APEX Switch版登場。任天堂の力で人口が増加。

APEX Switch版登場。任天堂の力で人口が増加。 ゲーム


【switch版APEX】PS4.PCと違いはある?実戦プレイで解説付き!!【エーペックスレジェンズ】  (c) BobSappAim

【switch版APEX】PS4.PCと違いはある?実戦プレイで解説付き!!【エーペックスレジェンズ】(c) BobSappAim

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3:16 なぜならそこは射撃訓練場だからね

体 験 版 A p e x




Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Performance Review  (c) IGN Games

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Performance Review(c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games The Nintendo Switch receives yet another free-to-play battle royale game, this time in the form of Respawn Entertainment’s Apex Legends. But how does this …

I wouldn’t really recommend playing this on handheld. My experience has been that the framerate dips during fights are so intense that it becomes very hard to survive.

So exactly what everyone expected lol

Still a better port than Cyberpunk to old gen.

Now i can play apex at work, or at the doctors, mall, car dealer, barber, tennis court, train, plane, theatre, grocery store, at parties, football game, at the beach, local head shop, while driving, during coitus, while walking dog. Etc

10 mins of a nice gent trying to respectfully tell you that something is bad.

Does anyone else only hear static when someone talks on there mic

It’s pretty broken at the moment. That’s to be expected with a live service game, though. The thing that got me was when I got two wins in a row but my stats didn’t update with the second win. It just didn’t record any of the damage or kills I got in the game. I’m still kinda mad about it but whatever.

The switch was something great back then when it came it..it sold like hot cakes it’s time for an upgrade this is amazing that you can play this game but don’t settle for crap performance with today tech it’s time for a new switch I’ll wait tell they upgrade to finally hope on the Nintendo bandwagon

Man. I need to go against the people in this lobby lol

Checked it out to see what it is was like on Switch. Not something I would spend any time on outside of that. It just isn’t the same fun game with the poor visuals and performance. Wolfenstein, Doom 2016 and Eternal, Bulletstorm, Crysis, there are a lot better shooters available.

【APEX】Switch版きた!やってみるぞ!  (c) Hanjou Channel

【APEX】Switch版きた!やってみるぞ!(c) Hanjou Channel

(c) Hanjou Channel コメント、高評価よろしく!!!! ◇使用機材 ・ガレリア(​ゲーミングPC​)UA9C-R80T ↓ https://onl.tw/V2V4LsF ・Elgato Game Capture HD60S …







MKR参加 1:30:40




【switch版APEX】チート級のジャイロ設定!?任天堂スイッチで世界最速プレデターを達成する猛者も必ず通るであろう道を解説します。【エーペックスレジェンズ】  (c) o-228おにや

【switch版APEX】チート級のジャイロ設定!?任天堂スイッチで世界最速プレデターを達成する猛者も必ず通るであろう道を解説します。【エーペックスレジェンズ】(c) o-228おにや

(c) o-228おにや #おにや おにやツイッター→ https://twitter.com/oniyanogame 「2b2t最初の大戦争について解説」→https://youtu.be/YSpFfftrXHE 「2b2t最大の建築スポーンメイソン …











Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Performance Review!  (c) SwitchUp

Apex Legends Nintendo Switch Performance Review!

(c) SwitchUp Here’s our break down of Apex Legends on the Nintendo Switch. The Good bad and ugly and a comparison to PC as well as a look at handheld and our …

You’ve got to respect Panic Button and co for even attempting this – what are your thoughts on the port and how about the performance? Mark

I played 8 games last night and got fully booted once but then when I logged back in it brought me back—I was in a squad with a friend and they didn’t get kicked. I was lucky I wasn’t in combat or I would’ve been a sitting duck!

This is the kind of game that shows just how much we’d all benefit from a new Switch Pro.

i’ve had a really fun time playing actually, it’s nice to just take it wherever and play, for some reason i never enjoyed my experience playing on ps4 or pc like i do on switch

This is a real step forward at least! For a less visually demanding game this is good. Apex is just slightly over what the Switch can handle, but given great games like HyperCharged; the FPS genre is viable to flourish if made for and optimized for Switch performance. 💯

The intro really made it sound like this review was going to be similar to Skyforge, fortunately handheld performance seems pretty good. Thanks for the quick review 👍

Lmaooo I legitimately laughed out loud while taking a drink and it all came out my nose and all over my iPad when Mark was talking about “It’s not gambling, it’s spending money for random stuff like a slot machine.”

The actual performance seems really good overall which is shows care was put into it. Cross play seems pointless to me since other systems will have a massive advantage over anyone playing on Switch I know these days people insist on it for every game like this but when it’s makes the playing field one sided it isn’t a benefit. Not really going to download and play this for myself as most free to play games you tend to have to have time to invest in them and I tend to stick to one at a time for long periods.

Idk why so many people are hating on this it’s the switch okay it’s not going to be like pc

My biggest problem is the resolution.It’s just to hard to see where the enemie is.It’s a good port otherwise.

Is Apex Legends ANY GOOD On Nintendo Switch?  (c) RGT 85

Is Apex Legends ANY GOOD On Nintendo Switch?

(c) RGT 85 Apex Legends has hit the Nintendo Switch finally, which is Panic Buttons latest port for the system. But how does Apex Legends run on Nintendo’s hardware?

Enjoy the vid and enjoy your day! Maybe I’ll see you online!

“Ahh!”Well, that’s quite the way to start a video.

Intro sounded like a pirate “eeerrr”

Anyone else having problems with voice chat , every time someone has a mic and tries to speak it sounds like they’re speaking through a fan

RGT hit us with the old intro for the OG fans just once

Something told me that it’s not going to be a good port. There might be patches to make it better. Good video RGT

I’m coming from a generation of gamers that were used to .5 fps on a 007, 4/way split screen using explosions. I’ll be dippin through APEX like I did Goldeneye. Let’s have some fun and “Play it Loud”.

It’s good but too bad I suck at it

Great review! Looks like while playing on the switch they might want to include an option to play with only other switch players. If they dont have that already.

0:00 Intro0:46 How the Menu Works 3:14 Game 17:58 More Menu Tips8:20 Final Thoughts9:36 Outro

【Apex Legends】switch版の最強武器構成探してます→PC版やる(switchガチ初心者配信2日目)  (c) ととみちゃん.

【Apex Legends】switch版の最強武器構成探してます→PC版やる(switchガチ初心者配信2日目)

(c) ととみちゃん. ガチのswitch初心者何で温かく見守ってね どこまでうまくなれるか楽しみ 良かったらチャンネル登録よろしくお願いします! 皆さん、わこみです~ 動画を見てくれた皆さんへ …

【APEX】Switch版エーペックスで釈迦&ヒカキン&セイキントリオ!目指せチャンピオン!【Apex Legends/エーペックスレジェンズ】  (c) HikakinGames

【APEX】Switch版エーペックスで釈迦&ヒカキン&セイキントリオ!目指せチャンピオン!【Apex Legends/エーペックスレジェンズ】

(c) HikakinGames 提供:Sponsored by EA ついにNintendo Switch版が本日からリリース!みんなでApex Legendsを楽しもう!







52:44 壁を作らず床を増設するのマジで笑った。



27:21 釈迦お兄ちゃんノルマ達成

【switch版APEX】弾が当たりやすくなる設定解説紹介!!【エーペックスレジェンズ】  (c) BobSappAim


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【switch版APEX】PS4、PCと続いて入手難関バッチ(爪痕ダブハン)getしてきた!【エーペックスレジェンズ】  (c) まさのりCH


(c) まさのりCH こちらの動画もチェック!! https://youtu.be/_jo4fQDzxSU メンバーシップ導入しました!限定バッチ&限定絵文字をgetして配信中にどんどんコメント下さい!











so I tried apex on the NINTENDO SWITCH!!!??  (c) TruNoom

so I tried apex on the NINTENDO SWITCH!!!??

(c) TruNoom switch apex is uhhhhhhhh interesting Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/trunoom Join my discord – https://discordapp.com/invite/trunoom Follow me ~ twitter …

I am stealthlord66tbh I’m really surprised apex is even able to run on the switch so props to them.I played alot more last night and was actually having alot of fun

Imagine losing to someone with joy con drift

Me: hopefully I hit this guyTru: GO AIM ASSIST GO

This reminds me of season 0 when everyone was bad lol

Is it bad that he beat my kill record on a switch lol

graphics are god tier on switch.

Trunoom needs to release a playlist that is just his intro music

Omg the FOV is so bad lmao. glad to see them moving forward tho

That thumbnail got me dead

When going through every Warith portal everHello how are you I am under the water