古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life(おすすめch紹介)

古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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天空の古民家で暮らしてみた|かまど炊きご飯|農家民宿ほつむら|水窪町【田舎暮らし】Days at Kominka(old house) in the sky【Countryside in Japan】

天空の古民家で暮らしてみた|かまど炊きご飯|農家民宿ほつむら|水窪町【田舎暮らし】Days at Kominka(old house) in the sky【Countryside in Japan】  (c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life

(c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life 伊豆に移住して田舎暮らし。古民家で一人暮らしをしています。 静岡県浜松市天竜区水窪町の天空の古民家(農家民宿ほつむら)で山 …

As one of his channel’s viewers, I am happy to share how much I was moved by his videos.Also I am very touched to know many people in the world can be healed by this video. Even though the language and culture may be different, the values in life are the same, aren’t they⁉︎古民家さんの動画の素晴らしさに、日本のいち視聴者として毎回感動しています。世界の多くの方がこの動画を観て感動されていることを知ることも本当に嬉しいです。言葉や文化が違ってもみな同じことに人生の価値を感じられる・・・普遍の価値って世界共通なんですね!

Tienes una forma de vivir que se antoja deliciosa, qu� linda es la vida que llevas. Saludos desde M�xico!

The thing I loved most about this video was how calming everything feels. From your shot sequence, simple subtitles, choice of ASMR scenes without music, and then beautiful composition of shots; the whole time I felt like I was reading a short story by simply watching this video. Very nice, keep it up! Loved this video!

I just moved to Japan and I find the villages off the beaten path are the best places to recharge your soul. Thank you for posting! I want to check that place out now.

When I went to Japan, all I experienced in my 3 months vacation was the hi-tech side of Japan. Seeing this video made me realize that the countryside is much more cooler and free. I’ll deffy go back to Japan once this covid stops.

This was so relaxing to watch. I really loved being able to join you on this trip! Thanks for sharing this with us <3

i want to live in a place like this. more than 10 years ago when i first went to study abroad to Japan i thought everything was so quiet i didn’t get used to it… but after i getting more older (almost 40 woaa i didn’t realize) i tend to search a quiet place and would like to spent my old life in remote place like this

I was just having a super stressful time, then opened yt and this appeared on my recommended feed. Watched it. Now I feel much more relaxed and an enormous sense of gratitude which I wasn’t expecting. The glorious mountains really make you put things into perspective, and this is only a video, imagine being there in person. Along with the serenity and peace felt throughout the video, it really made me feel so thankful for all the beauty and wonders in our beloved planet Earth. And even though life will always present its challenges, there’s a whole lot more to be grateful for, showing us that, despite what the darker sides of our minds sometimes tell us, life really is worth living. You are valuable, beautiful and worthy of a happy life full of blessings. Thank you very much to the creator of this video, you’re doing a great work, this really warmed my heart, you’ve gained a subscriber😊🙏🏼

It’s sad that old villages like that is disappearing. It has history & so many stories to tell. I’m moved by watching this video. Very calming & peaceful. I hope & pray that your channel reaches one million subscribers. I wish you great success. Sending you good vibes & much love from New York.

This was a beautiful episode, such a beautiful house, offering so many options. There must be city dwellers in Japan that wish for a holiday up in the mountains. Once a person has feel of fresh air and mountains, they will keep on going back to it.

Your house feels so peaceful and the view just amazing. So many places in Japan look so old, yet are kept so well. When i go to Japan i always try to go out to the small towns away from the main cities. The only issue is accommodation, but seems more retire couples are putting their rooms in airbnb so maybe after the pandemic i can come back and visit places like your old house.

The place looks beautiful. I love how all the old stuff is still used too. I don’t know how to describe it well but you can tell when a place or stuff are cared for and loved and that whole place was full of it. Its a vibe I have only encountered in real life like 5 times. Its full of a quiet everyday living history.

I used to live in the North of Japan and drive on small roads weekly, it’s so scary because they are not used often but the views were amazing. It feels like going to your own world. Thank you for this video, it was very nice and relaxing. 😌

Thank you. This is so inspiring. I go to the mountains in my own country to get away from it all, but I would love to visit that little village in the sky, to gaze upon the glory of nature. The simplicity and harmony I felt watching this was so soothing, even the ancient ways of cooking. I can’t wait to visit the countryside of Japan, the Japan that is dying out, because that is the basis of your culture, the purity of Japanese artistry. Again, thank you.

Me encantó ver al perrito. 🐕Gracias por compartir tus experiencias, tus viajes. 👍

Que lugar más hermoso, es una pena que esté desapareciendo. El video me encantó, muy relajante, me llenó de paz. Me gustaría ir ahí algún día, yo anhelo vivir una vida como esa, una vida tranquila. Ya estoy suscrita a tu canal entonces creo que el deseo se te está cumpliendo. Saludos desde Costa Rica 🇨🇷 🙋🏻‍♀️

I love mountains too. This cozy village and the huge mountain’s peaks around are just stunning. It’s truly a healing place in the sky to adore nature, enjoy the silence, and maintain peace in mind. Hope Mr. Fujitani will succeed in preserving the village, it’s worthing it!

i have always loved Japan even if i haven’t been there. was planning to go there but the pandemic came and it didn’t happen. i’m so happy i found your channel. feels like i travelled around Japan already. 😊

Gracias por enseñarme los lugares tan maravillosos que hay en ese lindo país 🥰🥰🥰

You know you are seeing something universally human when you don’t need to understand the language to know what is going on. Love it!

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庭にピザ窯を作って自作のピザを焼いてみた【簡単なピザ窯の作り方】  (c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life

(c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life 伊豆に移住して田舎暮らしを始めました。古民家で一人暮らしをしています。 今回は庭に作ったピザ窯でピザを焼いて楽しんだ日の様子を …


The flour will just get absorbed into the dough and make it stick to the stone. Preheat the pizza stone in the hot oven for 20 minutes. Give the pizza peel a good dusting of cornmeal before placing the pizza on it. This will help the pizza to slide off the peel and onto the stone easier. The cornmeal will also prevent the dough from sticking to the stone. Preheating the stone will also give the pizza a nice crispy bottom and help it to cook in the center. Add your toppings, then slide the pizza from the peel onto the heated stone.

To lubricate your pizza from the pizza-stone use corn meal, not flour…it will release your pizza with no stick! Also you should ‘cure’ your stone with oil and then bake it several rounds of oil and bake to make it smoother and easier to move pizzas on and off of it.

You risk breaking the stone with sudden temperature changes. Putting a cold stone into a hot oven often causes thermal shock and breakage. Sprinkle a little cornmeal onto your pizza peel and then place your pizza on the peel and slide it onto the preheated stone. It can help prevent sticking. You can also quickly sprinkle a very small amount of cornmeal on the stone just prior to putting the pizza on it.Cutting the pizza on the stone can be detrimental to your stone and your pizza cutter. Once you have the sticking issue resolved, you should be able to easily get it on your peel so you can cut it on a board.Also, it would be easier for you if you had a square stone that was similar in size to the baking floor of your oven. You won’t risk the pizza sliding off the stone when you use your peel. Is there a flat side to the stone? I would imagine there is. If so, baking on the flat side will also help. My pizza stone lives in my oven. It never comes out except for cleaning when it is cool.

I love the DYI stove! As for the baking part, the dough stuck because the round stone is cold. It is meant to place inside the oven to heat up, to hold up much higher temperature, then place the dough on to to bake. There is a certain temperature for pizza, do google for answer.

1) Put stone in oven (logo facing down) and let it heat up2) Prepare your pizza3) Put some flour or semolina on your pizza peel and transfer pizza onto it. Make sure it doesn’t stick.4) Place pizza onto stone and let it bake5) Enjoy!

If you can find “Semolina” flour, use it, sprinkle a bit on pre heated pizza baking stone. It should work very well.

That’s the exact way we build our stone oven in Turkey 🙂 Great Channel you have here! So inspiring and mesmerising <3

Bro couple of tips, put your stone in the oven and make your pizza on the peel. You want the cooking surface as hot as possible. Use flour, corn meal, or semolina flour on your peel so it slides off. You could probably do without the pizza stone altogether and just cook on the brick, this will get you the best heat transfer and a crispy bottom. An infrared thermometer might be a good idea as well, temp the stone/brick before you put the pizza in and ensure the temp is around 500 degrees celsius. This will give you a crispy bottom and nice caramelization of the dough and cheese and the high direct heat will prevent sticking.Nice build on the oven, I think I’m going to follow a similar design, thanks for sharing.

Hello from Italy! You put a great effort and the construction of the oven was amazing but… I guess the problem is you putting in the stone with the pizza together, so the stone itself is not hot enough: you should put the stone first, then after half hour put the pizza on the stone, this way it shouldn’t stick.

Try cornmeal instead of flour to stop the dough sticking to the stone. 🙂 Also your toppings were very….creative!

Вот это мастерство 😊👍Выглядит все очень вкусно 😄

Watched this video multiple times with my kids, finally I decided to make a pizza oven for them.

Oh! I am going to build one too thank you! 🙂 Tip: Put your cold pizza stone in the cold oven and then start your fire. We oven is very hot, assemble your pizza on a piece of parchment paper, trim off excess paper. Slide the pizza, still on top of the parchment paper, onto the hot pizza stone.


Thank you for all the useful links (not that I can build a pizza oven in my apartment ^^”) but it’s interesting to watch and to know! 🙂

Your 🍕 looked nice and delicious.I prefer thick skin pizza and I just tried to make bread pizza earlier today, it was yummy! 💙👍

I would like to advise you to put the DeLonghi refractory stone in the oven and let it rise to a very hot temperature, then put the pizza on the steel shovel and put it inside, you will see that it will not stick to the stone and will cook much sooner! Greetings !! here in Italy we do it like this 🙂

Pre heat the pizza stone and it will be crispy and not stick. Even better get a pizza steel, 1/8 stainless steel . Love the video!

最初から順に観てますが、進むにつれ作者さんが色んな事に対してめっちゃ器用なんだと驚きました~ 興味を持ったものに貪欲に挑戦して極めてしまうところも凄い! 動画もとても観やすいのでつい見入ってしまいます。今後のアップも期待してます! 羨ましい限りの生活ぶり見せて頂き、ありがとうございます😄

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【平日ナイトルーティン】冬の田舎暮らし 【Weekday Night Routine】Winter in the countryside

【平日ナイトルーティン】冬の田舎暮らし 【Weekday Night Routine】Winter in the countryside  (c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life

(c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life 海の近くの古民家に一人で住んで田舎暮らしをしています。冬の平日のナイトルーティン(夜の過ごし方)を撮影しました。 コメントは全て拝見 …

Thank you for this peaceful moment. It’s funny to see how things are done in other countries and cultures. Walks by the beach are my favourite thing to do too, when I’m there I feel like my mind is cleared , I try to walk to the beach everyday if the weather is good . You should try early morning at the beach when the sun in rising, it’s breathtaking you feel like nothing else exists at that moment just you and the sun and the sound of the water .

I honestly wish to live in the countryside like this. I lived in a small town near countryside on a travel before Covid and it was awesome. It’s been 2 years ): but thanks for your content it makes me happy I watch it everyday to relax.

Thank you for your videos. I enjoy them very much, especially when you have English translation. I really admire and appreciate the life you lived. For a single man, you stick to your schedules and keep your house clean and cook really delicious food (my favorite). I find that incredible. Good job and keep up with your good work.

Очень интересно , спасибо за видео, было познавательно узнать как проходит ваш день. ありがとうございます. Cheers from Belarus! (I was on Japan in November 2018 ❤️)



Me encanta ❤❤❤❤❤❤



Your house is beautiful! I love it. ♥️Thank you for sharing your night-time routine. 🤗🙏



Thank you very much for the subtitles! 😊

When I watch your videos I feel so peaceful 😌 I love Japanese culture, what a man you are I like you 🤗

Watching you prepare bed makes me feel so comfortable, your videos have that certain warmth feeling, love it!

I have been to Japan twice in my lifetime and I miss Japan so much since the lockdown in UK, we can’t go on holiday. But this videos remind me of my time there

Well, your videos made up my mind to come to Japan and live there. Btw, great content🔥


I love this channel, its so relaxing to watch.

先日 祖母が亡くなり、元々広かった田舎の家がさらに広く感じるようになりました。自分はまだ大学生ですが、これから先1人また1人といなくなり寂しくなってしまうなと思っていましたが、この動画を見てこういった生活も悪くないなっと感じました⸜( ´ ꒳ ` )⸝

【休日ルーティン】和食の朝ごはん|畑の野菜収穫|西伊豆・わさびの駅【田舎暮らし】Japanese Breakfast|Harvesting Vegetables 【Countryside Life】

【休日ルーティン】和食の朝ごはん|畑の野菜収穫|西伊豆・わさびの駅【田舎暮らし】Japanese Breakfast|Harvesting Vegetables 【Countryside Life】  (c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life

(c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life 伊豆に移住して田舎暮らし。古民家で一人暮らしをしています。 今回は休日のルーティン動画を撮影しました。 コメントは全て拝見しており …

Все же рис в горшочке самый вкусный 😊🤤 и приятного аппетита 😉👍

I’ve never heard of your channel before today and just wanted to tell you how terrific I think your videos are. An attitude of pure gratitude, creativity and just full of warm and comforting ambience with all sorts of fascinating information and detail…a feast for the senses! I love videos that make me feel both relaxed and inspired at the same time. The simple, every day things around us can always be rediscovered and looked at from a new perspective. Thank you so much for your lovely videos. I miss Japan and can’t wait to return.

Your solo life really inspire me. You have everything you need, yet your home is not overloaded, clean and well arranged. I visited Japan twice, I can feel this obsession to have everything at its place, and everything has its function. It’s so relaxing to watch your videos, they bring me part of life in Japan. My favorate activity in Tokyo was to hang around the basements of department stores for food discovery. I cook a lot, I also cook some Japanese dishes. Can you suggest a youtube channel or website for real Japanese home cook? Thanks for your help.

I wish I could have a nature-surrounded space like yours. Watching how you spend your daily life gives me some sort of peace

I would love to see more of your garden, if possible. I love seeing what people’s gardens are like in other countries.

What a wonderful store and eatery that is. The natural beauty of Nishi-Izu is one of a kind. It’s fun to go there for wasabi picking and among other activities to choose from, visiting the nearby beautiful Dougashima blue cave. The meal you prepared looks fabulous ! Greatentertaining and informative vlog 👍👍👍

You’ve got a new fan from Sweden! Love your videos! The area would be amazing to explore and live in, and the house looks cozy! I love kominkas!

That meal looks so delicious 😋 Lovely vlog 💚

Thank you for making these videos. Your daily life makes me feel peaceful and grateful. Sending love from New Zealand.

I love the way you film and edit your videos! It makes me miss Japan. ❤️

You videos are amazing. Thank you for including the English sub titles.

i love your videos <3 you always seem to have a lot of veggies. if you don’t mind my asking, how big is your garden? i wonder if my current garden will be able to yield as much veggies!

I like everything in the videos: the narration, the cooking (Oh yes the cooking), so home sweet home. Two thumbs up.



Your meals look sooooo yummi, i wish i could have some. I will try some at home. 😊


以前から拝見しております。自分のためにこんな朝食を作れるのって凄い、尊敬します!! 畑までやって、若いのにちゃんとしてるなぁ…😵

영상만 봐도 이렇게 힐링되도 되나요? 느긋하게 생활하는 모습도 너무 좋아요.

Loving this channel. Thank you for sharing and thank you for the subtitles!


【週末ルーティン】縁側で七輪パーティー|家事掃除|さくらごはんの焼きおにぎり【田舎暮らし】  (c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life

(c) 古民家ひとり暮らし Kominka solo life 伊豆に移住して田舎暮らしを始めました。古民家で一人暮らしをしています。 今回は縁側の七輪で焼肉をしながら一人でお酒を飲みました。


I used to have porch bbq parties like this when I lived in an old apartment. Brought me right back to that time in my life. Thanks for reminding me of such peaceful memories!

I just started to watch your solo life videos two days ago and I am totally HOOKED! Great photography, smooth music, wonderful camping trips (with or without your friends), who knows when watching someone cleaning their houses could be so relaxing !!!! Thank you vey much!

Me encanta la tranquilidad y paz que transmiten tus videos♥

I love watching your videos! They get me so motivated to do things outside and around my house!

Gostei muito do vídeo 🤗Mas uma legenda me ajudaria muito 😉🇧🇷🧡

I came across one of your videos on Youtube recommendation and i just really love the way you cook Japanese traditional breakfast. Just have bought a box of miso paste to practice on cooking miso soup, thank you for inspiring me XD

Aloha from Hawaii🌴❤️🌴. Watching the simplicity of your lifestyle and travels is fulfilling and one of the reasons I call the Big Island of Hawaii home. The simplicity of raising my own fruit and vegetables and watching the sunset melt into the ocean as birds sing before they go quiet at night. I love the people of Japan and visit often to find their generosity and spirit of good will rejuvenating particularly when I tour the coast. Thanks for sharing your story and lifestyle…Much Aloha and A Hui Hou🥑🥥🍍🌴🌈🌴

I find your videos relaxing and satisfying at the same time, makes me want to live alone too in Japan 🇯🇵

This was very inspiring, I wanna cook a meal like this someday😊

For a solo person, you sure have your pantry well-stocked 🙂

I have to be crazy to be watching how you clean your house and eat such a delicious breakfast/lunch but since I have nothing else to do and it is relaxing, I will continue to watch your videos.

I enjoyed watching this even though there was no English subtitles. I lived alone for 18 years in Spain, as a student and later as a teacher, but never experienced being lonely.

😄 “ all you can drink tonigth” 👌🏻 puedo asegurar que fue una cena deliciosa y disfrutable.

Adorei seu v�deo, voc� �muito organizado sua casa � bonita, eu tenho um canal aqui no Brasil, ainda est� come�ando, tenho poucos inscritos ,mas estou me esfor�ando para fazer v�deos bons e voc� � uma inspira��o para mim.

Your daily life is so sweet . I really love the sound of your video 💕The sunlight is beautiful and plants 🌱 are so adorable. Thanks for sharing this lovely one ☝️

This video was super cool! I loved the clean house and then enjoying a delicious grilled meal within the poetry and beauty of being alone. Bon apetit! USA Ashland Oregon

Beautiful house! I remember living in Osaka and miss the time in Japan. 😁

I’m a new viewer and currently enjoying your videos. Japanese-style house is kind of my dream house so it’s feel good to watch your videos. Hoping for more content in the future ( ◠‿◠ )

Watching your solo life is a joy🌼