きまぐれクックKimagure Cook(おすすめch紹介)

きまぐれクックKimagure Cook(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【衝撃映像】キングサーモンのお腹の中身がイクラまみれだった King salmon 【has subtitles】

【衝撃映像】キングサーモンのお腹の中身がイクラまみれだった   King salmon 【has subtitles】  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook この量はやっべーぞ! Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you for watching my video everytime. I would like you to know more about our Japanese seafood. Because …

I don’t know how I got here at 4 AM. But now I want to eat this. Looks good

I always find myself watching the most interesting videos at 3AM

N�o sei pq o YouTube me recomendou isso, mas assisti at� o final kkkkk

The moment when a Japanese youtuber is better than half of American YouTube


Omg looks so delicious

why is it so satisfying to watch someone cut open salmonand I wanna hold that salmon roe too-

Yo a las 3 de la ma�ana: ya me voy a dormirYouTube: Mira un japon�s abriendo un pezYo: Aver

it’s almost 3AM here, please youtube algorithm, let me go sleep already …

9:13 いくらが多すぎてよだれが垂れそうな金子


I still have no clue why I’m watching this at midnight (thank you guys for liking and commenting on this 🙂 tysm I can’t thank you guys enough)

whoever is his spouse is now or in the future- YOU’RE LUCKY! (from seeing how it cuts he probably cooks great-)

other people: happy to find this because its either they wanna eat that, they’re bored at 3 am or the recommendation brought them hereMe: *Ah yes i am learning Japanese*


Los comentarios en espa�ol me matan de la risa JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

Bruh! I am getting goosebumps literally…rip my brain 🧠

Что это делает в моих рекомендациях спустя 2 года в 4 часа утра?…


Greetings from Germany. I have no idea how I got here but I am glad that I’ve seen your video!

【ノーカット】巨大イカのさばきかた でかい こわい 【タルイカのさばきかた】Gigantic squid 巨大的鱿鱼

【ノーカット】巨大イカのさばきかた でかい こわい 【タルイカのさばきかた】Gigantic squid 巨大的鱿鱼  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you for watching my video everytime. I would like you to know more about our Japanese seafood. Because Japan is a country …


Aliens : Boys, today we’re gonna take over earth and all its inhabitants* Lands on earth *10 seconds later :

Everyone talking about the squidHere i am fascinated by how sharp the knifeDamn i want that knife

Squids are weird. The flesh looks like silicone rubber and that ‘skeleton’ looks like blister pack plastic. Creepy.

I love how he doesn’t know what half the organs are, but he knows not to eat them

Youtube: heres a japanese dissecting a giant squid19M people “*interesting*”

now i understand why aliens dont contact with humans. they’re afraid of us

Does had to be the cleanest sounding cuts I’ve ever fucking heard.

YouTube me recomendou esse v�deo! Ent�o blz bora assistir kkkk

*Welcome to another episode of “Why did i get this on my recommended and still watched it entirely?”*


does anyone else think that when he peels off the skin its extremely satisfying?

2:22 こっからの音だけ聞くとただダンボール開封してるようにしかきこえんw

Até que a cozinha da área 51 e Dahora mano Muito foda o vídeo…mesmo sem entender nada achei legal 👍

Him enjoying his freshly cut squid is more satisfying than most of the food tasting channels I’ve seen. He was really enjoying that squid 🦑

No s� como llegu� aqu� o como termin� de ver el video completo pero no me arrepiento de nada. Greetings from Per�!

It’s not often you see someone appreciate eating like this. Guy looks like he’s in heaven

the insides looks so neat it looks like a machine with a plastic piece too

Everyone talking about the squid:Me: WEIRD FISH MAN **WHEEZE**

Thanks, now I can cook my big squid.

1匹17万円!世界最大のカニ『タスマニアキングクラブ』をさばいて食べてみた!WORLDS BIGGEST 00 CRAB??

1匹17万円!世界最大のカニ『タスマニアキングクラブ』をさばいて食べてみた!WORLDS BIGGEST $1700 CRAB??  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook ほんと幻のカニ 髪の毛→ https://youtu.be/VjOw-yWDK1U 撮影協力⇒ https://www.mures.com.au 撮影協力⇒ https://ajpr.com.au Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you …

The mysterious fist! 🤣

One of the biggest crabs I’ve ever seen and the most expensive one!

When you are full legendary equiped crab, who slayed thousands of enemies just to get boiled in the water by poor equiped human.. Fkin PAY 2 WIN

This is the first time I’ve seen so much English in Kaneko’s comments


This is really amazing

I felt that ‘VERY NICE’ hahaha

The crab was like ” Finally I get to die”


Kids: I wish pokemon were realActual real life animals: U see this fookin claw m8

imagine living hundreds of years or a long ass time surviving everything then getting eaten by a skinny japanese man

The crab when it sees the boiling water: oh finally they’re putting me ba- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wow he did such a great job of preparing the crab! I got so hungry watching this. I’m in love


Rainbow hoodie: I shall prepare this huge crab in this warehouseCrab: please hurry up end my agony being trapped in the tank


Aqu� esta el comentario en espa�ol que tanto buscabas.!!!!

Plot twist: Antman accidentally drop one of his blue throwing rings and it hit this crab lol.

THATS not a crab 🦀…. it’s a bloody Pokémon 😂 😂 😂

This dude never fail to amazed us


全身『水』のフグのお腹の中身が・・・。こんなん食べてるの!?  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook フグを捌く際は免許が必要です。 海鮮箱の動画は明日上げます!お楽しみに! Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you for watching my video everytime. I would like you …

Please read. 日本語訳あり。日本の方、このコメントを上にあげて頂けると嬉しいです。⚠️He is not playing with fish,and he don’t think about this fish some toy.1:19 This is right the way to hold the fish,because the fish may have poison on the skin.And not playing with the fish. He Washing in the stomach.He just cooking.Please don’t get him wrong. Every culture is incomparably different. So Please don’t negation the movie as soon as you watch it if you don’t know the culture.⚠️彼はこの魚で遊んでいないし、この魚を何かのおもちゃとは考えていません。1:19 ここでの彼の持ち方は正しいものです。皮に毒を持たないフグと思われます(さほど詳しくないです)が、持つフグも多くいます。目の部分を掴むのが正しい持ち方です。彼は遊んでいるのではなく、胃を洗っています。彼はただ料理をしています。誤解しないでください。全ての文化は理解し合えないほど異なるものもあります。あなたがその文化を知らないのなら、どうかこのビデオを見てすぐ批判しないでください。

The fish that combines both ‘disgusting’ and ‘adorable’





Pufferfish with carrot: *A U E G H*Pufferfish with water: *S P L O S H*


1:17 フグ「目がァァァァ目がァァーーーー」

Os recomendados tão uma coisa bem da loka 👀

Him : “I believe the people who watch my videos can clean a sea bream even if it’s their first timeme, a 13 year old who can’t even cook (Well, basically) : But I can’t-




Bob esponja:señora pop dónde estas ….Señora pop:cuídate chico por fin me libre de ti _Que sad felizmente son caricaturas son inmortales 😍😍


why ppl so mad at him wiggling the water around in the fish, i know hes cleaning it but i would do it too 👁👄👁 it so bouncy plus its already dead what are you so pressed about



My stomach after I drink a lot of water:1:34

【希少映像】巨大トラフグさばいてみた!【10キロ級】Big Poison Puffer 毒药河豚吃

【希少映像】巨大トラフグさばいてみた!【10キロ級】Big Poison Puffer 毒药河豚吃  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook こんなサイズはなかなかお目にかかれません! Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you for watching my video everytime. I would like you to know more about our …

Him: these are the eggs… you cant eat themMe: cool cool coolHim: this is the liver… you cant eat itMe: sure thingHim: this is the spleen… you cant eat itMe: i wouldn’t Him: this is the gall bladder… you cant eat itMe: yeah ok coolHim: these are the intestines… you cant eat themMe: what elseHim: these are the gills… you cant eat themMe: *wondering what part of the fish wont actually kill meHim: this is the heart… you cant eat itMe: *getting worriedHim: these are the kidneys… you cant eat themMe: *wondering whats left of the fish to eatHim: ok now its safeMe: o h o k a y


0:46 ポケモンの「ラッタ」の泣き声した。








1:19トラフグ「フリフリ」 俺「かわええ(*´`)」 金子「ドゴォォォオン!ドゴォン!」 俺「!?」

1:20 awkward silence as the fish tries to swim on a cutting board


1:28 アニメで結構痛そうな「ドゴォン!」っていう効果音がなるシーン


1:19 ひれふっててかわいいなぁと思ってたら頭に包丁ガンってきて( ˙-˙ )になった




アンチ「お前いつも魚食わずに捨ててるだろ!」 金子「アンチにフグ毒を配っていくう!」


【希少映像】1000匹に1匹しかいないBIGトラフグのお腹の中身は?たまご?しらこ?  (c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook

(c) きまぐれクックKimagure Cook 次回お楽しみに! 前回の巨大トラフグ→https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRbV08ykKTM&t=85s Dear Oversea Viewers, Thank you for watching my video …



Just so you guys know, the way he dispatched the fish is actually the most humane way to kill it. It dies instantly the moment they spike it’s brain. And on top of all of that, there is a noticeable jump in quality of the fish, so it’s good both ways.

YouTube: haz visto a un chino desoyando a un pez globo?Yo: si fue la recomendaci�n anterior… YouTube: no te gustar�a verlo de nuevo?




Idk how many times I have watched this man cut open puffer fish, but I keep clicking on it.


How can I feel disgusted and intrigued at the same time? I’m screaming inside but I can’t stop watching this video.


“It is said that the brain contains no poison but I will remove it emotionally.” [chucks it into the bin]

“It is said that there is no poison in the brain, I will remove it emotionally.”*PROCEEDS TO GOUGE OUT THE MATTER AND FLICKS IT OFF SCREEN*

C�mo el arcangel embajador de el idioma espa�ol, invoco a todas las personas que hablan espa�ol para no sentirnos intimidados por los chinitos gays :v