samseats(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Ratatouille #shorts

Ratatouille #shorts  (c) samseats

(c) samseats Recipe: https: FOLLOW ME: Instagram: TikTok: …

A French classic reinvented for the film we all love and know. Credit to Thomas Keller, the creator of this dish. Link in description for full recipe 🐀

if only cooking was this easy

“Is Mayonnaise an instrument.””No, Patrick, Mayonnaise is not an instrument.”Sam: *plays this*

mom: he’s gonna be a chef!dad: he’s gonna be a musician! the child:thank for 1k likes lol

Restaurants be like: *”yea we need that shit on our menu, that should cost about $99,999,999.99″*

My dad who’s a chef literally said “thats a great ratatouille he should be a chef”

Did you make music for cooking or did you cook for music..? 😄💕

He really need albums for his music.

I love how every single thing makes melodies

I was half expecting him to transcend into a flashback when he took a bite

I love how it is perfectly sounded in every thing

Not me rapping to this-

Damn the sounds are so in sync this is pure asmr

Everyone in the comments saying he’s going to be a fantastic chief Me: he would be an wonderful musician

SPECIAL FOR YOU KISSLOVE.UNOGaze: “Amazed”Lips: “Sensual”Smile: “Sweeter”Body: “Colder”Жизнь, как красивая мелодия, только песни перепутались.#однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #垃圾

Someone PLEASE make a song out of this 🙏🏻

So basically this is cooked vegetables with a vegetable sauce.

I love how he nods in satisfaction everytime he tries the final product, you just know that what he cooked is delicious xD

I just love how this guy makes music with the gastronomy

The way he did it was so ✨satisfying ✨

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Moules-frites #shorts

Moules-frites #shorts  (c) samseats

(c) samseats Full Tutorial: Moules-frites – A Belgian & French classic. Had so much fun filming this video! FOLLOW ME: Instagram: …

Full length video / tutorial now up on my channel! Go check it out, link in description 🤙🏼

You gotta love the fact that he didn’t buy the mussels, literally fresh from the OCEAN.

Let’s just appreciate the fact that he made his cooking sound like a song 🤩

This man really just went scuba diving to get the food that he’s gonna cook just for a TikTok/YouTube ShortsI don’t usually like TikTok much but that right there is dedication and I respect that

Me: Hmm mussels and fries huh? This one should be simpler than most of his other videos.*dives for fresh mussels*

This is where everyone meets in harmony. Satisfactory food, music, genuine aesthetics, asmr, ocd and lately, scuba divers and beach lovers too.

His dedication… plucking mussels fresh from the ocean… making his own fries… this man is AMAZING

That satisfying sound in the back can make a whole tune for a song lol, the beats r goodd

I love the fact that he’s so put together with his cooking I literally love it😁😍

My man actually went out to catch his food. Binging with Babish would be very proud.

Mom: “hes going to be a musician!”Dad: “No he’s going to be a chef!”*22 years later:*

Imagine swimming through the ocean just to make a video Respect for this guy, ur work hard 👏

legit went outside into the ocean and recorded himself to get one of the food needed for the video. respect

this is literally the most satisfying thing I have ever seen

As someone who loves making everything from scratch, this is one of my favorite channels!!

At this point I feel like he made his entire set of kitchen equipment by smelting and then smithing the knives by himself

I love how it comes in a beautiful tune ❤

That was the most relaxing satisfying thing to watch/ listen to.

The rhythm is just perfect✨

The cooking should be made a soundtrack!😂

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CHICKEN WINGS #shorts  (c) samseats

(c) samseats Buffalo wings, lemon pepper wings and a blue cheese dip. Recipe out soon! FOLLOW ME: Instagram: TikTok: …

“So what instrument do you play?””Guitar””Violin”This guy : “Food”

This is what happens when a musician also does cooking.

Damn, I can’t decide if I’m more impressed by his ability or his attention to detail!!!Everything from scratch?Let the church say AMEN 🙏🏾!!!

We can all agree that he makes an epic music montage while cookng

This is actually more soothing than a lot a the ASMR’s out there. Keep it up Sam!

“So, what kind of music do you like?”” *Food* “

Is it just me or did he just make the best beat I’ve ever heard

This man is literally Nivk Divigonni and Jovi Greene mixed keep it up mate you’re doing a fantastic job

The music beat matches so perfectly 🌹

I like how he cooks everything even the sauces from scratch

can’t wait for the recipe to come out and make this it look really good

I love how this is supposed to be a tutorial and we find it satisfying 😂

The way he is cooking is goddam another level of talent

The music he made is Wonderful!!!🤩

This is what happens when a perfectionist gets cooking

i just keep watching your videos and i’m in love with them 😍😍

“is food an instrument?” -Sam

Bro the food looks so good and the process of making the food was so satisfying

I love how he says let’s do some cooking after actually cooking the dish

Dad: he’s going to be a chefMom: no he’s going to be a musicianThe guy:


SHOYU RAMEN #shorts  (c) samseats

(c) samseats Credit to @Ramen_lord on Reddit for the amazing recipe inspiration FOLLOW ME: Instagram:​​ TikTok: …

This guy is legit. Every single Japanese person including myself would just give him a standing ovation with tears in their eyes

I’m from Japan.That’s exactly the AUTHENTIC Japanese-styled ramen.Incredible guy!

dude, even japanese people came out to comment on your ramen. that requires some quality. keep it up!

Uncle Roger should see this! This guy deserves a lot of appreciation 🤩🤩

“Lets do some cooking”**drops the beat**

Hi I’m from Japan. Though it’s a lot easier to get all ingredients, I’ve never intended to make this perfect ramen!! He’s amazing cook.

I can imagine Goku, Beerus and Whis drooling over it

As a Japanese wannabe, I can say that his skills are superb

I admire this dude being able to make the dashi from the start. I don’t think most restaurants in the us really consider the dashi (I may be wrong) but still impressive



The way he says let’s do some cooking is so good that it’ll hypnotized a lazy person to cook 😳❤️🥂

As an instant ramen devourer, I can confirm that this ramen is great.

This sounded musical to my ears! 💚

Soooo impressive!!! The process of Dashi and Kaeshi… すごいー!めっちゃ本格的やん👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻It’s to the perfection!!!

He: Let’s do some cookingMe: That’s a lot of cooking 😵


Fun fact: he making these beats so were not bored while he is cooking delicious meals


I like how you do everything from scratch, like the noodles 😍

Beef Rendang #shorts

Beef Rendang #shorts  (c) samseats

(c) samseats Recipe: FOLLOW ME: Instagram: TikTok: …

Full written recipe link in description 🔥

The fact that he sanded and sealed the coconut shell tho…. Respect!

Makes me remember how tender and flavourful rendang is especially on top of Nasi Padang 🥺 An absolute heaven on earth!

Ok my grandma used to make rendang a lot but YOU LITERALLY MAKE UR OWN COCONUT MILK…your a god tier chef Sam..

How to eat beef rendang the Indonesian way:Step 1: get a plate and scoop some rice and make sure is not steaming hotStep 2: yeet the spoon, F spoon use hand Step 3:pour some rendang seasoning to the riceStep 4: mix the rice with the rendang seasoningStep 5: E A TAnd there you have how to eat beef rendang the Indonesian way approved by me, an Indonesian

This dude cooks so perfectly, if I can find a word higher than perfect, I would use it.. Dude even make his own coconut milk :”)

As an Indonesian,this is PERFECT, I appreciate his effort making the ricebowl from coconut, it’s too fancy even for me 😂😂

The way he shows more work more joy makes the magic behind these reels this is the only time I felt that YouTube did better by adding the reel feature. 😄

I love his style of cooking it’s so satisfying and the music on point

The efforts he put in this video just WOW! Instead of getting instant coconut milk , he done it from scratch. And also creative by making a bowl with the ‘tempurung kelapa’ Respect bro 👍🏻

It’s really take a n efort and long time to make rendang as good as it is, so this man is a whole talented.

asian when they saw him rinse the rice: **proud**

Wow, i’m impressed you actually made the Rendang so accurate!

My mother loves to cook rendang, especially during Eid al-Adha, greetings from Indonesia😍

Seeing this, I will not be able to learn to cook, but it is nice to see and pleasant to hear… 😅

At last I understood he saying ” let’s do some cooking” today . I thought it was the recipe name before😂I enjoy his music with cooking

Asians get heart attack while seeing how he grinds coconuts 😂

* When you wanted to become a musician but your parents force you to be a chef*💯

My mom always make rendang at eid al adha big day this food from indonesian and i so proud you cook that

As an Indonesian and Rendang Lover, i’am glad to watch this