むらたたむ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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紅ドラム叩いてみた  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ フルバンド版はこちら(Watch Full Band Version) https://youtu.be/A9jFpjdfmoI Vo. Keiichi https://twitter.com/keiichi_vocal Gt. 黒沢ダイスケ Daisuke Kurosawa …


I absolutely love this…she is amazing and I adore her and her playing so smoothly and enjoying it so much. Hats off to you my dear lady. My fav rock drummer is Ian Paice and Tamu is so fun to watch.

My legs hurt even just by watching, geez that’s so good

Girl, you’re phenomenal!!! That Dream Theater cover you did of Eternity was the sickest thing ever. The best thing about your playing is your excellent timing.


I’ve watched this video more times than I can count.She’s always amazing,andI always end up happier than I was before. Her expert highspeed drumming, that contagious grin, even the goofy frog on her shirt- add them together, get an accidentally perfect antidepressant!

I love her smile, she is incredible!





Besides incredible performance, I love to see that she is enjoying it. Nice smile. keep it up.

Tamu san rules the kit with an iron fist and feasts at the table of glorious victory! And her smile is super kawaii.


す、すごい。 辛い時ニコニコするの可愛いし凄すぎる😍 体力エグ杉 そくチャンネル登録だわ〜😊 達成感エグそうwwお疲れ様です!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Gran sonido 👌🥁🖤

This is the prettiest song l”ve hear from Japan!! I love the drummer! ♥️ I wish you manyy successes Miss linda!



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ルパン三世のテーマDrum Cover

ルパン三世のテーマDrum Cover  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ ずっとやってみたかった曲を叩いてみました! 使ったドラムセットはTAMAのSilverstarです! 撮影・録音:ヨコハマセーラスタジオ …

I can’t stop watching this! She makes it look not only effortless but fun! I think I’ve seen it at least 10 times a day for the past two weeks

I come every day, listen to this amazing song, watch this amazing performance but most of all, watch her beautiful smile!

I’m totally charmed … from her skills and her smile.

shes rules !!

You look so happy while playing drums every time!!! Keep going! Your smile is also very adorable and attractive~ 🙂


2:08 damn that fill was so tasty.

Amazing! love how you respect the music! Amazing Groove 😉 Hi from Italy

やっぱ、この曲最高だわ。どのパートにフューチャーしてもカッコいい( ☆∀☆)



Well done! I love this <3





carisma talento feeling . que mas se puede pedir . muy buen musico saludos desde argentina


that’s a complex piece to play with such grace and ease!

Зорошая композиция!!! Джаз!!!

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Silent Jealousy ドラム叩いてみた

Silent Jealousy  ドラム叩いてみた  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ フルバンド版はこちら(Watch Full Band Version) https://youtu.be/zdgPHbG4Vco Vo. Keiichi https://twitter.com/keiichi_vocal Gt. 黒沢ダイスケ Daisuke Kurosawa …

WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMAZING

I’ve watched several videos of her drum playing…I am always blown away. Her enthusiasm and technique is amazing. Many times, when she is finished, she does this cute little gesture like she is “exhausted”, but didn’t do it this time. I can watch her play for hours.

I’m currently really dizzy from head banging way too fucking hard. The power.. the passion.. the playing.. the heart of a TRUE musician ❤️🖤❤️🖤🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Ingredients for a perfect drummer :1. Always smiling2. Having fun when playing3. Double-Bass 24/7

Always having such a good time. Such an amazing talent and personality.

Muito linda, toca muito forte abra�o.

I wish I was as happy in my work as Tamu is. 🥰She always smiles when the fast double base section is coming in.

Oh the wait . . . the wait . . . the waiting!!!Then the drums come in and… the biggest most beautiful smile appears on her face.

I’m having the best time off my life and you’ve just made it even better. P. S the drumming isn’t too bad,as well. ha. ha. MAGNIFICENT. 😁🍀🍀👍

I loved the drummer’s smile!!!


Holy crap! This girl had me rockin!♡

The smirk on her face at the end, except it’s tooooo cute to be a smirk..”nailed it”

Incre�ble cover de esta dif�cil bateria.Felicitaciones !!!!

singer needs rasp in his voice….たむ!! Youre the best!

何度聴いても素晴らしい❗楽しそうに叩く表情が本当にいい😄 バスドラの音が個人的に好きですねーどんなエフェクトかけてるのか知りたいです❗

Absolutely KILLER! Great cover. Excellent time keeping, and awesome drum tone.

This is my favorite X-Japan song. It’s nice seeing you enjoying while drumming.

Anyone who plays drums seriously, knows how hard it is to do a drum session of about 7 min, not to mention at this speed(!). And not only does she do it flawless, buy she also does it with a smile… WOW… just … wow.



紅また叩いてみた  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ また紅を叩いてみました!!! sa’Toshl (Vo) https://www.youtube.com/user/SUPERPAKURIST むらたたむ (Dr) …

Not a drumming job for the elderly or timid! This requires not only massive skills but extreme endurance 😵

very energetic drummer…. 🤩🤩

drummer’s smile like sunshine, makes me feel happy.

Beautiful, cute and a good drummer

Your cover of the Trooper was recommended to me in my feed. I liked that cover, so I thought for myself. Perhaps they have covered a X-Japan song. I looked at your list of videos. Saw Rusty Nail, Dahlia and Kurenai. Since I like Kurenai the most I clicked on that video first, and wow, sa’Toshl did a really good job at fooling me, I really thought it was Toshi until I read the description. Also むらたたむ, you are a really good drummer, I love that you looks so happy while drumming. ^^

I’m dead with that smile.❤️❤️❤️😍

OMG, it is so powerful, I love it.



I like this band a lot! How good they play. I think I fell in love with the drummer for bella!♥️

I’m in love… The drummer is amazing and beautiful…


absolutely nailed it awesome cover




The smiling assassin strikes again.👍 💙

this song never get old and is always a pleasure to listen 🙂 GG!

I love her playing and her. Found her a week ago and watched the Stream of Nemophila last Saturday morning at 2:30. So in my week of finding her I saw she had a baby girl in May 2020 so she was pregnant here and I was wondering in my mind whether she knew it yet. If she did maybe that news gave her the energy to play this and if not she would soon find out. Anyway, she is awesome and a joy to watch and I learn a lot from her playing. Also, congratulations to her on the baby. I bet she has her eyes and smile and her cuteness and future talent from mommy.



ギミチョコ!!叩いてみた  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ 大好きなBABYMETALのギミチョコ!!を叩いてみました!! 半音上げです Twitter→http://twitter.com/tmtmskn ブログ→http://ameblo.jp/tm-tm-dr/

that slight head tilt and awesome smile…

She’s sooo cute and happy ♥





don’t get fooled by her cute appearance, she’s a baddas drummer


So cute, and such a great drummer at such young age 😍😍😍 Amazing 👍👍




omg with that smile you’re great drummer !!






Est� genial! Me gust� 😀


RustyNail 叩いてみた

RustyNail 叩いてみた  (c) むらたたむ

(c) むらたたむ 第3弾はRusty Nailです( ◠‿◠ ) またまた素晴らしい皆さんと一緒に演奏させていただきました♪ 皆さんありがとうございました。 Vo. sa’ToshI …

Yoshiki would be extremely proud of you!

Love your stick work. It is beautiful to see how drumdticks move in the air. So clean, simple, and yet effective. Good to know your play. Thank you.

Isso me fez muito feliz. Que nost�lgico. <3

Amazing. This band, including the girl on the drums and Toshi my hero, just reminds me of my passion for music long years back. Toshi, it’s good to see you again. Fingers crossed for your good life. 🙂

Tamu murata 👍🥁Sweet drummer 😊♥️ From Malaysia

What a smile, DRUM you’re so lovely.

Rusty Nail is one of the best known songs of X Japan !! And the drummer and that smile is Tamu Murata , she’s also playing with Nemophila !

I can’t help falling in love with your smile, Tamu.

Wonderful performance! “Rusty Nail” is one of my fav songs of all time! Greetings from Italy! ^^

Maybe the best X Japan cover on youtube I’ ve ever seen

1% rock99% smileU brighten my day tamu san 😍

Amazing band. I like them all and the drummergirl makes my mood fly 🙂 More please!

She’s smile is so cute

I love her smile 😃


Awesome drumming! Great to see a smiling and happy drummer!

Omg so in love with the drummer <3 She’s so entertaining to watch. Great cover!

Her smile is still beautiful ! !

Fell in love with her smile