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【ナイトルーティン】一人暮らし会社員の日常vlog・平日仕事終わりから寝るまで・Night Routine/A life of Japanese salary woman/vlog

【ナイトルーティン】一人暮らし会社員の日常vlog・平日仕事終わりから寝るまで・Night Routine/A life of Japanese salary woman/vlog  (c) Namiのくらし

(c) Namiのくらし Namiのくらしをご覧いただきありがとうございます 一人暮らしをしているOLの日常を綴ったVlogです 今回は平日のナイトルーティンです 仕事終わりスーパーに寄って帰宅 …

My night routine is to watch others people’s night routine

she’s literally living what I want myself to become in the future — living alone 😩

This is the night time routine we all want to do but never actually do

This is so insightful. It’s amazing to see a peek into the life of someone one ocean away.

She’s organized and take good care of herself. S� inspiring

can we all agree that we came here because of how nice her shoes are

Recommended: “Night routine of a Japanese woman”Me: Why would I want to watch that?Video: 11M viewsMe: Interesting

watching this makes me realize how I would feel uncomfortable living alone, not because I couldn’t do chores or make my own food, but it’s because I have been living with my family for the whole 23 years of my life. I ALWAYS have a roommate, and even now, I still share a bedroom with my sister. Even when I was in uni, 19 years old, was the first time that I ever live outside of my own house, for 3 years, I always have a housemates and a roommate. I enjoy doing activities alone, in fact I’m an introvert. I prefer exercising alone and even going to mall by myself. I get drained easily when interacting with a huge group of people, but when I think of going home, where there’ll be nobody there, just quiet, no sound of running water, no clanking plates, no people talking, laughing, no sound of loud audio from some YouTube, its just.. it makes me sad. There’ll be times where the quietness is deafening. Especially at night, I would feel scared even in my own house. I love staying in my own room, as long as there’s someone in the house. You can do your own thing, not speaking to me for hours and I wouldn’t mind that, but if you’re going outside, please come back home. Excuse me for the long post. It’s a lovely video, a great routine. Healthy one. I wish you all the best and thanks for reading.

“I’m so hungry”Her: Proceeds to make a complex meal.The West: pot noodles

This used to be my life before I got married. Sometimes I miss the quiet solitude and only having to cook for one. But I remember how lonely I used feel.

Japanese woman: *Lives*9 million people: “Interesting”

I never thought of washing rice with a whisk. That’s genius and I’m totally gonna start doing it

this inspires me because at a very young age I have started to feel like im not worth it so i just have had no motivation. this was in my recommendations this morning and today i had a plan of being productive.

It’s amazing to see how you practice selfcare and are so neat with everything you do. I feel calm watching you. You apologize for a lot of stuff and I think you really don’t need to! You’re doing a great job caring for yourself and aren’t we all a little bit strange in some mannerisms? Don’t belittle yourself cause if this

I love how thorough and disaplined she is putting her stuff away right away,that’s how I do everything…makes life easier if you ask me…so when you do get to relax you can with no guilt ….💖😊💖

The adult version of watching Mr. Rogers walk through the door to change into his cardigan and comfortable gym shoes from his suit jacket and dress shoes.

1:15 If you think it through, whoever thought about making the sink handle that way is a genius! You pull the back part of handle with dirty hands to turn on faucet and after washing you push front part with clean hands to turn off. You don’t end up putting the same germs you tried to wash away back onto hands. Makes sense.

the fact that working people get only a few hours out of their day to do things they want, but even then they have house chores to get done is sad. but this was a calming watch. ❤️

Nami: here is my night routine, so well organised everythingMeanwhile me: sleep and snore like a dying donkey😅

She does more stuff at night than I do in a whole day

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一人暮らしOLの休日|銀座にお出掛け|モーニングプレート|キムチチャーハン  (c) Namiのくらし

(c) Namiのくらし Namiのくらしにお越しくださりありがとうございます✨ 一人暮らしOLの日常のVLOGです 今回は、とある休日に銀座にお出掛けした一日をまとめました☺ 夜ご飯にはキムチ …

THE most flawless avocado I’ve ever seen

I have moderate depression, and honestly these videos give me so much motivation during the day. Like she makes every moment feel special, and daily chores feel like something akin to a ritual. I’ve been putting of the dishes for a week, and I saw this video and decided I would do them to try and make my day special.

I had a very successful marriage for many years. Now, as a widow I enjoy being alone and cooking, shopping, going to the beach, reading with a cup of coffee, and my day usually flies by. It’s not sad, I always have family and friends to turn to if I need some conversation.

Being alone is soo peaceful, you dont have to put up with peoples moodswings

Japan seems to appreciate beauty and aesthetics so wonderfully, I wish we had similar cafes, shopping markets, lovely packaging, and beautiful options. Thank you for sharing with us!

I feel it is easier to be a single In Japan. We have a word “ohitorisama” which means a single customer to be called not offensive way. The restaurants and cafes are normally very nice to ohitorisama customers and I love it! Please come over as a couple, group or, “ohitorisama” you are all welcomed.

This is the life I want. Live alone and earn money by working and cook for myself, go shopping I know it’s sound sad but it does makes me happy since I’ve been living with my husband and family for a long time.

I had an orange this AM. Peeled and sectioned, threw it on a plate. Stopped, remembered these vids, rearranged sections to resemble a flower but you know what? It tasted better! Made me feel special 🤗🙏🤣🤣🤣

I love all of your videos! It’s so amazing learning about how other people live and how their life is different than mine. Thank you for this! So relaxing 🦋🤍

Ficou �tima a legenda em Portugu�s sou Brasileira obrigada!!! Adorei seu video!

I love watching your vlogs! They make me feel so peaceful and inspire me 🙂 Thank you

All she does is beautiful and in such good taste. In Japan, where they work such long hours, how does she do it? Happy she is able to, including having a pretty comfortable life as a single woman; not always easy. I swear the look of that avocado will hunt me forever… such perfection. Love this channel. 🙏🌹

You have such beautiful taste in clothing! All your outfits even at home are beautiful just like you! Hi from the East coast of the U.S.! 😍🥰

The sandwich looks really yummy, I never knew you could fry then boil eggs and ham slices 😋, in Nigeria we simply fry

🤗❤️🌞You remind me for some of the most happy moments in my life. Before 2 years a had the opportunity to go to Tokyo and travel in Japan- something that I thought never happen to me. Thank you. Keep posting videos. ❤️

Everything about this video looks so esthetically beautiful, calming and relaxing.

Your videos are so wonderfully calming – especially in such a chaotic world we live in now !! I absolutely love the cats you show at the end.

Primeira vez no canal, adorei o vídeo! Gratidão pela legenda. ❤️

Hi Nami! I love how you take care of yourself! Self-care is so important and we can see that through your videos!

Que mãos lindas!!!😍💝💓👏👏👏👏👏👏

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【生活費】手取り20万円台の家計簿・都内在住一人暮らしOL・お金の管理方法  (c) Namiのくらし

(c) Namiのくらし ご視聴ありがとうございます 一人暮らしの日常を綴ったVlogです 今回は生活費についてまとめました ここ最近は外出自粛により休日の過ごし方が変わっているので この …

Hola Nami san. Eres muy sincera. Te gusta la buena vida y eso est� muy bien. Mu�stranos con mas detalles tus pasatiempos trabajo que desempe�es y a las actividades que te dedicas y adem�s t� opini�n sobre el matrimonio he hijos.

Sua comida me deu água na boca ! 😋😋😋🤗🇧🇷

Yo lo llevo haciendo de la misma manera desde hace a�os y me ha ido muy bien, cuesti�n de organizaci�n, jejeje, me encantan tus videos, saludos desde Espa�a

I don’t like cooking but it’s fun watching you prepare your meals ! I watch at bedtime and it’s relaxing . Thank you

I could watch you cook all day. You make me so excited to eat your cooking. It’s so peaceful to watch your videos.🤗🥣

Between walking with my son in the sunshine and watching several of your videos I feel at peace tonight as I go to bed so a great big thankyou from northwest England

Nami, every time I see you cooking in the videos I get very hungry, it all looks very good. LOL🥘🍲🥗🍝

I found this fascinating 🧐 I appreciate you being so transparent about real life. You live it beautifully. My brother lived in Japan for two years but I cannot afford to go, so I was wondering about what it’s like. I find your videos to be relaxing 😌 at the end of my day here in America.

I discovered your vlogs a week ago and have been fascinated by them, I apologise I am watching them in no apparent order,I have already commented on a vlog which you graciously replied to, I find your vlogs to be of an extremely high quality that would give Speilberg a run for his money, Thankyou for allowing a look into your fascinating world.

I really enjoy your videos, living in the UK is so different to where you are. Thankyou for sharing your life experience. Debbs xxx

❤️ Si alguien me hubiera enseñado inteligencia financiera y lo importante que es ahorrar, hoy sería rica! ❤️👍

I’m a salary woman living in Tokyo by myself as well. Love how soothing your videos are 🙂

Adorei o vídeo ❤️ adorei saber sobre o teu orçamento

Very interesting video on how people in other parts of the world live. Looks like a interesting meal

Thank you very much for taking the time and explaining it! The food you prepare always looks so yummy! How did you learn to cook?

Perhaps one day I could get my life a bit more organised after watching more of your videos. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much for sharing these with us ❤🙏 I plan to pursue my doctoral degree in japan next year, so your video really help me a lot.

Hi , I hope u are already calculating all the expenses which you incurred while making a video such as food, camera and laptop expenses etc, even the rent of the apartment to save taxes on your YouTube income. If you are not doing please check with your accountant . And thanks for making such calming videos

By California standards (Yen converted to USD) this is a very very modest, even strict budget. Very much like what a young university student might spend, mostly just for basics. Then with a few carefully chosen special treats added to that. VERY interesting! I learned a lot!

Arigato Gozainmasu ! So kind to share your life, your ideas and inspiration. So Balanced and insightful 🙂 You have brought light into my space, living alone in Calgary. Would be a honor to meet you. Matane

SUB)一人暮らしOL平日5日間の晩ごはん・月~金の自炊記録・What I Eat in a Week

SUB)一人暮らしOL平日5日間の晩ごはん・月~金の自炊記録・What I Eat in a Week  (c) Namiのくらし

(c) Namiのくらし Namiのくらしをご覧いただきありがとうございます 一人暮らしをしているOLの日常を綴ったVlogです。 今回は平日の晩ごはんをまとめました。 好きなものを作って食べること …

Woooow, usted si sabe c�mo retirar la semilla del aguacate, esos es muy com�n en M�xico,saludos y me sorprende su organizaci�n.

Oh my goodness Nami You went into trouble of putting prices in dollars. That’s so nice of You. 🙏😊

I like the fact that it is what happens in real life, imperfect omelette, leftover food.She really just showed us how is her life, and doesn’t even try to make it looks perfect.Love it! 💕

Thank you Nami your videos are my highlight now. I love how quiet they are, just the sounds of you in your apartment, the sounds of cooking and moving about. It helps take me out of this chaos and come to a quiet place with you. You are good for my mental health!

These “living alone life blogs” really teaches me how to eat whole foods instead of doing take-outs. Much inspiration for creativity and improvisation, not to mention keeping yourself busy and grateful at all times, especially when living alone. Thanks!!

I really love your vlog, recently i try to copy your way in cleaning and organising your room, I even try to do your habits, and I dare to say that I’m quite satisfied with my self now.. thank you for inspiring me 💕♥️

I recently discovered your account and I have fallen in love! Thank you for the English subtitle and for sharing your life. Your videos are so soothing and interesting. I love your vibe.

Oh Nami, I do absolutely love your videos. Everything is done in such a mindful way. Simple, elegant and charming ❤️

Hello there. I have seen some of your videos in a row now and wanted to let you know that they make me feel relaxed. They are kinda beautiful pieces of art and delightful. Thank you!

You have made a beautiful life for yourself Nami, soon life will open up again and you will be able to do all the things you so enjoy ☺️. Stay strong

Wow!!! Your psrents dog is 17 years old! Amazing! My Jack Russell Mix is now 14 years old and this is already old (about 100 years if he were a human). I hope you will have some more lucky years with your dog! ❤😊

Elegant Lady Nami and her lovely culture

Amo este tipo de videos ❤️ además de relajante es perfecto para tomar idea para nuestras comidas 🥰🥰🥰

Never had the Keema curry before. Yours look absolutely delicious!

Beautiful mindfulness in the prep stage and attention to contrasting colors and textures in the food. Artistically plated and eaten slowly with full attention and appreciation — no television, no book, just the nourishing food you have prepared for yourself. (And I think your clothing is adorable.)

Nami, qué ordenada eres! Felicidades😊 me entretienen tus videos✨

Me: why is there no handle on the pan?Nami: *attaches and detaches a handle*Me: 👁👄👁

I have been binge watching a lot of your videos, you are very kind to let us into your home, letting us see a bit of your culture, teaching us how you live, what you eat, your living area plus more, your foods that you cook, how lovely to see how you prepare your meals, we are extremely lucky, to be invited in. Thank you, now I’m off to find some more to watch. Xx😁❤️💐 Take care, stay safe 😁

That food looks so good. Thank you for sharing your days with us. Watching your vlogs has a very calming effect on me

What brand of cookware do you use? It looks so light and compact with the moveable handle. Are they ceramic coated?

【Morning routine】朝5時に起きた日のモーニングルーティン|朝活|1人暮らしOLの休日

【Morning routine】朝5時に起きた日のモーニングルーティン|朝活|1人暮らしOLの休日  (c) Namiのくらし

(c) Namiのくらし ご視聴ありがとうございます✨ 一人暮らしの日常Vlogです 今回は早起きをして朝活をしてみました☀ 起きるのが辛かったのですが、色が変わっていく空を見ていたら早起き …

Unlike other early morning routines, she doesn’t study hard, do bunch of tough workout or work furiouslyShe is just chilling doing what she likes enjoying the atmosphere of the morningMuch relatable

Nami, your videos have been helping me through a very difficult season in my life. Your simplistic, minimalist approach to life inspires me to strip away all the excess in my life that stresses me out and enjoy the simple things. Keep it up!

Her videos make me realize that I need to spend more time pampering myself. She prioritizes self care and I love that.

Proof that no matter the country/culture, we all have one thing in common, struggling to get the dang stickers off stuff 😂😂

Here I am, trying to convince myself that this feels good when I actually wake up felling like I was ran over by a truck

I’m sure even though I wake up at 5am on Sunday miraculously, take a walk and chill at a cafe, then feel fulfilled at 7am and go to bed again. That’s me.

I would love to get up early and go for a walk but not here where I live. It isn’t safe to walk alone. Japan is so clean and it appears to be safe for women to be out on their own.

Anybody who wakes up at 5 AM on a Sunday of their volition is a hero

I think if everyone could learn to appreciate what we have and learn to love and take pleasure in the simple ordinary things, like how you do. We would all be much more content.

Probably the only thing I have taken off of the internet is a simple minimal lifestyle, your videos have been the light in the tunnel for me .thank you for existing Nami. you are my greatest inspiration, I hope to someday inspire someone out here

Awaking ear,y really does wonders for you. You tend to accomplish so much and you aren’t rushing around. Its great. How was the dragon fruit? I’ve never had it before. Loving the cat tea bags Nami🥰

Nami, the area where you live is so nice! It must be an outskirt of Tokyo? What a lovely and productive day you had! 🤗

I just love the way you “treat yourself” as a very special person – take time to make everything you do as precious! Bless you!

Me encanta esa filosofía de vida…♥️♥️♥️

Yes! These are the pink flowers I just saw in your “Day off vlog.” I love these flowers… gorgeous!

I love the sense of a lovely easy going life and easy going daily living I get from your channel…. thank you yet again …. it’s lovely to see a nice example of smooth living…. you’re the best , stay well❣️✌🏼🙏🏼🤟🏼👍🏼

I may not know Nami’s ambitions for the future, but I want to believe that living a lifestyle like hers will bring me the peace and solitude I’ve been needing most of my life. (This is coming from someone who has questioned whether a grand ambition is even necessary in order to be happy).

Some people are just comfortable with themselves. Still,getting up at 5am on Sunday is out of the question. 😴

Thank you Nami for being an inspiration! I’ve always wanted to vlog my life here in Japan as well but I was conscious about how I sound and look on camera. Because of your vlog, I realize I can without talking to the camera so I just started one.

I’m liking this kind of lifestyle..I think it’s just organized and relaxed and full of loveliness…It’s wonderful!..❤️❤️