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クズの本懐 第10話予告

クズの本懐 第10話予告  (c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル

(c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル http://www.kuzunohonkai.com/ TVアニメ「クズの本懐」 フジテレビ“ノイタミナ”にて毎週木曜24:55から放送中 ほか各局でも放送中 …

Damn this show reached 12 million plays? Congrats


Kuzu no honkai had an amazing op and ed

Well TBH , this anime just crushes the heart


A scums wish was truly a masterpiece.

Kuzu no Honkai (Scum’s Wish)This anime is about a bunch of sad, broken people. Don’t watch it if you want a standard happy Rom Com. I thought it was good but I was in the mood for people not having happing endings. It’s available on Amazon Prime Video, I believe.https://myanimelist.net/anime/32949/Kuzu_no_HonkaiI also liked the anime below for another broken heart, but didn’t rate it as highly. You get to see a girl you’d like to see happy crying her eyes out as her beautiful romantic future is stolen right as it’s about to deepen fully. This starts in HS and ends with adults, I seem to recall.Kimi no Iru Machi (A Town Where You Live)https://myanimelist.net/anime/17741/Kimi_no_Iru_Machi

i can’t believe i have to wait for a week! anyway, finally!



1st : I thought it was Asuna… 2nd : is this going to give me trauma like Domestic x kanojo?

If i was in this anime…..we about to turn up







Ilove this anime because its dark and bad side of love that ill never get to experience cuz im not good looking as mugi right here


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TVアニメ『よふかしのうた』ティザーPV|2022年7月放送予定  (c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル

(c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル 小学館「週刊少年サンデー」連載中の『よふかしのうた』(原作:コトヤマ)が2022年7月フジテレビ”ノイタミナ”ほかにてアニメ化が決定!

I have no clue what this is but i hope Crazy Nuts is the name of one of the Characters

Watching this for 50th time in a week




I never expected this would get animated this fast, I have read the manga and it’s just fire, very excited to see how they animate this

I never thought this would get animated but I’m glad it is. it deserves an animation


I like the atmosphere of the teaser – kinda fits with what I imagined reading the manga, and VAs are really spot on.PS the presentation gives me strong Durarara vibes somehow 🙂

Me agrada mucho que el tr�iler tenga muchas visitas espero que le vaya bien al anime tan bien

This manga has only 74 chapters and it is getting animated already. This should tell the viewers that how good of a show, this is. Manga is fire as well.

a really great trailer. the colors on the night cityscape look fantastic. the overall animation seems fine and the artstyle looks great despite a slight sacrifice in the look of the characters from the source material but they work well imo and the overall mood it creates is great. and i really like the editing

Me encanta los �ngulos y perspectivas que tiene el manga

Incre�ble c�mo unos segundos pueden emocionar tanto.

Preciosa animación. Se ve interesante. En especial para futuros halloween 🎃 Ojala entretenga!! 😁

I had never even heard of this story up until now, and in just under a minute, I’m already almost as hyped as I am for Stone ocean.

I’ve read this months ago, and seeing it getting an adaptation actually makes me smile, seeing that the animation looks nice.Edit: the music sounds really good

I caught up with with the manga this month and now I find out it’s getting an anime WHAT this day just became AWESOMEThe manga’s story is B-A-N-A-N-A-S and I can’t wait for this series to drop on unsuspecting anime watchers :3

I just started reading the manga because of this trailer and needless to say, I am already 55 chapters in and absolutely hooked.

this looks so insanely good I’m legit losing my mind over it. the animation looks fantastic!!!

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TVアニメ「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 3」ノンクレジットOP

TVアニメ「PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス 3」ノンクレジットOP  (c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル

(c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル オープニングテーマ/ Who-ya Extended「Q-vism」(SMEレコーズ) CD発売日:2019年11月27日(水) “Q-vism”配信リリース日:2019年10 …

The anime is a masterpiece whilst being soooo underappreciated. Even the community itself is under the radar. Every fandom has their own memes etc but look at us Psycho Pass fans just chilling. Our crime coefficient hasn’t increased even a bit.

The new characters are interesting, the story very well written and without filler and the animation is incredible, the psycho pass team did a very good job, I’ll be watching for more !!


All 3 seasons of psycho pass have had such good openings

I love the harmony between the animation and music, especially during the chorus <3


Just a passing English comment here; this opening really is insanely underrated!!! It’s absolutely stunning how a simplistic artstyle can deliver something so epic in 90 seconds.

Todo psycho pass es una obra maestra😍


SO glad they brought back some of the aesthetics from the second opening, that opening ranks in my top 10 of all time so im glad to see its visuals in any capacity


This OP slaps so hard. I’ve been playing it non-stop on Spotify.


you gotta give it to production i.g for making the most aesthetic openings for psycho pass also the new inspectors are great they really have good character and personality

Sensacional esse som! 😍😍

🤧 Uno de mis animes favoritos 💗


this anime is so criminally underrated


This definitely my favorite psycho pass op. It might even be one of my favorite ops in general

『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Sinners of the System』 予告編

『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Sinners of the System』 予告編  (c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル

(c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル 『PSYCHO-PASS サイコパス Sinners of the System』 2019年1月より連続公開 Case.1 罪と罰 2019年1月25日(金)より公開 Case.2 …


Loved the movies. Seeing all the characters, the song remixes and the fight scenes were awesome!

i miss kogami’s and akane’s dynamics so much… but if it’s psycho-pass i’ll watch it anyways


Que buen remix de Abnormalize que hicieron, que nostalgia de la primera temporada


This is looking so good I’M SO HYPEDThe Abnormalise remix is also freaking amazing AAAAAAAH

Increíble 🌟❤💋👏me encanta el Animé me gustaría ver todos los capítulos de las siguientes temporadas ❤💋

El 2019 va a ser un a�o muy prometedor ! ^^


Love is not the main focus of Psycho Pass, but its always interesting to see the relationship-interactions between the characters, for example, Akane and Kougami or Kougami and the others. These movie series 1-3 are more like a prequel to Psycho Pass 1.

Isso vai ser uma maravilha !!!


Probablemente, uno de los mejores anime que vi en mi vida

Finally, they’re alle back! <3 Can’t wait, my hype coefficient is 300+! Psycho Pass! <3<3<3And this Abnormalize remix is just great!

Alto ah� quiere decir que Shimotsuka (nose como se escribe) protagonizara la 3 temporada y donde esta Akane, quiero mi fan service de ver trabajar juntos otra vez a Kougami y Akane agg esper� que alg�n d�a ellos terminen con Sibyla




Que excelente calidad de animación 🤩🤩🤩


TVアニメ「平穏世代の韋駄天達」ノンクレジットオープニングムービー  (c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル

(c) ノイタミナ YouTubeチャンネル 7月22日より 毎週木曜24:55~ フジテレビ“ノイタミナ”ほかにて放送中! (※初回放送時間は変更の場合あり) 公式 …

Can’t stop rewatching this op it’s too catchy


This op gives me Mob psycho 100, Kokkoku, and Dorohedoro op vibes

Allow me to overanalyze for a moment:In the first few shots of each character where their faces/heads are sliced open, we kinda get a glimpse into their personalities, Hayato splits into two lego bricks, symbolizing his simple way of thinking, in his mind everything is either positive or negative, kill or don’t kill, good or bad, you get the idea.Paula’s face is sliced off and we see her head is filled with fruit, symbolizing her strong ties to nature, while also reminding us of her purity with those massive honking gigagigantic megasupersized badonkadonks with no naughty bits (how family friendly).Ysley’s head is finely sliced into paper-thin layers, showing us that he is more than just the guy with glasses, he is like an onion, he has layers, or it’s like the pages of a book, or it implies that he has many facades, honestly there are multiple ways you could interpret this (without going into spoilers).And finally we get to Rin, who is arguably the most unique, with her entire body opened up like the alien from The Thing. Her insides are inconsistent, volitile, ever changing, chaotic, showing us how despite her outward appearance always making it seem like she is calm and collected there are lot of issues that she has suppressed.Thanks for coming to my Ted talk.



the music fits the animation so well THE DROP WHEN EVERYTHING GETS SMASHED O MY GOD amazing!


The only bad part of this OP is that YouTube won’t let me experience it fully with all those compression artifacts






This OP+MAPPA animation is a total banger! Definitely one of the top runners for Opening of the season


Man I really wish people understood this show more, it was a great experience and thought provoking


The ending to this 11 episode anime breaks so many anime tropes but is so fucked up, god this show is godly