Kai W (おすすめch紹介)

Kai W (おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介

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50mm f/1.1 – Bokeh Beast for 0!

50mm f/1.1 - Bokeh Beast for $160!  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W Box Ninja time! Thanks to SquareSpace for sponsoring this channel! If you’d like to start up your own website or online shop, visit SquareSpace for a free trail …

Bokeh Ninja

“It’s not exactly the sharpest tool in the box. But it’s not a tool — it’s a lens. So it doesn’t matter.” — Kai W., 2017.

for bokeh:eat greasy food. then smudge it onto your lens.after that, everything in your image will be bokeh.

That lens is faster than Kai’s kick.

“It’s a little bit tight”(That’s what she said)”Your mum might be watching this!”😂😂

Awesome vid, Kai! How about some night testing? I mean, f/1.1… Come on, it’s meant for this!


I really like Kai’s videos but his crusty lips make my head hurt

This video definitely gave me a bokehasm on multiple occasions!

Do you live in Canterbury? Btw, I’m probably going to buy this lens, just for fun, i mean 1.1 is awesome and the price is alright.

I can highly recommend a UV Filter on any of these cheap lenses. Got my Sensor burned from a 7 artisan lens on my xpro2

thank you for uploading your vids at such high resolutions 🙂 1440p woohoo

Am I the only one that wants to have Kai’s voice?

“Chinese Casey” 😂

At least that was a little bit of street ph action, reminds me the old days 🙂 nice vid!

Kai, you should make some videos adapting old lenses for your a7, really good swirly bokeh on dirt cheap vintage lenses.

I what this vid and watch 7 years ago vid And there is no different .

*I miss Kai, Lok and Alamby*

I like my bokeh to look like quinoa. Boquinoa.

Great review, I love your videos. Keep it up

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50mm vs 35mm vs 28mm – Best Street Photography Lens

50mm vs 35mm vs 28mm - Best Street Photography Lens  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W Which focal length should you get for street photography – 28mm, 35mm or 50mm? Is the 50mm classic for a reason? Is the 28mm too wide? Or is the 35mm the …

I like the vlog style review. The new adventure is great so far

I love the 35mm lens but I find myself needing/wanting a wider frame like the 28mm a lot of times at my weddings. I only care about the 50mm when shooting portraits and editorials..

“If they don’t look pleased that you’ve taken a shot, you just keep holding the camera up! You just pretend you’re taking a picture of something behind them.”You’ve changed my life.

Great video. Grats on 100, almost 150k!

Yeah man … on a roll! Keep looking forward, you’ll be back on top soon. And for me, 50mm all the way. chris

those who know will tell you the 24mm is the best street FF lens.

i admire your bravery to just snap anyone.

Kai, you should be a voice actor. Because your voice and your accent is amazing XD

digitalrev refugees are welcome here.

“The 28 is like the 35 but a bit wider.” Well said.

*This lens is one whale of a value imgs.love/SonyFE?Zせ I used to use it on my A7RII, and the focus hunting (especially in low light) made me leave it in the camera bag much of the time, even though the image quality was great. *

“Sometimes we like it tight, but sometimes we like it a bit wide.” – Male Photographers

“But I’m not in the business of making people look good!” 😄😄😄

Looking good! Best guy to watch about cameras.

It’s funny that when I come back to a video 4 years later, I have a different perspective. When it comes to street photography, what lens, camera, or ISO you have means absolutely nothing. What should be taught is what to look for. Some of the best street photography you see today can’t be defined by the gear used, because it doesn’t matter. Capture a scene or story, something that won’t likely be caught again and you’ve succeeded, pure and simple.

5:26 that dude in a Canon jacket 😂

“There’s a trolley-lady dude!” 😀

Oh man, I miss home (Hong Kong)

It’s like digitalrev is uploading on a different channel.

‘just pretend you taking a picture of something behind them” ingenious that was great. : )

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THE END  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W After 7 years of working on DigitalRev TV, this is me officially checking out. Filmed with Canon 80D: https://www.adorama.com/ica80d.html?kbid=913736.

This is really sadI will never forget the excitement I would feel when a new Digital Rev video would pop up… The old Lok and Kai team will never be beat

It’s this is just like what happened to Top Gear on the BBC. People watched the show mainly because of Clarkson, Hammond and May (the three hosts presenting it). As soon as the hosts left (one was sacked, so the others left too), the viewer ratings plummeted through the floor. I suspect Digital Rev may experience a similar phenomenon.

LOL. I thought you were Digital Rev TV.

I would call it the birth

Get the original trio back, get hired by Amazon and name it “The Grand Exposure”

you’re awesome, keep moving. you was the reason I followed DRTV before.

What is DigitalRev without Kai and Lok? Literally nothing.

Please make videos with Lok and Alamby. You three were the reason I enjoyed DigitalRev content.

My thoughts are that you are the reason I followed DRTV. We can get the facts from anywhere, coming from you it was fun.

Gotta subscribe to this. DR was entertaining, but lets all be honest… it was all about Kaiman’s take on seemingly dull subjects such as camera reviews that made DR worth watching. Good stuff!


He has the best voice in youtube

“Will I have to do things for money? Yes.”well then

DR was only entertaining because of you & lok. I’ll watch whatever content you end up making because I know it will be funny.

Kai, you, Lok, and Alamby are why I subscribed to Digital Rev back in the day, and I’m stoked that both you and Lok are continuing on with your own channels! Looking forward to seeing and supporting your work!

And finally you can wear a Rolex… 😉

You,Lok and Alamby will be the new Top Gear in the world of photography 🙂

I lost track of you 2 years ago and I can’t find you anywhere. I am glad I have found you again, still love your videos as ever <3

Wow, I guess I’m a month behind the news. Hopefully you and Lok will still work together since he’s left as well. You two make a great team! I’ll give the new DR guys a shot, but I clicked the Subscribe button for you as well!

it is ok i found you again you will never get away from me!

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Canon’s Best Lens – 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Review

Canon's Best Lens - 24-105mm f/4L IS II USM Review  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W Follow Me On ✩ Twitter: http://twitter.com/kaimanwong ✩ Facebook: http://facebook.com/kaimanwong/ ✩ Instagram: http://instagram.com/kaimanwong/ …

Nikon strap increases a Canon’s dynamic range by at least 2 stops.

canon camera, nikon strap…Jesus wont forgive you

The guy in the red playing table tennis is me 🙂

What did you use for ND for the GH5?

ROFL at 8:00

This is like the good old days at digital rev👌🏻😂

4:14 ”Wtf is wrong with you..?”

2:16 They think you are just an avrage asian tourist. 😀

4:13 hahahaha

Tattoo guy was super cool! 🙂

Damn! I wish I had the guts to take shots like this 4:47!

5:36 – cute girl and she like buffet as well.

I looked at the price of the camera and then cried.

More impressed by the GH5 than the 24-105

4:06 That orbital shot around the random Asian lady is hilarious xD

but imagine if they made a 24-105 f/2.8!?!?!?!!

4:50 U can practically see into his mind 🤣

Kai, you are back at your best! I love the Nikon strap on the Canon btw 😂 !

4:14 lady is like “wtf with this creep!?”

This 6:40 guy was awesome!!!

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Crazy Lens – Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens

Crazy Lens - Laowa 24mm f/14 Probe Lens  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W This lens comes packaged in a locked box and there’s a reason why – it looks like a weapon for shooting…errr…Macro Photography. Quite. Laowa’s 24mm f/14 …

that is a very strange lens indeed

I love the sound of your lavalier. What model is it?

challenge: do street photography with this lense

“wide open at f14” – Kai 2018

Can’t wait to try it

That thing needs those LEDs in case you shove it where the sun doesn’t shine

This is perfect for colonoscopy☝️

Dear Kai, please clean your sensor 🙂 love the review!

I’d like this for some landscape photography

07:33 Oh that’s a heart 😀

Kai we never see you anymore we need more of your Hilarity

“I’m sorry if you’re watching this while eating”*proceeds to do it again*

Bend over Lok, I have a new lens to test 😀

good review kai looking forward to your live stream on the 3rd with Tony & Chelsea Northrup

“Let’s dip our thing in there now – my end is dirty”

Woah y’all see the heart at 07:33 ?

Puts a whole new definition to “shooting”

Well, this lens will be useful for my channel :)Perfect for aquarium ! Can’t wait to put my hand on it (and A7Siii)

Nice vintage Rolex GMT Pepsi


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Sony a7R IV Hands-on First Impressions

Sony a7R IV Hands-on First Impressions  (c) Kai W

(c) Kai W Hands-on with Sony’s 61-megapixel, 10FPS monster! Sony a7R Mark IV https://geni.us/hgNry Sony VG-C4EM Vertical Grip https://geni.us/V9GpL WHAT I USED …

Lol, Kai always the first recommend YouTube when a new camera releases lol

these videos always make me laugh so much lmao

all of the megapixels

nice watch bro

Good video

Garbage camera. I don’t work with anything less than 150mp with a 30fps shutter for my cat photos and tinder selfies

I guess there wont be a Sony a7sIII coming out now?

The last time I watched you was on a Digital Rev. I knew you left to do your own thing, but it makes me really happy you’re still doing you, the same way. Keep it real Kai, much respect from MA, US

biggest plus on this camera: it has a lok button

Jared had to play with it tethered to a friggin’ table, but Kai gets to take it out into a bloody field…

I think I will wait for the a7R V.61 megapixels is just not enough for me 😉

“That many megapixels, that burst rate…it’s a bit NAUGHTY really !” LOL !!!!

Kai 377 525 viewsSony | Camera Channel 285 597 viewsKai is better than Sony own youtube channel

That guy waving at 8:01 :DI would prolly have done something similar

Imagine getting attacked by a D-Pad when u have sausage for fingers 🤯

Nice Batman with the jubilee bracelet man. Do a video on your watches already. And yeah…. A7RIV….. megapixels. 😂

finally more mega pixels, as everybody was complaining about the lack of the previous model :X

Definitely going to upgrade my A7R II to one of these … in 2-3 years. (Seriously though, it’ll still be an amazing camera in 2-3 years).

6:31 Thats like shooting a bolt action Springfield vs full auto AK-47, lol

I keep focusing on that Rolex Batman GMT Master II, what a beauty! 🙏🙏