ギョモのすみか(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【あつ森】斜めの道沿いにつくる住宅街:長閑な町づくり#2【ACNH】Residential area along a diagonal road

【あつ森】斜めの道沿いにつくる住宅街:長閑な町づくり#2【ACNH】Residential area along a diagonal road  (c) ギョモのすみか

(c) ギョモのすみか こんにちは!ギョモです。 今回は住宅街の島クリエイトです。 斜めの道路に沿って住宅街を作っていきます。 テーマにする《海外の田舎町》に合わせた、島クリエイトとマイ …

This was so relaxing to watch! You are such a talented builder!


this has motivated me to redesign my island!🥰

There’s just something about this layout! It’s my favorite island I’ve seen😍

That is so cool and a really clever use of the stamps! Thank you for sharing the codes. I may have to give my island a little bit of a makeover soon!


It looks beautiful, I’m sure it took a lot of hard work!!! Love from Italy ❤️❤️

I’ve been looking for some inspiration that looks like this, feels very nostalgic! 🧡🌼

Thank you for sharing your build! It was nice and relaxing to see something nice being put together. I’m redoing my island when I trade from lite to full version switch and I was trying to figure out how to put my villagers around a little community garden and I think angle roads may be my answer, so thank you for the inspiration!

The street you used (not the diagonal one) is honestly the type of street I’ve been looking for. I hope you include it in your design codes. Thank you so much for sharing this lovely video. So relaxing.

This is beautiful 😍 love your builds so inspiring

Thank you so much for this nice video! I was just wondering where you got your large square bricks, and stone stair stamps from? I looked through both yours and your friend’s codes and can’t seem to find them…. Also, where can I find the flower marker stamp? Thanks!

It’s lovely and I forgot how lovely the trees blowing in the wind. Which makes the whole place you build more lovely.


Such an amazing idea!😍 Thank you for sharing your code, I’ve been working on my island and think this would look nice when the plane flies over ✈️ The residential area is very cute and lovely~❣️❣️

Hey I just want to thank you for this video! I have been having trouble figuring out how to build diagonal paths thank you for this video❤️❤️

I love it so much! The flower detail is so cute, and you did such a great job planning and decorating. It’s also good Japanese practice for me!

Me last week: spent 500k on moving my residents.Me after seeing this video: well, time to spend 500k again 😂

You’re so talented I wish I have acnh cause the game looks so relaxing ♡


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【あつ森】飛行場から案内所までの道:長閑な町づくり#1【ACNH】From the airfield to the resident service

【あつ森】飛行場から案内所までの道:長閑な町づくり#1【ACNH】From the airfield to the resident service  (c) ギョモのすみか

(c) ギョモのすみか こんにちは!ギョモです。 今回から本格的に島を作り直していきます。 1回目は飛行場から案内所までの道。利便性を重視して入り口近くに自宅を配置しました。 テーマに …

This is the exact inspiration I needed! My island entrance is the same, so you gave me some great ideas. Thank you for this video! 💗

I love your videos!!! You are so talented and your custom codes and builds are so beautiful!!! Please continue posting ❤️

The island and designs are very beautiful, I’m feeling inspired for my own island! Thank you for posting, it makes me happy to see such lovely things 🥰❤️

you are really creative! thank you for letting us use your designs, i’ll be sure to credit 🙂

This is an absolutely beautiful island! Now I want to remake my own again lol.

Hello! May I ask where you got your dirt stamps from? They’re exactly what I’ve been looking for for my island C:

Hello, thank you for the lovely island. I love it. Now I’m starting a new island. Because of you, ☺️ I’m excited, but at 8.00 do you have the code for this ground?


Please continue your uploads and island tour I want to recreate too! Good job! So pleasing!! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I’m using your path and I love the vibes!!

I love that your island is named Kakapo! I’m from New Zealand, same as the birds! They’re so cute


Omg! After seeing this I want to restart my island 😭😭


素敵すぎて涙が出ました( ; ; )これからどんな風景が広がっていくのかとても楽しみです!黄色のラインがとても新鮮でした(^^)


This is so cute. Thank you for sharing your creativity. I love your design codes.




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【あつ森】1枠で使える自然に馴染む段差・階段のマイデザイン紹介【ACNH】Stairs Custom Design

【あつ森】1枠で使える自然に馴染む段差・階段のマイデザイン紹介【ACNH】Stairs Custom Design  (c) ギョモのすみか

(c) ギョモのすみか ギョモと申します。 あつまれどうぶつの森でマイデザインをコツコツ作っています。 今回は1枠で使える「段差」のマイデザインの紹介です。 島クリエイターの道を使って自然に …

These are so incredibly creative and beautiful! Thank you for sharing!



Really beautiful ! That’s a lot of work, you are so creative and talented!! I can’t wait to use those pretty stairs!









今更見ましたが、ずっとこういうマイデザを探してたので本当に助かりました!;; おかげで島クリがさらに楽しくなってきました❤︎ 素敵なマイデザ公開してくださってありがとうございます!!!








【あつ森】案内所に繋がる秋めく広場:長閑な町づくり#3【ACNH】Square next to the resident service

【あつ森】案内所に繋がる秋めく広場:長閑な町づくり#3【ACNH】Square next to the resident service  (c) ギョモのすみか

(c) ギョモのすみか こんにちは!ギョモです。 今回は案内所に繋がる広場の島クリエイトです。 新しい花壇(かだん)のマイデザインに合わせて作っていきます。 テーマは《海外の田舎町》 …

About the design that appears in the video. Not all uploaded. sorry… I can’t answer your request, so please forgive me 😥Thank you to everyone who watched the video!! マイデザインは全て自作ですが投稿できていないデザインもあります。(投稿枠の問題が主です) 作者IDは概要欄に記載しています。お問い合わせ、ご要望にはお応えできません。ご了承のほどお願いいたします。

Your codes are beautiful and your island is full of life! Your villagers clearly love it and it makes me want to live in it! 🥰

I love your designs as well as your style ;-; it’s so unique~

Your island is so pretty! Your videos are very relaxing and nice to watch, so it’s okay that you cannot put full translation! It’s enjoyable, with or without 🙂


今回も素晴らしすぎました( ; ; )出来上がっていく様子が見ててすごく楽しくて魔法の時間でした♪エンディングの住民さん達も可愛すぎました(^O^)最後のアルベルトが最高すぎてついリピートしました。これからも楽しみにしています♪

It’s so beautiful ! You are very talented ! I wish I will be able to create a beautiful island like yours. Thank you for this video ! 🙏🥰



Thank you for the great ideas, I’m new on animal crossing and your videos help me a loot 😄

I’m from New Zealand and I totally love your island name, the kakapo is simply adorable isn’t it? Hope you can one day come to our beautiful country!

本当にギョモすみかさん大好きです( ・ω・)



Wow this is amazing!! So cute and cozy!!!

Love your designs and island ! Greetings from France


great designs! keep it up!



【あつ森】町外れの仕立て屋さん:長閑な町づくり#4【ACNH】Tailoring shop on the outskirts of town

【あつ森】町外れの仕立て屋さん:長閑な町づくり#4【ACNH】Tailoring shop on the outskirts of town  (c) ギョモのすみか

(c) ギョモのすみか こんにちは!ギョモです。 今回はエイブルシスターズ周りの島クリエイトです。 新しいマイデザインに合わせて、ナチュラルなレイアウトを作っていきます。 テーマは《海外の …


Thank you for the translation! I love your island so much and how your villagers interact with the environment!! Can’t wait for the update❤️

You are so creative and you inspired me to re-decorate my island ♥️ lot’s of love from Germany

This video is so wonderful! Thank you so much for the translation, it was very clear and easy to understand 😀

I love how alfonso (the crocodile) is with you almost the whole time ❤😊

This area is so beautiful! Thank you for the translations, they were very helpful 😊❤

I love your videos! Thank you for sharing all your beautiful creations ♥

I really love your videos! How much do you plan out spaces like this? Do you already have all your island in mind?



ギョモさんのマイデザインの質感大好きです🐟🌼 動画のBGMも編集も可愛くって大好き!たくさん参考にさせていただきます(*´ω`*)




I want to make my own custom designs, but I don’t know how to start 😭

I love this series❤️ すごく可愛い。😍😍