フェルマータ・スタジオ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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もし新快速が大阪駅を時速1300kmで通過したら何が見えるのか【前面展望シミュレーション】  (c) フェルマータ・スタジオ

(c) フェルマータ・スタジオ 毎日乗る通勤電車がジェットコースターのように走ってくれたらどんなに楽しいか、想像したことはありませんか? この動画は、現在の科学技術では不可能な世界を体験させ …

I’ve done rough estimations on how much power such a train would consume, and whether it’s bearable.Averaged acceleration 0.26GAveraged deceleration is also 0.26GSuch a train, during acceleration (supposed constant) would consume 251MW if it weighted 400 tons, this is roughly 1/4 of the generated power of a single nuclear reactor.On cruise (at 1350km/h, Cd=0.15, S=12m^2), it would consume about 50MW only to overcome air friction. In reality, power would be even greater, because of the motors yield and also air friction, that I neglected during acceleration and deceleration.

Big Smoke : *Follow that damn train, CJ**That train :*

This is actually a cool way to visualize how the airplane you are on is moving relative to the ground

2:18 The horn made me laugh. A horn on a supersonic train would be about as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

For this to be implemented in real life we would need absolutely straight rails or very large turning radius.

Было бы невероятно круто передвигаться с такой скоростью по рельсам, но физику не обманешь.

Imagination was good. I don’t mind traveling at this speed in straight line but look at the curves of the track it scares the shift out of me. I can’t stop imagining the G Force and flying off the track 😂😂😂

Imagine living near the rails and just hear sonic booms every now and then

imagine standing at the train station and suddenly you’ll get killed by the sonic boom of the passing train

О да? 1400 км/ч? Ого. А прикиньте, я разогнал этот поезд до 2800 км/ч, потому что смотрел на х2 скорости. Круто я умею, да?

Idk how they calculated the speed and the time but the effect its achieved is very impressive!

Imagine the g-forces if you actually went round those corners at such speed

Before we build this train we have to upgrade the window on the building to handle shock waves lol

It feels strange… when the train began to slow down in some point I thought “Well, it’s already at a safe and slow speed” then I looked at the speedo and it was still going 400 km/h

It’s strange because objects moving past aren’t the crazy blur I would have expected. The simulation shows a speed that seems very, VERY fast, but not ludicrous or out of control. Very cool!

The train horn wouldn’t be very effective to warn others ahead at Mach 1.0.

i like how the trains passing by are moving on the normal speed, thats awesome

Great job editing! The sound is perfect, I enjoyed this!


Жаль, у нас так “Ласточки” не ходят. Можно было бы из Туапсе в Адлер за 5 мин добираться)

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【新幹線大爆走】東京ー新函館北斗を10分で走らせてみた【最高速度 7,600km/h 車窓シミュレーション】

【新幹線大爆走】東京ー新函館北斗を10分で走らせてみた【最高速度 7,600km/h 車窓シミュレーション】  (c) フェルマータ・スタジオ

(c) フェルマータ・スタジオ マッハ6で走る列車の旅がどんなふうか、想像できますか? この動画は、現在の科学技術では不可能な世界を体験させてくれます。オリジナルの車窓映像とGPSの位置情報 …

This is fake!!!!! He or she has forwarded the video. Because at the end of this video you can clearly see a guy moving fast and then slow.

06:37 乗客全員が右前への激しい横Gに耐えてる姿を想像したらツボった。

La simulaci�n est� muy bien hecha, ya que las nubes no sufren el efecto de aceleraci�n del v�deo, si aceleramos un v�deo el movimiento de las nubes y el tiempo cambia bastante

Любая ракета, выходящая на околоземную орбиту, летит в 4 раза быстрее. А ракеты, которые полетят к Марсу, будут в 16 раз быстрее лететь, от этой скорости!

This was oddly relaxing. Wish I could ride a train in Japan in the future soon

This guys still blurs people’s face at 100 kmh. Respect.

This train just leaves my soul at the other station and my body at the other station..amazing

The fact that this guy intentionally kept the original train broadcast sound at its original speed to make the whole thing much more realistic is just amazing.

Первая космическая скорость) хотелось бы на такой скорости посмотреть отдаление от Земли в космос, выход на орбиту на такую же высоту как этот поезд проехал 750 км)

With this speed train was actually travelling a radius of Earth in one hour


Train next run: ‘Dear passengers, we are about to reach the speed of light! Prepare to probable little shaking! We travel from Tokyo to Osaka, this trip takes about 0.05 seconds! Train is departing!’ 😂

Is there a VR 360� of this video! It would be fantastic! Also, I loved the video in this form too!


Imagine humanity reaching such speeds with trains in the future…, damn….

Insane!!!!with this kind of a train and his rails, you can be from Germany to Russia like half an hour… thats a wow from me seeying this amazing speed

I watched it at 2x speed, so the train speed becomes 7000km/H X2 becomes 14000KM/H

Интересное ускоренное видео , обычный поезд на рельсах улетит за круг земной

Que impresionantes los t�neles que poseen las longitudes que manejan son incre�bles m�s de 8 kil�metros de t�nel

Debe ser dificil imaginarlo, pero con solo 5000 km/h va a 1388 m/s, ya es demasiado para hacerse una idea.Y con los 7600 km/h va tranquilamente a 2111 m/s.Esas curvas dan miedo a esa velocidad, pero supongo que todo ha sido muy estudiado.Con esa velocidad viajamos al futuro. xd

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前代未聞のトリップ感! 伊丹-羽田を時速20,000kmで飛んでみた【ハイパーラプス】

前代未聞のトリップ感! 伊丹-羽田を時速20,000kmで飛んでみた【ハイパーラプス】  (c) フェルマータ・スタジオ

(c) フェルマータ・スタジオ 大阪-東京の所要時間は3分です。ハイパーラプスで遊んでみました。この動画はフィクションです。

Excellent breakes 😀! From 1k to 0 in less than 10secs and no smoke 😀 Greetings!


As fast as rockets can go, no one can beat this plane that goes around 20K km/h




Imagine if an aircraft taxiing in a runway with 800++km/h



Actually with our current innovations we’ll very likely have hypersonic aircraft that fly at the edge of space that can actually fly at those speeds by the end of the century! 🙂


This is more than orbital velocity, any craft at that speed would have trouble not leaving our atmosphere.

At the beginning I thought they were taking off when the pilot was just moving the plane to the runway and completely forgot the fact that they should travel at 20000 km/h in the air haha

This 2 minutes flight makes me feel longer than the actual one. Why is that :))))

If there were a plane that travel at 750,000 km/h, it would arrive from Tepic to S�o Paulo in 2 minutes

This pilot: *_taxiing at the speed of sound_*ATC: “wait, that’s illegal!”


This guy literally thinks speed is a joke for him 🤣.

I guess that you made it from ratio. As I see on time 0:17 – 0:22 (5 sec) , take off. Normally Boeing 747 will take off at speed round 400km/hr , it took round 1.5 minute (90 sec) from stop taxing and wait for straight take off. Ex 400km/h -> 90 sec | 800 km/h ->45sec | 1600km/h -> 22.5sec | 3200km/h -> 11.25sec | 6400km/h -> 5.625sec But yes, I don’t know how the speed of 6400km/h look like, cause it still in imagination, right! 🙂 However, thanks for showing your imagination to me.


異次元のトリップ感! 都心から成田空港へ5分で移動してみた【車窓シミュレーション】

異次元のトリップ感! 都心から成田空港へ5分で移動してみた【車窓シミュレーション】  (c) フェルマータ・スタジオ

(c) フェルマータ・スタジオ 成田空港のアクセスが不便と思ったことはありませんか? この不満を解決するべく、超絶スピードの車窓映像をシミュレートしました。上野から成田空港まで5分間ノン …
















That’s insane. I’m glad it’s only a simulation 🙏




Is this real?!!! I’ve already been on the Shinkansen and generally it rides at about 350km/h


エレベーターを52階から落下させてみた【物理シミュレーション】  (c) フェルマータ・スタジオ

(c) フェルマータ・スタジオ 世界初登場の垂直落下アトラクション『ザ・バンジー・エレベーター』へようこそ!地上52階、高さ250mから最高速度210km/h (分速3500m) で一気に落下します。重さ2トンの …

















エレベーターこのレベルのやつで地面に落下した夢見たな……ガチで飛び起きたし心臓バクバクだった… いやぁぁぁ😭