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Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) – Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 5

Chun-Li vs Tifa (Street Fighter 2 vs Final Fantasy VII) - Girl Fight! Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 5  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games Street Fighter 2’s Chun-Li vs Final Fantasy VII’s Tifa in real life! It’s the ultimate duel between the sexiest ladies in video game history! Who will win?

Damn, that Chun Li’s hella fine!

Love that this was recommended today instead of oh I don’t know 8 years ago……It was awesome though!

reason for the fight: Tifa used Chun-Li’s toothbrush, no one uses Chun-Li’s toothbrush!

Chun-Li all the way !!

I don’t care what the people says… but I’ll pick both.

2020?Watching this during quarantine?

I like Chung Li”s fight style.

Chun li may not be the strongest woman of videogames, but there’s something people can’t deny: Once she is defeated by someone, you know she is not deafeated by the same one again.

The choreography is great in this fight

Chun Li vs Landlady from Kung Fu Hustle.

i really think chun li is suppose to win.she looks like she trained harder than any other female fighting characters.

I love how their most iconic moves and camera angle are in there. And I thought watching digital Tifa fighting Loz was good.

man the choreography is amazing

Chun-lee my childhood herorineTifa Lockhart my adulthood heroineO_O i honestly dont know!


If there was a Chun-Li for Street Fighter: World Warrior, this actress would be a perfect choice!

Actually got pretty into this. To the point that I almost was wondering what the backstory could be; How did these two meet and why are they fighting? Still awesome without it.

They are both strong

Chun li always the best…

Chun li👍

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Ultimate Fan Fights – Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life – Ultimate Fan Fights Episode 1

Ultimate Fan Fights - Batman vs. Captain America In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights Episode 1  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games Batman The Dark Knight takes on Captain America the first Super Soldier. Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It’s batarang vs. shield in the first …

Captain America forgot his muscles at home!

this captain america is so inaccurate, not just in looks, but in fighting as well

Awesome. Now let’s see one where Steve fights WITH the serum.

This video was very well done! Great choreography and costumes. However, Batman would never be able to hurt Captain America. His punches would tickle. He may be a better fighter, but Captain America has far more combat experience and a shield that’s unbreakable and could knock Batman out in a single hit. Batman has stealth and a utility belt, but none of that gives him a real edge because it wouldn’t even hurt. Unless Batman ran Captain America over with his Bat-mobile, he’d lose 9 times out of 10.

Batman is the winner!

the only thing ruined this video is the suit of captain america

3:06 awwww there hugging


Why couldn’t Batman fight like this in The Dark Knight trilogy?

i wanna slap whoever put this together. not that the vid is bad or anything but extremely underplays caps physical capability

They are equal or nearly equal in most respects. Basically, it comes down to specialization.Cap has an edge in raw power and stamina due to the fact that he is a super-soldier. On the other hand, Batman has the stealth advantage and the fact that he always has something up his sleeve.


Am I the first to point out that cap A looks sooooo gay in this fight

Damn this is a hard one… 2 of the best heroes

Aside from the fact, they’re taking away from the fact that Cap is Marvel’s master hand to hand combatant with very few being able to best him. He’s not useless without his shield, as they portray here.

Cap has the durability and strength knows martial arts and is a very experienced fighter I mean he got punched in the face by Bucky’s metal arm that can break through concrete got shot three times with a gun beat iron man held back thanoses hand and took a punch from thanks and thanks hits harder the the hulk can cap was near death when he was fighting iron man put inof force in his shield to cut through iron mans armor witch the helicarrier couldn’t do cap win for sure

I don’t even care who’s supposed to win this battle; I just want to say that this is EXACTLY how Nolan’s Batman should have fought.

1:55 it proves that cap’s shield is soft!

“Theatricality and deception. Powerful agents to the uninitiated…”

Like: Batman.Coment: Captain America.

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Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter In Real Life – Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 2

Mortal Kombat vs Street Fighter In Real Life - Ultimate Fan Fights Ep. 2  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games Street Fighter’s Ryu tests his skills against Mortal Kombat’s Scorpion! Who would win in a fight? We want you to decide! It’s Hadouken vs Chained Kunai in the …

2:36 how the heck he can do that O.oScorpion Wins!!

Scorpion did a guyver kick. He automatically wins by default.

this is awesome. I would say Scorpion since he’s my favorite character.

Ryu vs Liu Kang is better match up. Scorpion would fit better with Akuma. Also I think Mortal Kombat would win. Not by much.

Death Battle had scorpion win

Scorpion is a spectre reborn in the netherrealm…he cannot be killed and will outlive Ryu, let alone defeat him. He can control hellfire and burn Ryu in a second lol. Street Fighter has no chance against MK for the simple fact that MK is deadly, whereas SF simply defeats or K.O the opponents. Fatality.

0:50 that’s Sasuke’s move

The part at 1:40 where Ryu uppercuts Scorpion while yelling “Shoryuken!” is the funniest part.

Mortal Kombat dudes would be the shit of Street Fighter in an all out battle. Sub-Zero would tear Ken’s spine out of his ass then beat Guile in the face with it.

I think the real winner here was that tree.

I would like to see others Mortal Kombat characters.

Scorpion walks up like…yo why you beatin my wood?


That was awesome,and i love the fact that they both 2 versions for both of them to win.That way everyone can be satisfied. 🙂

This was pretty awesome!!

Dan would win.


All I could think about at 3:00 is “Round 2….FIGHT!” lol

Scorpion ! 😀

I vote is my man Ryu he’s my favorite Street fighter character

Mass Effect Cartoon – Debut Trailer

Mass Effect Cartoon - Debut Trailer  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games Description: Commander Shepard and the gang are getting their own TV series in the spirit of the ’80s and IGN has the first glimpse! Watch the debut trailer then …

Shepard he will do everyone after the battle of the bands.

Remember the Christmas episode where Cerberus stole all the presents on the Citadel, but in the end it was Harbinger who brought them back? 😀

Somehow this made more sense then the extended cut


LOL @ Miranda’s ass having a cameo in this.

Am I the only one that thinks killing the reapers with rock n’ roll is a better ending?

UGH don’t even joke about a Mass Effect 80’s themed cartoon coming…..I WANT THAT SOOO BAD >:/

I bet this was made a real cartoon in the Mass Effect universe. Who wouldn’t want to watch a cartoon about the great Commander Shepard’s adventures?

Its times like these that you want to know how the characters in the game would react to this…….

“Watch out! Here come the reapers! MASS EFFECT!!!!!”


What’s this? A Reaper invasion universally under populated by bees? My omni-tool full of bees will put a stop to that

I’m Commander Shepard and this is my favorite video on youtube.

Still a better ending than ME3.


this is what happens when you pick the red ending.

Was this ending D? makes as much as sense…

Still a better ending than ME3.

I want this to be real

It would be awesome if this were a real cartoon being made on tv. I would tune in every week to see the continuing adventures of commander shepard and his mass effect crew.

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct: First Footage/Details — Up at Noon

The Walking Dead Survival Instinct: First Footage/Details -- Up at Noon  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games The Walking Dead Survival Instinct: First Footage/Details — Up at Noon Today we get a world exclusive look at The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct (based on the …

How come?

It’s Merle not Meryl! I would think that a co creator would know how to pronounce a main characters name.

True, but Resident Evil was as good as it could look at the time.

This designer is too busy talking about how his sound guys got the sound effects just to use props and not enough time talking about game design, making a game to be fun. Looking up an interview with someone like Edmund Mcmillen; you can see how into design he is and how much he just wants to make fun games, this guys got no idea.

That’s a style, you should never confuse stylized games with games ‘that look bad’, Survival Instinct isn’t a styled game, it’s just dated engine with a less talented team working with it, you look at the other Walking Dead game that probably looks less realistic than this one but has it’s own style. Minecraft was created like that, somehow I don’t think this game is deep enough for that.PS: I love Walking Dead and I wish this game would be good, but it’s not looking that way.

It’s not the graphics. It’s the animations, it’s the fact that this is literally JUST a cash grab. If you buy this, you are wasting your money I promise you

didn’t you actually just find the crossbow on the ground lol? xD

no thy’re making a day z rip off already, its called “State of Decay”


Ahhhhhh…. Oh my god, this game sounds incredible i can’t wait for it!

@walmartgoof I thought those graphics were awesome! So bloody! 😀


Thank you 🙂

This game is good. We had fun recording it! 😀 Remember when Merle fell into the swamp. Haha memories… 🙂

“Meryl’? Love the show, love gaming, but this sounds like trash.

State Of Decay 😀 Have Fun!

Merle and Daryl my two favorite characters

Cant wait I’m gonna get it for my bDay lol

Greg’s hair is back! 😀

Ohh thanks 😀

Geek Love: Ep. 1 – Brony Friend Zone (Alex)

Geek Love: Ep. 1 - Brony Friend Zone (Alex)  (c) IGN Games

(c) IGN Games Geek Love! Alex is a true geek among geeks. Still living with his parents, this 25-year-old, board game loving, brony classifies his love life as a mix between …

Why do Bronies get so upset about being friendzoned? I thought friendship was magic.

she compared…bronys to mmo players…..i cant breathe.

I was debating whether to skip the gym today, but after watching this video I decided to go.EDIT: Just came back. Feels good man.

At least he’s not an incel and he lowkey seems like a nice person.

alex. shave, lose weight, and ditch the little girl toys

How did I get all these likes?

He shaved in the exact place he should’ve grown out his beard

Wonder if Alex made progress in his life. I really hope he made a difference in his life.

I’m genuinely curious how Bronies and MMOers are in the same group according to Carolyn. I never felt so insulted ever in my life.

5:02 Someone literally tipped their fedora and did a m’lady, I can’t believe it’s real.

“So what type of girl do you want to meet at Con?”“You, but not hyper.”*So you have chosen death*

>go to place where women are massively outnumbered by men>get surprised when getting a date is hard

I literally only clicked on this to see Master Cheif get a gf, but that was just clickbait I guess🤷‍♂️

SPOILER:5:02 “ladies, do not use this as an exersize to perfect your friendzoning technique”Ending: Flawless friendzone

“Socially awkward Penguin” Jesus it’s like all the awkward kids that thought they were funny I knew in high school

This. It was a speed date. She is being accused of friendzoning someone who she only talked to for probably less than 10 minutes. They weren’t even friends. Who knows why she told him no afterwards, but she did let him know pretty quickly it sounds like so he wouldn’t get too attached.

2:20 “I’m a brony” Good for you bro, the first step is admitting you have a problem.

if he just shaved and gained some confidence in owning up to the things he likes, he would’ve been wayyyy better off.

Anyone here from penguinz0?

Sad to see so much hate, Alex is a genuinely nice guy. He’s articulate, intelligent, has kind eyes and is genuinely looking for someone to connect with… Its sad that it gets over looked.


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