Kritter Klub(おすすめch紹介)

Kritter Klub(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Grabs Passengers To Play With Him | Kritter Klub

Kitten Stuck In A Narrow Pit Grabs Passengers To Play With Him | Kritter Klub  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please don’t forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles* A kitten fell into a narrow pit, waiting for a rescue from hoomans.. Can he be rescued? #KritterKlub …

Imagine the cat’s situation if it rains 🙁

I’m really happy to see the people how they are working hard to safe the kitten , Our world need this kind of humans .They are the really super heroes …🙂

Thanks to all kind heart human who participated to help the cat !!

Thank you soo much for rescue this cute poor baby kitten ❤️

Os animais n�o merecem sofrer. S�o t�o puros e inocentes.

i always cry whenever see this side of cat story

Wth I’m crying, thank you good people

Kitten overwhelmed by all those people who came to help her!

3:09 definitely my reactions 🥰🥰🥰

“Don’t give too much or else they’ll get stomachache!”omggg these kids are too wholesome uwu

Как прекрасно, что есть такие добрые люди!!! 💕💕💕

My sister is forcing me to watch these kind of videos Even though she knew i cry easily

1:07 that look literally broke my hearth,thank you for saving her ❤️

OMG that’s one of the cutest kittens I’ve ever seen! 😻

i love how everyone got together to help the kitten and how happy the kids got when it finally got rescued 💞💖💞 thank god for you all and for that kind man that took care of her


THIS is the cutest cat i ve ever seen. but sadly, no update on this kitten

Allahım şükürler olsun yavru kedi kurtuldu

everyone is so happy !!! wish a good life !❤❤❤

The guy, who took the cat after rescue, looks like such a sweet human being!! <3 <3 <3 Wish all the best for you 2 🙂

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Cow Gets Separated From The Dog That She Raised.. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

Cow Gets Separated From The Dog That She Raised.. (Part 2) | Kritter Klub  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please hit the CC button for English subtitles* Is there a happy ending in store for them? Part 1: #KritterKlub …

Animals have such pure hearts. When they love, they love hard.

If you love your child, they say you are a good person. But if you love the children of animals and treat them kindly and help them, you are an angel and the galaxy will definitely respond.

His crying eyes shows all of his emotion he is feeling… it’s amazing that animal do feel emotions like us, that’s why we love them

I was happy when they had brought the mom back and started crying good tears

This reminds me of our cow , after selling her she came back to our house.But we need money badly that’s why my father send her back to the buyer.😭🥺

Just realised that tears in a dog’s eyes are one of the most painful things to look at

why did Rookie needs new friend when he has already found his forever friend?

This made me cry 🥺

I was getting sad about the dog he was following the cow and the looks of he’s eyes 😭

I cried too when I saw the dog crying! And cry for joy when mom cow returns. Rookie loves her mom <3.

“This dog and cow are inseperable”*Seperates them*


The dog has all the social skills he needs. He loves the cow and wants to be with him. That is social enough

я так хочу, чтобы все животные были счастливы 💔

I felt emotional when the cow came back. Reminded me of my mother sitting in the staff room next to my classroom visible to me …to make me feel comfortable in school during childhood.

i really hope the dog stays with the cow for the rest of its life or until it is ready to leave itself, dogs can literally die from by depression

That puppy was so emotionally attached to the cow. His eyes tells everything how he feels. Such a cute loving dog.

When will people understand that the emotions you all feel you feel because you’re animals yourselves. All animals feel love, loss, jealousy, anger, sadness and even compassion.

Omg I’m crying so emotional😢😢😢

🥺🥺I can’t describe how I felt 😢😍

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Rescue Of Dogs Living In The Eaves Of A Roof | Kritter Klub

Rescue Of Dogs Living In The Eaves Of A Roof | Kritter Klub  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please hit the CC button for English subtitles* There were even puppies inside there! Dog rescue is awesome. Like if you agree^^ Subscribe: Get …

Nobody:No dog:No cat:No man:Not even a single soul:Subtitles: “Roof, roof” “Literally a ROOF”

The mother dog isn’t violent she was just protecting her pups she should get them back

Her dog wasn’t having it. He absolutely hated going to the *ROOF ROOF*

Her dog is me when my family wants me to interact with someone else

The dog’s face is hilarious: “What the heck I am doing here”

Her dog looks so lost.

Wow. I just love the happy song while saving a dog

When the lady carried the dog it was literally like ” where are you taking me? I didn’t do anything! Atleast tell me where r u taking me?! I didn’t sign up for this!!!”

0:15 Boss: “John is that my freaken pudding that you’re eating”John: *cough* “eh, no sir”, *hides pudding*

Now we know why that dog was so mad

1:37 Dog : Damn I’m not ready for kids

This is the cutest thing i’ve ever seen.

When the dog barked soo loved at the cam it’s scarred me so much

Y la mama que paso con ella😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

Please save more Dogs ❤️

The dog was like :that is not my puppy


It melts my heart

Literally a *roof!*

Eu amo vcs<3

Cat Can’t Get Over The Loss Of Her Kittens And Becomes Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP52

Cat Can't Get Over The Loss Of Her Kittens And Becomes Aggressive | Animal in Crisis EP52  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please don’t forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles* The reason why she keeps attacking her owners and becomes aggressive is.. #KritterKlub Subscribe: …

The army should hire that cat

The grey cat is like: “do not attack the tin openers, we need them!!!”

Man that grey cat is defending those peeps like a boss.

Naked Cat: *attacks humans* Grey Cat: “Who you scatching homie?”

everybody is joking about Haru and not realising the actual pain this cat feels inside

grey cats wants ALL the smoke

I feel for this cat.. loosing someone you love is the most painful thing to go through…

I wish my parents would understand me like those old couple understanding their crazy cat

I feel bad for that cat and everything she suffered. No one should live with a broken heart.

jiong: hisses like a normal cat*haru: WowoOWOoaoOWOoaoowoAOWOwwAwo

What’s most admirable is that even though the cat was being incredibly aggressive, the owners still loved her and didn’t put her down like some would. They went out of their way to get some help, and wanted her to recover.

I’m scared for the couple, they could get a heart attack from this 🙁

That cat can’t possibly understand what a c-section is, she can’t understand why humans did surgery on her and her babies died.It’s no one’s fault, people did their best to try to help her. She seems confused, scared and angry why it all happened.

I’m so sorry that such a sad tragedy happened to such a lovely kitten. But it also proves that other animals like cats, have emotions similar to ours. I’m also grateful that the couple in the video didn’t give up the cat. Hope their life can be better in the future.

i like how Haru is literally the protector, and always like ‘hey bro u good?’ while also protecting the owners lol

Respect to the gray cat for protecting the people. We need more cats like him.

This is so sad..Poor cat, she lost her babies. I have never seen a cat act like that before. Poor baby 🥺 🥺

I’m not gonna lie……..I bursted out laughing when the cat started attacking the man in slow-mow.

The very aggresive cat (Jjong): *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSGray cat (Haru): We don’t do that here

Losing someone who loves is the most painful event

Sleep-Deprived Dog Has A Nightmare Every Night | Animal in Crisis EP46

Sleep-Deprived Dog Has A Nightmare Every Night | Animal in Crisis EP46  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please don’t forget to hit the CC button for Subtitles* A dog who can’t sleep all day has a sad past history behind.. #KritterKlub Subscribe: Get …

There’s a special place in hell for people who abuse animals like that.

I love how the family who adopted Noori is so excited and happy to have him despite his conditions.

The veterinarian who was willing to look at the emotional needs of the poor little guy should be recognized as a visionary. The testing he and the other kind-hearted people engaged in made it possible for him to be adopted by people who understood his situation and were willing to adapt their lives to make his better. What a wonderful story of a whole group of wonderful people.

This is one of the saddest thing I’ve ever seen I can’t even begin to imagine the kind of trauma this dog went through

To me it is obversely that dog had been barbaric sadistic cruilty on him, it is extremely sad to see this creature suffering still. Humans

Aww when he finally fell asleep I could feel his peace. God bless the people that helped him. Good luck Noori! ❤️

He can’t tell us how dramatize he was. So sad, dogs are protective animals to their owners, what owner could have mistreated this dog so badly.

I can’t imagine being alone and scared and hungry as only a baby puppy only to have strange people come and stab and slice me and torture me while I scream in pain, leaving me wounded to heal over weeks in agony. This is what Noori went through. We need to prosecute animal abusers to the fullest extent of the law because they are criminals.

Thank goodness for all of the beautiful people who changed this dog’s life by giving so much love and patience ❤💜❤💜❤💜❤

Страшно представить через какие издевательства пришлось пройти бедному псу.(((Пусть отсохнут руки у тех нелюдей , что так искалечили психику молодой собаки!Низкий поклон врачам, волонтёру и тем людям, что взяли его к себе!

It’s post traumatic stress, insomnia and anxiety.Damn the people who did this to him.Bless the girl and the family who helped and cared.

Who ever abused this dog will reap what they sow, evil monsters! GOD Bless those whom saved this beauty! 🙏

The reality this dog faced in its early days made me cry.

He strumbles while walking because he’s tired and couldn’t sleep 🥺 i felt so bad and i cried 😭 i really wish him the best and hope he can sleep well, ANIMALS LIVES MATTER 🤧💕🙏🥺

This is one of the saddest things I have ever seen.

Cried so hard when he finally gets his first good sleep. He deserves all the sleep he gets.

What a cute dog can finally sleep peacefully:>

This broke my heart. But I’m glad that he got the help he so desperately needed and is with a loving family who is ready to provide him with what he needs. God bless everyone who helped him.

😢😢😢😔Просто нет слов.., надеюсь те кто так поиздевался тоже не могут найти себе место, не могут спать и жить с таким жестоким сердцем…

I’m the only one crying? I’m worthless because I’m so called human.

Dog Only Walks On Handstand? | Kritter Klub

Dog Only Walks On Handstand? | Kritter Klub  (c) Kritter Klub

(c) Kritter Klub Please hit the CC button for English subtitles* Why does this dog only walk on two legs? #KritterKlub Subscribe: Get social with Kritter Klub On …

This dog is so extremely strong

I was like “get them needles out of the little dog’s body” but then I realized it was to help him

I feel sorry for this dog that it had a car accident

Finally utube recommend a heartwarming story ❤️

Thanks for giving a chance to these poor little Angel to walk with his 4 legs again 🙏🌺

This dog never skips arm day

He’s strong and also very cute

I love love love how they saved that poor little doggies life 🐶😍😍😍🙏🏻🥺🥺🥰🥰🥰🥰❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

I am happy because I’m deaf and subtitles are really good on this vid

I’m happy the dog got on his back legs he’s becoming stronger each day and I’m happy about that so the more he practices the better he’ll be at walking so I’m happy for the dog have a great day.

The thumbnail made it look like the owners were burning his feet to make him walk like that.

He realization was the cutest thing ever

This is so adorable that I made me cry

It’s so cute 🥰

“Why be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary”Because health problems


I was scared that it would be a abuse, but after seing that she/he has a broken pelvis made me think twice

Awww me hico llorar :’)

These stories make me cry because I have a dog and he broke his leg around and I’m so sad for him 😢😢

Боже какой милый собачка🥰 Спасибо ты ему дал жизнь 🧡 В любой момент он тебя спасет!😃