圧倒的不審者の極み!(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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アマゾンのダンボールで包丁作り。煮たり、焼いたり、叩いたりして研ぐ  (c) 圧倒的不審者の極み!

(c) 圧倒的不審者の極み! 日々届く段ボールの処理に困った男は 家庭でダンボールのリサイクルをはじめた。 煮たり、焼いたり、叩いたりして超硬ダンボール作りを目指す。 糊やボンドは使わず …

包丁作りや空想ゾンビ対策よりも 地震対策をした方が長生きできる気がした今日この頃。 皆様、お怪我はありませんでしょうか?

Bro who would EVER think it boil cardboard, Strain it, Put in between bricks for a week, Split it in half, bake it at 212� for an hour and then sharpen it….

When paper cuts gets literal

i absolutely love how he puts the directions on the screen like someone else out there is actually making these

I like to think he just has a closet filled with his arsenal of weird ass knives

me and friend: rock paper scissors friend: scissors me: paper*proceeds to sharpen my paperfriend: wait a minute

When you upgrade the starter weapon to the Max.

Me : *Desires to make homemade cardboard knife My house utensils : We don’t have the capacity sir

I don’t know why I love these videos soooo much! I’m not into ASRM or what ever that is, and even though they have a “I feel fantastic” vibe, I find them soooo fascinating! I can’t get enough. Thank you for making them, it can’t be cheap for the equipment. Also, the knowledge of chemistry is amazing.

My mans went on a whole side mission with the soap bottle

Me when I get a package: *folds the cardboard, makes a ball and throws it away*Him when he gets a package: *makes an entire knife out of the cardboard* We really need to appreciate Him

I’ve been watching his videos since he had like 50,000 subscribers, and now he has like 3 mil subscribers and gets so many views. I hope you keep uploading great content like this and don’t change

“Why did you *stab* him?!””Woah, woah, woah, I only gave him a ‘lil… papercut.””HE’S *DEAD,* GERALD!”

Truly amazing. You essentially remade wood out of cardboard! 👏🏻👏🏻

So this is how paper beats rock.


Imagine him threatening his kidnappers with this knife that he made with the boxes he found in the room he was locked in. Kidnappers – 0Him – 1

This is an amazing achievementIn 30,000 years we went from the Stone age through the Bronze Ageand into the Iron Age and now the Paper Age.Thanks for sharing a new way to bring a lethal weapon onto a plane that cannot be detected by the airport metal detectors.Ciao from Little Italy 🇮🇹 Montréal

This is precisely what happens when you max out the starter weapon in a game.

If you get stabbed with that does it still count as a paper cut?

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ゴミ箱を買ったので、UVレジンの包丁を作る  (c) 圧倒的不審者の極み!

(c) 圧倒的不審者の極み! 見た目が気に入ったゴミ箱を見つけ購入した男は、直接ゴミを捨てるのをためらいビニール袋をかぶせる。 しかし、ゴミ箱はビニール袋で覆われてしまい見た目は改善され …


Those aren’t kitchen knifes. They’re works of art.

Amazing art work

The absolute rollercoaster of emotions in this video. It was genuinely heartbreaking when he realized he forgot the silicon spray.

Just imagine someone walking into this guy’s home:Them: Oh, wow! Such an extensive knife collection!Him: I made them.Them: Really! How do you make them?Him: Milk. Cardboard. Bismuth. Fungus. Depends on how I’m feeling.Them: *surprised Pikachu*

I really feel like he just looks at random stuff and thinks, “I wonder if I can make a knife out of that…”

Now this This is the type of ASMR we can all enjoy.

All things considered, Resin is one of the normalest materials he used


I love how this video shows everything he does from scratch how he also makes mistakes


Imagine being brutally murdered by a weapon that cute.

美しい包丁~ 途中気泡が入ってやり直し、やっと綺麗に出来たら型から外れない…でも心折れず 最後まで作り上げて尊敬します。


This video drew me in without a word. It made me feel all the highs and lows on a human level that could put many actors and directors out of work these days. This should be a must see in any university arts program. I came here because I dabble with epoxy resin in some hobby level art projects to keep retirement from killing me slowly. I left here first, not wanting to tackle a project this demanding, but second, really happy I took the time to watch it. It struck a cord, with all the things going on all over the earth today, it made me feel less disconnected from places so far away. It left me with the feeling that we as human beings, are more the same than different. And with that feeling comes hope for a better tomorrow. I don’t have the words to express myself in attractive, flowery ways like a poet. All I can do is try to the very best of my humble ability, is to share the epiphany that this YouTube video left with me.


this is like asmr’s edgy older brother

This person has amazing craftsmanship! Everything always looks so beautiful, and you can tell that they put in a ridiculous amount of time into it! Beautiful!

The design of this knife makes me nostalgic for growing up in the 00s

Let us never forget that this man is 1000 times more creative than we’ll ever be

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100円の包丁を30,000円の砥石で研いだ結果  (c) 圧倒的不審者の極み!

(c) 圧倒的不審者の極み! 3万円の砥石でダイソー100円の出刃包丁仕上げました。使った砥石120~30000番。価格はアマゾンの価格を参考にしております.

100円ですが、大切に使いたいと思います。前回の動画で多く頂きました質問に回答させて頂きます1、まな板は使わないの? (透明のプラスチックのまな板を使用しています)2、砥石の#1000とかなんですか? (砥石の目の細かさを表しています。数字が増えるほどに目が細かく綺麗に仕上がります)3、砥石を固定する台はどこで購入しましたか? (アマゾンで「伊藤製作所 砥石 台」と検索して見つけることが可能です)

*This knife is so sharp, it would kill the floor if you dropped it*

imagine if he returned it to the store and some one bought it for 1$ and was never satisfied with a knife after that ever

The World: “There has to be a faster way to cut sponges”Kiwami: “Hold my sake…”

I love how this one shows he’s obviously dedicated to his craft, compared to the others were he’s a goofball chaos god of sharpening.

I like how polished the secondary bevel is compared to the knifes finish.

Once again, the great You Tube algorithm has brought us all together

Some people be flexing there cars this guy is straight up flexing his whetstones

Absolutely outstanding. Your dedication and perseverance has been so very inspiring .Thank you for taking the time to show this

And by the end of it’s travail, the steel tool bore the title of galaxy with pride, where once it was a mark of same. The Sojourner blade overcame innumerable hardships, and with time sharpened itself to an edge finer than the very sands of far-flung beaches, sharper than the swords of Mars and brighter than the stars for which it was named.And after it’s trials to mastery had come to conclude, it returned to it’s weary home. Where it had once left so desperate for respite, a changed form that now truly it felt represented it’s soul.And on it’s home so vivid and bright it held it’s name, Galaxy. Now fitting for the utensil that could wrend the universe in twain. A moniker it wore with the honor.

I love that display of sharpness where you blow on the knife and tissue and it just cuts. Impressive

This is great. I’ve been trying to figure out how to cut my sponges faster


8:51 ancient japanese art of slicing in a single blow


Hello! Your work has inspired me to pick up knife sharpening as a hobby. What is it you use when you are scrubbing your stones clean of the metal particles? If Shapton has a scrubber preferences I will gladly go along. Thanks for all the great content!

When you max out your starter weapon

Very impressive! I would like to have elk skinning knives that sharp in the beginning. I just remembered that was a $1.00 knife!

One day he’ll make a knife so sharp it’ll cut through the space-time continuum

Halfway through im cryin, bro please, it’s already sharp 😭


骨董品店で買った錆包丁を18時間手作業で研いだ結果  (c) 圧倒的不審者の極み!

(c) 圧倒的不審者の極み! この錆だらけの包丁を全て手作業で18時間研ぎました。どうやら包丁は藤次郎の27㎝大出刃包丁のようです。使った砥石120、220、1000、2000、6000、8000番です。


These Japanese people in the comments section could be saying the funniest jokes in the world and none of us would know

Kiwami then: restoring knifeKiwami now: makes knife out of milk

kiwami: * drops knife *Knife: * slices through the floor *



I bet all of the knives in his house are sharpent to the point that it could cut trough dimensions, black holes and space time continium


Most of your videos are just pure, can’t-look-away-from-the-trainwreck weirdness. This is a thing of beauty.

I was so worried that the calligraphy would be sanded off! Beautiful work!


“…after he reached the million grit stone, quantum effects started to appear on the knife’s edge”




“Here’s your knife back, I sharpened it for 18 hours”



At 5:41, this man takes the time to resurface his whetstone, so that it is properly flat. My considerable respect just grew even more…



ロウソクの黒煙を集めて作った包丁  (c) 圧倒的不審者の極み!

(c) 圧倒的不審者の極み! 停電で暗闇を恐れた変人の男は、部屋の中で大量のロウソクに火を灯すが、部屋が煙だらけになり壁は煤(すす)だらけになってしまう。。 しかし、この煤は使えるかもしれない …


“Why do these cucumber slices taste like rawhide and ash?

This dude literally made a knife out of smoke and bone juice. In addition to a homemade vacuum chamber. He’s both insanely impressive and frightening at the same time.

i always liked kiwami’s video style. no intro, no outro, no ads or promos, just “hey. here’s some stuff. gonna make a knife out of it.” and then he does. legend.

Aside from his ingenuity and creativity, can we take a moment to appreciate how expressive this man is, with nothing more than his hands?

this man is the sole reason why cucumbers are endangered.

Me: “So how do you make a knife?”Expert Blacksmith with years of experience: “Well first, you’ll need some good meta-“Kiwami Japan: “No”

Me: “sir, show me your finest carbon knife”Salesman: “you mean carbon steel, right?”Me: “no”

Now I know how to make a weapon that is not traceable by metal detectros, as well as Sumi Ink, all at once.What exactly the use of these two skills, in combination, will be, has yet to be determined.

I love how this guy just woke one day and thought, “I should make a sharp kitchen knife out of raw hide juice and powdered smoke. And while I’m at it, I’ll make a vaccum seal out of a taped up box with some holes in it.”

this guy has the powers of an RPG swordmaker, he can make knives out of everything

Could you imagine pissing this man off in prison only to have him pull out a broadsword made of hair the next day in the lunch hall

A Knife made of Smoke and Bone feels like the kind of think that would be used by a Faerie Assassin in a High Fantasy Novel…

Future video”A knife made of nothing”

Did anyone else think it was amazing how he stopped to give a calligraphy demonstration using the smoke knife as ink?

When he wrote “weirdo”, I felt that

I love how he shows us the ingredients and instructions as if we were planning to make a knife out of smoke

Gives a whole new meaning to “can’t handle the smoke”

I like that he first does the fastest thing (collecting ash), then makes the collagen soup, and only after that develops and tests a vacuum forming machine.

I love this guy you never know what he’s doing until he gets to the end