PewDiePie(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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FUNNY MONTAGE.. #2  (c) PewDiePie

(c) PewDiePie Next Episode ▻ More in the Playlist …

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PewDiePie Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard

PewDiePie   Hej Monika Remix by Party In Backyard  (c) PewDiePie


I hope this becomes new Youtube anthem.

I’m so glad ticktock hasn’t found this song.

If I ever get a friend named Monica….I’m gonna keep this as my ringtone just for her so whenever she calls me ik who it is exactly

Is it weird this song has been stuck in my head for three years??

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus: _announced_This video: _returns to my recommendations_Me: *cranks up the volume*

This is Actually Catchy

I couldn’t understand a thing except MonikaBut I sure do feel it

This guys a pretty good singer. He should make a song.

Pewdiepie: Hej Monika!Marzia: 👀

3 years already? Damn i even remember when it came out…

Back after 2 years and Still this Super Catchy !

PewDiePie : hej hej MonikaMe : doki doki literature club flashback

POV : you have come back again to listen to this masterpiece (Doki Doki plus is coming soon)

27,000 people have no taste in good music…. 1.3m are not a virgin

I can listen to this all day ✌2021 anyone

When DNA Test says that you’re 0.5% Swedish

petition to make pewds grow his big ass beard back

1:34 hypes me so much that makes me wanna learn swedish.. help

The F**KING DEDICATION at singing shows how much he loves his community

The best PewDiePie era.

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GAME BANNED FROM KIDS? - Talking Angela  (c) PewDiePie

(c) PewDiePie Next Episode ▻ More in the Playlist …

*spits*”I love to make you smile”*thank you*

“Don’t care for money because money can’t buy you love.”*Smiles when bought a present*

Felix and Angela’s date has more views than the weddingGuess now we know the stronger couple

I used to play this as a kid?!?And thought it was fun?!Wtf was wrong with me?!

“I don’t want anyone to know that I played this”Also pewdiepie: shows it to 38 million

5 years later and this is on my recommend

7 years later and this is on my recommendation

PewDiePie: making a creepy face Angela: I lIke tO sEe yoU sMilE

*BRUH* Pewdiepie looks so innocent.

4:25 Nigus came back to haunt him lmao

people in 2015: that’s normal People in 2021: *S I M P*

I actually kind of miss when PewDiePie was like this

I miss this pewdiepie more then the other

I’ve learned that over the years, pewds has lost his english accent.

Pov: you’re here because you remembered the “can you teleport part”

Pewdiepie: *Can you Teleport?*Angela: *Can’t Everyone?*Pewdiepie: *To Space!!!*

Hello Someone in 2020?

I was 9 years old watching this video this was my favorite

Angela: Was that one of your “fall of a chair” jokes?Pewds: No, that was “bitch I hate you” joke

Yall I was actually 12 years old when I watched this😳 but now I’m 9

GREATEST PERVERT GAME OF ALL TIME. (Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers)

GREATEST PERVERT GAME OF ALL TIME. (Love Death 4: Realtime Lovers)  (c) PewDiePie

(c) PewDiePie WATCH MORE SIMILAR VIDEOS? Click Here To Become …

I laughed more with this than with most other videos! great job Pewds!

Pewdiepie why did you breathe in this video??! Kids in Africa could’ve eaten it

Best game of 2k15 10/10

Maybe the bat was censored because it wasn’t a bat…

where did you download this

What’s the game called

Pewdiepie why are you not playing call of duty?

@PewDiePie ™ plz notice me

READING MEAN COMMENTS. – (Fridays With PewDiePie – Part 78)

READING MEAN COMMENTS. - (Fridays With PewDiePie - Part 78)  (c) PewDiePie

(c) PewDiePie Fridays with Poodiepie.. SORRY I MEAN Fridays With Pewds! Next Episode …

Can I just say your comment review section is pure comedy gold. X’D

There’s this thing called jealousy

Day 6 without Pewdiepie:Re watching all this gold

3:15 I came here for this. iconic.

2016 : my names Peeewwwdieepiieee2019 :WASSUP GAMERZ

Oh my god, I’ve not laughed this much in a long time, brilliant. I will forever call you poodiepie.�

Honestly since Minecraft he talks with an even heavier Swedish accent

i miss 2012-2015 pewds😢but I still love him

He sounded so Swedish back then.

He makes fun of himself to make us laugh He must be feeling so bad 😣100M babyyy

H – havingA – angerT – towardsE – everyoneR – reachingS – success

The guy who still believes that there’re 7 million people in the world Pewdiepie 108 million subsHim:👁️👄👁️ 101 million fake accounts

Wow, this… is nostalgic 😌

Don’t mind me just reliving my childhood

2014- bro army 2018- 9 year olds 2019- gamers


“All zero of them”, the most savage comeback pewds has ever done

I like how hes Funny and serious At the same time

“ Everyone is entitled to their own opinion even though you’re fucking wrong” – pewdiepie 2014My favorite quote from him 😂💕3:13

I remember seeing this when it first came out… goddamn I’m old…