Яyo Trackmaker(Youtube 動画 pick up)

Яyo Trackmaker(Youtube 動画 pick up) Youtubeおすすめ紹介
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【東京喰種 TOKYO GHOUL】Unravel / TK from 凛として時雨【cover】

(c) Яyo Trackmaker ボイスチェンジャーを駆使して女声に挑戦!!! ダミ声男でもここまでできる!! ○Trackmaker 宅録お兄さんの倉庫【DTMブログ】 https://trackmaker-dtm.com ○サブ …

Who the hell can play so many instruments as good as him these days

This is amazing!!

This is the best cover I’ve found of “Unravel” 💖 you’re amazing, Ryo! Real talent 🌟


I’m kind of fangirling.. i’m not sure what i am doing to be honest.. but holy shit, his voice is soooo amazing. And his ability to literally play everything is amazing.

who needs a band when you can be ryo

1. Ryoさん is so talented 😍2. Amazing cover!!3. I miss ギルガメッシュ 😭

Ryo is the most talented individual in the Jrock scene he should form a band of his own and continue the legacy of ever changing sounds of the mighty girugamesh!!

OMG!!! You must be kidding!Is the first time i watch your videos.. and… oH! I thought I will find covers in drums or guitar… but not expecting this. IS AMAZING!!RYO YOU ARE AMAZING!!! My mouth and eyes are wide open for the impression. never thought you were able to sing. SUCH A GREAT MUSICIAN! SUCH A GREAT SINGER!!I am really glad that you decided to make this youtube channel and show to us you amazing talent!! Never give up! Never stop making what you love: MUSIC!! <3

This cover is simply amazing, you’ve done a really good job, Ryo!! Keep going, you are truly talented!

Ryo you’re amazing. I’ve been a big a huge fan of Girugamesh for 8 years now and I hope you continue creating music because you’re so talented.

Damn, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen this cover before. It’s pretty remarkable. It’s almost perfect. But the mix on some parts of the chorus is not great. The vocals are being drowned out by the guitars. Other than that though this is a great cover. I can’t believe you were able to play this many different instruments and sing it xD

if you made a solo album even if it was all covers I would buy it! Your YouTube videos have been amazing and you honestly have a great voice

Just his real voice would already make my heart flutter ❤️

wait, Girugamesh broke up?!?!?! Ryo! you gotta form another band! be the vocalist this time man your voice is amazing. Also your regular voice and voice due to the voice changer next to each other is super hot by the way.

Su voz natural es tan hermosa <3

Honestly one of my fav cover of Unravel ever (or probably my fav, period). Keep up the good work, Ryo! Thank you for your creations ♥

Ryo brings me encouragement to my Japanese studies! His voice is heaven oh mY god

Amazing job ! ! Is there any instrument you cannot play Ryo-san? Keep it up, I love your covers!


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lynch. / Adore【cover】

(c) Яyo Trackmaker Trackmaker 宅録お兄さんの倉庫【DTMブログ】 https://trackmaker-dtm.com ○サブチャンネル【Trackmaker 宅録お兄さんの倉庫】 …

Love it💙Adore was one of the first songs Iv heard by lynch. I feel so old 😂Ryo you are amazing 😍


Woah, amazing cover! For me sounds much better than original!


My favorite song by lynch. Of course he did an amazing job.

Epic as ever! You haven’t done a cover yet that wasn’t perfect. 😀

Great cover Ryo! I am excited for Avantgarde next month!

sa d�chire trop bien perso je pr�f�re sa voix a la version original


That’s awesome 🙂 I really admire your talent Ryo-sama. Nii-sama singing back up vocals is cool too. Keep creating!

un cover genial *0* y me encanta como le queda el cabello negro ♡

Awesome Ryo-sama *_*can u please cover Ambivalent Ideal too? <3

You never disappoint. Another amazing performance please make a one man album

omggg you have an amazing voice I love all your covers you’re such a talented person

This is better than the originalDefinitely

You are so talented!!! how can you be so perfect? 💕

Woooow ! what a great cover ! i’m a huge fan of lynch and damn your cover of Adore is so awesome as expected ! ! !



Awesome job Ryo and Nii!

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(c) Яyo Trackmaker Trackmaker 宅録お兄さんの倉庫【DTMブログ】 https://trackmaker-dtm.com ○サブチャンネル【Trackmaker 宅録お兄さんの倉庫】 …

So he completly destroyed the original of this song. This cover is a million times better!!! I love Big Bang but damn! This man is skilled.

I think this is even better than the original, awesome job Ryo!!�

I’m not sure what I’m impressed by the most.. His musical abilities, vocalAbilities or his cute facial expressions.. You’re fantastic baby! 😉

better than the original! amazing as always 🌟 great voice and cover Ryo!!!

I love Big Bang, but you made my head explote. OMG I LOVE THIS COVER SO MUCH

Wow, even Girugamesh covering Big Bang? I’m happy J-Rock is acknowledging BB 😀 I’ve causally listen to his band in the mid-late 00’s…cool

totally impressed with every minute of that cover! any music producers want to grab this guy? he is so talented!

WHY DOES THIS NOT HAVE MORE VIEWS!??!! I love Girugamesh! �I love Big Bang but I usually don’t bother with covers because not too many have their own twist to the original. Ryo-san, I’m in love all over again. The bass, the guitar, the rasp in the voice. Omg I love this cover so hard. Thank you for posting this!

I love this sooo much! First time hearing it today, along with the original and i must say Ryo’s version is 100% BETTER! Loove Ryo! Love Girugameshhh <3

so much better than the original for sure 😀 J-rock is not dead \m/�^�\m/ keep up the good work d^^ *thumbs up*

wow!! this is so kick ass!! Amazing job, I love it, better than the original in my opinion 😀

I’m so in love with this cover.Ryo you’re the most talent dude I ever seen~

I cant be the only one that was getting a bit of a chuckle from all the faces he was making.

Great cover Ryo! I love the original song, and you gave that song your own flavor. Amazing!!

how am i only finding this now?!?!?!?!?! this is an amazing cover like omg im flipping out right now

This is so fuckin much better than the original version! Omg thank you Ryo-san!!!!

IT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO EPIC!!Best Cover!! Amazing job Ryo-san!


Oh my god! I can’t find words for this!! Perfect! Amazing!! Ryo, you ROCK! ^_^ Wow, fantastic Ryo! ^w^

This is actually FANTASTIC! Talented people are talented in everything 🙂