NoCAT NoLiFE 2(おすすめch紹介)

NoCAT NoLiFE 2(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Scaredy Cats Compilation

Scaredy Cats Compilation  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Scaredy Cats Compilation ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: ➔ Facebook FANPAGE: …

The yeeting cats

Amei muito fofo

Kucingnya lucu

Mazza qilib kuldim raxmat

1:11lizard: “hey dude”kitten: *jump uncontrollably*lizard: “wtf man, u had a stroke or something”kitten: *jumps again*kitten: “im okay, just testing ya”

1:11 got me

Cat’s so sensitive

01:54 is amezing


It’s 3:40 am and I’m watching cats getting scared, what am I doing with my life

So funny cat’s hahahaha 🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣


I literally saw a cat jump like a dozen times in this video. 😂

The cat is scared of a mouse in there I’m

1:22 when your home alone with your friend and the lights go off

Es increíble 😍 ☺️

배꼽 빠질것 같아 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ


Very cuutteee😂😂😂😂😂

0:09 that cat was launched into outer space

Funny Cats vs Dogs Compilation

Funny Cats vs Dogs Compilation  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Funny Cats vs Dogs Compilation ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: ➔ Facebook FANPAGE: …

Can’t believe how dogs are more scared of cats than the other way around 😂

The problem is, Dogs have a set of rules, and cats refuse to play by them.

2:45 Dog: “ Let me give you kisses”Cat: “so you have chosen death”

3:40 : My mother waking me up for school


5:16 that was the cutest thing ever😍

0:34 dog says you didn’t take a bath from years. I’ll give you one😂😂

1:35 when my mom came back from parent-teacher meeting

1:10 this mustn’t be Registered on an emotional level1:16 distract the target 1:25 Discombulate

I love the parts where the dogs and cats are being super friendly and nice to each other 🙂

7:00Cat: You stole my treat! *attacks dog*Dog: *Spins and dodges then looks at cat*Cat: Bow down before I smite your head and feed your soul to the cat overlords.Dog: *falls to the ground* okCat: *walks away* Good


4:29 Cat: Breath in , Breath out. Dog: Ok doctor 😆

Dogs love to playCats love to restWe dont know what to sayBut they are both the best

1:37 when you talk back against mom

7:41“ Legends say that laugh went on for AGES ”

2:05 The legendary Tom Cat Cruise begins

1:31 Courage the Cowardly dog…best 😂😂😂😂😂

Omg these r killing me🤣🤣🤣🤣 n I think 7:23 would be the BEST sleep EVER

8:49 When the girl won’t leave in the morning after spending the night over.

Funny Cats Compilation (Most Popular) Part 1

Funny Cats Compilation (Most Popular) Part 1  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Video is compiled from all the funny by cute cats of worldwide ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: (Help me reach 100.000 Subscribe) …

Seeing that cat knock the plant pot on that guy’s head after he was awful to the cat like that was so satisfying. Instant karma.

8:24 Loved the revenge after the guitar player kicked the cat.

Oh so cute. I love the way you guide making maze from lego and other useful tutorials. I really like them and look forward to making it for my hamster

8:28 2 things I like about this clip: (1) nothing beats a bit of karma. (2) the cat managed to make that plant hit the guys head in perfect rhythm with the music.

I just love the part where the Himalayan cat on the table push the glass off the table like a rebel just because he wants to.And when the owner says:”no,no,no” he stares her right in the face and goes:”i dont care,i will push that glass off the table human.” Thug life cat.

I laughed my ass off when the guy got hit with the flower pot lol

Some of people should never be allowed to have pets, especially that guy with the guitar. He did get what he deserved but I hate to think what he did to the poor kitty later. Some of these videos had to be cut short because of the dangerous or cruel content. It is not funny when people do mean things to animals just to get a laugh. Can be funny enough on their own without some jerk person filling a room up with detergent for it to run into or forcing an overweight cat (owners fault for it being obese) to be stuck in a tub full of water. A room full of little girls wanted to watch funny kitty videos and it was not all that funny to them. They were too worried about the cats.

The fourth one is COMEDY GOLD! That stare, the way it slowly reaches to the glass before pushing it, the rythm of the scene, it’s hilarious!

No idea how many times i watched this compilation over the past years…XD Just EPIC!

I like how the first cat charged up his power before striking..

8:42 Not gonna lie the INSTANT Karma was hilarious but it would’ve been even more funny if the vase broke on his head and he kept playing like it didn’t happen 😂

13:09 omfg I’m crying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

My favorite is the cat imitating the boxing match on television. So smart and cute.

The guitar player is a total jerk. When the cat broke the vase on his head, I laughed a lot; talking about Karma

8:35 He’s lucky the cat did not feel like killing him, it could of knocked the bigger one from top and would of landed straight on his head, he still got what he deserved.

Honestly I didn’t think I would laugh but the 4th video is fuckin hilarious! When he stares at her and put his hand up threatening to push the glass off 😂😂

Omg, that cat plays ping-pong way better than I do XD

13:02 Everything we learned about evolution was wrong.We didn’t evolve from apes. We evolved from cats.

Why do people allow their cats to become so overweight and then laugh at them when they are too obese to do anything

Loved the cat getting revenge on that fat a-hole guitar player. JUSTICE!

Cats Scared by Cucumbers Compilation

Cats Scared by Cucumbers Compilation  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Cats Scared by Cucumbers Compilation ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: ➔ Facebook FANPAGE: …

Cucumber is literally a jumpscare material for cats.

0:59 how does one jump back in time?

So apparently cats identify cucumbers as snakesThey’re just like: 🥒Ah, yes, *s n a k e*

1:00 Legend have that it is still flying toward the centre of milky way

0:28 I love how the orange cat is just like, “Wtf is wrong with you?”

1:36 is the calmest cat out of them all

1:23 is too funny bc the other cat doesn’t even know why he’s running 😂😂😂

1:00 had me dying😂 he just yeeted right out of the camera

“What’s it doing Patrick?””it’s just standing there… MENACINGLY!”

Fun fact: Cats aren’t really afraid of cucumbers, they are just afraid that something approached them without them knowing it’s like it just showed up right behind them

0:24Cat: “This is getting out of hand. Now there are two of them!”

1:14 i just loved it when the chubby cat got scared and his little feetsies activated light speed mode

1:00 THIS CAT I CANT 😭😂😂😂😭😂

What we see: Cucumber.What cats see: Snake.

Cats normally: housepetCats when they see a cucumber: *ninja*

I like how when there’s multiple cats, the first one reacts and the other ones are more “bruh.”

0:59 that cat straight up jumped to heaven…..

Cat reflexes are damn amazing. They can shift there whole body in a blink of an eye.

1:00Intense flying scene in an intense movie

Most of these cats are either just like “ight imma head out” or “screw gravity”

Funny Cat Jump Fail Compilation

Funny Cat Jump Fail Compilation  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Funny Cat Jump Fail Compilation ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: ➔ Facebook FANPAGE: …

00:53 me and my life goals😓

5:45 and that’s how he discovered that Alice in Wonderland was just a tale

Kitties are my friends, and God made them a sweet animal.


Ouch! I feel bad for the kitties hurt!

How did they miss the smallest jumps ever so sad 😿😿😿😿😹

Safe life repair, safe life replace: SMACK!! 😂😂😂😂

i love watching cat

The mama cat one is definitely my favorite!

0:42 Uh oh… I’m falling! No! Human, help! HUMAN HELP


4:54 has so much magesticness then…. fail

0:20 omg perfect timing right as the ad ended ❤️🤣🤣

Add Van Halen through the whole video and I would’ve died lol!

5:37 that cat doesn’t know how to jump!

0:39 the cat be like,”Oh fuck!”


You never fail when you look that majestic.

The cat accidentally jumped in the bin😂😂😂

3:07 Goal

Cats Thug Life Compilation

Cats Thug Life Compilation  (c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2

(c) NoCAT NoLiFE 2 Cats Thug Life Compilation ➔ Subscribe for NoCAT NoLiFE: ➔ Facebook FANPAGE: …

I love how at 3:49 the cat actually tackled the dog, it didn’t pounce on or maul the dog, it jumped in sideways and tackled it, cats FTW

4:20 Kitty wins the Flufferweight title via rear naked choke in the 1st round.

coolest thug life than any thug life and i very like it

Love love love cats this is so hilarious.😁

RIP repeat button. Goodjob cats 👍 you made my day

I freaking love that shit

Best compil so far… ¬^■3■

Woooooow! Best video ever! 😀

Fucking epic, I loved the music! HAHAAHAHAHAHA

The cat that attacked the dog attacking the boy, man that was badass.

3:40 respect for this cat here see cat know where must help today help little children respect this cat mega

�pic video ! hausdhasudhsaud amazing !

Do you relies when the dog attacked the boy the cat saved him


This video is the cat’s meow! Seriously – thanks for giving me LOL time on a day when I could really use it. What a great video – will definitely share. Great job on this video!

Don’t Forget Like and Share Video if You Enjoyed it 🙂

Dogs are dogs but cats are relatives of 🦁 💪🏻

Hahahha Os melhores ! I’m from Brazil !Love Cats <3 <3 Best video !

01:21 Jajaja is the best

Wow what a video truly in love👍🏻❤️❤️🔥🔥🔥😎😎😎😎

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