Epic について深堀解析

Epic について深堀解析 分析
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Twitterのtweetから Epic について感情解析した結果。

ポジティブ 56 %
ネガティブ 43 %

喜び 31 %
悲しみ 68 %

信頼 65 %
嫌悪 34 %

恐れ 75 %
怒り 24 %

期待 20 %
驚き 79 %

楽観 24 %
悲観 75 %

愛 58 %
後悔 41 %

従順 79 %
軽蔑 20 %

畏敬 81 %
攻撃 18 %


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Epic に関するTwitterのtweetデータの一覧(一定時間)。

carai a epic me deu cupom de 40 conto do nada kkkkk

mayrokah 🦂 mayrokahhhh 2021-05-28 03:52:36 ID: 1397989129598681098

– first Impression: woah 3D epic art – your nickname in my head: luna – do I like you: YA -something I hate about you: black knight stinky i’m sorry -would I gift u: may b – would i fight you: nah – closeness rating: 8/10 – should you post this too: ifu want

👽 alienferno 🛸 InfernoDraw 2021-05-28 03:52:34 ID: 1397989120031477770


Kleitinho (Mwah) adeustom 2021-05-28 03:52:28 ID: 1397989096358809606

Epic 😍😍

julian dramaclubjulian 2021-05-28 03:52:28 ID: 1397989095956267018

That’s my epic

Mikelanders89🤠 Mikelanders89_ 2021-05-28 03:52:24 ID: 1397989079061512198

Nein, Verluste zu machen ist nichts schlimmes. Das Ziel von Epic Games ist es sich jetzt einfach zu erweitern, mehr Spieler anzulocken. Der Profit kommt dann erst später. Das ist eine weit verbreitete Methode. Epic Games ist kein „Pump and Dump“, sondern für die Zukunft.

dreed 🌸 whyyydreed 2021-05-28 03:52:21 ID: 1397989065157402628

Epic scope. Unforgettable characters. Who will survive the 96-Hour War?

Supporting Authors NewBooks4You 2021-05-28 03:52:20 ID: 1397989063785811969

Penguins are cuter.

Cool Pen Pen Facts SquidLegendary 2021-05-28 03:52:20 ID: 1397989061160275974

your father is epic win 😎😎😎

Excalibat Connoisseur MasterionGamma 2021-05-28 03:52:20 ID: 1397989060866629639

I am a fan of the mobile legends game, hopefully I will be given a code redeem skin fanny epic and selena thanks

Fanny Ft Tiktok FannyFtTiktok1 2021-05-28 03:52:14 ID: 1397989039010062344

Check out this epic chess match between Alireza Firouzja and Daniel Naroditsky

Jainendra Kumar jainendra_19 2021-05-28 03:52:14 ID: 1397989035692408836

I finally beat Final Fantasy VII. The gameplay was incredible, the mini-games always surprised me (from the Fort Condor strategy section to the snowboarding and the Tifa-Scarlet bitchslapping part), the final battle with Sephiroth was epic… but the ending felt underwhelming.

Vlad “IS RIGHT” Costea ⚡️🟩 TheVladCostea 2021-05-28 03:52:12 ID: 1397989028285358087

6月4日午前0時までの期間限定でAmongUsが無料配信されるみたいです^^ Epic Gamesストアにて宇宙人狼アクション『Among Us』期間限定無料配信開始!

Rin(りん)🔔 RinRi_0070 2021-05-28 03:52:10 ID: 1397989018311135233

{{ is on the balcony and plays epic gituar}}

•oto•otoka•oka• YuisProperty 2021-05-28 03:52:08 ID: 1397989010103050246

finalmente among us ficou de graça na epic games tava muito ansioso pra isso

vini ☂️ rickkkjam 2021-05-28 03:52:06 ID: 1397989005539557378

1v1 Epic:N Nach

Riyad rare_r0 2021-05-28 03:52:04 ID: 1397988996555415553

FPoseSearchFeatureVectorBuilderって何だよ!!!!Epicの人!!! 俺に!!!!こいつの使い方を!!!!!!教えてくれ!!!!!!

うでメガネ(柳田) udemegane 2021-05-28 03:52:04 ID: 1397988995942944768

Among Us kostenlos – Für wen eignet sich das Kult-Phänomen bei Epic?

tracepaladinXXL tracepaladinXXL 2021-05-28 03:52:03 ID: 1397988992784629762

Among Us kostenlos – Für wen eignet sich das Kult-Phänomen bei Epic?

@dHcptBlacksmith dHcptBlacksmith 2021-05-28 03:52:03 ID: 1397988991383703552

Among Us kostenlos – Für wen eignet sich das Kult-Phänomen bei Epic?

@codeSMART78 codeSMART78 2021-05-28 03:52:03 ID: 1397988989953470464

Epicだけどアモアス無料はびびる お金とってほしいゲームほど無料にしちゃうのもったいねえ

しとろ citrutos 2021-05-28 03:52:02 ID: 1397988988107956225

– Letters of Transit – Home Again playing on MPG Radio.. Metal Revolution Elaborate Structures Changing Signatures Glorious-to-a-fault melodies, epic and Innovative, avant-garde elements.

MPG mpgradio 2021-05-28 03:52:02 ID: 1397988986052919299

Complete PUBG MOBILE Return Missions! Collect a permanent epic outfit for free! My invitation code: NMACZQ8

RaTuL HaSSaN RaTuLHa18228531 2021-05-28 03:52:02 ID: 1397988985641656321

In case you have miss for game Among Us. This week it is free on Epic Games:

Benjamin Thurston holymanben1 2021-05-28 03:51:57 ID: 1397988967081988097

Do you hate me 😢

Shadic The Hedgehog shadic_WRLD 2021-05-28 03:51:57 ID: 1397988966528397320

Epic 😎

Mr Conan MrConan91706454 2021-05-28 03:51:57 ID: 1397988966427623424

Ha salido el remaster… pero para Epic. GÑE.

Aizen Sousuke AizenKei13 2021-05-28 03:51:57 ID: 1397988965030973441

I have some good news and some bad new is ..we’re landing Bad news is.. we’re crash landing Epic movie

6’3 For Some Reason R_Weku 2021-05-28 03:51:55 ID: 1397988956386508803

It’s weird. I don’t fudge rolls at all. I trust in my players to work their way into and out of situations. I may tweak encounters on the fly (3 guards instead of 5, the BBEG du jour had only 1hp left but the hit was epic, etc.), but the rolls themselves, I never fudge.

Trevor S. Valle tattoosandbones 2021-05-28 03:51:54 ID: 1397988952007528448

Front row! Epic

WCPB Banjoman2011 2021-05-28 03:51:52 ID: 1397988946924167170

newest beat saber update broke the game epic

cd trader sewerlove 2021-05-28 03:51:51 ID: 1397988941605879810

Ulan epic vere vere Among us mı verdin harbiden, 101 Okey Plus verseydin abi zora sokmayalım şimdi seni, yormasaydın kendini Alper games’ten batak falan verseydin.

Barbar The Kid Barbarthekido 2021-05-28 03:51:51 ID: 1397988940955717633

Now that we had the Friends reunion when are we getting the Harry Potter reunion? 20 years later? The cast coming together on the Warner Brothers set for the first time since 2010. It would be epic. counting on you to make it happen sir

Bory//Tomorrow ❤💜💙💚💛🧡 oliciferstan 2021-05-28 03:51:50 ID: 1397988938112024577

Epic work everyone!

ILLUMINERTIA Illuminertia 2021-05-28 03:51:50 ID: 1397988935440105473

Its Epic Games Store exclusive apparently. Also has DRM in it.

hm felixionegoat 2021-05-28 03:51:49 ID: 1397988930331480071

Cracking interview about a great band. Listened to Loveless a few weeks ago and it’s still as epic as when I first heard it 30 years ago.

David Colbear DavidColbear 2021-05-28 03:51:47 ID: 1397988925680066562

epic sam win

mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo mayo shmayo3 2021-05-28 03:51:47 ID: 1397988924442742786

This was epic

mila ❀ sweetpeachcream 2021-05-28 03:51:46 ID: 1397988921489907715

Among us es el nuevo juego gratis de epic games

ProSebaSports | Noticias Frescas Fortnite prosebasports 2021-05-28 03:51:43 ID: 1397988906549878794

It’s free on Epic games rn

Mavaskk mavaskk 2021-05-28 03:51:40 ID: 1397988892578615299

What the actual fuck?! Mistborn x Fortnite collab? Someone at Epic must’ve pushed for this just because they’re massive fans of Mistborn and wanted to work with . What a crossover.

CLG Chris itsSlicer 2021-05-28 03:51:37 ID: 1397988883564953611

Oh mano, uma semana de suspense pra epic da among us???? Pior é que eu comprei esse jogo semana passada

player 1# vlink_Alves 2021-05-28 03:51:36 ID: 1397988879840522243

what sunscreen eater is this? Common, uncommon, rare, epic or LEGENDARY? 🤪😜😮 flamingo also get albert that verified check mark NOW 😡

Froggii | Commissions open! | Swedish 🇸🇪✨ xFroggii 2021-05-28 03:51:34 ID: 1397988868083929091

im live on the epic battle royale

Emors EmorsFFA 2021-05-28 03:51:31 ID: 1397988856176148482


The Media Nerd Megamarc9999 2021-05-28 03:51:31 ID: 1397988855467347976

ビッグタイトルが無料で配信されててもそれがEpic Gameだとあぁ…ってなる

竜次元 RyuzigenP_220 2021-05-28 03:51:30 ID: 1397988851654676481

among us tá gratuito na epic

𝖈𝖊𝖓𝖙’𝖘 centlls 2021-05-28 03:51:27 ID: 1397988841672302601

who ever did this this is epic lmfao

I Specter Esports I xxLionxx5150 xxlionxx5150 2021-05-28 03:51:26 ID: 1397988836551057415

Won’t stop piracy to remove those DRM’s from epic games 👀

dj M573 dj_M573 2021-05-28 03:51:24 ID: 1397988828732956673

Di epic dah pernah gratis tahun lalu, jarang banget dikasih gratis 2x. Jadi lumayan dapet 80% mah

Mochi Izzulhaaaq 2021-05-28 03:51:23 ID: 1397988825272446977

Kuntilanak is just a common ghost. If you want, try some epic ghost like Kuyang and friends. I don’t mind if you want me to send a legendaris magic called Santet.

Jt JTrasne 2021-05-28 03:51:23 ID: 1397988821648646145

Yalls employee Danny (Dani) female. Is epic. She helped me and got this all straightened out. Thank you!

Adam Edwards justadamhu 2021-05-28 03:51:22 ID: 1397988818909863944

Epic, fantasy, captive

sandrayc sycwrites 2021-05-28 03:51:20 ID: 1397988811007746052

this was epic😂

crayondsome war_299 2021-05-28 03:51:17 ID: 1397988796105326595

this is epic

artemis antiqua117 2021-05-28 03:51:16 ID: 1397988795899854851

Among us 無料なんか。持っててよかったepicアカウント。

Kokudaka aerosolmolly 2021-05-28 03:51:16 ID: 1397988795090313217

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Epic に関するTwitterのtweetデータの一覧(一定時間)。

I won’t lie so think this is really funny to watch & I think that was their intention. The memes from this will be epic.

LouLou louisaann06 2021-05-28 03:51:15 ID: 1397988790690537484

Yeah g

Pretty cool Mario facts mriofax 2021-05-28 03:51:11 ID: 1397988774626443264

Gross, but mainly from the “countertop as food prep surface” perspective. I mean, this isn’t too far off from Epic Meal Time and people loved that craziness.

dtsjr dtsjr 2021-05-28 03:51:08 ID: 1397988758969069569

Viendo la magia negra que ha creado Epic con los nanites estos… he probado el UE5 y la demo del valley, y viendo los modelos de ejemplo que usan en la demo modelos 3D ultra-detallados que pones el filtro de ver la malla y no aparece nada, me esta dejando sin sentido.

InagotablE mawitero 2021-05-28 03:51:06 ID: 1397988752505585669

A Techland anunciou uma nova versão para Dying Light, um jogo de terror e sobrevivência, chamada de “Platinum Edition”!! Uma versão completa do 1º jogo q acompanha todas as DLCs já lançadas.🎮😱🎉🧟‍♂️

Nando eunandojp 2021-05-28 03:51:06 ID: 1397988750802751500

Ad: These epic steals are POPPING at Nike! 😛 £53 > £79 > £47 > £66 > £32 > *Use Code SUMMER21

The Sole Sales thesolesales 2021-05-28 03:51:05 ID: 1397988746117668866

On the Epic Games Store among us will be free for a limited time if you haven’t played might as well play it’s a good ass game

mandolorian Mandofort 2021-05-28 03:51:04 ID: 1397988742778998789

Hella epic

Scrawlzy scrawlzy 2021-05-28 03:51:02 ID: 1397988735216672777

I don’t want to be your epic fail

Prometo portarme bien PrometoB 2021-05-28 03:51:02 ID: 1397988733664862216

The epic VIX crash

The Market Ear themarketear 2021-05-28 03:51:00 ID: 1397988725301432329

This game looks like that it’s made by manga/anime fans for fans, the quality change with respect to the first teaser is brutal, it seems that we are going to have here a game that will extol all the emotional and epic moments of this masterpiece, thanks!!!

Rufián Informático #ThankYouMiura GeekFreak30 2021-05-28 03:50:58 ID: 1397988718854742019

Woo hoo, congrats my friend, that is amazing! And it’s really hard to pick a fave episode but the surprise Kat visit was epic and you made Casey’s year with that!

AJ – #BringWynonnaHome 📫 aj_notnutella 2021-05-28 03:50:55 ID: 1397988704224833536

Morata over Penaldo 🤣🤣🤣🤣 thatd be epic

Honest VARdrid Fan. honestvardrid 2021-05-28 03:50:54 ID: 1397988703105126400


Sunka Wicasa Sunka_Wicasa 2021-05-28 03:50:54 ID: 1397988701012172810

Pretty epic

Savior imGodonline 2021-05-28 03:50:53 ID: 1397988695412719616

there’s no reason for anyone to not play among us now. it’s on epic games

Aj [kp_centi] kp_centi 2021-05-28 03:50:52 ID: 1397988694712332288

de fato amg, minha epic ta cheia

hero is back ⧗ swiftcxtrill 2021-05-28 03:50:52 ID: 1397988694657732610

So many epic sets coming your way on for Memorial Day Weekend!

edmmaniac.com EDMManiac 2021-05-28 03:50:52 ID: 1397988694523408384

nelson sargento dimas covas coronavac sonic impeachment among us epic

ᴹᴬᴿᴵ tarantixno 2021-05-28 03:50:51 ID: 1397988690849415171

inclusive o NBA 2k21 da Epic ta lotaado de problema por causa disso

Jão? jaokkkkkkk 2021-05-28 03:50:50 ID: 1397988684281094147


Aubiece Aubiece 2021-05-28 03:50:49 ID: 1397988681198211075

O que aconteceu com a Epic alguém me explica?

Templário. AlfeuLevi 2021-05-28 03:50:48 ID: 1397988676316041219

Epic day on After accidentally entering a $55 satty, mistaking it for a $5 satty, I managed to win a ticket to the $525 WSOPC Main event. A few hours later I’ve survived day 1 with a 5x starting stack! Absolutely dreamy spot to be in, selling some action too!

Dominik McQ RudeBoyyDom 2021-05-28 03:50:47 ID: 1397988673648566272

Analysis of private internal Apple emails revealed during the Epic suit continues. There’s one where senior execs dismiss a journalist as “that muttonchopped idiot whom nobody respects or likes.” The name was censored in the court doc but wow, he or she has my sympathies today.

Andy Ihnatko Ihnatko 2021-05-28 03:50:46 ID: 1397988668036501504

Have you seen the videos from our Patient Access to their Medical Records event?

Ray Jones rjonesplymouth 2021-05-28 03:50:45 ID: 1397988663032680448

Epic germes

King Kong🦍 hollow_earthkin 2021-05-28 03:50:44 ID: 1397988658423140362

This musician practically destroyed his guitar with this epic remix. I haven’t heard one over Dancing Mad this impressive besides the one by The Black Mages. Nice One Winged Angel throw-in there! VI

Sean Q. Peavy Sean_Q_Peavy 2021-05-28 03:50:40 ID: 1397988641784406016

Epic!!! 😂😂😂

Pablo O. Chaidez chaidez_pablo 2021-05-28 03:50:38 ID: 1397988635862089735

Ten years ago today, my friends and I were at one of Prince’s 21 concerts at the Forum. I was able to go to 3 of them over the course of the month and I’m so glad I saw him before he left us. 👑👑👑

Bitch McConnell™ Doesn’t Recall 🤔 tiffmc1013 2021-05-28 03:50:38 ID: 1397988634741985281

to curl up with. A epic guaranteed to keep you turning the pages.

Lilly Adam💙 lillya1960 2021-05-28 03:50:34 ID: 1397988618203971597

Kenapa ya pas skin Epic “Vine Cradle” Chang’e rilis, aku enggak seantusias kayak waktu skin Special “Floral Elfo” rilis? Mungkin karena efek skill yang enggak sesuai ekspektasi. Tetep juara umum, tapi sedikit melenceng aja dari ekspektasi.

Bagus Adisatya bagusadisatya 2021-05-28 03:50:33 ID: 1397988614303191040

Bmw gratuita na epic games

King Kong🦍 hollow_earthkin 2021-05-28 03:50:33 ID: 1397988611899985922


jaz ?! quackvst 2021-05-28 03:50:32 ID: 1397988609412710401

Complete PUBG MOBILE Return Missions! Collect a permanent epic outfit for free! My invitation code: 2H42CMB

Brand Boy BrandBo34318043 2021-05-28 03:50:29 ID: 1397988597156892673

Ohhh yes that was epic

Rameen🇵🇰 freeFalasteen♡☆ raminhyuk 2021-05-28 03:50:28 ID: 1397988591050137600

I didnt know what I was expecting, but you know what, I’ll treat myself to a bucket of chicken today

MCProHosting MCProHosting 2021-05-28 03:50:22 ID: 1397988569097011201

Cual es tu epic Aaaa

Fish ღ fishwydd 2021-05-28 03:50:20 ID: 1397988559978651651


Doova DoovaYT_ 2021-05-28 03:50:20 ID: 1397988557835341826

YEAH Bis are cute and epic!!

⌛🥝✨Molly✨🥕🛸 Schroderich 2021-05-28 03:50:19 ID: 1397988553968295942

Complete PUBG MOBILE Return Missions! Collect a permanent epic outfit for free! My invitation code: 2IEDCNP

Syrdqasim SYEDQASIMhusain 2021-05-28 03:50:18 ID: 1397988550830968842

Cat Fight via /r/funny ing s pictures

Para el WhatsApp paraelwhatsapp 2021-05-28 03:50:17 ID: 1397988547668365316

can i join I’ve never played it on PC but i got it from epic

default settings yash obviyashly 2021-05-28 03:50:17 ID: 1397988547081113600

Hola amigos, volvemos con este juego entretenido de Battle Royale que podemos encontrar en Epic, ya saben que pueden dejarme su like y suscribirse si les gusta el contenido y pues bueno se agradece muchos su apoyo, los veo a las 4:30 p.m.

Hassel Jiménez Prado JimenezHassel 2021-05-28 03:50:15 ID: 1397988536096235521

Epic Games store=SONIC IN FORTNITE?!!!

Espio the Kek loves Fall Guys 👑 👑 👑 Fall_Espio 2021-05-28 03:50:14 ID: 1397988534280196097

Live – IT’S HAPPENING with talking about the 100K June 18 $40 call options can trigger the most epic . 500K APES

YOLO AMC 🦍 TalkingStonks 2021-05-28 03:50:12 ID: 1397988524842946563

Ton epic ? J’aimerais bien te 1v1 vu que tu dis que tu est le meuilleur console

Nz nakoooto nakoootoFTN 2021-05-28 03:50:08 ID: 1397988508841787392

Among Us 🎮 juego “GRATIS” 🎁 en Epic Games!!!!! a través de

El Holandes Errante holand3serrant3 2021-05-28 03:50:08 ID: 1397988507206008842

Epic why did I get disqualified for teaming in te death stroke cup I did not team please tweet this at epic I need answears

Alex Clements AlexCle43118326 2021-05-28 03:50:07 ID: 1397988502445428742

Bill Burr admitting he may have been background to a porno is anyone found said video? Asking for a Ginger Friend?

Jesse Abundis jessenovels 2021-05-28 03:50:02 ID: 1397988485366177793

eles tem muito potencial pra superar a steam, mas acho q estão usando os recursos do jeito errado, ao invés de investir na plataforma pra atrair os jogadores, eles dão jogos de graça, eu pego o jogo de graça pela epic e continuo comprando pela steam

Jão? jaokkkkkkk 2021-05-28 03:50:02 ID: 1397988482203754496

🏇 Horse Alert: Epic Endeavour 20:00 Sandown 1m Hcap 📈 on Betfair ☁️ not run for 220 days

Phill Hayes 3fingeredglove 2021-05-28 03:50:01 ID: 1397988480526041095

Plus, marketing hasn’t been great and they said only about 7% of people who’ve redeemed free content have purchased anything, and that’s not… an encouraging sign. I think only a few games have ever sold decently on there, based off the Epic vs Apple leaks.

Just Your Local Gay Bara Furry Supporting #BLM Mendinso 2021-05-28 03:50:00 ID: 1397988473211133952

A definite must see. Should b up for a Sundance or Golden Globe or something. Tht trailer will b epic

trini juve jabari_samuel 2021-05-28 03:50:00 ID: 1397988473152454660

Epic について深堀解析!