MOGUMOGU (おいしいエンタメ)(おすすめch紹介)

MOGUMOGU (おいしいエンタメ)(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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キャベツ焼き お好み焼き(小) 職人の早業 – Okonomiyaki Stall – Japanese Street food – .5 作り方 大阪 難波 160円

キャベツ焼き お好み焼き(小) 職人の早業 - Okonomiyaki Stall - Japanese Street food - $1.5 作り方 大阪 難波 160円  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ キャベツ焼き 難波店 (Kyabetsu yaki) ℹ️創業25年目大阪名物のキャベツ焼き。1個160円という驚きの安さ! キャベツ焼きを焼いて13年の店長の職人技は必見です。

I am so amazed by the fact that the eggs are flying 😅

Que habilidade!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

It bothers me that he didn’t flip them in the order that he started pouring them

Что за мешанина ?

Tirando a agilidade de jogar os ovos de resto faria e r�pido com certeza, falo de experi�ncia 33 anos de pr�tica.

When he put the sauce on, the first half was in perfect timing to my washing machine.

Ser� que gosto tem? Fiquei com vontade de provar, kkk parab�ns queria fazer uns lanches assim

Неправильно он не стой стороны переворачивать начал

Дополнение к рубрике “мой батя готовит адовые блюда”

Literalmente eu na cozinha :Confia que vai dar tudo certis .

Estou precisando de 1 funcionário desse🤔

This guy just did his meal prep for the entire week in 10 minutes

А может переворачивать с начала? Там раньше начался процесс приготовления? Желтки разлились. Грубо, как корм для свиней.

Making one, seems fairly easy. Now making the whole lot, seems a bit tedious.

I can’t finish this… the anxiety I’m experiencing thinking the first one is burning while he’s still pouring a million other ones😶 is killing me.

Есть несколько фраз в русском языке, которые описывают это шоу… Увиденное мной.- тяп-ляп. – наотъе6ись.Быстрых рук не видно. Такое даже есть не охота после увиденного…

My mom would whip my ass if I were throwing eggs in the kitchen like that

Такую жрачку я курям своим готовлю ито чуть окуратней 😃🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷

So if you want extra toppings, ask for the one closest to the outside when you’re ordering.

Bro the amount of different languages in this comment section is just amazing

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【PAPABUBBLE|パパブブレ】飴細工職人による手作りキャンディーの作り方|Handmade Candy Making|Japanese Street Food|사탕 수제캔디|手工糖果・糖果製作

【PAPABUBBLE|パパブブレ】飴細工職人による手作りキャンディーの作り方|Handmade Candy Making|Japanese Street Food|사탕 수제캔디|手工糖果・糖果製作  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ PAPABUBBLE (パパブブレ)大丸心斎橋店 世界一おもしろいお菓子屋さんを目指すアート・ キャンディ・ショップ『パパブブレ』さん。 キャンディー作りの実演は驚きの連続で …

Fantastic 😍

Anyone else suddenly wondering how these girls aren’t super buff from all of this on a daily basis? Lol

Imagine applying for your first job and you have to do this

them working together to make these little candies is like a choreographed dance <3

I feel like a kid watching this. Incredibly calming.

Большая конфета была лучше, чем маленькие конфеты.

Me wanting to do this growing up: My arms: So you choose death

Mom’s gonna be awful mad when she finds out you used her sewing scissors for this!

Dude, The amount of effort they put on making the candies is just amazing

“no eating in class”the kids in the back:

Imagine how hard it must be to make those things alone. Having to knead each one so they dont turn hard, then having to organize the patterns…It’s scary.

I lost my shit when she pulled out the tiny anvil

All that kneading is making my wrists hurt just looking at it. I have a new-found appreciation for the craft of candy-making.

Something oddly satisfying about watching them break the candy into small pieces.

For people who never eat these: they have that sugar taste to it they could add flavour with it but it’s mostly sugary

My childhood dream was to taste them

I just love how they do this without even talking.. they know their roles so well😩🧡

4:33 damn that was smooth

STRENGTH…PRECISION…SPEED….Plot twist: they’re training to become the most powerful beings in the universe

I love that they actually like doing their job must be fun making candy! If I worked there I would be kind of sad that I can’t eat the candy it’s so hard to resist! Especially for me because I have a sugar tooth

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おもしろ店主のいる屋台ラーメン|Old Style Ramen Stall in Tokyo|Japanese Street Food|雪虎|拉面・라면|

おもしろ店主のいる屋台ラーメン|Old Style Ramen Stall in Tokyo|Japanese Street Food|雪虎|拉面・라면|  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ 雪虎(ゆきとら) ・ラーメン 700円 ・チャーシュー麺 900円 Google Map 東京,水道橋(Tokyo,Suidobashi) …

I added subtitles in several languages. Not just English.Are the subtitles translated well? Please tell me what you think of your country’s language. I will refer to it in the future! I plan to translate more videos on this channel.- Subtitled Videos Playlist - also changed the video title and description for each country. I would like to globalize this Youtube channel 🌍And I’m going to shoot a new ramen stall video. Please look forward to it!😋🍜

Soon these will extinct. They are the best Ramens around.

You know the food is gonna be good when:-The menu is all worn out-The chef is a old guy-The food is cheap

I am just a random Russian guy, who got this in “recommended”, but i truly appreciate it, because the mood in this video is just as amazing, as the ramen)

This is how I imagine the phrase, “If you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” looks like. I’m sure it’s a lot tougher than it looks, but obviously he loves what he does and I’m sure every time he sets up his stall, he feels fulfillment out of bringing other people joy and sharing a moment with each and every one of his customers.

This tradition will never die in Japan, its one of the most bucket list of tourist who go there.

Imagine a cold, late at night, after work on your way back home to be greeted by a warm, delicious, bowl of ramen and a father-like chef.

I really hope this video helps promote his shop. He’s so hardworking

Idk how im describe it… this video is heartwarming and heartbreaking for me in the same time

Watching this video bring tears to my eyes.My dad also have similiar job like him, we have a restaurant shop house, growing up i knew how hard my parents are working, they sleep at 11-12 PM, wake up at 4-5AM. My room is beside theirs so i notice. I literally crying while typing. My mom always pray for the family early morning, my dad is a hard worker, now sadly their physical condition is slowly decreasing. Please cherish your parents if/while they are still alive. Really you never know how seriously precious your parents are until they are gone.

Back breaking, honest, thorough work. His back is already covered in sweat before he started because that cart is mighty heavy. So much respect for people who take pride in what they do.

Plot twist:That old guy is a big time yakuza boss and his hobby is making ramen.

I kinda hoped kiryu would come out of nowhere and order his food

Damn. The owner is really cool when he talk about that girl customer. 🤣

水道橋の高架下のラーメン屋さん、懐かしいです!昨年卒業した大学の最寄り駅で、帰る際にいつも気になってました 1回くらい食べてみれば良かったな

I love to see hard working people like this. Looking at the stall you will know he is doing this for a long time, having a long experience in cooking and customer service i bet his ramen is the best and can humor you while eating.

Que presentación 😍😍😍… y pensar que es en un puesto ambulante

It’s sad these things are on the wane. I read one entire prefecture only has a single one of these.

when you cook with love and care this is what happens, and you realize it.❣

Eating that delicious dish of Ramen while watching favourite animes

うなぎ 田代の1日に密着 – 職人の早捌き – Day in the Life of a Grilled Eel Master – Japanese Street Food

うなぎ 田代の1日に密着 - 職人の早捌き - Day in the Life of a Grilled Eel Master - Japanese Street Food  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ うなぎ 田代(Unagi Tashiro) Another video of this shop. (Grilled Eel Master’s kitchen – Overhead view in kitchen) うなぎ 田代さんの厨房を定点カメラで撮影した動画は …

It is a very popular eel shop where all the reservations for the day are already filled before the store opens.And this time I added subtitles from several countries. I plan to add subtitles to past and new videos. Please looking forward to.😊👍- Subtitled Videos Playlist -

Delicious 👍

I love how he makes use of used Chopstix. Love it. No waste. Very productive.

8:47 amazing cutting skills

I knew he was a master when he casually put his hands in the fire

Really impressed on his skill

Ugh i just ate but just watching him processing those eels and grilling them makes me hungry again like i havent eaten 😬😕 grilled over coals..smoky and delicious!! 😋😋😋 So fresh!!

Les anguilles c’est un des poissons que je préfère ☺Merci à ce monsieur qui régale ces clients ♥

terima kasih hiburan videonya. Sangat lengkap dan jelas proses memasak sampai penyajiannya.

i love when the master care about quality not how many he can squish into his small bunker.

Oh man, that looks delicious af. Mouth is watering haha

I have so much respect for him, he works so hard.

Damn, sounds like I need to BYOE to get a meal at this shop. Bring-Your-Own-Eel.

I wish I was an invisible man.I can imagine what kinda crazy things I would look at in private.🤣

I wish i would have seen this video eelier in my life. *I’m eely impressed*

Я хочу в Японию))

Since i watched this video, i just dont want to be a Eel in my next Life

This looks amazing. Dude needs to expand his shop lol

Japan ~길거리장어구이&&&♡맛있겠다…delicious 😋 .👍 ~~

Daaaaamn the way he just rips it open then cuts out the spine!!!! Mortal Kombat!!!

西成ホルモン屋台に密着!Old Style Meat Stall – Grandpa’s butcher shop – Japanese Street Food – 丸八精肉店 焼肉 Hormone

西成ホルモン屋台に密着!Old Style Meat Stall - Grandpa’s butcher shop - Japanese Street Food - 丸八精肉店 焼肉 Hormone  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ 丸八精肉店 ℹ️50年以上もホルモンを焼き続けているおじいちゃんがいる丸八精肉店。 店主さんが朝の開店準備をしている間に、現在も1−2時間程ホルモンを焼いています。


i would cry on every bite i take from a cook that have 50 years of XP

12:18 O..M…G ❤️ Liver is my favorite in any way of cook. Yummy 🤤🤤 I have to grab a drink and some snack during this video. Hope the lagacy live on.

Спасибо за видео.Удачи Японии и японцам !

This old man is the most worthy to be respected… I wish I can see my grandpa’s face again even though he is no longer here with me

Sensacional!!! Adoraria comer todas essa iguarias, e a educação do senhor que prepara é notável! 👏👏

This looks so good! Would definitely visit him next time I’m there

as a mexican I’m drooling of the thought of devouring these with some tortillas lol

I can’t believe I just see bangla caption….. thanks a lot dude…..💜

Жареный ливер! Аригатто годзаимас, мино сан!!!

you are very socialable in the video, i really like the interaction! great video and respect for grandpa <3

0:43Behold the God of all meat cleavers haha. Would love one for myself.

What generous old man… Wish you stay healthy

おじいちゃん長寿、健康長寿を祈っています 🔥🔥

Обожаю ливер. Так вкусно готовил, просто жуть.


Japan people are very generous and granpa is one of them, not only he talk with the camera man time to time,he also get free innards,he doesnt want the camera man to just watch it,but also taste shares the food that he had been doing for decades, grandpa’s way of saying that its not about money its about something that everyone can eat and enjoy❤❤, long live grandpa❤

In Andean Countries we have similar food, very delicious! Nice video!

Seems and smells good i think

私はロシアから来て、私はあなたの国を非常に愛しています。 職業のいずれかに対するあなたの態度は、全世界の尊敬に値する。 ビデオをありがとう。 敬意を表します

【屋台ラーメンに密着‼️】Old Style Ramen Stall・Truck Yatai|屋台の組み立てから一杯のラーメンができるまで|Japanese Street Food|千葉県 多楽福亭

【屋台ラーメンに密着‼️】Old Style Ramen Stall・Truck Yatai|屋台の組み立てから一杯のラーメンができるまで|Japanese Street Food|千葉県 多楽福亭  (c) MOGUMOGU - Food Entertainment - モグモグ

(c) MOGUMOGU – Food Entertainment – モグモグ 屋台ラーメン 多楽福亭(Yatai Ramen Tarafukutei) ラーメン:700円 チャーシューメン:1100円 煮たまご:100円 Ramen:6.69USD Char-siu men:10.52USD Ramen …

Imagine after an overtime work and eating this at 10pm. Must be great

respect all old men everywhere like him, hopefully always healthy and family and protected from the unexpected

As charming as the handcarts are, this setup makes more sense in this day and age.

I envy Japan for preserving this tradition of old style ramen stall, you can tell that the chef make your Ramen with art, passion and love.

His little truck restaurant is so cozy and comfortable to eat because its a humble work with pride. Greetings to you grandfather! Peace and Love from Sweden. This is way better to vlog this normal life job as a free man with passion to serve food.

This guy right here, he selling his stuff just to get a better life they deserve and I will always buy from guy like this to support them. They just want to selling theirs stuff and want to make people are them to be happy. What a wholesome guy

Wow setting up things alone takes a lot of time. Blessings to him and his ramen stall! ❤️

Most of the time these kind of stalls have the most Authentic taste specially if the Maker/cook is a Senior Citizen. They always use the same ingredients when they started the Ramen business. Godbless grandpa 🙂 Love from Philippines.


Bless this man,i hope he sold a lot of ramen

I’ve got only one word for this vedioSATISFYING


He said he was going to somewhere else at the end of the year and was looking for a new place to go. I wonder where he must be right now.

I am watching this at 3 a.m. ,and now I’m going to cook instant noodles and pretend it’s real ramen 🍜 hello tomorrow’s heartburn

This is wholesome, making an honest living and perfecting his craft. Hard working man.

It’s ingenious how not a single inch of space on the back of that truck is wasted. Everything has a purpose to maximize functionality and the customer experience.

Japanese Street food looks like the equivalent of what i would get in a fine dining restaurant in my country

I wish we had this in Tulsa. I’d be there a few times a week.

Such a cute little place, I wish him sold lots of noodles and have a good life.

watching cartoons like Doraemon, and seeing these trucks these things have such a lovely charm to them