo Ramen School

Ramen School - Making Tonkotsu Ramen at the Tokyo Ramen School  (c) Ramen Adventures

(c) Ramen Adventures The Tokyo-based RaJuku ramen school offers intense ramen courses for people looking to take their ramen game to the next …

this looks like some real hard work! really imrepssiveTokyo is seriously one of the best places in the world i enjoyed every second there! thanks for sharing this with us really enjoyed watching this. P.s. i have just been to japan, if ever you are interested in watching my videos 🙂

Great vid. Thanks for sharing. Now I have to seriously debate adding more time to my Japan trip to do the three day course. I like that translation and the opportunity to serve Ramen to customers in Japan is included. You get the experience and the craft to build on your ramen making base all in one. Great share, Brian!

Seems really cool to learn deeply how to cook the perfect ramen. Also it’s a good occasion to wander out of Tokyo !

Great video. Hope to take that class one day!

Hey Brian, I bought your book. Started making the traditional shoyu recipe today. Excited! Wish I could go to this ramen school too.

Just so you know I watched this video years ago, did online classes with them (covid but the classes where 110% worth it) opened my 1st shop a year ago and about to open a 2nd one

I’m so glad a school like this exists!

Just told my husband about the classes (he’s a chef) and he said let’s go! Woohoo, it would awesome to do it!!

That shot on the tare recipes was gold! I think a lot of people will go back to that moment of the video and copy these recipes 🙂

I really need to do this course. Would love to serve ramen in Australia.

I would love to attend one of these classes

General question about ramen schools, do they tend to do classes year long or only seasonal? Also, how important is it to be a well versed general cook vs a novice cook interested in ramen?

Hi Brian, thank you for making this video. It would be awesome to visit this course. I will definatly keep it in mind. If we visit Tokio I will contact you to help me set up a date to visit the ramen school. I am looking forward to it. Till then I have to live with the ramen you can get in Germany 😥

Sugoi! Wow, so interesting and I would love to take that class! Of course I have to be in Japan, lol. 👍👍👍❤❤❤

Travel buddies for this course ? So down ! 💪🏾 I have watched nothing more than Ramen videos on YT since discovering Strictly Dumpling (Mikey Chen). I wish we could post pics here. I even made my own Tonkotsu ramen, thanks to my local Asian mart. So good and it was my first time. It even had me making just the eggs as a snack here and there lol.

Great video! I’d love to get over there sometime

Hey Brian, great video as always!I wonder if you have tried some halal ramen in Japan? I want to know your opinion on it

I hope soon to learn how to make ramen in any different styles.

I would love to go to ramen school omg

I’d love to take a full course. My ramen game is amateur at best