Potato Jet (おすすめch紹介)

Potato Jet (おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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iphone X vs RED – Hollywood Movie Camera

iphone X vs RED - Hollywood Movie Camera  (c) Potato Jet


Thanks for entering everyone! The winner of the iPhone 7+ is MTM-DM! 🎄 iPhone 7+ coming at ya!

$25 mini drone vs NASA space station

“thousands of people are gonna see it”*2.2 MILLION VIEWS*

For me you can see the biggest difference of quality on the dog close up, the red cam is just so nice with it..

“This is the red camera” Are you trying to flex a camera more expensive than my house?

this is so obvious lmao

the camera 2 footage looked like a movie

That feeling, when u thought that camera1 – was red :•|

1:31 the car lights gave it away, no way a $20,000 camera gonna pick up lights like that

Compare Nokia 3310 and ARRI Alexa IMAX plz.

Director: Believe me, I’m a professional videographer. And I shoot with RED camera.*Pulls out sony cybershot 16.1 MP camera*

byt RED camera has a awsome blur in the background

“Should have thought about that before putting me on this planet”destroyed by logic

Night mode gave it away

0:06 Why does it sound like he is freestyling though💀

I measured the backgrounds to see which one was further left.

“But once you add too much salt in there-“Me:you can’t undo itHim: *YOUR LIFE IS OVER*

2:50 maybe the RED camera was on RAW

when are you going to giveaway the red camera?

First of all, you gave it away by saying “rugged and gritty feel” The iPhone is really friggin crisp so that just gave it all away pretty quickly

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Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera

Huawei P20 Pro vs RED Cinema Camera  (c) Potato Jet

(c) Potato Jet My Beginners Course on Filming with ANY camera! – https://bit.ly/2ZkYHP9 My Course on Making Epic Online Content – https://bit.ly/2KLXFYu LUTs for COLOR …

Next battle: 25$ mini drone vs NASA spaceshuttle

Yeah, but you can’t order pizza with a RED.

Next video paper plane vs Boing 768

Why dont you try to send an sms with RED

MUY bueno good nuts

next battle 50$ remote car vs Lamborghini

Next challenge – Toilet flush Vs. Super Massive Black Hole

Next:Hubble telescope vs iPhone X Plus

Why are we even comparing these lmao.

I’m confused about this camera staff

“As far as the government wants us to know!” I din see that coming. Quite a conspiracy as they call it; they.

bruh use huawei p30 pro for intense stabilization even if its been zoomededit: oops i think at this year p30 pro isnt available anyone in 2019?

We learned that music makes the shot!

The nuts segment was totally irrelevant but simultaneously the best part! Genius…

Thx for the nuts education. I like shelled peanuts, WITH SALT. And Red camera has awesome image quality!

I think that we come for the oddness, and stay just because of that intro. Great Work, Gene!

Huawei P20 pro was never good at Vids (no OIS)..Its Pics that It excels at

Slide red in your front pocket. Yes, include the tripod.

Love your presentation 😂

Harvard: Eat nuts. Makes you live longer. Me: Gets allergic reaction and goes to hospital.

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CAMERA | Can it shoot Cinematic video?

$94 CAMERA | Can it shoot Cinematic video?  (c) Potato Jet

(c) Potato Jet My Beginners Course on Filming with ANY camera! – https://bit.ly/2ZkYHP9 My Course on Making Epic Online Content – https://bit.ly/2KLXFYu LUTs for COLOR …

this is the first video i have watched from your channel and its amazing

I can make an Arri Alexa look like a 94 bucks camera tho

The ultimate budget setup uses windows movie maker

This proves cinematography is 90% skill and only 10% camera and equipment

So creative and hilarious 😂😂😂

I kinda like that look. It feels nostalgic. Nowadays everything is so about 4k, ultra definition. Yeah. But sonetimes it feels souless. All this technologies and our movies are kinda in their majorities all pure ideology. They lack stories, life, realism, imagination. Dont get me wrong. I like good images. I am not really making a critique in here, just observing something

Plot twist this video was filmed on that camera

Man, this is awesome) Great challenge!

Potato Jet rides a DRZ? You’re like my best friend and you don’t even know it yet! Also, I’m not creepy.

The motorcycle thing that you filmed looks like an ad. if you ask me…

“I’m gonna smooth it in adobe premier”(+$300) =P

“What stabilizer are you using?” – Flower pot lol XD

4:20 so we gunna ignore that this man sat in a closed dumpster?!

“don’t judge me I get paid on Tuesday” lmao😂

“We gotta fix this stabilisation”*proceeds to buy pot, sunglasses, and skateboard

Oh my goodness. This is the most inspiring thing. It really isn’t about gear. I’m definitely going to focus on getting knowledge. Thank you!

The camera is good cause it held by the right person and profesional like you.If me,It’ll be look like old school nasty camera😂

Plot twist: he recorded the whole video with the $90 camera

8:02 Foreshadowing the future.R.I.P Potato Jet’s arm

Daammnn, he accually a good puncher

Arri Trinity | Meet The Worlds Most Advanced Camera Stabilizer

Arri Trinity | Meet The Worlds Most Advanced Camera Stabilizer  (c) Potato Jet

(c) Potato Jet Follow Ari Robbins – https://www.instagram.com/steadijew/ Arri Trinity – https://www.arri.com/en/camera-systems/camera-stabilizer-systems/trinity Follow Geoffrey …

This looks like it could be an affordable and simple vlogging solution.

He man, I really enjoyed this one. Ari seems like an awesome guy to work with.

What a cool dude

Peter Mckinnon in a few weeks*- Whoappssup everybody this is my new vlog rig Arri Trinity, let’s shoot coffee b roll with it

Bruh look at the size difference between his right and left arm…

The guy’s name is literally Ari. He was MADE for this.

Imagine buying this, and then using it with a iPhone 4 as camera.

They’ve always said “Camera operators have muscles in places where most people don’t even have places”.

The title should be: Meet the world’s most passionate camera operator. Respect 🙏🙏🙏

Imagine showing this to filmmakers in the early 1900s.

Let’s appreciate the silent dude in the back

I’ve worked with him he’s so dope answered all my questions and on his Rig it says StediJew lol he’s super cool

Ari looks like the most chilled dude ever and I’d love to hear him reading some books with that voice…

“..you show respect… and INSERT” – omg

Absolutely fabulous. Just wow. What a great tool, especially in the hands of an expert like Ari. Thanks for making and sharing this video, Gene.

How do you let someone talk about their tattoos for five minutes without even a single close-up? #B-Roll_Fail

Ari’s Tattoo: ” I have a series of tattoos on my forearms. On my right, I have a traditional image of a camera, similar to that of the “camera emoji,” highlighted with smoke and a red stripe though it. This side of my arm, and the tattoos it displays, symbolize every time I have dropped a camera. On my left forearm, I have the same camera with a small halo and rays of light shooting out of it for every time I catch a camera.”

“How’s my driving call 1-800- yeah we all know who owns Hollywood”

I can tell this guy really likes his Job.

What i learned from thsi dude is work ethic of the max level.

8k Phones vs 2k Hollywood Cinema Camera | Arri Alexa vs Samsung S20 Ultra & Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro

8k Phones vs 2k Hollywood Cinema Camera | Arri Alexa vs Samsung S20 Ultra & Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro  (c) Potato Jet

(c) Potato Jet Check out Storyblocks – https://www.Storyblocks.com/PotatoJet Films Shot on Arri Alexa – https://youtu.be/Vp8Wy3Mpc80 Varipole – https://bhpho.to/3dDxeyR …

Impressive stuff from the ARRI, espacially when the light gets funky

Your experiment is good with all these, loving it.

jet i swear you make wanna have an arri 2k

Moral of the story: Smartphone cameras can’t replace Dedicated cameras.

Next battle: Disney Frozen binoculars VS Hubble telescope.

Me: watching this video in 144p and trying to find difference between 2k and 8k.

7:08 🤩🤩🤩

The phone cameras will look better in 4k than in 8k!

Samsung 8k: overexposureArri Alexa: imma make any shot into a Hollywood movie clip.

2K alexa : hollywood tone8K samsung : indie movie from idk wht the production house..

Man I don’t care how sharp and all of this stuff, the color alone on the arri Alexa makes it for me. It’s truly an amazing camera.

It’s like comparing a Karting with Mercedes.

6:53 it’s Bahubali,, love from india ❤️

Don’t forget that we are comparing a smartphone with a Hollywood level camera..

When you realize that your camera has phone 😂😂😂

I thought you would say “I’ve said this a whole bunch of times before…I am really really big fan of: nice couches” lol 😂😂

0:50 The way he said “for at least… 30 seconds” 🤣🤣🤣

I actually prefer 8k in all of these except slow motion

“6:53 its Bahubali Wow!”

Lesson: Resolution isn’t everything. Color quality, low light, ISO sensitivity, noise pattern, etc all matter so much more.

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus vs Hollywood Movie Camera Arri Alexa

Samsung Galaxy S9 plus vs Hollywood Movie Camera Arri Alexa  (c) Potato Jet

(c) Potato Jet My Beginners Course on Filming with ANY camera! – https://bit.ly/2ZkYHP9 My Course on Making Epic Online Content – https://bit.ly/2KLXFYu LUTs for COLOR …

Loved the humor in your video.

I was un impressed by both untill I realised I was watching in 144p


Best comparison i have ever seen 😍

I can’t rip another shirt, i dont have that kind of budgedHas a camera that costs more than a car

Brocolli has more dynamic range, better apperture, stability, best in performance.

5:08 looks like a green screen 😀

2030: imagine someone recording cinema film on his phone😂

Will we ever see an Oscar nominated film shot entirely on a phone ??? Stay tuned and pay attention:)

this edit lol, amazing

That punch though…. Alexa can’t order a pizza so samsung wins

when you mute the audio, the start it just looks like he is yelling at a piece of broccoli Xd

Don’t compare a mountain with a, rock,,,,,these visuals(s9) are good to see in TV or mobile, not in a theater

Hi, this is unique in You, Your sense of humor. Keep going. All best to You.

This Alexa can’t play despacito but s9 can

I just loved the way he presents the video, amazing 🙂

Me: watches beginningAlso me: What the fri—

It’s impossible for a movie camera to have less quality than a Smartphone camera, that test can only be forged 🤔🤔


*Buys broccoli for the Aputure office*