KOTSUMET(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介

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カワウソコタローとハナ 父ちゃんのブラッシングでとろける Otter Kotaro&Hana So Comfy

カワウソコタローとハナ 父ちゃんのブラッシングでとろける Otter Kotaro&Hana So Comfy  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET 秋はカワウソも毛が生え変わる換毛期なので、最近抜け毛の量が半端ないです。毛玉がたくさん出来るコタローに比べ、ハナの毛並みはわりと綺麗ですが、モテ髪ツヤツヤ …

so cute <3


this is what i imagine owning a real pokemon is like

THE EARS.THE TINY ROUND EARS. *softly cries in a corner

i don’t even know why im here, but i don’t regret a single second of this.

YouTube recommended: Want to see some otter?Me during exam revision: Yes

으 ㅠㅠ 귀여워서 콧구멍이 벌렁거린다 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 으아 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ 근데 빗질은 결대로 해주시면 안되나유 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 거꾸로 할 때 기분이 이상해…. 반려 수달도 있나 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 어우 귀여워

We had one when I was a child over 45 years ago. Back story: my older brother was walking in the woods and noticed some kids had him and he was only about 6″ long (we guessed it was only a couple days old and had been abandoned shortly after birth for whatever reason). Anyway, my mom was the neighborhood Dr Doolittle–she took in ALL abandoned/stray or injured animals and nursed them back to health or found them homes. We named him Chirpy, for his distinctive chirping noises, and along with his adoptive brother Herman the raccoon, he stayed with us for over 10 years, growing to over 36″ from tail to nose. To this day I can honestly say that Chirpy was the hands down most awesome pet myself or my family has EVER taken in It helps a ton when your dad works on a deep sea fishing boat and he had unlimited fish, along .with having a built in swimming pool. There was nothing more fun than all of us kids swimming with Chirpy in the pool. To him were were just a part of the familial aquatic environment they are accustomed to. If you think this one’s sleeping habits are staged….I can assure you it is not. Chirpy’s favorite place to snooze was on my mom’s pillow, wrapped around her head. The most Awesome pet ever, but they are still wild animals and have to still be respected as much. Chirpy’s only bad side was food…..you NEVER, EVER, TRIED TO TAKE IT FROM HIM! EVER!!!!! They have a musk gland like a skunk and would “spoof” (as we called it) all over or bite you if you tried to take it from him. Even if he broke into the fridge and stole a chicken–your best bet was just to let him eat it. (That happened occasionally because they are extremely smart & crafty.)

i swear otters are the only animals on the planet that were made to be cute by the universe they squeak chirp and look adorable

Apparently, you can’t rub an otter the wrong way.

Oh to be an otter relaxing and being pet by a human… isn’t that the life 😌

Idk how my feed led me to this but I want an otter or just a pet. I was so much happier with a pet

The Otter looks like my Cat when she want sleeping’s with me, Cutieee✨💛

Imagine being this otter. The universe has chosen you to live only a happy life

Спасибо Вам за любовь и заботу, смотрю ваши видео и настроение становится лучше.

I’ve honestly never even heard of someone keeping an otter for a pet. I’m surprised that this one makes for such a good companion.

하품하는 거 너무 귀여워….아 정말 세상에 태어나줘서 고마워 천사야ㅠㅠ🍀

Какие положительные эмоции после ваших видео!!!👍Благодарю, и привет вашим питомцам😉

Otter: little lovely squeaky noisesMe: HEAVY BREATHING

I really love how they’re taking turns one after the otter

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カワウソ コタロー 誕生日おめでとう!鯛の姿造りと刺身盛に大興奮!! Kotaro the Otter Happy 1st Birthday!

カワウソ コタロー 誕生日おめでとう!鯛の姿造りと刺身盛に大興奮!! Kotaro the Otter Happy 1st Birthday!  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET 本日11/10はコタロー1歳の誕生日!! お誕生日のお祝いに鯛の姿造りと刺身の盛り合わせを用意しました。 お魚大好きコタローはごちそうに大喜びです!

He’s so excited he doesn’t know where to start.


Nobody:Otters: “yeah I’ll eat but lemme just sniff it for 40min first”

1:51 you know your otter is eating good when he starts hi-fiving you.

Please tell me you guys all sit together at the table for dinner every night

Youtube: Watch an otter eat better than over 3/4 of the world’s population

His Japanese instinct kicked in. he is even well mannered compare to many of humans in this world.

Wait until he hides the fish at different parts of the house

I love how these otters sit at the table – they are more well behaved that some people I have seen.

The moment you realize an otter is eating better than you are in life. 🙁

1:50 可愛過ぎて泣きそう

Такое чувство что у лапок отдельный мозг) лапки хватают одно, а голова тянется к другому)

Love the part where he gives the high five.

Kotaro was so excited after examining his bday surprise, then he was looking around for his soy and wasabi dips

He’s like working on a computer, very busy night shift.

Gluttonous 🐹 Hana would have polished everything in less than 10 minutes.💖 Thanks Buddy 🐻 Kotaro for those wonderful First Birthday🎁 🎂🎁 memories 💖…..😄👍


he’s got better table manners than most kids

It’s cute how he kind of plays with his food with his little arms🥰

The fact their hands look like ours is amazing and they are so fucking cute 😍🥰

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ずっと我慢してたサーモン登場に嬉しさ大爆発のカワウソ Otter Excited about Salmon Cheat Day

ずっと我慢してたサーモン登場に嬉しさ大爆発のカワウソ Otter Excited about Salmon Cheat Day  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET 3ヶ月前にハナがダイエットを初めてからサーモン断ちしてるカワウソ達ですが、ちょっと痩せたので今日はご褒美のサーモンチートデイ。 久しぶりの大好物登場に喜び爆発の …

This video is the cutest thing I’ve seen on YouTube today

So how does one go about acquiring an otter

actually , i am kinda surprised that they hold things in their hands while eating them on the contrary to many others animals ( yes , i know that squirrels also do it )

The way she holds the salmon while eating the other one 🥺

이게 왜 뜨는지 아무도 모르지만, 모두가 이 영상에 만족하고 있습니다

Not sure how I got here but definitely not disappointed

I love how gumby and uncoordinated Kotaro is

I don’t know why I’m so upset that the owner took some of the otter’s salmon to give it to the greedy one lmao.

뭐야 어색한 번역체의 자막을 보러 왔더니 갑자기 수준급의 한국어로 바뀌어있네

Omg, Kotaro really enjoyed the salmon like a human being, also he behaved like a gentleman 😂😂😂

And I thought Salmon made me happy. This is on a whole new level. 😆🤣

0:31 흐앙 어떡해 너무 안타깝고 귀엽고 사랑스럽고 안쓰러워 저 앞발짓ㅠㅜㅜㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠㅜㅜㅠ

Me who usually just watches gaming videos, infographics, stand up etc… YouTube “hey you wanna see otters eating at the table?” Me: finally, some culture”.

богатейшая страна рф ест пальмовое масло-маленькая япония кормит питомцев лососем….


Best video of the year

공평한게 아니지 왼쪽애가 더먹었으니 두번째 줄땐 오른쪽애를 더줘야 공평한거지!

코타로좀 더 챙겨주라ㅜ

Hana once said “whats mine is mine and whats yours is also mine”

im guessing its easier for them to eat with their heads back like that because naturally they eat floating on their backs

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カワウソコタローとハナ 初めてのプールにテンション上がりまくり! Otter Kotaro&Hana Having Fun in The Pool

カワウソコタローとハナ 初めてのプールにテンション上がりまくり! Otter Kotaro&Hana Having Fun in The Pool  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET やっとこさプールが出来ました。 このプールはサイズ違いが何個かあるのですが、初心者なのでとりあえず小さめサイズにしときました。 散歩ではビビリまくりのハナが何の …

4:36 best scene on animal YouTube. Like “Bro, stay in the freaking pool”

Kataro is the only otter that seems to be afraid of water😂💦

*I don’t know why, but this is so entertaining.*

Chispas ya hubiera partido la piscina.

4:36 Hanna: Kataro, get back in here! Where you going?! Stop being a chicken! It’s only water! Kataro: Noooo! Help me hoooomans! Help! 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

I love how hes slowly figuring out and making sure he has way of escape in case shit hit the fan…

Did Hana go inside to call Kotaro?! “Hey, Kotaro! Come fast, there is a pool outside!”

Какая же милота! ммм такие они хорошенькие. Хозяева сделали всё ради рай них, все условия. Приятно за всем этим наблюдать))

I love it when Hana jumps without thinking twice 😂😂 and Kotaro the opposite ..

Kataro: “The easier things are, the more suspicious i am.”

I see that Hana is the energetic tomboy while Kotaro is the clumsy coward

Даже не представляла, что за домашними выдрами так интересно наблюдать

I would love to see all pet owners are really nice to their pet. Thanks for making me smile (even laugh sometimes).

Is this how parents feel watching their kids? Lol

This is one of my favorite videos of *Hana* and *Kotaro.* I love watching it over and over!

Какая прелесть! Как здорово, когда животные любимы и веселы.

“I must examine this for safety issues. Ok, it is safe. I approve. Engineer Kotaro

Сколько любви, сколько заботы! Животным очень повезло!

абсолютно никто:я в 3 часа ночи: выдры купаются в бассейне

I wish I was an Otter in a pool. Life would be easier.

カワウソコタロー誕生日にサプライズケーキでフレンチパーティー! Otter Kotaro Happy Birthday Cake Surprise Party!

カワウソコタロー誕生日にサプライズケーキでフレンチパーティー! Otter Kotaro Happy Birthday Cake Surprise Party!  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET 今日はカワウソコタロー3歳の誕生日!ハッピーバースデー!! ということで今年はお家でフレンチ風パーティー&サプライズケーキでお祝い。 ケーキは動画だと3分くらいで …

Never have I thought in my life that I’ll be watching an otter’s birthday party.

It’s like Kotaro enjoys his meal with relaxation while Hana just vacuums the whole plate.

Loved it! The cake, the tuxedo — perfection! The otter seems like a very intelligent animal.

I can’t believe I watched a 9 min video about an otter’s birthday party.And I regret nothing.

i love how kotaro ascends to the fifth dimension every time he eats 😂


Cracks me up how they feel around for the next peice while they’re casually looking somewhere else😂

Hana: wakes up early to help. Hanas actual thought:”Ima steal they food before He even wakes up”

Hana didn’t come to help, she came to eat his cake 😂😂😂 why do I know this? The salmon video

Can we just stop and take a moment to appreciate these ADORABLE CREATURES known as otters?

not me watching an otter’s birthday party instead of studying for online class

It’s so fascinating that they don’t just stick their faces in the food like dogs and cats do. They use their cute little hands first!

I love how he went in order with eating his name. 😭

Why in the world was this recommended to me? *Watches Kotaro’s birthday party.” Yeah I guess I get it.

These twins make the cutest little noises on the planet.

Can’t believe I just watched an otter bday party lol

I can’t get enough of this channel since I found out, I never thought I would be so OBSESSED 😭😂🦦

То чувство, когда выдру поздравили с днем рождения лучше, чем тебя за 30 лет)))

Well, the rest of my day will be a bit boring and a lot less interesting. Otter birthday parties are the best!

Those are two of the most spoiled otters I’ve ever seen. They deserve it. You two sure put in a lot of time, love and effort with these two. It shows.

カワウソに初めてヘッドマッサージャーを使ってみた結果 Otter Reacts to Head Massager

カワウソに初めてヘッドマッサージャーを使ってみた結果 Otter Reacts to Head Massager  (c) KOTSUMET

(c) KOTSUMET 歩くクリーチャーことヘッドマッサージャー君をカワウソ達に試してみました。 開始早々マッサージャーの弱点くねくね足を攻撃するコタローですが、あんまり美味しくなさそうだと …

the reason dad and mom dont show their faces is because they are actually otters in disguise

I love Kotaro’s “I must touch it, but I won’t make eye contact” strategy.

Kotaro is so smart.He is curious about every thing.

Kotaro is sooo adorable, he wants to know everything. His curiosity blows me away. He is not afraid, he wants to understand. Hana is different if it looks weird she wants to stay away from it.

I like it when he bites it and his nose gets smooshed in circles.

Kotaro is so smart. He can speak Japanese, and I certainly can’t do that.

Head Massager: **wiggle wiggle wiggle**Kotaro: Fight Me! **bite wiggle wiggle**😂😂😂🙈💕

Kotaro: After further scientific inquiry this thingamajig may have a useful purpose!Must do a further in-depth analysis🤗

Котаро очень смелый))))Kotaro very brave)))curious))

In the end, When Kotaro finally gave in, those eyes! He was practically drooling. Hahahaha! 😂 Ah, feels so good!

Что это хреновина с четырьмя лапами, похожими на наши ?

Professor kotaro is still the most handsome boy !! Such curiosity and absolutely majestic whiskers ❤️😍❤️😍

Интересная игрушка , но на зуб не дают попробовать .

Professor Kotaro comes to like it as long as it isn’t placed directly on his skin. Hana however prefers her dad’s touch to a machine.

Оказалось это блестящее существо не такое и страшное. А местами и приятное.

Что я тут делаю в 12 часов ночи?

The profesor is always curious about everything 😂

До чего же Котаро любопытный,он это чудо и так и эдак обследовал,и на зуб попробовал.😀😀😀

Papa is naughty, he always presents weird stuff to his otter kids. But their reaction is so precious 😂😍

Awww, it looks like a turtle!