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Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG

Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG  (c) Goldenland

(c) Goldenland We did the OBSTACLE CHALLENGE with our puppies! We put a lot of things on the floor and made three rounds with the kitty and just one round with the dogs .

Whenever I wanna say something to my *crush* XD*What I’ve planned* : Cat*What I actually do* : Dog

the real hero is the master craftsman who installed and leveled this floor

I love how the dogs have names and the cat is just *c a t*

кошкам нужно плотнее ставить карандаши, они же – меньше чем собаки)

I’m actually surprised they did try to avoid knocking stuff over. Pretty sure many dogs would just run through that and just ignore if they knock stuff over. Also I would guess that our cat might actually take some of the stuff in her mouth and carry it away. That’s something she really likes doing, if something fell on the floor.

I don’t know whats more impressive: whether the cat avoided all of them or that they were all standing upright.

I noticed that the cat lifts her hind feet over obstacles even though she can no longer see the obstacles. She remembers where they were from when she had to lift her front feet over them.

The hilarity is how the cat so nonchalantly seems to avoid the pinpoint precariousness of the obstacles with ultimate ease while otherwise knocking over my expensive drink that is not even in the way.

As someone who’s has cats all their life, it’s like they don’t even have to think about obstacles. Their legs just tend to avoid them. It’s quite interesting how they always know exactly where to place each foot.

Most cats – including bigger ones – walk by putting their back feet where their front had already been so as to ensure that they do not step into something they are not sure is safe. So, they have a clear advantage here 😉

The cat didn’t knock anything over. In other words, that broken mug I woke up to was done on purpose.

Cats and dogs: trying not to knock anything over.Human kids: literally destroying everything in their vicinity.

I love how the dogs’ tails are wagging so hard every time 😍

The challenge can prove partially on one thing I know of for sure: how sharp and aware your pet pays attention and focuses on its own surroundings when going through terrain (which is also used primarily on survival as well).

I’m amazed the dogs didn’t just walk through it without any regard as to whether they knocked anything over or not.

Can we just appreciate that this person has stood up all the pencils one by one!Hard work

Dogs didn’t evolve to stealthily manoeuvre their way through their environment; cats did. ‘Nuff said.

I like it how you respect every actor and gave them credit.

The last dog made me laugh till I cried. There are smarter dogs and there is that last dog. So adorable

Cat be like, “What are these mortals trying to achieve here?”

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Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG

Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG  (c) Goldenland

(c) Goldenland We did the OBSTACLE CHALLENGE with our dogs and our kitty! We put a lot of domino pieces on the floor and did the OBSTACLE CHALLENGE with our pets.

The Cat did not even look at the blocks with each step and somehow avoided them. They are truly a superior being

“Maybe if I have somthing in my mouth it will help me think” 🤣 this shows their personalities ☺️

This just shows that the broken mug I woke up to was done on purpose

And yet HUMAN species can quite easily find just ONE Lego® piece even in a dark hallway! 💥 – j q t –

Ok but- the cat did sooo good 😂👏

Cat: “Must be quiet so I don’t wake my next victims.”Dog: “Must complete my assigned mission at any cost.”

Hermosoooooo.Los felicitoooooo

It seems that Atena really likes those flip flops lol 😆 I can’t get enough of these videos, can you please make more 🙏

Atena!! You always get the vivacious 💃 music 🤣 🤪 I think you’re my fave!

Atena: Gotta get slipper to the other side, but how.. 😆

These are just so funny, thank you. Great entertainment during a lockdown! I’m still laughing . . . .

strange, the cat doesn’t even look down at it’s feet

cat ‘Susie’ would just walk straight through our chess game with impunity , as IF she would burden with knocking over a piece, ‘you are lucky i wag my tail in your general direction’. luv it

The method of hunt the wolves: Hang the red stripes of tekstile on string around the forest where they actually are and they don’t escape.

I love how Atena looks like she forgets something is blocking the way over and over again X’D

Well done! I love cats and dogs and this videos really shows why. Hilarious!

Love Atena😍Everything’s gonna be alright!! Don’t hesitate to go through!!🤩

I want to see them try this with a jack russle they would probably run right through it knocking everything down

I love that dogs are just so carefree. 😂😍

I thought the dogs were just going to charge through without even bothering to try and avoid knocking pieces over!🤣

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Cup Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG

Cup Obstacle Challenge CAT vs DOG  (c) Goldenland

(c) Goldenland We did the CUP OBSTACLE CHALLENGE with our puppies! We put a lot of cups on the floor. How will the kitty and the dogs pass them and how many things …

This is the perfect catwalk i have ever seen 😂❤️

The cat is the investigative detective here; lol! Then the cat effortlessly solves the case by getting through the obstacle course 😀

I honestly can’t explain how much I laughed at this. I first came across you from the pens and pencils obstacles. I honestly can’t believe how you’ve got so few subscribers. I’ve subscribed because of how much you have made me laugh. The noises when the dogs knock cups over are hilarious. You deserve so much more love than you are getting

So what they feels about the owner is just like:Dogs: “daddy, I’m your pact and you must help and protect me”Cat: “IAM your master and you are my hooman”.

I remember the Mythbusters Bull in a china ship video, some stacked shelves of china objects were set up in a paddock and some bulls herded through it. The Mythbusters were surprised that none of the bulls touched any shelves, they avoided them neatly and were quite agile.

Kinda weird. One vid of yours ‘exploded’ while having less than 1000 subs. U deserve more subs

This is too funny. Thank you for the Saturday smile! Your charming animal companions won me over. You have a new subscriber.

lovely content….. I’m sure you guys gonna rock it after some years from now… love from morocco

This is so cute I wish u could do a part two! Best bid I’ve ever watched

This is some quality content out here

Great content guys being a dog lover i really like this keep it going guys I will get u the audience u just keep posting

Atena is such a cute puppy! 🐾🐾

Cats have more sensory nerves on their body and around everywhere then dogs and more sense of awareness of their surroundings.

This was fun to watch. The cat looked at the obstacle course for about 2 seconds and he or she figured out how to get through it without knocking over any of the cups. The dog saw the obstacle course and he or she didn’t know what to do for a couple of minutes. Then he or she just goes through it and he or she knocks over several cups. The cat was smarter than the dog. Ha, ha, ha!!! 😸😸😼🐾

Cat : Is there any food in here? NO , well I’ll be on my way then , good day

those dogs don’t do too well with obstacles at all… That cat on the other hand is a MASTER…

New Subscriber, looking at it and thinking technically dog won as cat is smaller

I love this so much lol

Conclusion: if a cat knock something over, it was intentional. Case closed.

That cat could be a burglar…cat burglar, get itOk I’ll show myself out

Who Jumps Higher? Cat or Dog?

Who Jumps Higher? Cat or Dog?  (c) Goldenland

(c) Goldenland Who Jumps Higher? Cat or Dog? | TOILET PAPER WALL CHALLENGE In this video we did the TOILET PAPER WALL CHALLENGE with Akira and the kitty Mia.

Akira did a great job! And Mia took the shortcut haha 😂

Finally doggie gets to demonstrate jumping superpower. Lol.

I’m so glad the dog finally won!😁

MY CUTIES I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH 😇🤗🤗😁😁😍😀😀😘😘😁🤗😇😇😁😍😀😘😘😃😀😍😁🤗😇🤗😍😀😃😘😘😃😀😁🤗🤗😇🤗😍😀😃😘😘😃😍😁🤗😇🤗😍😃😘😘😇

Cat’s pretty chill.

Cat:lemme take a peek on what’s going on outsideDog:’s so hot in here.Gotta do a jump to head out.

Woooow that last Akira’s jump tho… didn’t expect her to make a jump like that 😳😳👏👏👏 1:30

0:20 me trying to understand how am I gonna get through with life

I was stressed before watching this. Made me laugh, thank you!😂😍

Haha I am SO impressed by Akira! High jumper.

Love these cat vs dog videos!! Akira looked like a horse jumping over!

Amazing how cats and dogs react to it! My dogs will totally eat it!

� t�o bom ter c�es ;3

Omg you literally work so hard and your videos are so amazing , you need more recognition you’re amazing! Hope you get millions of subs ❤️

the cat is like you’ve got to be kidding me, I am perfect and you know it human.

I laughed so hard rooting for the kitty! Subscribed! I have 9 cats, and 2 Belgian Malinois dogs so when I found this channel I instantly became happier!

All the other people: panicking over toilet paperGoldenland: yay time to do the toilet paper wall challenge with my pets

Hilarious…fun watching these two!!

The ‘Andrex’ puppy would have felt at home here 🙂

The bonding bw ur cat and dog is so much great😂🤗🤗

Leaving My Dog Alone With Whole Chicken – Did she eat the chicken?

Leaving My Dog Alone With Whole Chicken - Did she eat the chicken?  (c) Goldenland

(c) Goldenland Leaving my dog alone with a whole chicken. Did she manage to resist? Or did she eat my chicken? SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL: …

Dog continues to lick the plate when confronted about the missing chicken. Now thats badass

I tried this with my dog, and amazingly he didn’t touch my dinner.However, the puddle of slober under his face was a huge mess!😂 thank goodness for Scotchgard on the sofa.

The other dogs must be one the to dislike this.

“I’ll just stand up. I’ll just walk over to it. I’ll just smell it. …”

That final lick on the plate was hilarious 😂

Title of the video: “WHOLE CHICKEN” Reality: two chicken legs

My cat was staring so closely at the dogs every move when it was sitting there alone with the chicken. I’ve never seen her react to the TV before, she usually just glances at it for a second but never watches it. She looked at it like it was real for a really long time lol

Ahw. I melted😍Wish I have dog too, too bad I cannot have them because I moved a lot.

That dog has some serious self control– for a minute I thought she wasn’t going to eat it!


I tried this once with a New York cut and my St. Bernard just drooled all over it. It was a total loss so I had to give it to him. I think he planned it.

Is it weird that I understand what you’re saying even without the captions?

This video is so cute!! 🐾

Se eu estivesse junto com o meu cachorro ele j� iria tentar comer imagina se eu sa�sse kkkkk

Before the episode of chicken thievery, I could see Athena thinking, ” what’s the worst that Mommy can do to me?” Whatever the punishment might be Athena decided the chicken was yummy enough to be worth it. As Mommy was coming back, I could see Athena thinking, “quick! Hide!” As his Momma was talking to him about the chicken, I could also see Athena saying, yep, the chicken was delicious too! Thanks Mom for the great lunch! What did you have?

“Look mom, I’m a good boi. I cleaned your plate”

So adorable!! I miss my dog 😥 i lost her last month, she just started losing appetite 😥

So Cute!😍❤️

só tem gringo nos comentários kkkkkkmuito fofo 🥰🥰

Me Remember When Goldenland Had 3 Thousand Subscribers Now It Has 35 Thousand And Counting!