Marie Kondo(Youtube 動画 pick up)

Marie Kondo(Youtube 動画 pick up) Youtubeおすすめ紹介
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The KonMari Fold | Basics

(c) Marie Kondo Master Marie Kondo’s signature KonMari fold! Learn how to fold your basic clothing items, including tank tops, t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, thin sweaters, pants …

Why does it feel like i just meditated for 25mins? This video was only 4 minutes but felt like a full therapy session

When I first started folding her way I felt satisfaction at making “packages” out of each piece of clothing. They look neat and pretty.

My shirt with prints:I fold it with the design facing outwards (I call it a reverse Konmari)I do this so I know which shirt has prints/logo/picture (they are all lined up vertically in the drawer by colour)The plain ones: I follow the original KonMariBeen doing this for 2 years (combined with minimalism) and loving this!!!!I keep what I’m happy with and what I use!!!!!

When it said firm loving pressure to thank your clothes for supporting you I shook my head and subscribed

I wonder how many people are finally getting around to decluttering now that everyone’s forced to stay home 🤔I don’t fold my clothes EXACTLY like this but I’ve been doing something similar for the last year and it’s been so helpful.

‧͙⁺˚*・༓☾ Time Stamps ☽༓・*˚⁺‧͙0:11 Tank top0:49 T-Shirt1:30 Long Sleeved T-Shirt2:25 Thin Sweater3:17 Pants3:42 Shorts (Hopefully this actually posts this time lol)

I actually really like to hear marie’s voice speaks japanese, it is very calming. Please more video with her voice.

I finally figured it out. I save things out of guilt, my Mom made this for me or it used to be hers; my sister-in-law brought this to me from wherever, ect. I keep more things out of guilt than joy. Hardly anything gives me joy…it’s just stuff.

Okay, now I just need to find a clean flat surface 👀🤔🔎

Hoodies?! They spark the MOST joy, but how the heck do I fold them?!

This girl is amazing! She made a soft skill into her successful career!

This is a game changer. I have so much space in my closet now, and I don’t have to use an ugly rack I was using to fit all my clothes. And its even good for packaging clothes for when you travel. Mad respect to this woman.

The little gap, that’s where I have been going wrong! This video uploaded just when I needed to see it, thank you!

Took me a year after seeing how she folds to bother trying. So glad I finally did well worth the little extra time! Not as hard as I thought

this is the oragami for clothes

I use to hate folding clothes. Now because of Mari I like it, and her decluttering program has changed every aspect of my life!

Ahhh, thank you!! 🙏 I’ve been meaning to organize my closet forever now and I know I have a tendency to overlook my clothes if I can’t see them. Folding them like this and having them “stand” in the closet is going to help so much! 😭👏

As kids we did our own laundrey..nothing got folded or made it into the drawers. If you needed anything, it was in the hamper. By contrast, my wife turns domestic chores into an artform, because she cares! 😁

Thank you Kon Marie for making this video for your folding technique. I’ve seen several videos from other youtubers and they all leave out that little gap when it comes to the “half fold”. Glad I can reference the proper Kon Marie fold staight from the originator!👍🌸

wow, i’ve been folding my clothes like this my whole life but i never knew it was called the “konmari fold”! this is incredibly eye opening! thank you for showing me something so useful and enlightening!

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KonMari Method | Basic Folding Method | KonMari

(c) Marie Kondo Enjoy this video demonstration Marie Kondo’s basic folding method. Want more KonMari illustrations? Check out “Spark Joy”, the best-selling companion to “The …

0:07 – T-shirts0:31 – Long-sleeved tops0:58 – Pants1:18 – Panties1:36 – Trunks1:50 – Briefs

Did I literally just watch a two minute cartoon on how to fold clothes!?

This video Sparks joy🤩

I love that I’ve been organising my undies like this for years, and thought I was a weirdo, but now everyone is realising how much sense it makes with space and organising.

Thank you youtube algorithm for another incredibly helpful video in my recommendations

I really like the folding method.. Thanks Marie Kondo for having a YouTube Channel

I don’t remember anyone teaching me this but I just know this by myself. Is that weird?

I discovered Mario Kondo yesterday night before packing for a trip and it’s legitimately changed the way I do everything. Think I’ll buy her books.

Hello Marie, been watching your NETFLIX videos and have learned a lot from you. About your book, I would love it if you had made a video to go with the book, so we can purchase them as a set. Thank you so much😊

Therapeutic to watch and to do 😍🍃

Thank you! The illustrations really help.

We need a second season on Netflix!

Needing to get my clothes together and organized since my closest has bled into the spare room and my sister is moving in with me for a few years while in school. This will hopefully help me actually use the dresser I tend to avoid using so help free up space and get things sorted

This is just how everyone folds their cloth, except for the rolling at the end, no?

Please make a video for how to fold linens too (sheets, duvets etc)

still having folding problem? dont wear clothes. problem solved!

Basic shirt 0:10Long sleeve top 0:31Pants 1:00

thank you soooo much, just ehat i needed now that i am starting my adult independent life .

Who else came to her channel because of the Netflix series tidying up ❤tht show

I worked in some high end stores and that’s the second thing they teach you how to fold correctly..

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Introducing KonMari

(c) Marie Kondo Marie Kondo introduced the KonMari Method™ in her best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.” The approach is rooted in a single question: …

When you are a hoarder…everything has a high value attached to it. But I am healing from my hoarding habits & I get so much inspiration from you!

MY BEST TIP!!! WHEN YOU CAN’T LET GO of a thing due to an emotional attachment or memories associated with the item (if your afraid you”ll forget a precious memory). TAKE A PICTURE OF THE ITEM & STORE IT IN A “PRECIOUS MEMORY FILE”! Then you’ll have it forever & you can let the item go, plus now the picture takes up NO space!

You are absolutely the most amazing Marie, you changed my life in such a great way. A year ago I read your book and spent months going through everything. I felt so changed since I never knew how to organize until I read your book. Recently I found your show on Netflix and started watching it, now I am going through many areas again and the same feeling of joy that comes from letting go is already setting in. Thank you, thank you, thank you, you are so lovely!

This video in itself is so calming and relaxing!!

cutest person on the earth…..

This new anime looks awesome

“Choose to keep only the things that speak to your heart… and let go of everything else.”

I love you and your work Marie Kondo! Thank you for the joy you bring 🙏🏻😁

Hello Marie! So excited to find your You Tube channel. I have enjoyed your books and now your Netflix program. You are a completely delightful and inspiring person and seeing and hearing you in person makes me happy. I began your organizing method then had a bad knee injury. It took a long time to get it healed and the pain under control. Now it is, but my home has suffered from 15 months of neglect. I am ready to Spark Joy again!!

Ahhh! I love her outfit at the end. Especially that belt!

Just finished my second round of KonMari-ing. My first time was about four years ago. This method is definitely a practice and I highly recommend people start doing it in their early twenties which is when I started. Because the journey of discovering yourself as an individual quickens and u find your life comfort zone much much faster.

Marie, you have truly changed my life for the better. I have an enormous amount of respect for you. Best of luck with this YouTube channel.

Thank you…your books moves my heart and make me tidying up my home…your philosofy about life changing through tidying up energize me to discarded stuff that i dont need anymore…I feel relief to see pile of books, clothes, electronic taken away by people who need it. Now my room neat and spark joy…Thank you very much for the lesson.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this in my life… Give the lady a Nobel Peace prize for making clean up time enjoyable… 👌

You literally changed my entire perspective on… tidying up 🙂 With two kids and working from home, my house was always a mess, my desk was full… and I always said I had no time. With your method, which I started only six days ago, I can say I see my entire house differently. The kitchen is always clean, which was my biggest problem. 🙂 And I have started tidying up all the drawers…. I still have two more rooms, but I take it little by little. Thank you, Marie Kondo, you have saved me!

She sounds like the female voice you hear at the end of animes

This is so much better as every relaxing video tutorial I have ever seen… 💕

Gracias por las ense�anzas y la armonia que transmites!, seria genial que en los subsiguientes videos tambi�n incluyan subtitulos en espa�ol, please!

Why do I feel like Marie Kondo is like a Japanese version of Mary Poppins?!Her shows makes you feel all so warm and fuzzy!so calm

Thanks to you I now appreciate my clothes a whole lot more and I can actually find them!!