Paul Dinning(おすすめch紹介)

Paul Dinning(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Videos for Cats to Watch – 8 Hour Bird Bonanza

Videos for Cats to Watch - 8 Hour Bird Bonanza  (c) Paul Dinning

(c) Paul Dinning Videos for Cats to Watch – 8 Hour Bird Bonanza Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDinning.

did i just watch 2 hours of a bird stream with my cat? yes. did my cat leave after an hour? yes. did i continue watching? also, yes 😂

My cat had some of his final moments watching this.Thank you.

My cat made me laugh so hard when she looked behind the screen to check where did the birds go 😂😂😂

my cat is really sick and has been lethargic for a week, but she perked up and started silent meowing with her tail twitching at the birds. made me cry

at some point my cat left and then it was just me watching birds for 8 hrs

Me and my cat watching this together like 👁👄👁

My cat is blind 🙁 but he liked the bird sounds :’)

I put this on as a joke for my kitten but she’s actually watched it

I don’t even have a cat i just miss being outside

My cat is walking in circles around my laptop trying to figure out whey’re they’re coming from

I have been raising foster kittens for several months now and let me tell you- this video is a hit with every group!

Showed my cat this video on a 65″ screen and he was fascinated! He has never even cared about the tv before. I didn’t realize he just didn’t like what we were watching.

I’m still trying to convince my cat that there is no bird behind the monitor.

Bruh my cat sat and stared at this for thirty minutes before passing out on my bed. Nice.

This is so calming for my cat. He purrs and cuddle. When he falls asleep to this, I could spend hours looking at him. It’s like he’s watching a Disney movie. 😍

Before my Oscar passed away, I’d put these videos on the tv for all my cats to watch. Poor boy sat in the corner behind the tv staring at the ceiling for 10 minutes one day. It was so pure, cute, and derpy.

My cat is hiding in the back of my closet cause she’s stressed from the construction we are doing on my house and I left my iPad here and it helped her get a sense of outdoors and she came closer to look at it <3 thank you

My cat literally launched herself at the monitor and knocked over my drink within the first 3 seconds. +1

We just rescued a kitten and she was VERY interested in the video. She can barely meow yet so she silently meowed when I took my phone away and then went to pout on the other side of the room 😂

I’ve tried a lot of these types of videos, but this one is my cat’s favorite.

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Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch 🐭 Cat TV

Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch 🐭 Cat TV  (c) Paul Dinning

(c) Paul Dinning Mouse Videos for Cats to Watch Cat TV Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall Filmed in September 2017.

My cat pressed the subscribe button on the tablet screen while trying to play with a mouse so i think he definitely liked it 😂

Sassy’s favorite part was the up-close focus on the mouse.

My cat was watching this excellent video for more than 9 minutes. Her face told me it was very interesting. Then she had to take a nap. Tiresome brainwork. Give me High paw!

We play this multiple times a day, this is the only one my cat likes. A good 70% of your views on this video are from me if I had to guess 😂

The editing must have been a labor of love…. If my cat could talk, she’d tell you this is her favorite youtube video. We watch it daily for stimulation, myself included.

Your videos have created little monsters out of my herd! They demand to watch mouse videos all day by staring at blank TV then looking at me. Or if I have a show on they look at me like change it now! I know what they are thinking. So I’m playing this video for the millionth time lol seriously, thank you for making these videos! They captivate the cats 🐈

This video has saved me a few times now, allows me to get ready for work and read the paper without my cat crawling under the paper and hogging the mirror! Lol great distraction for him. Thanks! 🙃

I’ve created monsters of my cats. Cosmo, one of my cats now paws my phone until I play the video. I’ve downloaded the long version and he goes to sleep on my phone. Tubby tried to attack the mouse and Cosmo attacked Tubby for interrupting his program. It’s become a nightly thing here.

I just got a cat from the shelter today and I put this on and he was glued to my phone for 14 mins and started to fall asleep to it too. It was so cute

My cat loves your videos, and I have to hold him back from pouncing on the screen. He also has to check behind the computer every time. What a great way to bring joy into the world. Thank you!

What this looks like to people: Cute little mice in the videoWhat this looks like to cats: Delicious food video

Мой кот даже не обратил внимания, хотя и живет летом в деревне и охотится на всяких мелких грызунов и птичек

when i woke up my phone went missing..then i saw my cat watched this video…i’m speechless

I was not allowed to turn this off… 🐈😻

thankyou my cat loved this! ( the cat in my profile ) she started trying to look for the bird in my room

Мой ребенок в 1 год и 9 месяцев в восторге. Заливался смехом от этого видео.

My cat was very interested, he tried swatting the mouse with his paw!

мой котик очень доволен.

My cat is watching these videos with amazement in his eyes. I live in Hawaii and I know he is wondering what those mouse and squirrels (from your other videos) are.

This instantly got my cat into a hunting crouch, and she pounced at my phone. This is fun for messing with cats

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मोर नृत्य Peacock Dance in All its Glory – मोर – الطاووس

मोर नृत्य Peacock Dance in All its Glory - मोर - الطاووس  (c) Paul Dinning

(c) Paul Dinning मोर नृत्य Indian Blue Peacock Dance in All its Glory – मोर – الطاووس Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall #PaulDinning #pauldinning.

Birds of Prey – Video by Paul Dinning

Боже,как же это красиво.

Quel travail pour lui afin de s�duire sa femelle! (what a job for him to seduce his female 😀 !!!)I discover your channel tonight, your videos are amazing, thanks for your great sharings.

My dad has this piece of land and had a whole flock family of peacocks just like this for like 30 years untill one day the farmer next door caught one on his field and went next door and shot almost eveyone with a shotgun 🙁

Such a Wonderful bird😻😻

Peacock is India’s national bird. It is not only praised for its plumage but also the peacefulness it exhibits. Thanks for sharing! During the monsoon season the male dances and sings to attract the females.

Чувствует музыку. Гармония, умиротворение. Природа прекрасна и неповторима. Можно бесконечно смотреть и восхищаться. Медитация и релакс!!!

How beautiful

Leuk net als de pfaueninsel in berlijn toll.

Nice peacockDr.Sampath

Beautiful Bird

Hermosoo me encanta


Je l’adore je ne m’en lasse pas

nice and i like peacock so much

മനോഹരമായ കാഴ്ചകൾ

allah ho akbar mashallah subhanallah allah ki shan alhumdulillah


very nice ankita


Peacock Dance Display – Peacocks Opening Feathers HD & Bird Sound

Peacock Dance Display - Peacocks Opening Feathers HD & Bird Sound  (c) Paul Dinning

(c) Paul Dinning The Most Beautiful Peacock Dance Display Ever – Peacocks Opening Feathers and Bird Sound HD Peacocks are large, colorful pheasants typically blue and …

Peacock 2019 –

oh my god, this is one of god’s finest creations!

Man I would have shat myself if I was the person that discovered these things lmao

If this creature didn’t exist and we were asked to make the most amazing animal up at school, NOBODY would create this. You couldn’t make this up! 💗

The eyes on their feathers are hypnotizing

This video doesn’t need any music soundtrack – it is beautiful as is!

What surprises me is the fact that it can lift its tail and make it look so easy. I bet that thing is *heavy.*

I like the way it makes an announcement before showing off. Good performance.

The most beautiful bird ever !

not only beautiful but their attitude and personality of peacock is also spectacular

This guy is like: Bask in my radiance you peasant Before opening up

One feather on this bird looks more expensive than all of my clothes I’ve ever owned

That peacock be like: “imma get all the ladies with these feathers.”


He’s like “have y’all seen how pretty I am check me out”

Beautiful! This is why i love peacocks!


Anyone else come here while watching Iliza Shlesinger’s Elder Millennial comedy special on Netflix at the point where she makes a peacock sound just to compare? She’s pretty much spot on!

I once saw a peacock spread out� like this on a farm.� Beauty at its finest.

peacock saying:look at my moves guys plz watch me im so lonely C;

Videos for Dogs to Watch Extravaganza : Dog Watch TV – 8 Hours of Birds and Squirrel Fun for Dogs ✅

Videos for Dogs to Watch Extravaganza : Dog Watch TV - 8 Hours of Birds and Squirrel Fun for Dogs ✅  (c) Paul Dinning

(c) Paul Dinning Videos for Dogs to Watch Extravaganza : Dog Watch TV – 8 Hours of Birds and Squirrel Fun for Dogs Video Produced by Paul Dinning – Wildlife in Cornwall …

My puppy looked at the screen for five minutes then went on to destroy some more of my things

Just realized I’m 8 hours late for work.

A few months ago, my dog was very sick. He had blood in his stool and was in constant pain. He was up all night for hours crying and pacing the living room, unable to lay down and get comfortable. I put this video on for him, and he quickly gave it his attention. His head started drooping as he relaxed, and he eventually laid down and fell asleep because of this video.Months later, he is fully recovered! But he still loves watching the birds and squirrels 🙂

I found this video in my youtube suggestions, i think my dog uses my laptop when i’not at home

my dog just jumped headfirst into my computer screen…..

For the first time my 3 month old puppy sat down for more than a millisecond xD

Boss: “What have you done today?”Me: “Watched birds for 8 hours.”

My dog just laid down and watched this whole thing!!! He didn’t even let me take him on a walk, he was too interested in this lol!

I put this video on while working on my master’s thesis out of desperation to get my dogs to calm down and leave me alone. Not only did it achieve this goal, but I found the birdsong really, really helped my concentration–now I frequently use your videos as background while I’m working. Thank you so much for your beautiful creations!

*i straight up watched this for 4 hours* *I’m a human.* *help*

Actually way more invested than my dog.

Oh my gosh. I turned this on as a joke, but my dog is SO HAPPY. I had to physically restrain her from lunging at the tv, but now she’s laying on the couch next to me just watching while I get some work done. Who needs a kong?

Youtube has really gone to the dogs recently.

I played this for my dog who died a week later, thank you for making some of her memories calming.

My dog loves this. Every once in a while, he will look up at me, like: “are you seeing this?” XDIt’s so funny, and adorable. His name is Arlo, and he is a collie mix. His sister, Aven, doesn’t watch TV. She’s too occupied, being so wild. Arlo, however, is very chill. At one point he had an itch, so he leaned over to scratch it. I said “You don’t wanna watch anymore?” And I began to pull the iPad away. He pawed at me, as if he was going “No! No, I’m still watching.” And he continued to watch. Later, the birds came back on, and his ears perked up. The squirrels make him tired, the birds make him curious. So, anyway, he perked up his ears, his eyes widened, and he went so close to the screen, his nose was almost touching. Then he started to sniff it. Every time a bird jumped off the screen he would start to look away, then another would flutter onto screen and he’d be perked up, curious again. Then he licked my screen, and left.. And that is the story of how me and my dog watched Dog Television for 20 minutes..And took selfies. 😂

I’m on lsd and stumbled upon this I do not regret one minute of the eight hours I spent watching this.

Every time a bird would fly by my dog would go looking around the room for it. As if it flew into our house, she would start barking frantically searching for the birds that kept flying off the screen.


It’s 2:19AM and I’m watching this with my dog…I love him so much :3

my girl Frankie just had surgery and has to wear the cone of shame. This video is a life saver, we have been watching since 4 am.