ひのき猫 (おすすめch紹介)

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何度も膝の上に戻ってくる子猫に癒される  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 お父さんの膝の上が大好きな子猫ちゃんです。 アメブロ→https://ameblo.jp/hinoki-yuoke/ ツイッター→https://twitter.com/nekohinoki インスタ …

“Bruh, if I wanted to sit on the carpet I would have sat on the carpet.”

If a kitten comes back to sit in your lap, you have succeeded in life

I had a kitten like this. He wouldn’t sleep anywhere else for months and even as an adult cat, he wasn’t more than arms length away at all times. He was such a sweet cat, he was with me for a short time, he had a stroke and was very poorly. The vet didn’t give me much choice other than to put him down. This was over 20 years ago and I still miss him.

“Sorry Boss, I cannot come into work today.””Why?””Because the cutest kitten in the world keeps crawling back onto my lap to sleep whenever I try to put it back on the carpet.””….This is an acceptable reason.”

Human: moves kittenKitten: sorry we don’t do that here

Guy moves Kitten from him multiple times.Me : *”STOP RIGHT THERE CRIMINAL SCUM”*

Kitten: *gets moved*Also kitten: “Where da fak am I now?”

Were you crying man? My cat was a very cold cat, doesn’t like skinships at all and will never let you hold him more than 3 seconds, but once I cried, he came and sit next to me quietly when he usually likes to keep a distance. I feel very comforted then.

It’s the law, if a baby animal sleeps on you, you’re not allowed to move.

Man: Constantly moves kittenKitten: *I can do this all day*


One does not simply remove a kitten from his lap!

1:40 That little slide was adorable

D: ahh my heart!!! Its so cute I just can’t


1:43 ずる〜って落ちるの可愛い♥

O my child,he understand everything but can’t say,resue him


I’m pretty sure that moving that kitten is illegal.

Some people are puppy people, others are kitten people. I say, “DON’T MAKE ME CHOOSE!!!”

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娘にスリスリしたくて追いかけ回す猫  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 甘えだすと止まらないオデコがかわいいです^^ 娘を追いかけ回して甘えていく様子に癒されます♬ ♡いつも動画をご覧いただき、ありがとうございます。 ☆ひのき猫 LINE …

Cat: “This is my human. There are many others like it, but this one is mine.”

She desperately tries to flee as the cat puts it paws on her back holding her down she can no longer move and the last thing she hears is “ Purr 💅🏻 “

Owner:”Cat chases our daughter to snuggle.”Cat: Hippity hoppity your child is now my property

You guys need to stop taking catnip flavoured baths…

“why didn’t you do your homework?””it’s a long story… “

This family is lucky to be snuggled by a cat. Unlike mines, doesn’t care even a single bit.

“Look at me, I’ve conquered a human!”-Cat, probably

Hinoki-cat: Lovingly chases around its human and snuggles.Most other house cats: Best I can do is tolerate you in my house.

Good job blurring out your daughter’s face. I think years from now she’ll appreciate you two keeping her privacy safe on the internet

When i was a kid we have a cat that does the same thing too, she likes to stay in my back too, i miss her…

That’s the most positive threat you can get: get chased by a cat to get snuggles.

I remembering watching Rachel and Jun’s channel that when they washed their hair, one of their cats would go to their hair, snuggling them to make their hair smells like the cat

Cat: I hereby place this flag and claim this hill and name it Neko lounge area.

Asserting dominance by cuteness, what a clever creature

_cat establishes dominance by stepping on humans_Humans: “Kawaiiii~” <3

Everyone gangsta till the cat becomes the leader of the household.

when i was a kid i have a big chongky strong fighter cat, his name is agus, he’s always guarding me wherever i go. damn i miss him

Sadly, my cat chases me when he needs something…

You guys must have took great care of this cat, since he seems to clingy than most cats i see XD.

Cat is like: “I have so many humans and I have to pet all of them.”

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ケンカの仲裁に入る子猫に癒される  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 ひのきと秀吉のケンカに仲裁役を買って出るオハナに癒されます^^ 見事に喧嘩を収めるオハナの勇姿をご覧ください♬ この動画の …


1:43 子猫「コテン」 大人猫「…コテン」が可愛くて😆

That kitten is trying to beat them up. It thinks they’re playing and is joining in, but they won’t fight with the tiny one so they calm down. It’s sweet.

It’s like watching two gunslingers about to duel, but then a kid runs up and starts asking questions about their engravings and holsters, so they just head to the saloon instead to humor the kid.

3:55 からのじたばたじたばたが可愛すぎる

“Hey, wait. Not in front of the kid.”


The two cats: “MORTAL KOMBAAAAAAAT!”Kitten: “No. Look at me being adorable.”



0:55 子猫「うっうわぁー😾コテン。」が可愛い。

2:23 ここからのフェイントの掛け合い草


3:56 ここ好き(尊死)

cats: *fighting furiously*kitten: “tail :D”

Meanwhile, the kitten at my house attacking other adult cats.




1:41 神回避


外に出たい猫を巧妙にかわす息子がおもしろい  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 娘にはまだ早いですが、息子は上手いことひのきをかわして行くことができます(笑) アメブロ→https://ameblo.jp/hinoki-yuoke/ ツイッター→https://twitter.com/nekohinoki …

Who else spent the first half of the video wondering why their son was wearing a skirt? 😂

The cat was just like “What just happened?”

Daughter: “Mom, grab the cat please.”Son: “I’m fast as- what Mom? Your viewers thought I was my sister???”

I love that he puts the cat down quickly but still takes a moment to put his hand out to keep the cat from stumbling

Girl: “I’ll have someone else do it”Boy: *Starts Naruto running

The “skilfully dodges” in the title had me prepared to be impressed by some artful sneaky moves, but the fact that the kid just plopped the cat as far away from the door as possible and just ran for his life sent me.

The cat: “Do you really have to run that fast? Am i going out is a crime?”

The girl: I don’t want to hurt the kitty…The boi: *YeEt*

The little girl: “I need my mommy to hold the kitty for me.”The little boy: “Fine…I’ll do it myself.”

The cat was so confused..she was literally like wtf 😂😭

The son was so quick the cat still hasn’t realized he ran out the door

I love how he put the cat down and it seemed like the cat was going to fall over a bit and he even went back to catch the kitty just in case until he knew the cat was safe and THEN ran. Like most people around my area would just drop the cat and run without thinking of things like that.

“Puts the cat away and goes speeeeed”Me: yep thats totally a skilfull dodge

Cat: “Joke on you, I wasn’t going out anyway”

He even made sure that cat didn’t fall and was okay before he ran for his life lol

The Girl:” I’ll get my parents to hold the cat.”The Boy: “I am speeeed!”


The way he’s still considerate of the cat is adorable!


My cat acts like that until you open the door. Then he cautiously looks outside for 2 seconds and flees back into the house while hopping like an idiot.


ごはんの後すぐ、トイレに行く子猫がかわいい  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 食後すぐトイレ、健康的な豆大福が可愛いです♬ トイレのしつけはこんな感じでやってました^^ にゃーにゃーいうと大体、ご飯かトイレだったので分かりやすかったです。










Pay attention, your kitty’s trying to tell you something.







どうしよう 私も猫飼いた〜い😫



Everyone is an expert on kitten eating habit and litter.


何をしても起きない子猫が超かわいい  (c) ひのき猫

(c) ひのき猫 爆睡する豆大福が超かわいいです^^ 恒例の家族総出のいたずらが始まります(汗) 可愛すぎるのでついついやってしまいます♬ アメブロ→https://ameblo.jp/hinoki-yuoke/ …









こう、動画の雰囲気というか 環境音や周りの人の声がガッツリ入る動画の撮り方がむしろリアル感を増幅させてすごくいいと思ったんだけど、後半のテレビ音で確信した これ年末の実家感だ