【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.(おすすめch紹介)

【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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100kgを超える巨大ワニの捌き方。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 【ワニ解体シリーズ】 第1話 https://youtu.be/tzLHzGbP9lk 第2話 https://youtu.be/YDMB-bNme_U 第3話 https://youtu.be/YZ5wdiHj7yc …

I can’t fathom the fact that he shoots this with multiple angles while putting all those efforts. Efforts X2 Mad respect!

He has soooo much patience it’s insane!! I can’t fathom all the hard work and time he puts I to these videos!!

I really admire the amount of effort put into this video

i accidentally found his channel today, his video is entertaining and i love the way he explained things😂

I watch a lot of your videos with my daughter and the more I watch the more I’m intrigued by you’re innermost gangster I learn a lot from your videos Much respect ✊

I love how he says “you should use a pairing knife when you break down an alligator,” like any single one of us are here because we are going to break down an alligator and are looking for tips.

Amei conhecer seu Canal.Interessante, parab�ns.Estou aprendendo muitas coisas atrav�s de voc�; obrigada.


Top de mais,parab�ns!!!

Aqu� en Paraguay y pa�ses vecinos comemos cocodrilos, son muy sabrosos, les s�per recomiendo. As� como dicen, el sabor es m�s o menos parecido al del pollo, pero m�s fuerte y mucho m�s delicioso. Si a ellos les gusta comer eso pues ni modo, se respeta, es su cultura.

He’s gonna teach us how to break down a literal elephant in like 10 more years


No Brasil temos o jacar�, parente do crocodilo. A carne � muito saborosa!


У крокодилов большая устойчивость к болезням и ядам. Парень большой молодец!Хочу попробовать кусочек крокодила ))

I discovered this channel just yesterday and these videos are oddly entertaining, soothing even, he went from giant fish to shark to crocodile pretty quickly, I’m wondering if dinosaurs still existed, would one of them be on the menu too?


Me encantan tus videos….Pens� que convertirias en PI�ATA a ese cocodrilo…al inflationMis respeto a ti y a tu CUCHILLO.SI yo lo intentara creo que ya estaria en el hospital sin dedos!!!Omg…Pdt: necesito ese cuchillo!!Saludos SASUME…desde Ecuador..Latinoamericana!!!!

Damn thats actually a pretty good idea with the airline, good thinking. Love you’re breakdown videos, very educational.

Gracias, justo acabo de descongelar el que ten�a en la hielera para hacerlo, pero no sab�a c�mo cortarlo, este video me salv�

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『寄生』されたナマコの末路がヤバすぎる…  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 場所によってジャノメナマコも漁業権が設定されている場合があります。もし取る場合は組合に確認を取ってからお願いします。 ・マサル …

The small fish’ organs are actually pretty intriguing. I think it’s amazing how even the smallest of organisms have such complex systems inside their body which are “so small that it’s hard to make out” nature is awesome

Sea Cucumber: spits out fishMasaru: Welcome to the party

In case anyone is wondering, that fish is a pearl fish and they hide in the “exit” hole in the sea cucumber for shelter or protection. The pearlfish also don’t mind sharing the hole.

This man is talking so happily while in the cucumber’s perspective, it is literally fighting for its life and using every defense mechanism it has

A fish literally came out of the cucumber’s butthole and this man was like “ohh bonus snack!” 😂😂😂

I’ve had sea cucumber before(freshly caught via scuba diving in Canada) and I’ve found that while it tastes bad when cooked(very rubbery and no flavor imo ) I liked it when it was raw in a cold cucumber salad of sorts. The texture would be a weirdly crunchy but it was refreshing and has a little bit of sweetness to it

Wow. This video is very intriguing. Kept me watching until the end. I would’ve stopped watching a long time ago if it wasn’t for the English subtitles. It’s so crazy how those fishes came out of it. And how you explained every step along the way was awesome.

N�o consigo nem me imaginar comendo isso, para mim � mto nojento, mas achei legal o v�deo e a aula que vc deu sobre esses “alimentos”

Based off Google-sensei, those are Pearlfishes (actual fish) that makes its home in some invertebrates like Sea Cucumber. Although some Pearlfishes may have a parasitic relationship with its host, bottomline is: it’s still a fish.

Oh my God, I actually remembered seeing something about this fish in encyclopedia when I was a child. Never expected to see a real life video of it. What a way to stumble into something reminescenet of childhood.

This is one of the coolest channels on YouTubeNothing is sold to you, no politics, perfectly edited, and it involves food. Need more of this.

I lived on Okinawa for 20 years. I wish I had known of some of these edible foods then. I do enjoy your postings. -Gunny T sends

The terror I felt when that fish came out was so great I screeched, dropped my phone, stood up, walked away for a solid minute to collect myself and get a drink, sat back down and pretended it never happened. I literally went from pure terror to the 5 stages of grief in mere seconds.

The yellow slimy stuff is the sea cucumber’s intensinal tract. It pushes it out in distress, then grows a new one. The eel fish that comes out with it is not a parasite, it simply uses the sea cucumber’s anus as a shelter, just to rest inside. Earth’s various forms of life are marvelous.

I can’t stop watching this channel. its a good learning experience. <3

Este tipo de videos me parecen muy relajantes y entretenidos😎👍🏻

Your skills as a carver are magnificent!!

This is my favorite Masaru video. Your reaction to the pearlfish sliding out of the Good Boy Sea Cucumber’s butt is so freaking funny.

I really like this guy, he seems to know both about fish and how to cook it. He does a really good job of explaining it all. Plus Japanese is a really interesting and relaxing language to listen to, even if I don’t understand a word of it.

You really give me ideas to cook something unconventional! Greetings from Mexico! Itadakimasu!

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40kg越えのアカマンボウを解体したら家が大惨事に。。。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. オンラインサロン『マサルの漁業再生日記』の入会はこちら! https://lounge.dmm.com/detail/3449/index/ ・マサルのサブチャン …


Beautiful fish, the eyes are the size of his entire hand.

“If I’m making a mess why not a massive one” is a deeply moving phrase. And I’ve already applied it to every aspect of my life

The skin and areas around it that are all fat could have multiple uses. You could render it all down into a form that can be used for cooking or adding flavor to soups. It would probably be good in some type of low and slow barbecue application where the fat would have time to break down. It would also possibly be good sliced into thin strips and fried until crispy.

The dark muscle just below the head is probably that deeply coloured because it’s what the fish uses to move its fins. You see a similar phenomenon in poultry – the dark meat is the muscle that’s been heavily used by the bird, which means it’s more developed and has more blood vessels.

thank you for sharing fishing in Japan – you have a beautiful country blessed with good food and people! when all comes back to normal – we hope to visit Japan again!

I’ve never heard of a chef who is more interested in what he is preparing than this guy. Keep it up!

The Opah is a fantastic fish!!! It’s the only fish that’s truly homeothermic, meaning it’s warm-blooded like mammals! That may be why it’s similar in taste to tuna but also very different!

Me encanta que haya subt�tulos en espa�ol, muy buen video, ese pez es muy bonito y es bueno saber cosas nuevas como de que este pez es de sangre caliente.

Thank you for the information about the fish. Its refreshing to learn about the food being prepared.

Ol�! Adorei esse v�deo, como nosso oceano � cheio de maravilhas, vou continuar vendo mais v�deos e ver mais sobre estas belezas. Mas na degusta��o prefiro ficar com atum parece mais simp�tico.

Que peixe 🐟 lindo!! Delicia 😋

I love your videos!! They make me so happy 😁 thank you for all of your hard work, and for sharing!

Watching you break down this fish is so mesmerizing and therapeutic 💕💕💕💕💕

Gracias por el título y los subtitulos en español. Saludos 🇲🇽

I guarantee that to this day he still hasn’t picked up every scale.

Nuevo suscriptor, me encanta ver como desmontan peces y luego los cocinan 🙂

Excellent work preparing such a HUGE fish!

Por favor mas videos con subtítulos en español 👍🏼👊🏼

Sou do Brasil, e fiquei impressionado com o v�deo * – * !!!! Parab�ns pelo belo Conteudo!!!!


徹夜で素潜り漁したらいくら稼げる?驚きの金額に!  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. オンラインサロン『マサルの漁業再生日記』の入会はこちら! https://lounge.dmm.com/detail/3449/index/ ・マサルのサブチャン …


love how mesmerizing and high quality of this video especially the one where you went diving in the ocean at night!! kinda feel bad knowing that fishermen don’t really make that much of income eventhough their fishing equipments are really expensive 🙁 i hope everything goes well with your upcoming seafood processing company Masaru!

it’s super upsetting that the people who actually risk their lives to catch these fish are receiving so little in payment compared to the ridiculous amount it is priced at in restaurants :(((( fishermen definitely need to be paid more

No ten�a idea que comer muchas langostas generaba “Problemas”. Siempre se aprende algo nuevo con Masaru. Excelente el v�deo. Saludos desde Paraguay!!!


I’m so glad I stumbled across your channel. I love it! I live by the ocean and I love to fish, and your channel is introducing me to a whole new appreciation for the sea. I hope your fish processing plant comes to full fruition and is a great success!

I love how much capricious Masaru is when he prepare the dishes to serve/put on the table!

You are being respectful to the animals by considering their pain and discomfort and preventing it as much as you can. It really comes through in all of your videos.

Amo ver este tipo de videos son tan satisfactorios que dan ganas de vivirlos en carne propia.

The intrepid fisherman goes headlong into the wine dark sea,and dives into the depths! Masaru,you’re evoking the poets and artists 🎨 in your audience,and as an extra,with those SUPER,TALENTED,and superb underwater shots,you are making people aware of the work involved,and it isn’t small,but the money people only see the bottom line,and disregard the LABOR INVOLVED 😀!! A farmer never gets full compensation for the labor,as do fishermen,and that’s a pity! There definitely needs a system overhaul! Anyway,your commentary is always useful,and please don’t feel bad about your amateur status,they make the best chefs,as they play with recipes,and invent new ways of eating,and dining 😀! Thanks for your efforts time,and your beautiful sense of humor! That alone is worth the price of admission!! THANKS AGAIN FOR YOUR TIME AND EFFORT!!! 🐡🐠🐚🐙🐌🦈🐌🐬🐳🐡

Ahh, I also feel sad the catch wasn’t sold higher. I’m wishing the pandemic ends as well. Hope things turn out great for all the fishermen!

Masaru is so sleep deprived that he stopped caring about how much of everything is and forgetting things

Great video! Wishing you luck with your processing company. It sucks to see how much Covid has affected everything

Gracias por los subtítulos en español 🖤

Muy buen video. Me gust� mucho la parte del buceo y la subasta. La parte de la cocina no tanto porque coincido con tu opini�n, me parece un desperdicio contaminar el sabor de la langosta con tantos ingredientes y cocinarla en salsa.


Algu�m consegue explicar por que frutos do mar s�o t�o caros no Brasil?

You have opened my eyes and have given me insight to a whole other world and I find it fantastic. Your personality is so amazing and pure which has made me a lifetime fan.

masaru: the stone fish is absolutely dangerous!also masaru: *Let’s catch it!*

Love your videos, hope all goes well with your plans, but please keep posting I look forward to them so much!


人間サイズ。規格外のウツボを捌く。  (c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru.

(c) 【素潜り漁師】マサル Masaru. 人生で1度はウツボを食べてみてほしいなー ・マサルのサブチャン https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgh_rZp0SXcbD9ilti7sH3A …


Here to comment how I loved how he compared the touch n feel of the eel like marshmallow and grandma’s triceps! Love watching his videos,

Much love and respect from Bosnia <3 I love your videos and I admire how you actually catch the fish you cook, it really sets a good example. Keep up the good work.

This was so interesting! I would be willing to try this eel the way you cooked it. I don’t usually like fish, but this looked delicious!

Much love and respect from Bosnia <3 I love your videos and I admire how you actually catch the fish you cook, it really sets a good example. Keep up the good work.

Hi, from Mesa, AZ, USA! Binge watching your films. So interesting for myself and 6yo autistic grandson! We enjoy being partners in your daily escapades. I’m most impressed by using as much of the animal as possible. Waste is pet peeves of mine. We REALLY appreciate you!

I learned a lot from this video. Thank you for showing me how to process this kind of fish.

I enjoyed your attention to detail. Very informative and interesting. And thank you for the English subtitles.

I love the breakdowns of all the different fish you catch.Hope this was a success at your friend’s party!

Hola, estar�a muy bien que puiseas traducci�n en ingl�s, al menos entender�a tus explicaciones que dan la sensaci�n de ser muy interesantes. Me gustan tus v�deos y tu canal pero es dificil aprender japon�s. Saludos y suerte.

Great job! You have a great wish for learning,and as all great scientists and researchers are brave to try the possibly dangerous food first yourself,bravo!


I don’t eat a lot of seafood but these videos make me hungry.

I got one of fish for brains’ videos in my recommended – and now I can’t stop watching. Although it’s been one of those days where this might as well happen.

Quem dera eu entender o que você fala, arraso 😍❤️


That looks tasty 😊👍Thank you for sharing ⭐

Magnificent creature. Glad you treated it with respect. It did not die in vain.

I find your fish cutting interesting I will never eat fish because I’m a fish lover but it’s interesting to watch and learn many things in case one of my family members wants fish or something UwU Also love from USA. (I am now a subscriber yay)