Daily Apex Moments(おすすめch紹介)

Daily Apex Moments(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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What A *0.0001%* APEX PACK LOOKS LIKE!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 325

What A *0.0001%* APEX PACK LOOKS LIKE!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay - Ep. 325  (c) Daily Apex Moments

(c) Daily Apex Moments What A *0.0001%* APEX PACK LOOKS LIKE!! | Best Apex Legends Funny Moments and Gameplay – Ep. 325 We work hard to …

0:31 is what you came for

5:15 damn this is the best clip,he just killed people who had no bodyshields and 2 of them didnt even had a weapon,such skill👏👏👏👏👏

A good throw able could be like a concussion grenade, low damage, quick throw to detonation time, and really high knock back, including knocking someone off of a zip line and out of any animation

Mom: Why don’t you play with the kid next door?The Kid Next Door – 3:11

QOTD: I would love a throwable healing item, like a med kit that will heal if you hit a teammate.

QOTD: For new throwables I would like to see different kind of daggers. like a poison dagger (which deals damage over time), or like an electric dagger which stuns (like how Valk’s tactical stuns) but if u miss and it hits a surface it will loose its charge and it will become just a regular dagger, and lastly just a normal dagger.

QOTD: i’d like to see a throwable jump pad like octane’s (but different) that can only be found in like care packages maybe or just rare

I’d like to see a flashbang type of grandes added could be interesting for pushing teams or running away

They should add a special throwable for every legend that matches their abilities… gibby should have a big explosive nade like the one in game but digger radius and wraith would have a teleportation throwable but can’t go that far, so it matches the legend

QOTD: a Decoy Grenade, seeing how some people run from the sounds of lots of gunfire while others go explore it, it could provide both tactical or trap for unexpected parties. 😝

QOTD: I think it would be cool if they added something like a boomerang throw-able.

The new throwable should be a emp grenade where it’s emp in a bomb and a flash bang where it blinds enemies for a few seconds

This is a very nice video keep up the good work 👍

I would like to see a grenade that reveals the enemies location quick like a snap shot grenade like they have in call of duty but have the apex look and feel.

QOTD: I would like to see a sensor grenade, when you throw it it will act like bloodhound and make a small circle that will reveal your enemies

QOTD: Throwing knives. I’d say maybe you can pick up 5 in a stack and they’d only do around 25 to the body and maybe 35 dmg head, but would have to be direct impact and would have significant projectile drop.

A throwable could be your gun. If you dont want it you can just throw it away or a enemy. Different guns do different amounts damage based on the size and weight.Edit: I just realized this video was posted 6 months ago ._.

QOTD: i hope to see a throwable that counters wattson’s ult

I think it would be cool to see a throwable item that is like a med kit or something so you can give your teammates heals from far or give them health in a pinch

QOTD:Adding legendary grenades, for example the legendary thermite grenade would burn the enemy for a longer period of time and the flames would extend longer. The ark star creates a bigger blast and the closer the enemy is to it the more damage it does and normal grenades do more damage and cause a bigger blast and maybe blow up quicker?

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I Would Pay to Have this as Official Mode..!! 😮

I Would Pay to Have this as Official Mode..!! 😮  (c) Daily Apex Moments

(c) Daily Apex Moments shorts I Would Pay to Have this as Official Mode..!! Submit your Moments to get Featured!

This is the Titanfall movement engine trying to break free of it’s constraints.

They actually have a mode for this called “Titanfall” where they add a sick movement system and giant robots.

Titanfall 2 players: “Look what they have to do to mimic a fraction of our power!”

“I would pay”Ea: I’m listening👀

“I would pay to have this as official mode”Me a titanfall 2 player: 👀

*When apex fans get a taste of Titanfall movement*

“Pathfinder’s Grapple Practice”Additions: Increased momentum, and reduced frictionRestrictions: Damage dealt with melee or weapons of any kind will not damage other playersRules: Grapple only, 6 separate maps (I’ll let you decide the maps)

They should have a mode just like that slide thing in csgo with the ramps and stuff

Imagine his teammate dies , checks the map and see him just running around in circle

For those who don’t know how to set this up you need to fly up as valk and then turn off your jet pack. As you’re falling you just need to switch characters before you hit the ground.

“I would pay for this”EA: allows to introduce ourselvesEA: were your neighbors we moved in down the street

I really want more training maps. We really need a movement course. Badly. Wall bumps, tap straifs, slides, ext.

Moonboots was soooo much fun, me and my friends would spend hours in firing range just messing around with it

The Titanfall movement trying to break free😂

Pov: if you fail you get Octane’s legs

Man I remember watching Aceu play this game, now it’s come to this where people just jump a round

Respawn and EA definitely need to add more ltms, I wouldn’t even be mad if they were based loosely off some Rainbow Six events

The thing is it’d be near impossible to hit a pathfinder that know how to use their grapples

“but console people have aim assist” proceeds to defy every law of physics

“I would pay”Titanfall 2 sales: you don’t have to

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This Apex Emote should be illegal.. 😂

This Apex Emote should be illegal.. 😂  (c) Daily Apex Moments

(c) Daily Apex Moments shorts This Apex Emote should be illegal.. Submit your Moments to get Featured! – https://forms.gle/ySDjEePh8cpYcdBH9 …

“Lets do that again, But next time even faster!” -Octane”I look forward to getting my hands on you.” -Caustic

“Let’s not finish quickly. Where’s the fun in that?” – Loba

“The only thing that matters is body count” – Revenant

“A powerful woman knows what she wants, and what I want is down there” -Loba

“You don’t wanna see this up close,” -Revenant

“After what I’ve seen, nothing down there scares me”-Loba

“This is my favorite part….. exciting!”-Pathfinder

“The good news is that with me, at least it will be over quick!” – Octane

“If they’re getting cocky they’re getting sloppy” -*bangalore*

“if you’re gonna blow out this fast, why’d you even come?” – Valkyrie

“Let’s go for a ride”-Octane”Can’t stop won’t stop”-Also Octane”Harder, faster, stronger”-Also Octane”I dare any of ‘em to bring the fight up close and personal” – Forge”WOOHO that’s gonna kick” – Also Octane

“I do love a good hot mess, unfortunately yours is the bad kind” -Valkyrie

“Meat wagons having one hell of a day” – angry military lady

“Keep calm and don’t blow a fuse.” -Wattson

“Let old man Fusey show you ankle-biters how we did it back in the day.”-Fuse

Loba: “A powerful woman knows what she wants, and what I want is down there.”Pathfinder: “Looks like some people have been there!”

“If you’re getting cocky, you’re getting sloppy” -Bangalore

“You better not come back to haunt me, I hate when that happens” -mirage moments after leaving it unwrapped

“By the time you see me coming, I’ll be going and you’ll be pregnant,” – Octane

“Trust me… I know what I’m doing”-Wraith

Show you’re Octane Main without saying anything

Show you're Octane Main without saying anything  (c) Daily Apex Moments

(c) Daily Apex Moments shorts Show you’re Octane Main without saying anything Submit your Moments to get Featured!

honestly imagine that to be octanes voice if he was american

I was waiting for him to get Kraber’d and immediately disconnect like a real Octane main

His laugh at the end-

More realistically he’d solo drop and act surprised when he ends up first bloodEdit, the prequel: for that one person who said they wanted to see the prequelEdit: it’s an old stereotype with octanes from season 2-5 that most of them would go first drop and push every fight, most of them don’t anymoreEdit again: as someone who was a wraith main I agree with everyone saying it’s wraith but a lot of octanes back in season 3 and 4 did thisEdit again, the sequel: Just to annoy the guy who complained that I edited it twice to explain myselfEdit 5, The return of edit: someone said they wanted to see 5 more updates in a years time so here’s a startEdit Remastered: season 10 is a mess so far, can’t stay still for 5 seconds or some Lil Nas X lookin dude pulls up from the other side of the map and starts shooting moths at me before gunning down my squad with the new lmg, which is more op than the spitfire even thought spitfires care package loot now. Also why is the alternator the best gun in the game now whose idea was thatEdit, Infinity war: I have collected all 6 infinity edits, stuffs boutta go downEdit DLC1: ash has a pet rat, very important newsEdit DLC2 reveal trailer: Car smg is OP

Octane main in a nutshell: “I’m going in! ” “im hit! “

Plot twist: He got sniped shortly after the video ended

Okay but rule is if you don’t die after a smooth play/move then you’re not an Octane main. It’s canon, sorry.Jokes aside, the laugh got me 🤣

If he was a REAL octane main, he’d be 10 miles away from his teammates 😀😀😀

Finally Stormen got some highlight. He was a beast back when H1Z1 was popular.

This is one of the many reasons that Stormen will always be my favorite battle royale player; from H1, to Fortnite, to Apex; he’s a legend.

I really love stormen man, hope I can play octane as good as he does one day

Stormen is legit the best Octane main. His gameplay is smooth af

istg stormen always makes his gameplay looks like a new season trailer

I expected him to stim into a full squad leaving his team 200 meters behind him and then when he goes down he calls you an idiot for not being there with him

I thought he was gonna eat some crayons

titanfall players:Look at what they need to mimic a fraction of our power!

Honestly that laugh is all I need to know he’s an Octane main

I wish my game ran that smoothly, i try to grab a banner and have to hit the button 3 times

Loved how they stopped shooting in both awe and confusion

that laugh and the “see ya laterrr!!” were so perfect and fit octane so well xD

These Emotes are Getting Wild.. 😂

These Emotes are Getting Wild.. 😂  (c) Daily Apex Moments

(c) Daily Apex Moments Apex Funny Moments Montage featuring Best apex gameplay highlights and Epic plays! – These Emotes are Getting Wild.

pathfinder is winning

Pathfinder: “It’s all in the hips.”

As pathfinder said “this is my favorite part!……Exciting!”

Guys calm down I was the second clip pathfinder. I know my aim was terrible I took that video ages ago. I’ve done much character development since then and can now hit two pellets of the peace keeper

2:20As a Caustic Main I must say:”I approve of this new planet. The air is so… uncontaminated.”

2:20 To infinity and beyond! 🤣

2:25 there goes caustic again polluting the air with his farts😂

Lobas cheeks rated E for everyone.”I just polished my grapple!” 2 seconds after


0:12 so we’re gonna ignore that he’s using a 2x on his PK???

3:10 he didn’t even hit him

0:24 I think I killed that pathfinder when he got back up

That last clip though. Mans inhaled ever oxygen atom in that room

1:40 valkary carelessly sends in rockets and knocks the players who knocked octaneOctane: I actually got hitValkary: your welcome…

2:53 “No… NO… NOOOOO~! Omg, that’s fucking FILTHY~!” lmao

That octane rotation 2:55 was amazing.

2:52 Stormen has the best movement I’ve ever seen in a video game

No wonder why pathy became a dad.

2:19 This part got me so hard😂😂

2:25 Enemy trap, watch out LUL