Matti Haapoja (おすすめch紹介)

Matti Haapoja (おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Can you REALLY SEE the DIFFERENCE 1080 VS 4K?  (c) Matti Haapoja

(c) Matti Haapoja How big of a difference is there really between 1080 and 4k visually? Can you see the difference? Thats what I was trying to answer in this video and I’m curious …

How many did you get right? And more importantly were you just guessing or you thought you saw a difference?

It only matter when you have an actual 4K screen to watch a 4K video on

Bro I watched this whole vid in 720p 😂

“this is 4k:me watching from a1080p laptop screen: cool

I thought the intro was an ad lmao 😅

I know one thing. The higher the resolution, the more grey hairs I have in my beard 🤣

I bought into the 4K hype a couple years ago and it’s just that.. hype. In some cases, shooting people, especially close up is less flattering in 4K. The imperfections in their skin are more detailed and obvious. I’ll be editing and notice an eyelash on my cheek or a single stand of hair on my shirt that might not have shown up in 1080.As far as real world application, I have a 4K TV and a 5K iMac. I can’t see any difference on the TV because I’m watching from about 10 feet (3 meters) away. I can see a clear difference on my iMac, but only if I am watching full screen. My phone is 1080 so any 4K content is being downscaled.Bottom line is that 4K does not inherently make your video quality better. Lighting and color grading make a much bigger difference to the quality that the end user sees.

Everytime he says 4k it sounds like porque.

Me: *watches the video in 144p because of my slow internet connection

1080p clip: I’m a 4k video.

I ain’t lying bro, I got the sharingan.

I’m watching in 360p…Is that a problem??

4K doesn’t capture blurs it’s. Just smoove

My fav part: “I showed Jesse Driftwood” 😏👏🏾

The thing is in my opinion the same thing that happens with 3D, longer shots give more time to the brain to process stuff but when you are jumpin from shot to shot and moving a lot, you cant really tell the difference. The brain doesnt comprehend.

I find that lighting is really what makes something look good or bad. Resolution between 1080 and 4k is very hard to notice, what can be the difference between awesome and terrible is the lighting.

Me when I see the 3rd clip: HM that’s 4kText: 720p

The difference is definitely noticable when I watch 4k on TV

I knew you changed the quality since the beggining, I can see the diference in the light and pixels

I watch this in my monitor 43″. I see every difference, please.

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How to Make GoPro Footage Look Cinematic

How to Make GoPro Footage Look Cinematic  (c) Matti Haapoja

(c) Matti Haapoja Follow me on Instagram: @mattih Tutorial Camera – C300mkII Microphone – Lights – …

Great tutorial Matti, planning on doing a similar video in the near future myself!

Actually, premiere does have a “lens distortion” plugin that will achieve a similar result, try it out! I’m on CC2014 so it could be named something different for you.

Awesome tutorial!

Thank you! Fantastic tutorial! I’ve just upgraded from iMovie so finally getting into colour grading and more advance editing so this was really helpful. Keep up the great work 🙂

Loving this channel!


great tutorial, very useful

So.. Step 1. Have a drone

this is fantastic!

Usually when I use warp stabilizer, there are little distortions in the middle of the shot, but I also used the lens distortion removal preset in premiere. When you shot this, did you shoot it in super wide FOV?

This was one of the best tutorials I’ve seen! really helpful, thanks a lot

Loving these tutorials. Thx so much for all the work you’re putting in.

Amazing intro! I had to keep watching it over and over. Thank you for the tips!

Great tutorial ! Thank for sharing your process on this. Really exited to learn more on this channel !

I freaking love this channel! thanks for saving my film school tuition!

Ohhh my friend, thank you for the information, really good!!!

Awesome tutorial, I will totally be using this for my edits. Thanks so much!!

I would love to see one of these but for iphone footage – especially featuring lenses like from Moment or Surui

Awesome stuff, man! Thank you so much for putting your time into this and helping us out with these great tips! 😀

Great tips, style, and utility! Love it! There are so many tools to have in the toolbox when editing, and this is another great series to have at hand!

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COLOR CORRECT Like A PRO  (c) Matti Haapoja

(c) Matti Haapoja If you want to get better at color grading you have to be color correcting. Remember to always color correct first in Premiere or Final Cut using whatever tools that …

Last week to enter the giveaway for the Fujifilm X-T30! Best of luck 🙏

One of the most helpful videos I’ve watched. Awesome work, man!

Beautiful color grading! One of my favorite YouTuber! Thanks for teaching us some awesome tips. 📷

So excited you made this. Was just telling my team to reference your channel for colour 🙏🏼

Great tips thank you Matti

Hey Matti, how about if I add Lumetri twice for getting those color wheels before adding Look?

I have NO IDEA what’s going on here.

Graci sir

I watched the whole thing taking notes then he said Colorista is a paid plug-in

While I was watching this vid I suddenly remember that I’m color blind ..

Hey Matti, here are some tips that can add to what you recommended. Hope they help. Tell me what you think:- Use Adjustment layers so that you can visually see in your timeline what you have done. Also by using one big adjustment layer and cutting it in-between clips AFTER you corrected 1 hero shot, means that your sliders/values will already be adjusted and if you need to make 1 minor correction, you don’t have to move 10 values or copy paste the effect every time and change it.- (For Grading especially) Set these Adjustment layers to 50% opacity. This has 2 benefits: 1. If you’re in a hurry and you don’t want to tweak each individual slider to bump your grade effect, you can always turn up that opacity from 50 to 60. Before you could always go lower, but not higher than 100. (obviously this is for your own grade with multiple effects, since the Luts already have this kind of slider)2. If you are a perfectionist and want to tweak values (like curves) juuuuust by 2 pixels lower or higher, having the opacity at 50 means that those 2 pixels become 4, so it’s less finicky when you do this with a mouse.- If you want to mess with colors for a grade, be sure to grab a JPG of a “color card” (google it), or better yet, shoot one on your location and add it under your grade. You can visually see what it’s doing to the colors and it’s a nice reference to keep until you make your final export (at that point you remove it, obviously)- Don’t underestimate the Original Three-Way Color Corrector Effect from Premiere. It is not obsolete, as they call it. It’s pretty much the ONLY effect that has color wheels that let you determine WHAT IS a shadow and WHAT IS a highlight through sliders. Furthermore, it has actual numerical values that you can even keyframe: When I’m going for a look I always bump my color to the max, so that I can see if i’m nailing it in the vectorscope, and then take the value from 100 to like 20, while the Hue remains the same. And before Premiere 2019 it was also the only tool that let you De/Saturate Highlights, Mids, Shadows separately (again those Highs and Shadows being determined by you as you liked). And for people that don’t have Colorista, I think this can help them more than the default Lumetri wheels.

You’re very good at color correcting / grading! I always like the look of your footage 😉

that was one of your best tutorial!it could be nice if you show how to work with davinci resolve alsothank you again!

Step 1: washed outStep 2: perfectStep 3: ruined

The Ansel Adams chart is the solution I’ve been searching for for months. THANK YOU.

Really nice tutorial, always loved the way you explain your techniques. Keep it up your work is fireee 🔥

Color correcting/grading is my achilles heel. This was awesome… super helpful! Thank you!

This is one of the most beautiful videos I’ve ever seen on YouTube – and I’m seeing it for the nth time

You’re so good at explaining and I love the way you color correct! Thank you so much for your content Matti!

Perfect timing Matti, just newly entered trying to learn this stuff!




We allllll have to start somewhere! And yes I’ve literally done every single one of these in my career at some point and more haha . Anybody else???

Yess!! Great video Matti!

10 Big Mistakes:1. Using 30 or 60 frames per second – Stick to 24 frames per second2. Using a high ISO setting – Find the native ISO for your camera3. Using the camera on auto – Throw that baby in manual and learn how it works4. Over or underexposing the image – Use a histogram, waveform or some other exposure tool 5. Not color grading – At least put an S curve or LUT on there6. Not using light – Use the sun, window, something else that emits light7. Poor audio – Get a friggin’ microphone, and try to set the average level to -12db8. Shaky footage – Tripod, monopod, anything to get those shaky caffeinated hands off the camera body9. Just slapping on a song – Don’t do it. Find a song that works, and edit to it.10. Neglecting story – Plan it out, beginning, middle�and end. Otherwise it’s boring and no one cares.

Picking the right song and editing to the song is my favorite part of making videos. But I heard your tough love. I have decent cameras, I need to learn how to use them. 😛 thanks

Great vid! I didn’t realize you had memberships on! Yay!! That’s awesome!

Pro tips right here. ✔

Hey Matti, I’m seeking ideas for short film documentary type videos for my channel. There’s one big twist though which is I’m limited to using only stock footage & b roll to create my videos, no actors/interviews etc. Although this style of creating videos is widely frowned upon by professional filmmakers who shoot their own scenes etc, it’s something I enjoy doing & find very convenient & affordable. Long story short, I used to make daily/weekly videos w/minimal dialogue on various current events via creative commons using licensed stock footage in addition to 3rd party news clips/archive footage etc. The result was a mix between a dramatic short film/unorthodox doc.. Due to recent Youtube policy changes which now require original commentary for videos, I’ve been left w/no other option but to delete nearly all my preexisting content & millions of views. I’m now in the stages of starting over from scratch in attempts to salvage my channel that I worked so hard on creating. My new plan is something completely different which is foreign to me, & that includes incorporating original scripts for each video which will be narrated by a voice over artist & written by an award winning screenwriter… The goal is to create informative proper short film docs minus the traditional format which includes interviewees etc as previously mentioned.. Since I previously made videos with no script or dialogue & rather just “winged it” on each video given my frequent upload rate, I’m now having an extremely difficult time coming up with new ideas. I mainly focused on geopolitical tensions & day to day news/current events instead of topics that were thought of in advance & created from scratch. The only genres I’ve come up with so far include humanitarian issues, climate matters, endangered species, sci-fi/space, military & politics. Although I can branch out on these various topics I’m looking to expand the list for more options. The transition from video news journalism to narrated short films is much tougher than I ever anticipated. Any opinions or advice would be welcomed & greatly appreciated!

Thanks Matti – yes, learn how to put the camera in manual. Too funny – I was learning all that manual stuff 30 years ago, and every expert out there tells you to get away from the auto mode and put the camera on manual. Interesting! Thanks for the great tips. All the best, Cheers Rick

3:51 when come camera that actually shoot that and no need CC

“do NOT do these 10 things” *intro starts*”inspire…. travel….. learn….. Matti Haapoja…… thats only 4?”

ROOM TONE (min 30 seconds) at every location you record audio. ;). You’ll thank me later 😉 EDIT: Just dropped a video on ROOM TONE, check it for more info (no pressure)

0:42 the second clip in your intro, I have been to that waterfall in Iceland I think it’s called Skogafoss

Lots of YouTube videos like this, but this one seems to have the most “bang for your buck”. Really good tips that each can make a significant difference in filming

This was soooooo good. Thank you for some clean, to the point, explaining

I once read a quote (no idea who said it so I unfortunately can’t mention a source) that said “Masters have failed more times than the beginners have even tried”. Trust me, when you start out you WILL make mistakes. It’s inevitable. And it’s okay. That’s how it should be. In the beginning we have no idea what’s wrong and what’s right, so of course we’re gonna make mistakes. That’s how we learn and get better. Great video Matti!

This was incredibly helpful, thank you!

Thanks for this! It helps me and my boyfriend to be more conscious in filming! 💓

In my short time of filmmaking, I can vouch for just about every one of these mistakes.

I just have to say, I loooove your intro! 😍😍

A mistake that I made when I started was trying to have too many crazy camera movements instead of simpler moves 👊🏻

I GOT AN ELECTRIC BIKE! (its way too fast…..)

I GOT AN ELECTRIC BIKE! (its way too fast.....)  (c) Matti Haapoja


Sorry for the ending… I’m so bad at this


Man you are so good at it, one handing the bike and holding a huge camera on the other hand. I know the challenge, that is why we just use action cameras for those kind of shots, you did great. Hands down.

Thieves were like ” that is a bait bike, I ain’t falling for that”.

I sat watching my phone for 10 minutes after the video ended waiting in case there were more endings…Great ending(s) btw.

Dude, your kid is way too cute. Helping you unpack the bike and commenting on it. Hilariously great stuff!

Your kid looks like the most chill happiest little dude ever haha just casually picks up stuff and starts to clean without knowing it

Dude riding by on his bicycle “That’s pretty groovy”.

BTW, it doesn’t need a key to run. The key is used to remove the battery when the bike is folded. It locks the battery into the bike.

If you pedal it at the same time it will save battery energy and give you a bit of a workout. That’s is why it’s rated from 25-50 miles on a charge

Little Man is adorable.

Daily vlogs have already been done. You should do hourly vlogs.

His son actually is more organized in keeping the plastic on a table 😛

OhhhhThat’s why my house is so messy…I don’t have a kid to clean it up yet…

How is it that a guy my age immediately thinks “Google it” when your instructions are missing?

Love how you love vlogging, Matti! Contagious!

7 minutes in and I think there’s been about 30 seconds of actual review – just saying! 🙂

That little dude looks like he just got out of prison. He’s still wearing the uniform 🤣

yo matti, search for „fastest bike 2019“ in the youtube searchbar 😀 you are on place 5 😉

As a dad, I LOVE watching you with your son. He is so adorable. Looking forward to more vlogs from you.

5 Things You NEED As A Filmmaker

5 Things You NEED As A Filmmaker  (c) Matti Haapoja

(c) Matti Haapoja When your starting out as a filmmaker it can be tough to figure out what you should invest in. Usually the best things to invest in are accessories like variable ND …

1 thing you need as a filmmaker. Manual focus.

thanks.. subbed

Title: five things you need as an filmmaker Thumbnail: shows 20 items

Is that a cucumber stuck in a flowerpot on the left side behind you ?

The constant crops in/out are intensely irritating! Particularly ironic on a video that opens with a [very true] statement about how inexpensive good kit is.

nice channel. but please no more zoom in’s and out’s. use a second camera 🙂

Saying “I shoot weddings” can sound really bad out of context, lol

Talks about nice video production – Camera goes out of focus a dozen of times in the video.


the constant crop in/out was extremely annoying when watching this video.

Criticism on this video is ridiculous. Thanks for the awesome information. For every harsh clown offering unwanted advice, there’s a whole slew of silent watchers who are appreciating this. Keep it up. 🙂

Your channel should have way more views! 👌🏼 keep it up

please no more zoom in and zoom out

Kids use rode video micMens use Rode ntg 3Legends use their phonesTo record audio

Any filmmaker out there want to support each other?

this video was AWESOME- definitely helping me up my production game!

Oh my god !!! Your so different from 3 years ago. Definitely improved being on camera.

Thank you so much for your recommendations, Matti!

EXcellent video, great Info…thank you so much! The zooming in and out should be used sparingly, I found it a bit distracting. You seem very knowledgable and that’s great, keep doing these videos as they’re very helpful.

Second video I’ve watched, already love you! thanks for this content bro


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