Sony I Alpha Universe (おすすめch紹介)

Sony I Alpha Universe (おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介

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Hunters of Light: Shot on the NEW α1 | Sony Alpha Films

Hunters of Light: Shot on the NEW α1 | Sony Alpha Films  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Introducing a new camera that will change the way we see: the Sony α1. ‘Hunters of Light’, presented by Sony Alpha films, celebrates those who search for the …

Yes! Beautiful guys! Congrats to the whole team!!!!


That was A1

Sony managed to express exactly how I feel about photography. Love this campaign 🙂

this was so beautiful im excited

Amazing video and camera! (And nice concert on a heliport 😉)

This is called pwnage…

This is the most insane campaign video I’ve ever seen. Sony creative team is killin it. 🔥

Wow, Sony have knocked it out of the park with this camera. What a way to show it off! excellent work

The sound design in this video gave me goosebumps.

I’m stunned! The music, the visuals, everything. Perfect.

Hey Sony, these periodic surprises, please don’t stop

Hoy compre la A7Siii y pasa esto 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥲🥲🥲🥲🥲

One of the best videos ive ever seen, absolutely mind blowing

This is like one of those games that everyone thought that EOS R5 was the final boss… Until Sony A1 revealed itself 🤣

I love tech and new announcements but nothing excites me more than Sony cameras!!! Great job Sony

I cry on this video!

It almost feels like a dream, wow Sony!

Sony says: “It’s not just a camera it’s a life style”

“The most inspiring commercial I have ever seen” thank you so much!

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BE ALPHA | The World is Waiting for Your Perspective | Sony Alpha Universe

BE ALPHA | The World is Waiting for Your Perspective | Sony Alpha Universe  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Sony Alpha Universe is honored to feature our community in this #BeAlpha film.

This is amazing! I’ve watched this video about 15 times, and I still get chills every time. 🙌🏻❤️

Unbelievable! Still shook after the 3rd time watching this. It honestly feels like a travel, adventure and indie movie all in 3 minutes 😲

I’m a proud Sony Alpha photographer.

this is incredible, been a sony shooter since the beginning. got the chills with this one

This is magical. So inspiring. Stoked to have Sony in my camera bag.

Awesome cinematography, great voice over content and great change of beats to the pacing of visuals. Well done Sony Alpha.

For an ad, this is legit inspiring.

Never have I been more proud to #BeAlpha.

Now this. This is what you call a movie! Honestly every frame is a work of art!

Love it! Very inspiring. Makes me wanna go and explore the world.

looove it!!!!

Well done ! It makes me want to go back to the adventure with my Alpha camera !

Wow! I seriously need to bring my camera back out!

This makes me so proud of being part of the Alpha community! It pushes me to go outside with my Sony camera and be a better film maker!!

Dang, very nice! Awesome stories and cinematography!

This is just soooo inspirational!! Unbelievable!!! Love it!!

Amazing!! Bravo SONY ALPHA 👏🏻

This is so epic, I want to catch my camera and travel around the world to take same epic pics. Thank you Sony and Curt Morgan for this bomb!

Truly awesome! Bravo Alpha Team, insane amount of talent in this video!

Very cool, Sony Alpha! Makes me wanna GO!!!

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a7S III Camera Launch: The Way Forward | Shot on a7S III | Alpha Films | Sony Alpha Universe

a7S III Camera Launch: The Way Forward | Shot on a7S III | Alpha Films | Sony Alpha Universe  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Don’t miss this epic short film shot on the new Sony a7S III. This revolutionary mirrorless camera makes professional photographers, such as Chris Burkard, say: …

Whelp! Canon guy for 10 years. Have NEVER jumped ship on the latest camera, nor would leave my Canon familiarity behind. Guess what?? JUST DID. Between the specs, the reviews from iJustine and Gerald Undone, and my want for a new camera in 2020 camera that I can USE, I ditched my cart of the R5, R6, and C200. This just replaced it. Well done Sony for actually providing a camera that real people need without all the B.S. Just well fricking done. 👍👍👍👍👍

Sony A7S iii, the King is Back!

This is why i buy only Sony products, they’re revolutionary.

This video speaks to my SOUL!

3:52 backlit with moon and stars, with a flying motor…..crazy!

Oof, Canon executives are probably crying right now.

finally, no orange and teal lut

I can’t afford this camera, and I already have an A7III, but I preordered anyway. Debt be damned!

best camera for video recording hands down..well done sony 🙂

That motocross shot at night against the moon is mind blowing ♥️

This ad is something. It gives me goosebumps!

ooooh!!!!!! this video is Toooo Great!!!!!! I’m almost Crying!!!!!!

Well shut up and take my money Sony! Can’t wait for this!

This not only pumps me up for this camera, but motivates me to get back out there when this pandemic is no more. Great job team!

Goosebumps all the way! A Perfect camera at last!

I watched this like it was the Superbowl. Wow! love this! THANK YOU CURTIS MORGAN! THANKS SONY! Epic

I’ve come back to watch this video at least 5 times. Man Sony killed this!!!

This is propably the best ad i ever watched… really amazing cut and probs to the filmmakers… and yeah, i guess the cam is insane too…

4k in 120p? wow, nice job sony!

“And when you find other people who share that vision…that’s when you find your family.”Well said.

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Sony α7R III First Impressions

Sony α7R III First Impressions  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Professional photographers and filmmakers who used the α7R III prior to launch describe the new camera’s capabilities and how it worked for them.

Sony Alpha cameras are amazing

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Moonwalk: A Sony Alpha Film | Sony a7S III

Moonwalk: A Sony Alpha Film | Sony a7S III  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Featuring: Renan Ozturk – Sony Artisan of Imagery Taylor Rees – Sony Artisan of Imagery Andy Lewis – Slack Line Artist Tim Hardy – Digital Imaging Technician …

This is the most incredible ad by Sony for the next 10 years!!

I’m inspired! Such a magical and magnificent shot.

I can’t wait to get this camera…I have had the A7S for so long. I think it’s time

incredible! felt the energy here


Absolutely amazing. This is the best ‘promotional’ video of any product that I have seen. Hats off to both Sony and Renan for pulling it off.

I love this so much!!!!


all of u are superb, inspirational

Well done. 😊

If I was tasked to be camera operator during this shoot, I would’ve forgotten to press record.

the best awesome video by sony great job

Peter McKinnon: why don’t you just photoshop it on the background??

I was literally crying when She said 120fps 4k f/45 ISO 16000. Looking at the shot. 6:30″ 😍🥂🙏

I’m so happy that I preordered this amazing camera!

Its just for a single perfect shot.. This is way more than imagination. Well appreciated team. 😘

Being a professional wildlife / nature photographer I know how difficult this would have been SUPERB JOB

this ad makes me wanna spend all my life saving on this camera and sony gear hahahah

When Dean’s name showed up, my tears dropped.

whoa, this is truly Epic! imagine, plan, shoot!

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Sea Legacy Behind The Scenes | Shot on Sony Alpha 1

Sea Legacy Behind The Scenes | Shot on Sony Alpha 1  (c) Sony I Alpha Universe

(c) Sony I Alpha Universe Sea Legacy Founders Cristina Mittermeier & Paul Nicklen have made it their life mission to use their talents in photography and filmmaking to tell meaningful …

Awesome film, awesome cause, awesome camera in the hands of awesome ocean ambassadors.

Does the A1 fit into the Nauticam housing for the A9II?

As an ex dive instructor in the UK 🇬🇧 also a photographer, I salute you both. Thank you and I’m oh so jealous I’m not there with you.

What lens or lenses were used to film this?

Love the storytelling, inspires me and my craft in filmmaking 💯✔️🙏

Love the stories Sony brings to us. So inspirational.

Amazing images for a genuine cause.Thanks for the message both of you are delivering.

Great representation from the team. Alpha representing alpha species of all who should be on top of their toes for taking action to save environment 🙏

Beautiful film guys! Very important message, and super inspirational 😊

Whats the name of the underwater housing, please?

The cinematography is amazing

I’m sorry to ask this, does Paul finally migrate from Red to Sony?

Witch housing was used for underwater?

Great mission!

such a great camera !

really nice video 😍

No comment. Respect!

I don’t think this is a scean shot but another video for Alpha 1.

Remarkably beautiful

Such amazing humans 😎 Cheers