Genburten(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Genburten’s Controller Settings! Apex Legends – Thank You For 100K!

Genburten's Controller Settings! Apex Legends - Thank You For 100K!  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten AS PROMISED HERE ARE GENBURTEN’S APEX SETTINGS!!! I hope you enjoy this controller guide and in-depth explanation of Genburten’s controller settings …

HERE IT IS!!! I hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment with any question you might have, I’ll be sure to reply! Check out BattleBeavers and use Code GENBURTEN for 10% off your next controller:

I shall become best controller player now 👍😎

Gen! Congratulations to 100,000 registrants! I’m Japanese, but I always watch your videos. I respect you very much! I will continue to support you in the future!!!!!!

I’ve been watching this dude for 3 months and he motivated me to use Controller while playing FPS like CoD and Apex and it’s the best feeling.

Played against you heaps man. Your insane hope to see you in the tanked league again in season 10

Finally get to see the settings of the most op controller player in the world, thanks a ton! I never really knew what response curve was, and I changed it to linear immediately after you showed what it was. My aim timing already feels much better!

13:22 makes sense

When do you think you’ll add a recoil control guide? I get confused when it comes to the flatline.

Since i moved on to linear i’m a new man, thank you gen, keep that grind on.

This video is a Genburten’s heirloom.thx god and your japanese is so good and cute<3

Duuuuudeeee, what a Legend.Ty so much for your hard work ❤

My god we gonna see player’s running around slaying like Gen now. Lord help me 😂 Congrats Gen!!

Very proud of you Gen! I subscribed when you were at 30k so I really can’t say I was here from the start but I’m glad you popped off this year! 🎉🎉


I first learned about Jen when I had a party with Kuzuha. You are a very strong and nice person. I respect you I’m not good at English and the sentences may be strange. I’m sorry.

Thank you for this Gen love it man I loved how you explained what each setting actually does wow your so informative much love from WA

I’m JapaneseGen is the player I admire the most!!Congratulations to 100,000 registrants!!!

What a legend revealing his secrets, still no one can get to this Animal’s level 💓⚡️ HECTIKHABIBS

For someone new to high sensitivity, would it be better to start at like 300 and work my way up or just go for the max and get used to it?

These settings. Truly changed how I play this game. I love the accuracy and freedom of movement these settings are crazy good I even convinced a friend of mine to switch after playing 2 years on normal settings

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MY R99 DOES NOT MISS!!! Road To Predator Season 9

MY R99 DOES NOT MISS!!! Road To Predator Season 9  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten Apex Legends Season 9 Ranked is actually really fun! I’m glad they brought back Worlds Edge ▿ Become a Hektik Habib: ▿ Genburten’s …

Ramadan Mubarak to all people celebrating it today ❤

I don’t usually write comments, but Genburten you’re something else at this game.

You are an absolute BEAST. Keep slaying those lobbies

sometimes i think i have god aim on my really good days, and then I watch you shoot as good or better casually lol what a great, fun player to watch

What never fails to make me laugh is when gen calls people “dirty dogs”

So glad to have found your channel, Gen. Never been so consistently impressed by a a fellow gamer’s skills before. That paired with your great personality – can’t say I’ve watched any other’s videos as keenly as your own. Even got me into apex! Hope you keep gaining the attention you deserve 👍❤️

12:20 Genちゃんの褒めに対しての返しがカッコ良過ぎる笑

You inspired me to play bloodhound ive been running through ranked with them and your load out much love! ❤️

Your such an inspiration to me. Keep it up Gen!


You should do an educational commentary on what your thought process is throughout a game. Little look into the mind of Gen

Thank you for adding Japanese subtitles.I’m cheering for you from Japan!




いつ見てもあなたの神エイムに憧れます!I always admire your aim!


Thank you for translating it into Japanese!

:”3 <3 te quiero 😎💜


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@TSM FTX Snip3down SAID I WAS CHEATING! Apex Predator Ranked Gameplay

@TSM FTX Snip3down SAID I WAS CHEATING! Apex Predator Ranked Gameplay  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten I was playing some Apex Predator Ranked with @TSM FTX Snip3down & @Hakis. Snipe joked that I was cheating! Go check them out & show some love Be …

Just to clarify, it was a joke! 🙂 Snip3down and I are friends!!

I want to THANK YOU for helping me significantly improve my game play. I messed with my advanced controller settings, and messed them all up. I’m not an idiot, but the way Apex explains the yaw, pitch, and all that was confusing to me. A friend recommended your video on advanced settings. You explained it so well. I copied your settings and HOLY WOW…. I have been consistently beaming people. I can’t thank you enough! I am def a subscriber now.

Even one of the best acknowledges hes the Goat 🐐

Thank you for uploading the video! Genburten have better aim and judgment than a cheetah!!

Gen and Snipe, what a duo 🔥

This dude is seriously the most talented controller player I’ve ever seen

Happy to see you posting your ups and downs as well, and making us realise that no one always wins, what a humble guy Genburten❤️ the Legend! Keep posting like this 😍

11:51 Does Hakis really just jump down there to thirst when he is cracked while both the teammates are shooting him from height? That is not the play ever lmao.

snipedown defends himself for using revgets pushed by rev team *KARMA AT ITS FINEST *

Goated controller duo!




Youre next up GEN you absolute beast!

Gen installs cheating software on his brain not on his computer and that’s why he’s called an human aimbot

Ever notice how Gen’s controller drifts down to the right? Maybe that’s why he beams people haha.



Fun fact when you bloodhound 🩸 ult you get 60% Aim assist


WINNING THE FFL SELECT CUP WITH @Kuzuha Channel & LeeYun (Apex Legends Tournament)

WINNING THE FFL SELECT CUP WITH @Kuzuha Channel & LeeYun (Apex Legends Tournament)  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten Kuzuha, LeeYun & I WON the FFL SELECT CUP Tournament! I hope you enjoy this Apex Legends Tournament Highlight! For those of you that do not know, FFL …

I had lots of fun playing with Kuzuha & LeeYun! I can’t wait to play with them again. Also be sure to check out the interview at the end! I had so much fun葛葉とLeeYunとのapexは非常に楽しかったです!また彼らとapexをするのを待ちきれません。

despite the language barrier this team meshed so well and also the fact lee kuzuha added gen in there name was cool to see. the scrims to game day was fun to watch . hopefully you guys run it back for the next tourney..Also the scrim match where you guys got 30 kills collectively was a crazy match

just felt fun and wholesome the entire time lol really like the 3 of you as a squad

This was such a wholesome collab! And to top it with the trophy! Looking forward to next collab. Kuzuha actually holding himself back in the tourney, he usually the type to play better when he play aggressive. Considering the physical core in the team is gen, he was trying his best not to ruin the balance cause sometimes he might be too reckless and goes in first by instinct haha Defending champion next?

I love how positive you are all the time. It’s a pleasure to watch you being hyped!!

Gen is making me wanna focus more on my Japanese lessons than I already do



God Aim exploded❗️💀💥💥💥🔫 I thought it would be very easy to move even if I watched the video because it was easy to understand how the three of us reported! Congratulations on winning the championship 🏆and the kill leader💀👑 of the tournament🎉

This was such a fun team to follow even on scrims you guys really paid attention to each other’s language. I hope you all play together again in the future!

ByeBye ChroNoiR, GenNoiR is my new favoritewould love to see more squad up with Kazuha for future competitions!

Actually cracked at this game. Love the content ❤️. Congrats on 100k subs.

Always such a joy to watch you Gen, not toxic like most in the community, good to hear some wholesome comms between you and your teammates

the coms was so fun to watch, you did an amazing job as well, Super carry rice king Gen, looking forward to see more of your collab ahaha

The gameplay is amazing! Can’t wait to see you play with them again. He really wants to become stronger 😄 i hope you can teach him.

I hope you can play together again~!That’s so much fun

You always find ways for me to love you more Gen! Been watching vtubers eversince the pandemic and Kuzuha was one of my favorites! Never thought I see the day where you’d play with a vtuber. It all seems surreal lol.

The transition from stream to esports back to stream almost made me cry 😭 love the Passion these Japanese commentators have. EPIC ASF

To be honest, this team probably has the most complex coms among other teams.

This team was so much fun to watch, and Gen’s gameplay is so good holy shit! “I just chose violence today” lol you really did

These ALC Settings Got Me a 20 Bomb Back to Back!

These ALC Settings Got Me a 20 Bomb Back to Back!  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten These are my ALC settings which I have come up with over time! I managed to get a 20 bomb back to back 🙂 My Twitch: My …

These ALC Settings got me a 0 Bomb 20 games in a row

Dude You make us Controllers players proud Honestly Fucking savage

This dude is the reason you can’t get a ranked game in OCE. Everyone gave up after getting continuously farmed.

Genburten- gimme energy! That made me laugh 😂 so hard, truly one of the best control player on PC bro right now, how many tics on your ads and yaw speed mate ?

Gen: Kills half of the lobbyMe: *1st ring just started closing* ; 3 squads left “

If i had my deadzone that low I’d be doing 360s without puttin my thumb on the stick lmao

The only thing my controller game has in common with this is not moving while looting 😂.

Me complaining about narrowly missing a 2k while Gens over here with his “aw darn. Only a 3.9k? Sadge”

That aim is an inspiration to all us controller players. Im using these settings now too, but when I put my deadzone that low, I get insane drift and im fighting my drift to line up a shot! Should I just ignore it or should I set my deadzone to the lowest point where my aim isnt drifting? (Which would be around 12-13% which sounds like far too much)

Dude is nuts. That being said the best part is that you can tell he’s having fun like genuinely enjoying Apex. A lot of content creators these days feel meh and don’t seem to enjoy the game anymore

i use these settings & my aim has gotten better over the hours of playing.

Yo can u show us how u warm up? and give us a few tips?

My man playing here with that 100+ latency and still beaming everyone, like what? That’s incredible dude

hey I just wanted to thank you for your vids and your settings i tried them adjust them a little bit to my liking and I actually enjoy playing Apex again thank you !

Gen, you deserve more recognition…. You literally are the best player right now…. ♥️

I don’t know how you haven’t blown up yet Gen. Keep up the crazy work!

Hey Gen, how do you keep your controller from the stick drift when playing with these settings? Mine are very similar to yours and no matter how new the controller is I get drift

Realistically yes settings help but having skill and luck on your side will theoretically get you a 20 bomb 4K badge

This guy is awesome!! Entertaining to watch and listen to, not just sitting there in complete silence and frying kids. He’s doing both at the same time!!

i use your ALC settings in range and i take off aim assist to practice, then when i hop back in game i turn it back to non ALC setting w aim assist and just connect my shots man. proud controller play here fam

MY WINGMAN DOES NOT MISS! Road To PREDATOR (Apex Legends Season 9)

MY WINGMAN DOES NOT MISS! Road To PREDATOR (Apex Legends Season 9)  (c) Genburten

(c) Genburten My wingman went absolutely crazy this game! We got 33 Squad Kills & I got 10 Kills, Assists, and Knocks!! Be sure to turn on the Japanese subtitles if you need!

gen wingman GOD!!

Gens squad gets 30 kills like its another fucking TUESDAY for them hahaha!



I love how gen lasers on a daily basis yet hes always surprised when he lasers lmao

I thought everyone was boycotting rank



I think the best part is how Gen looks around after he does something crazy


Im more impressed that he is playing on a 300 ping! Thats what I notice that his shots are a little bit delayed.




How the fuck does he play on 300+ ping with a wingman I’m in awe




His gameplay needs to be in trailers