にぎりっ娘。nigiricco(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【行楽弁当】運動会にもぴったり‼︎2種のおにぎり弁当bento【お弁当】#493  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 著書にぎりっ娘の「はじめての子どもべんとう」 https://amzn.to/31UQGol ▽今日のお弁当メニュー ・おにぎり(海苔・たぬきと塩昆布) ・お花の卵焼き ・スイチリマヨチキン …

Can you imagine the effort of Japanese moms waking up so early to do this everyday for their kids so they can have a beautiful, tasty, and nutritious lunch like this to bring to school?

Imagine being this person’s kid then showing up in class during lunch time and eating food that looks like a professional model

I wanna be your husband, even though I’m a female

Nobody:The cat: meow…..meow…

No One: The cat in the background: I will now be preforming my version of Meow Meow in Feline Major

Imagine all your Japanese classmates food at lunchAnd you only eating dorito chips in a bag

japanese mothers: prepare all of this for their children’s lunchmy mother: *made me make my own lunch*

Everyone else: you cant fit a square object inside of a circle object!Nigiri-san: watch me

I eat doritos and depression for lunch.

Japanese moms are engineers – the way she shaped that egg into a flower is very impressive lol


I love how this video included the family enjoying the food on a picnic. A refreshing addition, and a change from most cooking videos

it’s so peaceful and calm. a cat, meowing nearby, and just the sounds of mom or grandma in the kitchen. I miss that

Preparing a japanese obento is like doing surgery

the whole time i was watching this i was just thinking “wow, imagine if my parents actually cared enough about me to make me something like this” lmaobut actually i am pretty grateful for my parents they do a lot for me i just wish i could eat more than packaged snacks every day lmao.

The cat meowing in the back.I felt that

Anyone else hear the cat in the background? He sounds so lonely, I want to give him a hug.

Wow, you even used gloves on cooking. Thats some next level house cooking right there.

Why is no one talking about the rice spoon/spatula being a bunny??!?!

I like how the happy bears became disgruntled bears.

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え?ごはんだけ!? 旦那さんを驚かせるびっくり弁当~How to make today’s obento【LunchBox】~46時限目Surprise Bento 【お弁当】

え?ごはんだけ!? 旦那さんを驚かせるびっくり弁当~How to make today's obento【LunchBox】~46時限目Surprise Bento 【お弁当】  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 早送りで見たい方へ 【PC】画面右下の設定⇒速度⇒標準をお好みの倍速に変更 【スマホ】画面をタッチ⇒1番右の︙ボタンをタッチ⇒再生速度 今日は、完全ネタ弁ですw …


when you’ve had an argue with your husband last night and you don’t wanna admit that you still love him LMAO



But then… It’s gonna be so hard to eat it 😭 how do I get to yummy side dishes under the rice and nori? 😭😭😭




lmao this is pretty good for April Fools Day, or after you had a fight with your spouse haha



I’ve found your channel like a few days ago and now I am addicted to it! It also improves my reading skills!


anyone whos english and just loves japanese food but cant understand any of it


I‘ll definitely make this for my husband next April fool‘s 😂


I’m SO doing this to my fiance as a joke, I love it!



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【お弁当作り】簡単3品おかずの野菜たっぷりチキンナゲット弁当bento#575  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 今日のお弁当メニュー ・ごはん+ラディッシュ ・野菜たっぷりチキンナゲット ・卵焼き ・菜の花の辛子醤油和え ・ミニトマト ※早送りで見たい方へ 【PC】画面右下の設定⇒ …

Imagine coming to school with this beautiful dish

I just watched a cat eat grass for a solid two minutes*Welcome to the 2020 pandemic*

When you come here to learn something but dont have the ingredients. (The way ge cracked the egg with one hand was cool, i cant even do properly with two hands.)

Watching this with ma and she goes:”sorry westerner. We Asian just don’t know what measurements is”She’s a math teacher.

I want to make a bento for my mom, she goes to work at 2 AM. I’ll definitely try this thank you!

I’m so lonely that my brain start to imagine this person as my husband

welcome to episode 187 of “where has quarantine taken my youtube recommendations today?”

imagine being in anime and this is the lunch your mom packs you for school everyday

If i had this lunch, i’d be so hungryBecause I’d feel too guilty eating it

I’m so fascinated with Japanese culture!

Nadie :Absolutamente nadie:Yo viendo la estufa: tA pOteNtE

Once I learn how to cook this, I’mma roll up to school lookin like a whole anime character witj my Japanese bag and my Gudetama sweater and the tokyo high-knee stockings and the cute shoes. Y’all finna think I’m a whole anime character

I love how sharp the knife blade is and the cutting sound was relaxing for me I love Japan and Japanese

The kid who comes to school with this lunch will have it stolen loll it’s so beautiful

Bruh, im no gonna lie, the final result is more organized than my whole room in the last 2 years

This makes me feel like a anime protagonist

Me: has never eaten a bento box before and will most likely never make oneAlso me: *clicks*

Cooking with just a chopstick just amazes me every single time (I need to learn to use a chopstick😭 so envious)

I had a korean friend who would bring wonderful lunches to school everyday, and share it with me. Man, I miss her

Mary: tengo ham-yo: no se diga más 🏃🏼‍♀️


【お弁当作り】たった3品の簡単カニカマ天ぷら弁当bento#524  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 今日のお弁当メニュー ・ごはん ・カニカマ天ぷら ・ハムチーズ卵焼き ・ピーマンのゴマおかか和え ・ミニトマト ☆ブログ Blog「お弁当中」 https://nigiricco.com #お弁当 …




お料理 見てたら突然ねこちゃんが登場して可愛い 💕


Looks absolutely delicious!!! >o<

Your food always looks so delicious and beautiful 💕💖

Hello from Turkey 🙋🏽‍♀️I don’t have any of these ingredients so I can’t make dishes but it is super fun to watch your videos. I like your cooking style. I hope your channel would get more subscribers 🙏🏽


“mmmm” was the only sound I made for the first four minutes, and then “awww” 🙂


So heartwarming! ✨💕 Thank you very much for hard work!

I always feel hungry just watching these videos! Thank you.

Your cooking still looks satisfying as ever☺😍❤❤❤

I recreated one of your meals and it was delicious:)

I love your clear film okasu cups. Can you buy them online?


冷蔵庫にありそうなもので美しいお弁当🍱 アイデアありがとうね!!!


As usual, it looks amazing and delicious…it looks so beautifully packaged…oh and I love the 🐱…


【親子弁】梅おにぎりくんと唐揚げの遠足弁当‼️bento#491【お弁当作り】  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 今日のお弁当 ・梅おにぎり ・チョウチョ(本当はお花w) ・卵焼き ・塩唐揚げ ・ほうれん草バターコーン ・プチトマト こんにちは、にぎりっ娘。です! 久しぶりの親子弁当。

Here’s my mom packing me a whole family bag of Doritos and a lunchables in a Walmart plastic bag.

Kid : the face is kinda weirdMom : *giggleKid : it’s not cuteMom : it’s not cute?Me : GIVE ME I WANT TO EAT THAT

*My grown self wouldn’t mind having this for breakfast in front of my coworkers* 😩❤️❤️

SHE GAVE THEM HATS! THE WOMAN GAVE THEM HATS IM GONNA CRY!Edit: thank you for all the likes! i can’t stop laughing about this.

I just realized that I’ve never seen a rectangle pan before

kid: that face is kinda scarymom: scary?! I think it’s cute that’s such a cute interaction!

american lunch: stale doritos, expired lunchables, and a pacific cooler capri sun

Watching this video reminds me about my mother. When I was younger, sometimes she made me lunchbox for school. She always cooked a lot of food because I’m a big eater, but I always complaining about the taste of the food. Right now she never go to the kithen again because her hands can’t hold a knife. Her hands trembling and she have to tooks medicine twice a day. Sometimes I want to cry and say sorry for her. I miss her ‘random menu’ but now I just want to see her happy, so I start to learn cooking.Thank you for the meals, Mom. I love you.

My Mother: You can have 5€. Just buy food.Japanese Mother:

you can literally feel the love as she makes the lunch boxes, that is a true cook and that is what i aspire to do some day with my own cooking

How does she manage to do all that stuff in the morning?!

“Cheek is ketchup” is the most adorable thing I’ve ever heard

When she said: “🥢 🍚 🍳” I really felt that one

Seeing a bento set and the contents is normal and you normally don’t think much of it with someone else, but when you see someone actually making it and with such dedication, it’s very different and you sort start to feel grateful for the work when you imagine yourself doing itThank you very much for hard work

Japanese parents make cute ass lunches for their kids and I had to go to school with brown baggies with a squished pb&j and a banana

not gonna lie I cried a little when she put the faces on the rice

Japanese moms:My mom: Here u go bread with cheese that should do lmao

“Cheek is ketchup”Me: UWU

I have so much respect for people who do this every day! The amount of love that goes into the food is really admirable!

Bro imagine coming to school flexing your lunch because it looks so cool 😫😂🙏🏽 edit: thanks for the likes 😎


【お弁当作り】たった3品の簡単ボリューム弁当obento#507  (c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco

(c) にぎりっ娘。nigiricco 今日のお弁当メニュー ・ごはん ・トンテキ ・青のり入り卵焼き ・水菜とベーコンのパスタ ・ミニトマト ※早送りで見たい方へ 【PC】画面右下の設定⇒速度⇒標準をお好みの …

Look so delicious … maybe i can try this for my school lunchPd: i’m in the high school :3

Your food makes me hungry :’).


I’m so suprised that this video has so much vues. The other bentos are as good as this one.




I’m very hungry 🤤 I saw it really well 👍Have a nice day 😍


Your food looks beautiful!☺️


Asmr v�deo? Haha loved it<3

It must be delicious! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

Beautiful! Very relaxing!

I really love your recipes, and the cat is so cute


Dope Video! Sending blessing your way, Keep inspiring!🎒🙌🏻

I loved every second of this video 🥺