Magnetic Games(おすすめch紹介)

Magnetic Games(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Magnet Satisfaction Extreme | Magnetic Games

Magnet Satisfaction Extreme | Magnetic Games  (c) Magnetic Games

(c) Magnetic Games I think this is my most satisfying video ever, what do you think? A bit of magnetic sculptures, lights and diamagnetic levitation. And the sounds? I love the sound …

This video always appears in my home page, like “If you don’t watch me, I’ll always appear in your homepage”

I think this guy is most relaxed man in the world

If I have these magnets 🤠..I would do this definitely

didnt know magnets could attract people too.

This man is also magnetic because 109 million people are attracted towards him😘😘Edit =110 million

Everyone in his neighborhood with a compass is wondering why they’re all pointing to his house. Cheers.

I have an online exam in ten minutes, but this is more important.

When it appears in my home page… I always definitely watch it…. Gives more satisfaction👌

The inside of that cube looks like where they filmed most 90s music videos.

The cylindrical and spherical magnets would be quite useful to explain chemistry better in classes (better than the plastic 3d models).

I’m glad there isnt any of that overly saturated music playing over this.

Highly recommended for chemistry teacher 😂😂

He’s a lucky man to get this opportunity.

I can spend the whole day playing those magnets 😅

guess how much time did he actually takes in doing that things

The world doesnt have enough magnets for this guy.

The smack of the 🧲 s is most pleasingA house made entirely of 🧲 s needs to happen. A small house/ shed works

I rewatched the video again and again, that magnets and the sound is soo satisfying

You are the best YouTuber ever. Soo satisfying!!!! The touching sounds are the best. You deserve more than what you get. It’s mind relaxing

Im so glad I bumped into this Channel… These videos seem to make me feel calm when I am desperately anxious. I subscribed quick! Keep up the great work.

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Magnet Satisfaction 100% | Magnetic Games

Magnet Satisfaction 100% | Magnetic Games  (c) Magnetic Games

(c) Magnetic Games From my fans’ comments it seems that magnet constructions are oddly satisfying. I guarantee that playing with them is even more satisfying. Here is a collection …

I love all your videos they are very relaxing especially when the magnets are getting attached and really I appreciate your hard work I know it take much time to join and attach but much more satisfying 🥰🥰

I don’t know why I’m here, but I would stay for hours watching this video! 😂❤️

When I realize this man is making a living by playing with magnets. ( Not exactly playing, I know what an effort it took to get those apart. )

Me : What will you do for living This man : playing with magnets

What an effort this man made is unbelievable, unbearable and unbeatable

I love how someone actually wrote out subtitles for this

Thank you so much for not putting annoying ass music over it.

His magnets are so used to with him that they always fall at right place…😅

Where can you find a magnet, that’s very cool especially when you make shapes and things out of simple magnet! That’s what inspires me in these little circles, cubes that out of the nuts you couldn’t think of what you could do! Bro, keep going so it’s really cool what you can do! I admire this!Sorry if the message was long!From some simple magnet you can make a creation even super flour!

Subtitles: “[loud magnet sounds]”

I thought magnet could only attract but today I came to know that magnets could also make such beautiful shapes by connecting together.

Ahh I love the moment of the final peice getting placed in. Especially when the peice naturally falls into the correct position! Love the satisfying video!

satisfactory … I’m from Brazil and I love watching this type of video

1:30 – 1:38, imagine companies sell magnets in the shape of these cubes and put them in a transparent packaging. People would buy them thinking it’s full but its actually hollow. Rofl

Amo seus v�deos!

Thank you for your video it was very satisfactory 😁🙌✨

Why am I finding satisfaction with a man playing with balls

Your videos are so satisfying I watch them everyday they calm me down 🙂

Really relaxing and beautifulGerçekten çok Rahatlatıcı ve güzel😊

I love this so much when you attache the magnets its so so so satisfying

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Magnetic Balls VS Monster Magnets in Slow Motion | Magnetic Games

Magnetic Balls VS Monster Magnets in Slow Motion | Magnetic Games  (c) Magnetic Games

(c) Magnetic Games I assure you that the impact between the Monolith and 2592 magnetic balls scared me. The collision of magnets was violent and the balls were splashed all over …

The magnets literally turned into a spider killing its prey i swear😂😂Edit: i cannot believe that this comment blew up!! Thank you guys!😍😍

This is probably the most satisfying thing I’ve watch at 3am.

Imagine wearing a metal necklace around this dudes house, then proceed to get hit in the face by the super magnet.

No introduction, No bla bla, No music, Not a single word, Straight to the point…Liked it so much !

Magnet: Hello Friend!Magnetic Balls: HUGS

I don’t know how I got here, but I can’t stop watching.

That’s so cool, it’s like the magnetic balls are alive…

Monster magnet cube: *exists peacefully*Metal thing: I’m gonna ruin this man’s whole career

Piece of metal: *exists*Well-organized monster magnets: *screams in terror*

It’s satisfying to watch someone’s hard magnet work just go down the drain.

Imagine having to separate each magnet with its color😂

This is neat and all, but can you imagine covering a dining table or otherwise large surface with one complete layer of these, and rolling a golf ball sized round magnet across it at full speed? That I’d like to see. Alternatively- the winter soldier reaching for a rubix cube and watching his face when it attacks his hand.

This would’ve been great to have in school. I made do with drawing, origami, gummy erasers, and flower frogs to stave off the bordom

It’s cool to see them streaming on the magnetic lines of force.

Why this is so satisfying 😺

In slow motion it looks like the balls are doing a full on SWAT takedown on the magnet

Idk if how do they separate them by color but it’s so sick men

It’s almost like a predator attacking it’s prey. 😶

This man is singlehandedly keeping the magnet industry alive.

Cool video, and cool effects! I would love to have those magnetized balls. I could play with them all day.

Playing with Magnetic Balls, Satisfaction 100% | Magnetic Games

Playing with Magnetic Balls, Satisfaction 100% | Magnetic Games  (c) Magnetic Games

(c) Magnetic Games How satisfying to play with these magnetic balls. Thousands of magnetic balls of all colors. And the sounds? I think the sound of the magnets is relaxing and give …

This made me fall asleep thanks 😊

Que som legaaaaalllll Quero uma pra matar as inimigas kkkkk krl


*satisfaction at 100%…Slice and dice*


I’d be someone’s sugar baby and all they’d have to do is pay me in magnets.

Como � o nome dessas bolinhas de im�??

He didn’t dare mix them lmao 🤣🤣

This should be a ASMR video!! It’s so relaxing!!

This is more satisfying than any other satisfying video I have ever watched

Essa fico mais foda

I watch your vids every day and I wish I was a part of your family because you are the best youtuber in the whole universe. Keep up the good work!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍❤️🦄🦄

Os barulhinhos são mt bons❤

Se ve relajante… Pero d�nde se consiguen las bolitas magn�ticas????

Why so many dislikes? It’s a good entertaining video.

Quiero eso 🤤

Amazing and relaxing

Que lindo



MAGNETIC ACCELERATOR – Wakanda Technology | Magnetic Games

MAGNETIC ACCELERATOR - Wakanda Technology | Magnetic Games  (c) Magnetic Games

(c) Magnetic Games In this video 3 different example of SMOT, Simple Magnetic Overunity Toy. Very easy to do and fun for children. Does not it remind you of the Wakanda train …

if you liked this video, I think you will also appreciate the experiment Magnet Gate, watch

Maglev bullet trains already exist (very smooth and fast – from experience), but cool demo of a simplified version of how they work. 🙂

We live in a world where a guy playing with magnets gets 34 million views.

Must be technology from the “hood” of Wakanda

Shuri wants to know your location..

Amazing physics!!

For a classic demonstration of social media folly, see how in this thread we go from Magnets to Hitler in about 4 scrolls!

Learning every day.Thank you!

Imagine riding a train and your train just gets stuck to the wall lol

Nice! Now make it a ring, put a sensor on the track and actuators so the side magnets move in and out automatically, wrap a copper coil around the ring. And you’ve got a generator.

You are the best YouTuber ever. Soo satisfying!!!! The touching sounds are the best. You deserve more than what you get. It’s mind relaxing

The acelator is interesting. What if it went in a circle, can that energy be used to power a light?

Me encantar�a tener esos imanes para el estr�s me encantan

This study is quite astonishing to be draft with you this could lead to faster travel in the coming years thank you sir you recreated the work of a legend.

and now kids!lets build a rail gun!

saludos, como hacen para el campo magn�tico se el correcto y avance.

I think you can make a loop track and accelerate the ball on the down hill with magnets and if you gave it starting push it would go for ever.

This has potential to be a new kind of linear motor.How about making it round and applying some kind of in and out force controlled by Arduino?


“Wakanda” technology is that?