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Albralelie – How We Won 5,000 In Finals of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational

Albralelie - How We Won $105,000 In Finals of the Apex Legends Preseason Invitational  (c) TSM_Albralelie

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Holy shit, that was probably the most intense Apex games I’ve ever seen, grats man

Coming back to this video a year later is so cool to see how everything changed in the game and the world 😐

About a month after Apex launched I got decimated by this random cracked Path player. Went to check his stream, he had like 5 viewers back then, gave me some tips on my gameplay. 6 months later my mans is at the top of the international pro scene. Congrats man, the commitment is paying off, and it’s great to see.

Ring 4 and 19 squads alive wtf

I wish someone would hold me like Albralelie holds his water bottle.

20:28damn that guy’s arm is long

Who is in charge of the camera swaps? They swapped so many times from potential kills just to see someone climbing up a rock xD

Congratulations man. So well deserved. TSM rains supreme. Let’s hope for a flood of new subs from that 👐

The fact they didn’t say “these are your apex champions” when they won made me sad

When the Peacekeeper wasn’t golden… 😢

The old legendary meta of path , watson and wraith , when everything was perfectly balanced

I just watched it again, same goose bumps. same feeling. same happiness tears for the best team in the world! It will never get OLD! #TSM

Hal played so well. He’s such a great player😊

I could never do this. I get scared and my heart start beating when MY OWN friends spectate me lol

0:35 best rap

Mac, I hope you never forget moments like these and the things you’ve accomplished with these 2. Can’t wait to see you grow even more playing val. Ggs dude

Crazy to see how everything’s changed especially the gunplay

Still gives me goosebumps to this day ! This tournament was sick 🤒 🔥- typing while having goosebumps 😂🔥♥️

Coming back to the biggest pro apex video ever, and now (not now now, but yeah 😂) knowing that Mac was sick.. huge respect for him! The flu finals by Mac! Legendary

That was crazy, i wish i could play like that. It takes time and skills to learn each time you play. Nice.

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NEW SEASON 4 KILL RECORD | Albralelie  (c) TSM_Albralelie

(c) TSM_Albralelie If you enjoyed the video remember to drop a like and subscribe with notifications so you know when I upload next Edited by – Lupin Twitter …

“HE’S SOLO! HE’S SOLO!”-Last squad’s last words 15 seconds before being blinked out of existence.

His team mates after watching the whole thing- aight Imma head out.

So we are just going to ignore the fact he wiped 26 bodies with no extended light mag lmao, ok…

Insane bro

I play Apex a lot, sometimes I think I’m pretty good, then I see players like Albralelie which remind me never to quit my day job.

8:15 poor pathy with the 4000ms reaction time

Look at the boxes he’s looting . They are all literally low levels

I got bored and decided to see if this was really just a bot lobby or if he just makes regular players look like bots. Turns out this 100% was just a complete bot lobby. Looked up every player he killed, the highest level was 48 and the majority either didn’t have an apex.tracker.gg profile or were below level 10. Big rip to these kids

Albralelie: Goes against players that try to use an EVA at 50 meters away.Me: Goes against players with Pred rank and 30k kills

When albralelie uses peacekeeper : around 80 damageWhen I use peacekeeper : 16 damage

9:08 That zipline hop + arcstar sticking. Insane.

I was so amazed by this, but after checking the comments and watching it one more time, I feel bamboozled(

So are we going to ignore the fact he is in a bot lobby literally everyone is lvl 23 and under no skin and they are just standing around ?????

This man has caused so many rage quits that I wonder what the total costs of broken keyboards, mouses and computer screens will be…

seeing this video in season 5 *Laughing at pathfinder in 28 second intervals*

8:19 “that guy was lost” & then the reload lining up perfectly with the break in the beat. I felt that

Albra: Hits all of his R-99 shotsMe: *I need light ammo*

0:31 such champion, imagine the rest of the lobby lmao

4:25 , so these are the type of players that he’s killing

GG Respawn, SBMM tho, working as intended!! FFS the amount of Potatoes he just fought…

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(c) TSM_Albralelie The back to back to back to back to back. Edited by – Lupin Twitter – https://twitter.com/LupinR6S Twitch – https://www.twitch.tv/lupinR6S/ Outro Song – Infrared …


When your heartbeat is higher than your fps

This pov was way more entertaining than what they were showing on official channel

11:13 „there’s a full team above us do not peak this door“3 seconds later both of them outside peaking lmao 😂😂

am I the only one who loves TSM comms? I dont care if Hal is straight forward or “toxic” there’s a reason they’re T5M

Hal and Albraleile are on the verge of throwing hands every time they play comp.

Right off the bat of the video you can feel the tension and see his heartbeat at 120 I couldn’t imagine playing in such a high stakes tournament like that, a regular ranked predator lobby is already stressful enough. What a team bro, they are so coordinated I love watching them play

Ed Sheeran Killing it again and again!Edited: Thanks for the 💓 Albralelie and thank you for likes. Btw I’m just kidding bro your a beast Albralelie a future Legend of Apex legends.

“Do not peek out this door”….THE WHOLE 3 SQUAD PEEKS AND KILLS EVERYONE.


Imagine litterally not knowing what losing is like….

hals calls are amazing, calling ppl stupid, asking his mates to stfu and still so brilliant and perfect calls. hahaha loves the dynamic

Glad he has a heart rate monitor cause now I know I’m not the only one who’s heart goes crazy during the last rings in pred lobbies😂

21:39 “i give you a zip so you can jump back up” “lisu lisu lisu shadafaqup” 💀

33:40 That nade just threw all the enemies out to the zone

This man basically doing cardio while playing a video game.

15:10 when yo dog wanna come back in the house

11:15 “Do not peak out this door” TSM Imperialhal: “move move” *peaks out door* 🤦🏽‍♂️

Incredible! Well done!! So annoying though that I have seen multiple uploads of these games before this from scummy, thieving bastards trying to use your skill and beat you to the punch on uploads. Getting to that point you gotta start striking these idiots man! Keep up the great work 🤟

15:09 pathfinder climbing up the door switching between his robo hands and the boxing gloves for like 30 seconds gave me anxiety



(c) TSM_Albralelie If you enjoyed the video remember to drop a like and subscribe with notifications so you know when I upload next Edited by – Lupin Twitter …

this needs millions of views because that was the most insane game i’ve ever seen 3rd person or not

“imagine if I get a kraber and end this game with a trickshot”…Proceeds to acquire a kraber and ends the game with a trickshot 🤣🤣

This might be the best gameplay I’ve ever seen wtf was that

This is – not even a doubt – the most insane, flawless, while still casual gameplay on Youtube

This is the best apex gameplay ever uploaded. No doubts. Movement: godlileAim: disgustingCrack: over 9000Kraber first try trickshot: 130 bomb: checkVibe: checkHotel: trivago.

feels so nostalgic,third person event10shots in the wingman purple magthose blue skies, and Cap City still in tactwasnt even that long ago, and it feels like a totally different era.

You gotta admit, although the damage and skill was 99% Albralelie his teammate was a true hero for pinging damaged enemies and actually backing off of fights where he could’ve EASILY gotten a good gameplay as well just so Albralelie could get this gameplay. Salutes to that man

Well there it is, the most insane gameplay we will see from this gamemode

Damn, you need skill and luck for thisSkill: killing 30+ peopleLuck: finding all those people

10:33 Sooo I lost 80% of my life, what to do next…? Let’s reload my Wingman and go back in against 4 and kill every last one of them.

Imagine getting the 10-10-10 badge without your squad

when he said imagine getting a kraber and ending it with a trickshot i was like naaaaaah bro

Bro first two kills I was like okay that’s cool, then he did it again, and again wtf

2:06 “Looks like you been hittin’ the range” – never was that bangalore quip so accurate

The two spectators was like : a hacker just killed me later : oh wait

Imagine being killed by him and not staying to spectate

From start to finish this whole entire game was actually a highlight reel 🔥Keep up w them twitch streams my boy best pathfinder since pre season 👊✨

This was insane gameplay, he was calm, not toxic after killing like 2 teams in a row, great teammates, talked with them, when knocked didn’t scream with his mic shoved in his throat “He’s one-shot oh my god” Great vid cool guy subscribing!

Albralelie with wingman: +30 killsMe with wingman: 2 body shots

This is hands down THE BEST gameplay I have ever seen! I am living

6400+ DAMAGE IN 1 GAME!!! | Albralelie

6400+ DAMAGE IN 1 GAME!!! | Albralelie  (c) TSM_Albralelie

(c) TSM_Albralelie If you enjoyed the video remember to drop a like and subscribe with notifications so you know when I upload next Edited by – Lupin Twitter …

What’s the most amount of damage you’ve done in a game?

Disclaimer: you’re about to watch a guy with dyed hair run through a lobby of innocent people with a peacekeeper and murderous intent like it’s nothing. Discretion is advised.

this man drops a 20+ and plays with the last squad like he is playin with kids, but when i have 5 kills my heart is beating the shit out off me, greetings from germany my friend nice vid

Albralelie: 6400 dmgMe: 450 dmgMy random Teammates: 70 and 120 dmg

We had to mute the first 2 minutes due to copyright issues, apologies everyone :/

Me looking at my Season 4 overall damage: 6.4k not too bad, not too badAbralelie: Hold my hairdo

The last squad is like the cast of a horror movie constantly getting hunted by a crazy robot with a big a** sniper rifle

Me when I do 2k DMG: “HOLY SHIT IM SO GOOD”Albralelie when he does 6k DMG: “TSK. That’s a lot of damage.”

US Secret service: “He’s ready”

Imagine just hopping into his stream just in time to witness this 😌

Imagine leaving the match early and your teammate does this

Your movement is insane I don’t blame these teams for losing a 1v3 when he can pick them out 1 at a time and reset.

This was like watching a cat play with its catch.

8:20 shots are perfectly in sync with the music

5:26 so satisfying with the wing man and the beat

5:55 one of the nastiest plays with path that I’ve seen .

Imagine being so good that you can comfortably run the wing/kraber combo with total confidence AND still wreck literally everyone. Solo…

6:22 “it’s hard to breathe.” for real dawg

This was so satisfying to watch. Those subtle grapples throughout each gun fight and simply that escape from capital city when running from the storm with a nice long grapple into a zip line and another grapple afterwards into a double hop when landing

This mans play is a pure art, so beautiful!!!Thanks for such an entertaining vid Al!!!