Qiong Cooking(おすすめch紹介)

Qiong Cooking(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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3 ways to make one pan egg toast! 5 minutes quick breakfast! Easy, Delicious and Healthy!

3 ways to make one pan egg toast! 5 minutes quick breakfast! Easy, Delicious and Healthy!  (c) Qiong Cooking

(c) Qiong Cooking 3 ways to make one pan egg toast! 5 minutes quick breakfast! Easy, Delicious and Healthy! *Ingredients 3 Sliced bread 3 Slices American cheese 6 Eggs Salted …

I wish i could eat this through the screen 😋

I love breakfast…I love eggs…I love to cook. This is one of the greatest breakfast sandwich methods I have ever seen! Instant Subscriber. And Yes, I wish I could eat through the screen.

Parabéns 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 excelente vídeo e muito saborosas as receitas!!!👋👋👋👋🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

I made these sandwiches for the kids this afternoon and they loved it! Thanks a lot!

Definitely gonna give this a go. Watching it has given me a right appetite

I make these for my mom and I only I learned to do it with 3 eggs and 2 full slices of bread, which tends to be too much food for us, so we cut it in half. Just yesterday, I had already eaten, but I asked her if she wanted this for lunch and she said it was too much food. So grateful for the quick tip on how to do it with smaller portions, thank you!

Огромное спасибо за вкусный и красивый завтрак!!!Только закончили завтракать,сегодня у нас был—первый вариант!!!Всем доброго утра ,а хозяину этого ролика ещё раз спасибо и благословения!!!

Thank you, that looks absolutely delicious! And it’s very simple to make. I would not have thought of to make it like that, but I will now, because again, it looks really delicious. Thank you, for showing me this. 🙂🙂

Mmm….delicioso los haré mucho sobre todo en fechas especiales y cumpleaños para sorprenderlos en desayuno diferente y fácil y delicioso Mil gracias Qiong!!!Ya me suscribí 🙂 por favor podrías poner autor y nombre de la música de fondo es preciosa 💖Gracias

Absolutely beautiful! Thank you- I will definitely try this tomorrow morning!

Looks DELICIOUS!!! Thanks for sharing these breakfast sandwiches!! 😗

This looks so delicious! I‘m gonna make it tomorrow for breakfast 😋 thanks for the inspiration! greetings from germany ♥️

That looks so delicious an absolutely flawless presentation

That was amazingly easy looking to do.. can’t wait to try it!

Всё правильно: завтрак съешь сам, обед раздели с другом и тд… С таким завтраком до обеда спокойно доживёшь и глаз радуется такому изяществу в тарелке 👍

I made something similar on the griddle this morning. Used 2 slices of Italian bread (small slices) Breakfast sausage, onion, green peppers, a sliced mushroom, and 2 eggs in an 8 inch egg ring. The certainly keep you full and focused till lunch time!

Definitely giving this a try!!!. Love the easy method. First up, the avocado one.

These recipes are a great change of making a simple breakfast then the old fashion ways I’ve been taught. I like these new ideas.

Fantastic recipe !!!, Nutritious…Delicious. Using only one slice of bread makes it perfect balance of protein from the egg, little carbohidrates from the slice, and vegetables…. I will try it for sure…

Wow, cool technique and great presentation. Looks delicious!

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10 minutes to Ready | Extremely Easy and Healthy | Delicious breakfast

10 minutes to Ready | Extremely Easy and Healthy | Delicious breakfast  (c) Qiong Cooking

(c) Qiong Cooking If you want know how to make white bread loaf, please check the video I posted before. https://youtu.be/SHdkSJqGGFE . This time I used the bread to make …

Очень классно готовите , аппетитно выглядит,ням ням !!!😋😋

Deve ficar uma delícia, vou fazer! 👏😊

It is like a delicious, cute little pizza! I like the creativity and how easy this recipe is : )


Wow. Low cost, easy to cook, a good way to get vegetables into your family, and it looks as nice as anything in a restaurant. Thanks!

Olá, pessoal! Sigam ela, todas as receitas são maravilhosas! Nós ensina com muito amor!!! 🇧🇷💕

Gente j� fiz essa receita com calabresa � maravilhoso. Parab�ns

This video is so perfectly done 👏🏻Just sounds of dishes, frying, the crunch sound of the sandwich. Wow, you can’t help but take it all in ❤.I will definitely be trying out this recipe 🙌🏻

Simply practical, yet fantastic recipe, without excessive procedures.

Uma receita maravilhosa f�cil e por sinal deliciosa amei

That meal is a MASTERPIECE. .thank you for sharing

Thank you for the recipes and steps for making breakfast menus that are easy to make and delicious to eat.

Que id�ia fant�stica…adorei!

Looks great, will definitely try this recipe out !

Everything looks absolutely delicious here. Thanks for sharing!

I am so glad that I have come across your channel. Your recopies look delicious, cheap and simple to make!

Never saw doing it like this before. Looks amazing. Will definitely try it.

Tried it without corn/peas (I’m in quarantined now, so take anything i have off the fridge 🤣) and it still turn out delish! Thanksss for the recipe &idea

Too yummy to look at a must try recipeMy daughter would love it

😊 Delícioso 😋👏👏👏👏👏💞🌹

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DELICIOUS Crispy Potato Cheese Quesadilla!You will be addicted and can’t stop eating!EASY Breakfast!

DELICIOUS Crispy Potato Cheese Quesadilla!You will be addicted and can't stop eating!EASY Breakfast!  (c) Qiong Cooking

(c) Qiong Cooking DELICIOUS Crispy Potato Cheese Quesadilla!You will be addicted and can’t stop eating!EASY Breakfast! This recipe is very delicious and very easy to …

This looks amazing. I bet it tastes amazing, too. I wonder if you could fry the potato mixture into a tortilla shape then put the cheese in it. It would cut out a lot of carbs. I’m diabetic so I am always looking for ways to eat veggies and cheese but lowering the bad carbs at the same time. I could make this recipe work, I think. 🤔 Thank you so much for sharing this. ☮️💟☯️

Nossa, já quero!😋😋😋😋👌🏿

The way you tore open the crispy quesadilla was so mouth watering. Such an easy brilliant recipe, best one I’ve seen on YouTube. Thank you for taking the time to instruct us. It is much appreciated.

Estou gostando muito de sua Gastronomia, fácil leve , nutritiva..Parabéns..Inscrita …Desde BRASIL 💚💛💚💛💚💛💚

Amo tus v�deos. Las propuestas de cocina, la simpleza y claridad con la que mostras el proceso y el audio que te permite casi…oler lo que haces…un regalo a los cinco sentidos!!! Gracias

Que deliciosa receita, e super f�cil de fazer, sucesso!

Me deu água na boca 😋😋😋😋 com certeza vou fazer. 😍😍

Me encanta esta receta solo que mi mam� no quiere ir a comprar estos ingredientes para que pueda hacer la receta, por sierto se ve delicioso y me relaja la forma en que cocina

Deve ser maravilhoso. Vou testar. Muito obrigada🙏💖

Hi!! Qiong…i’m from Guadalajara, M�xico…muchas gracias por tus recetas, se ven todas deliciosas, y esta en especial la pondre en practica, ingredientes que todos podemos tener en casa, me encanto…mucho �xito!

Tortillas is now on my shopping list! I need to give this delicious recipe a try. If I add a simple greens side salad… should be yummy! Tq for sharing. 👍👏😋🙏

Gostei desse recheio , você sabe fazer essa tortilha e a mesma coisa que panqueca 🤷🙋😘

No peas or corn or bacon actually, I don’t think I would like it. I do a potato taco that’s similar to this, little different taste but same idea. I cook potatoes, then mash them with a bit of salt and a bit of oregano, not very much, just a few flecks of oregano throughout. I put the potatoes inside of corn tortillas. I fill as many as I need, then I start frying the tortillas in oil. Usually my family starts eating them before I even get all of them done, so I always have a garlicky fresh tomato sauce ready. We always use lettuce or cabbage, shredded and any other things they want to put on their tacos, sour cream or crema.They drizzle the tomato sauce inside the fried tortilla, on the mashed potato and put Cotija cheese on top of it all. It is so amazingly good!

This looks delicious! I saved the recipe so I can try it. Thank you.

Testada e aprovadíssima a receita!!!👏👏👏👏😍😍😍

Aqu� me queda una duda, de que est�n hechas las tortillas? Yo pens� q ser�an de papa. Pero solo se ven las tortillas. Agradecer�a me hiciera saber. Y s� son de pap� pues me gustar�a saber esa receta tmb. Todo se ve muy ricoo y si me gustar�a hacerla. Graciass d antemano y Saludos

Que del�cia deu �gua na boca

Que delícia 😋

Oh.. me encanto tu receta.. la prepararé ahora mismo.. lo único que cambiaría será la salsa de tomate, por chile chipotle.. mmm delicioso!! 🤤😅🙏🏻

Ooooh! how delicious that looks! It was the sound of crispy heaven that clinched it for me! Thankyou for sharing.

Why I didn’t know this method before! Just found the EASIEST way to make croissants!

Why I didn't know this method before! Just found the EASIEST way to make croissants!  (c) Qiong Cooking

(c) Qiong Cooking No fold! No machine! I just found the easiest way to make croissants! Important tips are below here *Ingredients 300g (2 cups) Bread flour 4g (1/2 tbsp.) Instant …

Receita maravilhosa!💚

Thank you so much, thanks to you it is the first time I succeeded in making real croissants like in France but easier to make! I just made 2 little change, I used half water half milk like French bakeries do, and a little bit more sugar. You made it easier and more simple and quicker! My croissants now are light with a lot of layers like yours! You are a genius, the French recipe is so complicated I always failed. Thank you again from now on I will use your way of making them. Quicker too and cleaner.Bless you!

Tried it and turned out just perfect 👍🏼 Always thought croissants were impossible to make but this is a great receipie👏🏼👏🏼Thanks!

I think this type of baking takes a lot of attention to detail and patience. It shows in the video. Nice job 👍 it looks like a professional recipe.

Delícia …vou fazer!!😍

Me encantó la receta hace rato que quería hacer estos croissants. Intentare hacerlos. Gracias por la receta espero tener más. Dios te bendiga 🙏🙏🙏

I always fail when applying traditional recipe but thanks to your recipe I successfully made these croissants. Thank you for sharing this video 😊

Parabéns! Ótima receita . Sua habilidade torna o resultado ainda mais bonito 🤩

Ótima massa, perfeita!! Muito obrigada por compartilhar!😊

Nossa q dedicação 👏👏👏

Thanks for your recipe. Your croissant looks very easily to do. I gonna try it!! 🥰🥰

This croissants looks so good and tasty! thank you for sharing.

Wow this is the easiest way I’ve ever seen!! Thank you so much for sharing this!!

Made it this week & they turned out amazing!! So delicious, easy too make & soft!! 💕

Amoooo suas receitas ❣️😍 sempre dá certo e ficam deliciosas! Obrigada ❣️😘

Repeti a receita, so que desta vez fiz recheado com queijo e cobri com gergelim e or�gano. Muito boa

Receita deliciosa!!!👏😍🥳😘

Acabei de fazer a receita. Muito boa, f�cil e os croissantes ficaram muito fofinhos. Primeira vez que fa�o croissants e tenho que treinar um bocadinho mais, mas no geral ficaram �timos. Receita testada e aprovada. Obrigada por partilhar

Parece delicioso, gostei da praticidade da receita, depois vou experimentar.

I’ll try to make it! Thank you for your awesome recipe 🥰

【NO OVEN!NO FLOUR】SUPER EASY Pizza Made with Potatoes🍕Take 10 Minutes to Ready🍕

【NO OVEN!NO FLOUR】SUPER EASY Pizza Made with Potatoes🍕Take 10 Minutes to Ready🍕  (c) Qiong Cooking

(c) Qiong Cooking 【NO OVEN!NO FLOUR】SUPER COOL and EASY Pizza Recipe Made with Potatoes!Take 10 Minutes to Ready! Ingredients 2pcs/300g Potato 2pcs/50g+- …

Eu fiz. Ficou maravilhoso. Como eu n�o tenho o costume de consumir embutidos, no lugar do salame coloquei rodelas de cebola e or�gano. Del�cia!!!

Suas receitas são muito boas Me inscrevi pois gostei da explicação Obrigada Deus abençoe sua família ❤

You made me hungry😋Thanks for your delicious recipes ✨💛

WOW se ve muy rica la receta. Y tiene traducción gracias 🙏🙏

�Excelente! �Muy buena idea! Se ve deliciosa; �me encanto!

Receita fácil E saudável Eu gostei Parabéns pro canal 😋😋😋👏

Thanks 🙏 for the video, the was sooooo easy and it looks delicious 😋 I am going to try to make it ❤️🇯🇲

A unique recipe I must say, looks delicious. Thank you for sharing 👏

Thank you. So simple and healthy. Stove-top pizzas are the best. I’ve also seen the batter for the crust prepared in pan, other ingredients added, then cooked with vented lid.

This looks excellent! Will try this myself.🍕 I like that the crust is potatoes and not sourdough.

Это не только рецепт пиццы, это ещё и АСМР))

Очень вкусно ❤️

Amei a receita 😙

I will definitely be trying this😍😍😍 look super tasty and flavorful

Looks absolutely delicious!

Все как аккуратно, красиво и наверное вкусно!

Wooow. I never thought of this before. I have to try this tomorrow. Thank you!

what a delicious delicious pizza 🍕😋

Выглядит очень вкусно. Надо будет попробовать. Спасибо!

This recipe is excellent,thank you so much for sharing with us.