書道家 東宮たくみ(おすすめch紹介)

書道家 東宮たくみ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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ブロック体と筆記体でアルファベットを書いてみた  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ #書道家たくみ.

This is so satisfying

Youtube: ultimamente he visto que te gustan los gameplays, te gustaria ver un video de caligrafia?Yo: …bueno, por qu� no

A minha professora, l� nos anos iniciais, ensinava e exigia que soub�ssemos escrever com letra cursiva hehehe mas a maioria das letras nunca usei e foi novidade.

Yep I watched that entire thing.

Cheers to everyone who mentally sang the alphabet song in slow motion as each letter was written

У меня завтра экзамен и что смотрю я сейчас

The perfect handwritten circle doesn’t exi—

Sitting here going “ooh I wonder what letter he’s writing now” like I don’t know the alphabet

Cursive I: who are you?Cursive J: i’m you, but a little more ✨spicy✨

Тем временем мой почерк: 卩尺ㄩᐯ乇ㄒ

Let’s not ignore the fact that he did this in one shot

Ele: letras maravilhosas .Eu: dessas aí só o “I” eu consigo fazer. 🤣🤣😂

When he put the middle line in the letter Z i felt as if the world was at peace


I wonder how many times you must hear “you have such beautiful handwriting 😍”

Aqui na Madrugada aleat�riamente com a mente fixada na tela do celular vendo o cara escrever em um papel o abeced�rio

I wanna try this for a poster I’m making, so glad this video came up in my recommended!edit- *its hard*

This is what your teacher wants when they say ” You should fix your writing “

Great penmanship. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that sometimes he lifted the pencil for the cursive writing. The whole point of cursive is to eliminate the need to lift the pencil to write

I’m not even mad at the algorithm anymore.

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How to write 80 kanji learned by Japanese first graders | handwriting

How to write 80 kanji learned by Japanese first graders | handwriting  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ How to write 80 kanji learned by Japanese first graders | handwriting List of kanji written in this video: 一 右 雨 円 王 音 下 火 花 貝 学 気 九 休 玉 金 空 月 犬 見 五 …

What is the name of the font that you installed to your hand?

月:🌙moon火:🔥fire水:💧💦water木:🌲wood金:💰gold土: soil日:☀️SunThe weekly

ok but imagine having to write an essay in Japanese on paper and actually writing fast- mad respect

The horror of learning this is seeing it in a different font.

“English is hard.”Japan: “Hold my kana.”

“What’s your favorite kanji?”Me: 一

me: trying to study geography before my examsYoutube: so what about hypnotic japanese handwriting videos?

Me who is learning Chinese but knows this is Kanji: “Ah yes I know this.”

Can we appreciate that he put the meaning in 6 different languages.

I love how “tree” times two equals “woods”, and “tree” times three equals “forest”. JUST DRAW MORE TREES

I love how he translated kanji to 5 different languages. That’s education pure out of his heart.

i will never forget 雨 because it totally looks like rain on a window

After being exposed to Japanese culture for so long…might as well pick up calligraphy and learning how to write lol.11:40 is my favorite one.

Bruh I was wondering why they were writing so slow, In my head I was like “they won’t be able to finish a single damn essay” then I realized, 1st graders don’t do essays

A perfect Japanese handwriting doesn’t exis-

me: watches a one kanji videoyoutube reccomendations: *you are japanese now*

Amazing work 😍😍👍👍

Kanji isn’t hard, just really time consuming and need constant repetition initially, rare readings is something you need to go back and check on every once in a while. I know it looks really intimidating.

The thing is, these letters are actually from the chinese language. Same meaning, different pronunciation

This is the first time I see stuff translated to Arabic. It was so nice to see! Also this video is literally free therapy

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世界で最も難しい漢字を書いてみた  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ ファンレター・プレゼントの送り先については 下記までご送付いただきますようお願いします。 〒104-0061 東京都中央区銀座4-13-18 医療ビル6F オフィスたくみ 宛 ※必ず …

My therapist: “Colossal 辶 isn’t real, it can’t hurt you.”Colossal 辶:

*_That is not a kanji, that’s a QR._*

Hiragagana : cuteKatakana : bladesKanji: buildings

And that kids is how we write “the” in Japanese!

Super amazing 😍😍💖💖🙏

Imagine trying to read it at a normal font size 😂

Japanese be like: *Oh, this is pronounced “kyō”*

Teacher : Aight,so what is the longest word to writeStudent : Its pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis!The japanease kid behind him :

This kanji better have the meaning of life in it or else it’s not worth the time

That one kid who’s writing looks better than my drawings.

my japanese teacher: oh yeah we’re just doing weather and stuffthe test:

This is not a kanji, this is a floor plan.


It means the noise a tiger makes when it’s about to bite someone

I’m trying to interpret the meaning of all the characters if you put them together, and my conclusion is it doesn’t make any sense.

this is not writing, this is drawing.

This kanji: guys, I can explain䨺: you’re getting that many strokes? I only get 36!癰: 36? I barely take 20!一: y’all are getting strokes?

Tarea del jard�n: escrib� tu nombre 10 vecesEl pibe que tiene este kanji en su nombre: AAAAAAAAA

That ain’t no letter, that’s a whole drawing


Print vs Handwriting | Satisfying pencil Cursive handwriting

Print vs Handwriting | Satisfying pencil Cursive handwriting  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ Print vs Handwriting | Satisfying pencil Cursive handwriting pencil : MITSU-BISHI Hi-uni 6B.

Don’t worry, here’s an English comment😂

…I’ve just realised that I will literally watch anything on YouTube.

As a person who has horrible hand-writing that’s annoyingly beautiful



This is so much a prettier style than what I learned in school, I imagine people writing like this 100 years ago.

This is actually calligraphic print, not cursive at all, but it is pretty.



For some reason this was more satisfying than the slime videos.



I was taught cursive much differently when I was in school.

Why does the pencil he’s using look like it has super soft lead

Asian son: “look at my handwriting dad!”Asian dad: disappointed that son will never be a doctor.


I’ve never before seen such a smooth writing pencil.

Well, that was quite enjoyable. I don’t know why, but it was. The ‘S’ was a little odd to me. Next time maybe the lower case letters too? Thank you!

day 12 of quarantine:watching some guy do calligraphy



ひらがなの練習プリントをやってみた  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ #ひらがな.

who told you that you could have that good of a pencil

a good pencil will make the writing good🔥🔥🔥

Maybe this is the reason why Japanese, Chinese, and Koreans are the leading country when it comes to animation and drawings, their letter is already an art in itself lmao.

As a left-handed person, pencils scare me.

Brain: looks easy, we can do that!Hands: の

As someone whose just starting out on learning Japanese ( I can barely count to ten~) this is incredibly helpful! ありがとう!

I don’t know why I’m here because I’m part Japanese, but my handwriting is like those scribbles you make when you’re stressed lol.

Damn. That pencil is so smooth I was doubting it for a pen in disguise at the start of the video 😓😱😂

Just learned more japanese reading the japanese comments than studying

이 사람이 쓰는 필기구는 왜 다 좋아보이지…내가 쓰면 걍 연필 볼펜일텐데

Welcome to another episode of “where youtube quarantine brought me” we will be right back after 5 years.

T�tulo en espa�olEscribiendo en japon�sComentarios en ingl�sYo: Bienvenidos a juegos mentales

연필이,,필압 조절이 되는 도구였구나,,,

연필 왜이리 잘써지는거 같냐

Never know watching a random person writing could be so satisfying

일본어 1도 모르는데 연필이랑 필체에 홀린 듯 들어옴..


Idk why this appeared in my recommendations, but I can say this is so satisfying to watch

연필로 저렇게 예쁜 글씨가 가능하다니…ㄷㄷ

I’ve been doing my Japanese hiragan practice worksheets yesterday, this one is just too satisfying. Thank you for blessing me eyes with this 😂💜

【習字】全力でボケて先生をあきれさせる書道部の中学生 #Shorts

【習字】全力でボケて先生をあきれさせる書道部の中学生 #Shorts  (c) 書道家 東宮たくみ

(c) 書道家 東宮たくみ チャンネル登録お願いします! https://www.youtube.com/user/takumitohgu?sub_confirmation=1 【動画で使用しているビデオカメラ】 ソニー SONY ビデオカメラ …













先生 「おい!なんで氏名って書いてんだww」内心(なんでこんな字うめぇんだ…)






栄光 みたいな画数少なくてかつ左右対称の字綺麗に書けるのマジで尊敬する。