ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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tartar removal 【30歳女性 】隠れ歯石撃退!歯茎から湧き出る歯石たち・・・😱

tartar removal 【30歳女性 】隠れ歯石撃退!歯茎から湧き出る歯石たち・・・😱  (c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック

(c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック この方は嘔吐反射が強く、静脈内鎮静法で歯石除去を行いました。 This person had a strong vomiting reflex and performed tartar removal by intravenous sedation.

this is when dentist feel they are a gold minner

Good news: Her teeth are clean Bad news: She drowned

This is disgusting and fascinating to watch at the same time.

This was randomly recommended to me and honestly, I’m not even mad

I won’t question how her teeth got to this point. I’ll just say I’m very glad that she’s getting this taken care of while she’s still young.

Started off looking at how to remove dark spots on inner thighs, to ingrown hair removal, to blackhead/pimple popping, ear wax removal, and now teeth cleaning. Goodness 🤦‍♀️

For people who can’t fathom how someone can let it get to this, just remember that people take their own lives.

that makes me want to brush often now, thats like years without seeing a hygentist.

I’m genuinely surprised at how deep behind the gum line the tater can bury itself

i can imagine that when they wake up its a mixed feeling of pain and relieving-

This is absolutely disgusting but I can’t stop watching

Me after watching: Wow! SatisfyingAlso Me: has sudden urge to brush teeth

My God, can you imagine the smell? I bet she’ll be glad to have finally gotten a proper clean. I need to go floss now.

“Austin Powers, there have been many advances in Dentistry since you were frozen…”

I’ve worked in dental for a long time and I know this hygenist was tired after this.

4am me : I should go to sleep now.7am me :

I can’t any longer. Anytime I feel a tooth is being dislodged, it’s actually caked on tartar. Poor lady, I cannot say that I feel her pain, but I can share in the relief.

Who all started feeling their teeth to make sure they didn’t have any Tartar



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😳当院史上最強の歯石とり🦷Very heavy tartar removal.This patient was Dental treatment phobia.歯石除去(有史以來最厲害的去牙石)

😳当院史上最強の歯石とり🦷Very heavy tartar removal.This patient was Dental treatment phobia.歯石除去(有史以來最厲害的去牙石)  (c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック

(c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック チャンネル登録者数10万人達成 【5万円オフ】㊗️キャンペーン✨ ✓https://youtu.be/CsgDPKSzcnE 当院史上最強の歯石とり映像です。一部出血を伴う歯石除去治療の …

For those who wanna go diet but always feel hungry, just watch this 😂

I don’t think I’ve ever seen it this bad.


I such a love content like this make me feel satisfied









表見た時「はえ〜めっちゃ汚れてんな〜」裏見た時「お い ち ょ っ と ま て や」

Incr�vel como chegou nesse n�vel, �timo canal inclusive!


I love the before and after shots…amazing.

I love those videos, but how does this happen?How does one reach that point.


Interesante, saludos desde M�xico.

Muito descuido da pessoa deixar os dentes ficar nessa situa��o!!!!

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当院史上最強の歯石とりVery heavy tartar removal [Long] 歯石除去Vol.3.1(我院有史以來最厲害的去牙石)

当院史上最強の歯石とりVery heavy tartar removal [Long] 歯石除去Vol.3.1(我院有史以來最厲害的去牙石)  (c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック

(c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック チャンネル登録者数10万人達成【5万円オフ】キャンペーン https://youtu.be/CsgDPKSzcnE デンタルエステの詳細はこちらのページをご覧ください。

The title says dental phobia. What’s so sad is that having a procedure like this done is much more invasive and painful than basic routine care. Phobias can be very intense. Kudos to them for getting it done.

After a bad period of depression I stopped taking care of my teeth and they didn’t get half as bad as this. I can only imagine this persons circumstances. Wishing them health and happiness






I can’t be the only one fascinated by the appearance of the gums after a huge piece of calculus has been removed. The inflamed, red gums let me know they’re now able to breathe and the mouth is on it’s way to healing. I can imagine this scaling really improved the breath as well. #weirdobsessions

This guy’s breath can strip paint off of furniture.





The videos your parents show you when you forget to brush your teeth once



So is any of that gum recession reversible? It looks like they’ve got the room to grow back but I don’t know enough about this stuff to conclude that.

I. Have phobia of dentist, haven’t been in 3 years. Excited and scared for my upcoming appointment next month

It’s like scraping barnacles off an old ship’s hull.

Even though my teeth weren’t this bad. I felt so much better after it was done.

25歳女性の大量歯石[Remove tartar]歯石除去Vol.10(牙石去除)

25歳女性の大量歯石[Remove tartar]歯石除去Vol.10(牙石去除)  (c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック

(c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック チャンネル登録者数10万人達成【5万円オフ】キャンペーン https://youtu.be/CsgDPKSzcnE デンタルエステの詳細はこちらのページをご覧ください。

It’s a good thing, this video doesn’t have smell-o-vision.

Its definitely disgusting but i can’t stop watching 😆

I mean, on one side this is satisfying and on the other, I am extremely disturbed on how some people let this thing happen.

What a great job the dentist did and being so gentle probably helped this patient remain calm. I hope they didn’t experience too much sensitivity or pain afterwards or for long.




This dentist was by far the most gentle out of all these tarter removal videos I’ve watched….im sure it’s appreciated. 👐


I would love to clean this off! American dental hygienist here :)))

自分も歯医者で歯石除去してもらったけど終わったあとの爽快感凄いし みんなやってみるべし!思ったよりも歯石溜まってるから笑

motivo pra n�o ser dentista:eu tenho � nojo dessas coisas kkkkk


입안에 화석을 키우네


무슨 알고리즘으로 내가 여기까지…. 치석 벗기면 괜찮을줄알았던 이빨이었는데….

Such a great job! Hope she healed well. She will feel so much better without all the infection.

치석도 치석인데 치열 난리네.. 이가 서로 자기주장하고 난리네..

와 일본인 치열은 상상 초월이네 진심 걍 되는대로 흩뿌려서 박아놓은듯 개더러워 ㅠㅠ


大量歯石で歯茎が腫れた🥺35歳女性🦷35-year-old woman with swollen gums /Tartar removal

大量歯石で歯茎が腫れた🥺35歳女性🦷35-year-old woman with swollen gums /Tartar removal  (c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック

(c) ザ・ホワイトデンタルクリニック 【大量歯石】【歯茎の腫れ】35歳女性モニター 歯周病で歯茎が真っ赤に腫れています 歯と歯の間に黒い歯石がビッシリこびりついていたので、歯石除去をしました 療後 …

They should show these videos to kids in school to make them want to brush their teeth!👌🏽😁

It’s very important to brush and absolutely floss your teeth!

Tarter cannot smell very well. Brushing, flossing and gargling are crucial daily. Learned a lot by watching.

I enjoy these types of videos, its satisfying to see these people get help!

Omg I couldn’t finish the video this made me too squeamish. Take care of your teeth everyone!


Wow!!!!! Brush your teeth and floss daily! That’s amazing to see that amount of tatar and stuff coming off.

저렇게 될때까지 이를 안 닦았나 ㅜㅜ


무좀 내성발톱 보다가 이젠 알고리즘이 나를 치석으로 이끄는구나

i was watching this with my mouth open like i was that patient lolanyways it was oddly…..satisfying to watch for me


Brutal 🙂

I can’t imagine the pain




축하합니다 드디어 한국인의 댓글을 보셨습니다

I dont know why I’ve been here and am watching this video deeply.But it’s so cool! isnt it?

OMG so satisfying 👏