感動猫動画(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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猫島で座ったらあっという間に猫に包囲される  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#猫 感動猫動画YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshavgMGy2X0b9-9vuNEb9A …

The fact that these cats aren’t running away means they likely have mostly good experiences with people being nice to them. Which makes me happy.

What have I done wrong to deserve an allergy against the most precious creature of the earth…

Cuando juego con mi gata 🐈 con una ramita mi perrito 🐶 se pone celoso y empieza a llorar jajaja

The fact that these cats are not thin and not afraid of people is amazing. Residents in that island must’ve treat these cats well.

Just imagine, you are sitting On the floor and thinking about your Life while lots of cats are walking around you. That’s would be amazing.

Thank you YouTube recommendations, I enjoyed this.

“Tell me you’re in heaven without telling me you’re in heaven”

I like that he’s trying to pet them all equally

You can all see that those cats just deserves a companion they all stand together and sit around the guy. Loves is what all we need for. Doesnt matter the type.

They look healthy and unafraid of getting close to humans

thats probably a lot of sneezes fo me but worth it

I Bet you would never be lonely on this island bc you’d always have a feline pal with you.

Ellos saben que no les harás daño ♥️ es lo más adorable

Someone who’s allergic to cats and they just want to have a break from walking: 👁️👄👁️

Just another reason to like Japan

Me: “my eyes are strained..”YouTube: “hey wanna see a bunch of cats?”Me: “SURE!”Edit: omg!!!!Thank you so much for all these likes and comments, I really appreciate them! <3 you all really made me so happppyyyy! xoxo

I would cry so many happy tears and then see how many cats I could smuggle home to my tiny studio apartment

He is like god gives blessing to all the kitties.

*Cats be like: Ay ay we’re local mafia here*

This video deserves 1 trillion view

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餌に夢中な鳩の群れを忍び足で狙う野良猫が面白い  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#猫 感動猫動画YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCshavgMGy2X0b9-9vuNEb9A …

1:11 the pigeons threw a price of bread to the cat 😂Pigeon: here you look like your hungryCat: for pigeon

cat gets prepared to hunt for food but instead realises it’s in a comfy position and decides to relax instead

Впечатленное видео для кошек показывает, как кошкИ охотятся на голубей, которые без ума от кормления

Ona, umí nereálné věci. #ALARMYPodpis: Kateřina Přibylová jako ANDRA XD


А голуби как лошади, да я думал стая голубей а оказывается стадо.

Byla, Přijata do Las Vegas. #ALARMY


2:35 “can u tell me what happened, hooman? Why did they all leave, I mean they can’t see me right?”

This cat is blind or has cataracts because his pupils are grey and cloudy. Hope you helped him with a snack at least.💙❤

I love how he sneaks Metal-Gear style and then stops for a break.This is my spirit animal.

2:47 「今の心境は?」みたいに近寄るの草




ПОЗДРАВЛЯЮ, вы встретили русский комент.))

That kitty deserved some food if only for the fascinating way it moved.

Молодой, неопытный. 🙂

ぬこ【鳩が狩れるか挑んでみた】 ハト【猫にギリギリまで逃げないよう挑んでみた】主【猫がハトを狩れるか見守ってみた】


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三毛猫の散歩に付いていってみたら途中から強烈に甘えてくる様になった  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#地域猫 超ウケる!おすすめ猫動画 ねことドミノ https://youtu.be/7Nn7NZI_LN4 ねことピアノ …

Plot twist : it was the guy who wanted the cat to adopt him.

Creo que por fin lo entendí 🙁 acompañas al gato para cazar, le das cariño y lo distraes, entonces al final solo espera que le des comida… no es que quiera cariño 😭 (creo)

That stray cat is so clean, its coat is brighter than my future.

4:13 the cat is like “No, dont leave” 🥺

A cat once did this to me too, I found him at a park, he was so adorable he was a baby, not exactly a kitten but still a baby. I went there a lot more and he started following me to my building and he stays there now! He also comes onto lap now and he found my balcony and comes there to see me! I let him inside the house and he does no harm just looking around here and there and comes back to me and onto my lap and let’s me to love him, until this day he still comes and he is 3 years old now. I even named him, Oscar

He stalked the cat for at least 2 minutes, and when the cat finally gave him some attention it was to much for him 😂

If you left the cat after it was basically crying out for affection and love I swear.

Cat is like nope after showering me this much affection you’re not leaving you’re my new owner period deal with it buddy.

*ya allah lucu amat*

One of her ears is clipped so she is a stray cat that received care for spraying and is taken care by the community stray cat center in the area. She is friendly because she gets petted a lot and food. A very healthy cat!

cat : that human is stalking me..(2 minutes later)cat : okay okay, you can pet(minutes later)human : (started getting up)cat : wait, where are you going, you’re mine

She choose you. You should feel honored even if you don’t have the heart or resources for her.

This little cat is trying to tell you she is hungry and wants a home with loving parents.

He followed the cat, and then the cat started following him. This is literally true love man

I don’t see how you could have left it after the plaintiff cries for rescue.

Omg the cat is so friendly the cats here in my town just run away whenever approached

Lmao the title on German is literally: “As I followed the cat’s walk, my stomach became very cute.”

I’m a cat owner. I could never abandone a animal like this cutie. I know these videos are done for profit but it still pulls st the heart strings.

Watching a cat walk has never given me such anxiety, and I’m still watching

Кот 🐈 просто замечательный, такой ласковый и разговорчивый и мог бы скрасить существование пожилому одинокому одинокому человеку!


猫の口喧嘩を見るのが楽し過ぎる  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#地域猫 超ウケる!おすすめ猫動画 ねことドミノ https://youtu.be/7Nn7NZI_LN4 ねことピアノ …

When 2 smart kids had different answers

At this point I am watching literally anything that YouTube throws at me

its so funny because you never know whos gonna throw the first punch.

2:15 車が後ろ通ってビクッてなってるの草

* Gatos apunto de darce a pi�as *El de la c�mara: Terrible grabemos

I’m surprised they’re not at all creeped out at a camera on their face, as if they’re cat celebrities or smth



After 4 minutes “What were we arguing about, again?”, “No idea, let’s go to the pub for a pint…”


imagine having a argument and a stranger walks up to you and starts recording

Towards the end both forgot what they were arguing about and started falling asleep.

These were difficult negotiations.But they did it.😺🤝😸


Cat 1: “Aye where my money for that bag of catnip I loaned you?”Cat 2: “Mayne I done told you I will have that for you soon as I get my stimulus check you know I got a litter of kittens to feed!”Cat 1: “Yo I ain’t tryna hear that bs you meowin!”

Im sitting here like “DUDES JUST WALK AWAY LOL”

Священный котофеевский ритуал. Серьезные лица. Очень религиозные коты.

3:41 なか卯

In our eyes: two little cuties In their world: two tigers fighting to become alpha male.

I don’t understand white cat’s arguments, because the brown cat says meaw.. Meoow… And the white cat says uuuuu.. Uuuuu, but in the end seemed to be the winner.


猫島で座ったらあっという間に野良猫に取り囲まれる  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#地域猫 超ウケる!おすすめ猫動画 ねことドミノ https://youtu.be/7Nn7NZI_LN4 ねことピアノ …

Cats: Hey look! It’s one of those heated massage chairs.

Cat heaven

I don’t need anti-depressants, I need a ticket to the cat island

I feel bad for the people who are allergic to cats… There probably watching this video while crying :<

Human: *Sits* Cats: “Allow us to introduce ourself”


Nobody:That one cat: *honk*0:29

Guy: *sits*Cats: *oh yea baby it’s petting time*

I would imagine the people on the island take care of them. They look clean and healthy…

_Everybody gangsta until the cats start robbing his money_

Lmao is no one gonna talk about that cats moaning meow at 0:28 “HEEUUUUHHH”

People: I’m so sad that COVID exist. I want to visit my friends Me: impatiently patiently waiting to go to cat island

imagine being allergic to cats while stuck in cat islandedit: omg thank so much for the likes

Everyone’s gangsta until a lion and tiger start coming.

“Hooman on the west-side 137 o’ clock, lookin sad and burden.””Deploy the troops sergeant””Roger”

Guy: Posts video of random cats.Money: “Now he’s someone I hotta go to”

Someone: all cats are vicious creaturesMeanwhile the stray cats in Japan:

Don‘t have friends? Don‘t worry, because you will never be lonely on this island!

*human sits alone*The cats :” hey look we have something to pet”

0:29 *when a ghast sees you*


顔見たら全力で走ってくる野良猫が可愛過ぎる  (c) 感動猫動画

(c) 感動猫動画 (アマゾンアソシエイトリンクを使用しています) #野良猫#感動猫動画#地域猫 超ウケる!おすすめ猫動画 ねことドミノ https://youtu.be/7Nn7NZI_LN4 ねことピアノ …

Bro if a stray cat came up to me likr that i take him home.

I feel the need to erase this comment after reading some responses

My own cat isn’t even this excited to see me.Weird sickos in the replies.. get help.

I hereby claim this human as my own. Take me home and feed me, human. His ear is nicked. You should call him Nick.

Cat: Oh yay, its one of those huge warm, petting machines! Better hurry before they leave!

The cat literally hugged you

“Is that cat yours?””No, why do you ask?”

0:23 “ᵐʳᵒʷ.”

I would end up adopting all of these strays and become the ultimate crazy cat man

Я бы этого милого кота забрал бы с собой домой.

If there’s ever been a more “Please take me home” look on a cat…I’ve never seen it. And I’ve had cats (or rather, they’ve had me) most of my life.

Тот самый русский комментарий который вы искали

Молодец мужик! И кот!

Спасибо ,что вы такой добрый человек!

Он чувствует в тебе хорошего, доброго и лучшего друга!

Cats in my area do same… only difference is they run in different direction..

Может канал все таки назывется “впечатляющее видео о кошках”?

Какое дружелюбное котэ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Он аж с колен свалился от такой доброты

что бы быть милым, не обязательно быть бездомным.Кошка гуляет сама по себе, а не на поводке с хозяином .А то что кот добрый и ласковый , то да.И это уже зависит от воспитания хозяина.Какой он , такой и кот!