Free Life(おすすめch紹介)

Free Life(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Make water shower by bamboo, outdoor shower, Bushcraft & Camping I Living off grid

Make water shower by bamboo, outdoor shower, Bushcraft & Camping I Living off grid  (c) Free Life

(c) Free Life Make water shower by bamboo, outdoor shower, Bushcraft & Camping I Living off grid ———————————— In the future I have major projects such as: …

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Na próxima encarnação vou buscar uma oriental nesta não da mais tempo😁🥰🤔

There is something you can eat in the mountains. I’m always impressed with how good it is. I am always looking forward to seeing you in the video.

Nice! Maybe in a future video you can show what you use for natural soap to wash with? I have heard of “soap nuts” for washing clothes.

The work you do is wonderful. Please be careful walking through the woods. You look wonderful doing your creativity.

I would love to come and learn and live with you for a few months. I feel I need this experience to offer myself a better life.

I just love that shower set up !

Absolutely brilliant! What a fantastic lifestyle living free amongst nature… it makes me laugh when people dream of living in some filthy city full of concrete and noise… you are living my dream lifestyle!… thanks for sharing…

Great movie. A perfect tutorial for someone like me. A nice place to stay in it forever. Best regards and welcome to the English forests of My Self Bushcraft.

The stone pavement of the washing place was made wonderfully. It’s wonderful.

Placement and area looks good. The whole set of bamboo tubes seems to be only a short distance from the water source. It is set up and put together very well.

You do wonderful work you would out do a lot of males in your achievements keep up the good work.

I really would love to come to that country spend-a-day watching you work and do the things you do and spend the night just sitting around the fire and telling stories and eating the food you cook thank you for sharing💛❤

The work you do is wonderful

É a fera da sobrevivência!!! Good! Very good!!! Gostei 😸

I live and work in a big noisy city. I so look forward to Friday and you, Miss, doing what you do so naturally in silence and in tune with nature. Thank you for taking us along on your splendid adventure. Toronto, Canada

So simple of a plumbing system and so beautiful at the same time. I am truly amazed. What country do you live in?This way of life in a tropical country totally puts us in a 4 season country to shame in so many ways. If I could only convince my wife for us to stay in the Philippines and live a simple life collecting, growing, and raising our own food, I would be completely in heaven to be able to live this way.SUBSCRIBEDKeep Safe,Peace, Happiness, Love and Laughter Always,Matt – Toronto, Canada

I really like the shower design you and your older brother came up with. Really ingenious. Look forward to your video in a couple hours.

Love the huge palm leaves, my grandfather constructed something like this for us when we are kids taking a shower in the countryside. 😊

Very cool place you’re setting up. Might I suggest creating a wooden hook to hang your back pack from the ceiling of your shelter? Then it’d still be out of the weather and you’ll have more leg room 🙂

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How To Build House! Building Amazing OFF GRID CABIN (Full-video)

How To Build House! Building Amazing OFF GRID CABIN (Full-video)  (c) Free Life

(c) Free Life How To Build House! Building Amazing OFF GRID CABIN (Full-video) A full video shows my series of chores from housework to furniture. I returned to my shelter …

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I watched the entire video. It was absolutely fascinating watching this young woman with so many skill sets, and creativity.

You are using modern steel tools so, why not avail yourself of some modern materials like wire or nails? It would make the project easier and safer for you instead of relying on flimsy ligatures.

Crafty, innovative yet so beautiful…

You have taught me a lot. You are very handy with your knowledge on building.

You certainly are an energetic person to be so small. I have enjoyed this video.

As always. Beautiful and talented!!

She’s an amazingly talented engineer, architect and bushcrafter! Inspiring! Good job!

I have great respect for all the work you are doing there in the outback, and you have a lot of knowledge and experience how to fix everything, kind regards from Gary, The Netherlands.


I’m very impressed, its difficult to get a feel for the amount of time that elapsed but if you were on your own you obviously did a lot of running around setting up camera angles. Great job 🙂

You did very well , Friend

You’re a wonderful girl! Good luck, greetings from Quito Ecuador !!

Don’t pay any attention to all the negativity! What makes your videos captivating is that you use what nature provides and good old fashion hard work!! Great job!!

Everything there looks Amazing! Thank you for showing us. : )

Nice Job – your hard work does not go without notice. You are very clever in how you raise the beams. From Charlotte, NC USA

Everything there looks Amazing 😍🥰❤️❤️

If you were ever on that show survivor you would fit in perfect in that group you know how to build homes very well

*_Bamboo side walls have several slits through which insects and reptiles may enter and harm _**_you.So_**_ use plastic sheets to cover the walls as well as beneath the roof._*

Love nature adorable 😍 admiración feel for this Lady reminded me of my childhood how freedom it is just run free anjoing the natures

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Making shelves, Grow flower, Outdoor Showering | live off grid, Northern wilderness Vietnam

Making shelves, Grow flower, Outdoor Showering | live off grid, Northern wilderness Vietnam  (c) Free Life

(c) Free Life Help me to reach 100.000 sub: ———————— See more videos about Free Life Outdoor shower: 4 days …

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love your channel and look forward to new videos every friday! your little farm is looking wonderful!

Thank you for sharing what you have learned. You are a beautiful and charming lady.

Absolutely Beautiful, so young and talented.

Absolutely beautiful, so young and talented 😘❤️🌷

Love this channel. Reminds me of “Ferris relaxing” from the “Survival Skills” days a few years ago. Los Angeles Loves Free Life.

Hi, I have been watching all your videos and I look forward to more of them, thank you for posting them.

That’s a wonderful life. Very beautiful sounds too. No phones ringing either. It’s so relaxing. Thanks!❤


You are a hard working and smart woman. I truly enjoy watching your videos and look forward to the new ones every Friday. I specially like the water pipeline you built. How you split it to a shower and a separate outlet almost like a kitchen sink. The hammock caught me off guard. Wasn’t expecting that. Everyone needs to relax right? Great stuff. 🙂 🙂

Great idea installing a hammock. Did you notice the hut moving a little as you swung? 😉

Hermoso mueble hicistes Felicitaciones 🌎🌴

Every time I watch one of your videos I’m quite impressed by the knowledge and skills your have. If I made that shelving unit it would have fallen apart the second I went to pick it up lol. Sadly I’m not joking .. I just wanted to say thank you for making such grate content again.. I truly enjoy seeing the vast skills you hold and look fowled to seeing what your next video is..

Que DEL�CIA morar nesta cabana,PARAB�NS, ANA, BRASIL

vietnam looks like a beautiful country

Very good work. She is strong and beautiful.


Very smart, resourceful, and pretty young lady. I love your videos. You do great work.

WATCHING,LIKE AND COMMENT ALWAYS,,A plant that has grown quite well,.good job!!

outstanding job on your garden…👍🙂

5 Days Winter Wild Camping – Sleep on the tree – Live in days of inclement weather (Full-video)

5 Days Winter Wild Camping - Sleep on the tree - Live in days of inclement weather (Full-video)  (c) Free Life

(c) Free Life Please help me reach 1000000 sub: This is my new channel: ———————————— 5 Days Winter Wild …

Este programa es agradable ver.. hay otros programas muy fabricados que dan flojera de verdad … Woow por este☺️

Inspiration at its best❣

All of the channels like this need to get together and make a village.

You destroying forest tree that’s a BIG NO NO ..

Thanks for giving beautiful experience, learning so much from you

You’re so fortunate that spices and lots of wildlife are available there but beware of Vietnamese bigfoot. I hear they’re about 7 feet with very broad shoulders and very ferocious. They may be living in dark caves.

kerennnn, inspiratif, semangattttt terus bosku

Wooooooow que lindo le quedo el refugio felicitaciones🌎🌴

watching again and again loved it

Amazing 🔥

Good girl I love it when you share food with your dog 🐕 💕 and I will be always watching your channel

Ela devia fazer completa com toda com porta � tudo mais

Parabéns eu só aprendo assistindo essas aventuras suas, 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏😘🌶🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

Me gutar ver esa naturaleza y tu trabajo me distrae felicitaciones otra vez 😀🙆🌎🌴

Amazing .. you Perfect 💙🤭

I really enjoy and look forward to every episode. I can not get out and what you are doing on your videos but wish I could.please don’t stop and take care of yourself be safe.peace be with you. Your friend pamela

Ella es muy talentosa he aprendido mucho de ella 😘😘❤️❤️❤️

Mantap pecinta alam dan ingat mbak harus berwaspada, 💪💪

Auvivo e com imagem muito bom

Keren sekali kak, cara memasang perangkap menggunakan batu.😊👍

Free Life // How To Build A Wood Shed – Continue Project Off Grid Wilderness Living – Ep 15

Free Life // How To Build A Wood Shed - Continue Project Off Grid Wilderness Living - Ep 15  (c) Free Life

(c) Free Life Have you registered yet? This is my new channel: ———————————— Continue projects living off the grid. In this video I’ll How To …

Love you guys! … What’s the next video you want to watch? … bushcraft & camping specializes in hunting wild animals? Continue projects living off the grid? Or what vegetable grow? What to cook? eat what? Would you please let me know….@@

Truly informative! I needed a reference that highlighted basic wood frame construction methods & techniques where this Shed Plans were best I am pleased with the depth and clarity of this Shed Plans. It was really convenient to capture!

if you blacken the ends before sticking them in the ground they will last much longer and not rot as quick

You pick! Every video so far is wonderful to watch!!

E linda e charmosa linda maravilhosa demais ❤️❤️

I’m in love with this nature girl.

I love your videos, I watch them all. I want to know how you film them, can you maybe show some behind the scenes? Are you completely alone out there? do you edit and film them yourself? Answering these questions would only increase my respect for your work.

I’d like to see you make a meal that includes foraged vegetables, or maybe a video gathering some of those vegetables to put in your raised garden. Can you find a way to include some hand crafted cordage in your building projects? Found your channel recommended from Primitive Skills. I hope you all the best in your future projects!

Your working projects living off grid are fantastic. Would love to see what more you can imagine?

You are amazingly talented and such a get it done person . The buildings you build remind of when I was a kid . My family and I would use what we had available to build things . I loved the adventure of go out and looking for materials . I enjoy your post you are one of my every bust don’t stop filming these posts please much love !!!

You are a beautifully amazing hard working individual. 🌷💝🦋

Ela é muito linda 🥰🥰🥰🥰

Another brilliant video Huong. I hope you reach 100K Subscribers this week! Good luck.

Parab�ns excelente trabalho.

Make an episode where you build an underground shelter, an underground mushroom farm and an insect farm.

House or bed for pup. Are you going to show things food you can forage? Wild animals? Making own pottery? Mats/rug.? Water filters?

Another great vid, amazing skills, very entertaining, tough as tough and you young lady are incredible!

Amazing girl very talented, I love the quality of your video very creative and the craft is beautiful, Congrats

Me encanta esa chica posee mucha inteligencia habilidades y destrezas para sobrevivir free life

Felicitaciones es admirable