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Making Pop It Rubik’s Cube | DIY | #Shorts

Making Pop It Rubik’s Cube | DIY | #Shorts  (c) CUBASTIC

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Congratulations!You’ve created a single-use pop-it!

Que �tima ideia o cubo m�gico feito de fidget toys

Just realized that you can’t get the full press so it pops back up, was about to ask how you unpop them

Muito legal que ele fez legal e �timo para brincar

Amazing, continue the content man! ☺️

Everyone gangsta until they realises u can’t un pop it back

Muito bom

Fajnie ci wyszło

Wow 😲 your really good at DIY projects 😎

Muito legal 😎 eu tenho o cubo mágico e o pop it só não tenho coragem para destruir os dois e fazer um cubo mágico versão pop it 🥲

all jokes aside he did the fastest solve of the black Rubik’s cube congratulations

You should make it so that the things only pop out when it’s solved

Legal um pop it que da pra brincar so uma vez na vida

Muy vueena vreasion ojala que mi cubo sea asi

That looks amazing

I love how in 1821 people were figuring out how to survive and fend for themselves and in 2021 were just finding out everything we can do with pop its

Тот самый кубик который будет всегда правильно собран 😂

Everyone: commenting about how he’s supposed to pop them back outMe: what kind of a Rubik’s cube did he start with???

Damn that looks good man ! 🙂

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Solving the huge Rubik’s Cube 15X15 in record time

Solving the huge Rubik's Cube 15X15 in record time  (c) CUBASTIC

(c) CUBASTIC How to solve a Rubik’s cube of this size? 15x15x15, although not the largest Rubik’s cube in the world, but solving of it is very …

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If you gave me that with detailed instructions and 10,000 years I couldn’t do what you did! Almost scary


I never even knew they made a 15×15 cube. I had the classic 3×3 cube when I was a kid (and could solve it eventually thanks to a guide) and also had the 4×4 cube that I was never able to solve. Impressive to say the least.

I’ve never timed my 15×15 solves, I only ever do it casually but I guarantee my time is more like 6 hours; This is quite speedy!


You are great! Thanks for sharing!

Caraca, eu nunca consegui montar um cubo quando era crian�a, mas vendo esse v�deo, me fez ter muito mais no��o de como funciona a montagem

Wow, he’s right, the moment he opened the brief case it was complete! Impressive!

Truly amazing, well done! I struggle with a regular 3×3 cube…

O cara é de outro mundo 😱😱😱Outro nível de QI, que os seres humanos não compreendem 😱😰

O mais louco � pensar que existe uma solu��o de poucos segundos, que � exatamente a mesma ordem de movimentos que ele fez para bagun�ar o cubo no in�cio, s� que de forma reversa.

Have you tried solving it layer by layer? It takes a while but it is very satisfying. Besides, 3×3 is normally salved layer by layer, so why not anything 4×4 and higher lol?

This is the first time that I learned that there was a 15×15 Rubik’s Cube. Until this video all I knew about was the 3×3 Rubik’s Cube and the 4×4 Rubik’s Revenge Cube. A long time ago during the 1980s I learned how to solve the simple 3×3 Rubik’s Cube.

Amazing👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 my 8 year old son can solve 4X4 cube in 6 minutes…. And he really loves to see this video and definitely try to become the same …

You are a cube master 😉. I can’t even solve it in 1 year 😂

Just handling the cube without jamming it or accidentally ripping it apart would seem to be a major part of the challenge.

TBH once you know the basic process of how to solve any rubiks cube bigger than the 3×3, you pretty much know the overall concept of how to solve a cube of any size. After that, it really is just a matter of “how long do I really wanna sit down and grind out getting all of these center/edge pieces in their correct spots,” so the limitations aren’t necessarily because a cuber doesn’t know how to solve a cube that big, but more that they don’t want to sit down for five hour working on just one cube. However, the parities that are produced while someone is trying to solve something as big as that cube must be absolutely insane. So congrats to the first dude who was able to come up with solutions to those huge parity situations. I can personally solve a 2×2 and 3×3 without any extra help, but when it gets to four+ layer cubes, I usually have to go back and find the algorithms needed in order to remember how to solve them lol. I should really commit them to memory at this point, as I have with with the 2×2 and 3×3, but man, they can be really complicated (for whatever reason, I find 4×4 cubes harder to solve than 5×5 cubes, but hey, that’s just me). Just thinking about all the insane algorithms that would be required to solve a cube that big is mind-blowing if someone is able to do it naturally without an help.

That was incredible! Inconceivable!

No way I would have the patience to solve that once with a tutorial.

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(c) CUBASTIC In this video I’ll speed solved all the official WCA puzzles – 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, 6×6, 7×7, 3×3 with 1 hand, Clock, Pyramid, S-Cube, …

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2:15-2�22:22-3�32:38-4�43:02-5�54:10-Skewb4:24-Pyraminx4:34-Square-15:14-3�3 1 hand5:25-Clock5:52-Megaminx6:35-6�67:54-7�7

The fact that your able to solve all of those cubes in 20 min 57 seconds is pretty impressive👏

2:16 2*2 Rubik’s cubeTime taken: 4.46 seconds2:21 3*3 Rubik’s cubeTime taken:16.65 seconds2:37 4*4 Rubik’s cubeTime taken: 1 minute 5.24 seconds3:03 5*5 Rubik’s cubeTime taken: 2 minutes 30.31 seconds4:10 Skewb cubeTime taken: 13.71 seconds4:24 pyramidTime taken: 8.97 seconds4:33 SquareTime taken: 2 minutes 9.11 seconds5:14 3*3 Rubik’s cube with one handTime taken: 28.26 seconds5:24 ClockTime taken: 25.07 seconds5:53 MegaminxTime taken: 2 minutes 32.97 seconds6:36 6*6 Rubik’s cubeTime taken: 4 minutes 22.76 seconds7:54 7*7 Rubik’s cubeTime taken: 7 minutes 8.07 secondsTotal time taken: 20 minutes 35.8 seconds or 1235.8 secondsWhat records can you break???

Muito bacana cara espero um dia eu conseguir completar um cubo de 3×3😁

Senhor voc� � muito bom resolveu 12 cubos em 20 e 50 20 minutos e 57 segundos

I have the world record for the longest time taken to solve a cube … 1.5 year.. 😁😁

Me : hey i can follow his steps for a tutorial!1 hour later : Wait which side did he move?

wish this was uncut so we could see him solve the whole cube as well as hear the turns… thats always so relaxing to me for some reason

This guy will definitely survive a PS1 resident evil mansion escape.

And one thing is: I see this guy solve very good!

Teacher: Don’t worry, the test will be easy!The test:

If I solve these all then I took minimum 5 days really 😆But you did it in only in half an hour hats off to you my bro❤️ from 🇮🇳 (India)

the fact that he finished a 3×3 in under 30 seconds is amazing and i can’t even do it with a yt tutorial

No words to tell about your talent🌹🌹

Dude I’m already practicing playing this for 10 years and I’m not even halfway done lol

this is when you realize how long a minute actually is

O cara terminando 12 cubos em 20 ou 50 min,Eu que tenho um cubo de 2019 tentado ate hj deixar com todos os lados certos:🤡👌

I was just amazed at how he solved all the cubes in less than half an hour. He’s a real genius👍❤

Him: Solving different types of cubes in minutesMe: Still struggles solving the standard cube.



(c) CUBASTIC This is a review of the smallest, fully functioning Rubik’s Cube 3x3x3. In this video I will collect the NANO CUBE. The length of the …

➖ Friend’s channel about customization: ➖ Mi canal en español: ➖ The best channel about crafts: what Rubik’s cube do you have and how much time do you need to solve it? Leave a response in the comments below 👇

O cara tem muita paciência 😂🇧🇷

omg what patience to put it together I honestly can’t XD well you are magnificent to put together small things my congratulations 😘❤️

I’ve never seen such a small Rubik’s Cube

It’s impossible to solve a rubik’s cube that fast!

It’s so cute , but I think it will take more time to solve than normal one😀

I remember going to a store with keychain Rubiks cubes. Omg those were soo cheap. As someone who does Rubik’s algorithms and stuff, im used to cutting corners. So I turned it and it just shatttered, all the pieces just dropped to the ground.

Ficou bom o cubo ele deve ser bem legal

Wow,I’m so surprised he managed to assembled them…

If my Rubik’s cube breaks into pieces it becomes difficult for me to join it to make it as it was . And u are great who made this smallest cube.👍

Молодец что выходишь на мировой уровень!!!

Imagine if theres a 1×1 version smaller than that…..

Hey Cubastic, I am one of your biggest fans and I love your videos. I have watched almost all of them and I learned to solve a Rubik’s cube from your channel. I need you to make a detailed video on how to solve a Rubik’s cube using ZZ, PETRO, and ROUX method. THANKS!

i actually have one of those they’re pretty hard to turn but they’re really cool lol

WOW es el cubo rubik m�s peque�o que e visto

Masya Allah, betapa hebatnya orang” membuat benda” ini😄


I love it a lot😍

Wow that’s so small!!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🧡🧡🧡🧡💛💛💛💛💚💚💚💙💙💙💙💜💜💜

Wow its very tiny!!

This Rubik’s Cube from future is solving itself in your hands #Shorts

This Rubik's Cube from future is solving itself in your hands #Shorts  (c) CUBASTIC

(c) CUBASTIC Full vidieo ➖ If you like this video don’t forget to subscribe ➖ ➖ The easiest way …

➖ The best channel about crafts: ➖ Friend’s channel about customization: ➖ Mi canal en español:

I really thought that when it would solve itself it would just reset the LED colors on all sides, this is definitely cooler though

The fact that it turns to solve instead of just resetting the colors is incredible

Nunca vi um cubo assim, mto foda, mto bonito, e da pra usar no escuro

Feels so over engineered. But I could definitely see it can be useful for large cubes. I mean in a 7×7, the edge pieces are not really cubes and it bothers me

Let’s list the features:1. it functions as a normal Rubik’s cube although badly because it’s a pain to look at the color placement2. It plays with itself for younone of this justifies the price

Cubastic: this is the most expensive puzzle in my collection19x19: ima gotta pretend I didn’t hear that

I still find the split second solving from that machine more futuristic because I’ve never seen one be solved in like 3 seconds.

Esse definitivamente � um cubo magico

We are definitely getting comfortable with technology coming up with solutions to our dilemmas.

Idk but I looove the melody the cube makes while solving by itself.😁😁

I love the fact that when it solves actually shows how to solve it and don’t just position the light in the right position

I was not expecting that at the end when it started moving on its own!

And how would you move the middle vertical row up and down?

Com Certeza esse Vai ser o Cubo M�gico Do Futuro

Caramba, tenho q comprar um desse!!!!

I wonder if it actually goes through an algorithm to solve it, or if it just remembers how it was scrambled and reverses it?

Does it solve itself by retracing the steps/turns or by calculating optimal ways to reach factory reset form?

i imagine someone would go:”hey, do you play any instrument?”””yeah”””oh, me too, i play guitar! wbu?”””rubik’s cube””

I’d like to see a video on the algorithms used when it solves itself.