【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.(おすすめch紹介)

【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.(おすすめch紹介) 動画
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『寄生』されたナマコの末路がヤバすぎる…  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 場所によってジャノメナマコも漁業権が設定されている場合があります。もし取る場合は組合に確認を取ってからお願いします。 ・マサルのDIYチャンネル …

The fish:”I’M FRRRREEEEEE”*gets beheaded*

Sea Cucumber: spits out fishMasaru: Welcome to the party

Its common for fish to live in their butts, its quite the interesting symbiosis. Funny how I learned this yesterday now I’m seeing it in a youtube video by chance

“i will rescue him”Also him”i will fry him and eat him”Me: BOI-

A fish literally came out of the cucumber’s butthole and this man was like “ohh bonus snack!” 😂😂😂

The small fish’ organs are actually pretty intriguing. I think it’s amazing how even the smallest of organisms have such complex systems inside their body which are “so small that it’s hard to make out” nature is awesome

I’m getting addicted to these kinds of videos

* parasites come out of planned dinner *_”I’m scared! Ooh let’s eat them.”_

It’s 2am and I’m watching a fish gut itself. Entertainment at its prime.

When your standard of food is “it’s not toxic enough to make my hands and mouth go numb!”

I really like this guy, he seems to know both about fish and how to cook it. He does a really good job of explaining it all. Plus Japanese is a really interesting and relaxing language to listen to, even if I don’t understand a word of it.

The japanese: “Yuck, this is ugly”Also the japanese: “But it should taste good. Let’s eat it”.

This video is like watching a cooking show, a biology lesson and a creature feature all in one. Two thumbs up for a very interesting and shocking video! 🐡🐠🐟🎣🦈🐍🍽️🍶

The yellow slimy stuff is the sea cucumber’s intensinal tract. It pushes it out in distress, then grows a new one. The eel fish that comes out with it is not a parasite, it simply uses the sea cucumber’s anus as a shelter, just to rest inside. Earth’s various forms of life are marvelous.

“I’ll knock it out before I kill it!”*2nd and 3rd one appears*”Ah fuck it just die already”

I feel like I’m watching a video of how our ancestors discovered which things were edible lol. Keep up the good work my guy!

6:54 why was it that when he chopped the fish’s head off made me laugh so hard?

I can’t even pick up sashimi with chopsticks and this guy just.

“I made the mistake of showing them what Sea Cucumbers do when they’re threatened and that is, you know, as soon as something touches them these white threads come out of them end of it. And, uh, Steve-O and Chris thought it was a great idea. So, they’re out there trying to uh…”

the fish inside the sea cucumber is know as the “pearlfish”, a fish that has formed a symbiotic relationship with the cucumber and lives inside it’s *YoU kNoW wHaT*

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100kgを超える巨大ワニの捌き方。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 【ワニ解体シリーズ】 第1話 https://youtu.be/tzLHzGbP9lk 第2話 https://youtu.be/YDMB-bNme_U 第3話 https://youtu.be/YZ5wdiHj7yc ・マサルのサブチャン …

Imagine living in the apartment across from this guy and seeing him use a crane to transport a dead alligator.

Every moment Im watching him looking at the different parts, I was just preparing and waiting for the moment it wakes up and starts panicking

I can’t fathom the fact that he shoots this with multiple angles while putting all those efforts. Efforts X2 Mad respect!

I discovered this channel just yesterday and these videos are oddly entertaining, soothing even, he went from giant fish to shark to crocodile pretty quickly, I’m wondering if dinosaurs still existed, would one of them be on the menu too?

NobodyAbsolutely nobodyAnimals when they see Masaru: “RUN”

“I can’t put it back”“It’s small”“It’s pretty small”“IT STINKS”Masaru roasting this dead crocodile rn 💀

Knowing the fact that it has been a pet for 20 years, and watching this video made my heart bleed

Nobody:This guy: inflates an alligator, chainsaws it and *oishi*

There’s somewhere in another universe where Alligator is breaking down a human that lived for 20 years

This was surprisingly enjoyable to watch.

This is the most badass thing I’ve seen in a while. ‘Man skins and eats an entire alligator whilst wearing flip flops’.

The inflation part gives the same energy as the tik toks of people inflating the butts of their anime character mouse pads.

This dude might just break down a human one day

3:53 people with inflation fetishizes are drooling rn, Btw thank you for killing it more humanely and for actual good reason also 4 hours is a pretty good time since it’s your first time, the croc is atleast your size and the tools you had weren’t very proper

“I’ve always wanted to eat a lizard”To each their own I guess 🤷

The owner must be crying watching this.

the fact this was someones pet just makes this whole thing weird for me lol

Masaru I love your channel. I’m an American chef and your open approach to what you eat is beautiful. 🙏

it breaks my heart to watch one of my favorite animals skinned and eaten, but it actually is very entertaining and educational! Sure, my heart goes out to this beautiful alligator, and I can understand why it needed to be put down preemptively. I suppose im just glad that his body isn’t going to waste, kinda like we’re going back to the “use everything from your hunt” kind of life we had. Overall, very interesting and an addicting watch.

The whole time i was just thinking about how bad ass it would be to make a whip out of an alligator spine

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5年間マダイを捌き続けた男による神業がこちら  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. はまゆうさんのチャンネル https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIhqq_TjKA6IyCzgHTTxsAw ・マサルのサブチャン …

こんにちは!松岡さんです‼️はまゆうくんのチャンネルから失礼します!マサルくんありがとう! またいつでも遊びに来てね‼️




Props to the fish butchers that don’t mind getting scales all over their arms and clothes.As a neat freak, I can’t deal with that.Do the butchers use a pressure hose to clean up scales on the floor and work surface?

















人間サイズ。規格外のウツボを捌く。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 人生で1度はウツボを食べてみてほしいなー ・マサルのサブチャン https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgh_rZp0SXcbD9ilti7sH3A …


Masaru eats Everything, even Poison; but doesn’t like Marshmallows?! LMAO


Hi, from Mesa, AZ, USA! Binge watching your films. So interesting for myself and 6yo autistic grandson! We enjoy being partners in your daily escapades. I’m most impressed by using as much of the animal as possible. Waste is pet peeves of mine. We REALLY appreciate you!

Here to comment how I loved how he compared the touch n feel of the eel like marshmallow and grandma’s triceps! Love watching his videos,

Me: learning about the spots on the eel. Masaru: so here’s the Anus

I love the breakdowns of all the different fish you catch.Hope this was a success at your friend’s party!

Great job! You have a great wish for learning,and as all great scientists and researchers are brave to try the possibly dangerous food first yourself,bravo!

I enjoyed your attention to detail. Very informative and interesting. And thank you for the English subtitles.

I got one of fish for brains’ videos in my recommended – and now I can’t stop watching. Although it’s been one of those days where this might as well happen.

Hola, estar�a muy bien que puiseas traducci�n en ingl�s, al menos entender�a tus explicaciones que dan la sensaci�n de ser muy interesantes. Me gustan tus v�deos y tu canal pero es dificil aprender japon�s. Saludos y suerte.

This was so interesting! I would be willing to try this eel the way you cooked it. I don’t usually like fish, but this looked delicious!

Make a stew out of the bigger less bony portions and you have one of the best fish chowders!

We just cut eel into steaks, toss in flour, shallow fry till crispy in butter or duck fat. Its fast and easy to deal with bones this way because their location is so predictable. The thick backbone keeps the medallions of back flesh moist, protecting it from overcooking. The marrow seeps out and flavours the meat. A squeeze of lemon, salt and pepper. Maybe a tangy sauce. Good times. <3

Much love and respect from Bosnia <3 I love your videos and I admire how you actually catch the fish you cook, it really sets a good example. Keep up the good work.


I don’t eat a lot of seafood but these videos make me hungry.


My minang grandmother (rip) taught my mother their traditional way of cooking eel, my mother didn’t master it before her mother in law passed but she told me how my grandmother pulled the eel and “snapped” it and the little bones just snaps together and can be pulled out in one small “chain”.. I wish my mom did learn it so I can learn it from her ):

You should try useing a proper fish filleting knife ,love watching your vids,and yes I am a knife hand and know how to fillet 22 species.Keep the vids coming!!


人間サイズのウツボの捕獲シーンが衝撃。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. ニセゴイシウツボ。水族館とかによくいるやつですね。料理編と合わせて出すと20分を超えそうだったので分けて出すことにしました。 ・マサルのサブチャン …


Just imagine trying to kill something swiftly as possible to not bring alot of pain but giving it more pain because it has tough skin 😭 nice catch though



I respect a man who catches his own food



the dude just made a mini anime action scene with the commentary and music by just catching an eel

not gonna lie: I would never put my fingers so close to a moray eel’s mouth, even if it *is* biting onto a spear

That soundtrack was awesome 👍

It brings me great pleasure to see the eel from mario 64 finally be dealt with.

ウツボの対処法…尾っぽ端にハンマーとかで打撃を一発入れるとウツボは簡単に伸びますよ!!意外と知られてない知恵~( *´艸`)




amazing!!! i love you masaru <3


I love your content, it is very educational and entertaining!




ハブの80倍危険な猛毒ウミヘビを生で食べてみたら…  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 料理するのに2、3時間かかりました。調理の大変さと猛烈な臭いでドンドンテンションが低くなっています。可食部が少ないのが救いでした。 ・マサルのサブチャン …

Most of Japanese don’t eat snake.

I feel like I’m watching the Masaru in beginner level. His tools, sink, and cooking technics have been upgraded a lot in the recent Masaru.

“It’s not very good but I killed it so I will eat it.” Respect. Never waste what you kill.

Note to the translators: there’s a difference between something being venomous and poisonous. Venomous animals generally sting or bite a target and inject them with venom, poisonous animals will have a toxin in their tissues that harms whatever ingests it or touches it.Or, simply put: It bites you and you die: venomous. You bite it and you die: poisonous. Many venomous animals can make for great eating, some of which are on this very channel.

“Please do not do this at home.”Yeah right, like I have plenty of chinese sea snakes lying around my house…

It looks so cute that it’s hard to believe it’s venomous. Most snakes with cute faces are non venomous but pretty much all sea snakes are… ㅠㅠ



めっちゃ塩の味する→そうか塩もみしたからだ のリアクションがリアルで面白い

Law : “Don’t eat it, it’s poisonous”Masaru : Curiosity goes brrrr


Seeing this video from 2 years ago and knowing that Masaru is still alive today makes me believe that no poison could kill this man. He already built up tons of immunity from eating poisonous/venomous things from 2 years ago or even longer.

Everytime i see this channel.. the food level is increasing.. i cant stop watching..

aww im watching masaru in his beginner level



this man will literally eat everything in the sea


Most interesting youtube channel ive come across lately. Awesome stuff!

Being a sea snake chillin and suddenly hearing boss music