shurap(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Damascus of screws, making a blade.

Damascus of screws, making a blade.  (c) shurap

(c) shurap The process of forging a blade from self-tapping screws, in two ways. my website: Frequently Asked Questions: …

I just watched it in reverse and now I know how to make screws! Thanks!

No scrap of metal will be wasted while Dmitri is able to work it into his art!

Wonderful video formatting, editing, and camera angles. Always seeming to find a new or better angle on some of the machines really makes each video seem fresh. The combination of the picture updates as well as the video demonstrations also provide an excellent feeling of transformation of the metal. Keep up the fantastic work!

Ни хрена в этом не понимаю, но мне понравилось. Приятно смотреть когда человек умеет работать руками

Would love to see your finishing of work of the entire knife sword or whatever. You do so great looking blades but, a finished product would be awesome. Great work though.

No talking…no music…just the sounds of metal being processed. I like it.

I dont like some other guys spending half the video just yapping. This dude does not say a worr, no bullshit, just works and the results are fantastic

Can you make a blade with nuts, and bolts? I feel like the cross section of a bunch of nuts on a bolt together would make a cool pattern!

You should forge a Damascus blade from multiple Damascus blades.

I love watching your work. You are a true artist! Please, keep them coming.

If someone got stabbed by that blade, they’d be screwed 😎

Dmitry your blacksmith skills are absolutely amazing. Congrats. Wonderful job! Bravo.

The sheer beauty. What a gorgeous piece of art.

*Overall sir, It Will Keel.*

Suggestion for easier screw head removal (or similar process): mount the grinder in the vice and hold the screws with pliers in a bear grip.

Super-LIKE Мастеру !😃🔥❤️🔥👍🔥👏🔥

The tools you make to build the cool items makes you a true craftsman. Great videos, keep them coming.

Excellant just listening to the sounds of the shop. That’s music to my ears ! Very interesting ideas and superior craft skill.

Dmitry, You are a world class knife-smith! Beautiful work. Videos are a joy to watch. Thanks.

absolutely beautiful. i would be proud to own and display one of your knives.

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Damascus steel from Balls from the bearing.

Damascus steel from Balls from the bearing.  (c) shurap

(c) shurap Bowie blade from Damascus steel from balls from the bearing. Tea: mojito green tea My site: …

Anything the knife cuts will be spicy.

That knife has 3% chance to deal burning damage 😂.

My mans wipes the scale off the anvil with his bare hands. What a fucking weapon.

“Why i season my knife and not my steak”

Adds chilli peppersKnife – +10 Fire Damage

Снято отлично как! Не просто познавательно, а с художественным стилем) Уважение Мастеру!

Saludo desde Colombia; me fascino tu cuchillo tremendo sistema de elaboraci�n, me encanto tu taller con tantas herramientas para cada necesidad. Un amigo mas “MARIO”

Fuera de serie!, Increiblemente maravilloso, sublime, gracias por compartir tu arte, lo del picante me llamo la atencion y me cag� de gusto, saludos desde argentina

What this powder sir?

Seasons the metal before melting.Gordon Ramsay: Finally, some good fucking food.

Amazing craftmanship, I love when people are creating something out of other completly different items!

What a unique finished product! It’s especially impressive that you made it all without wearing gloves… Seriously, I was terrified for your hands this whole video x0

When that blade hits your eye. It’s not only going to hurt like hell, but also burn like hell.

If you play the power hammer part on x2 speed it just looks and sounds amazing

I’m glad somebody had the balls to do it.

so impressive to think about how much work it was back in the day before there was so much machinery availible.

“Hey, what’s up guys. Welcome back to Binging with Babish. This week we are cooking ball bearings.”

Steel and Fire = Perfect! Thanks for inspiration.

The amount of failures I’ve had with this is amazing

никогда не понимал -зачем я это смотрю?! но пиздец как это интересно!))

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Damascus steel from two tape measures and 100 blades of stationery knives

Damascus steel from two tape measures and 100 blades of stationery knives  (c) shurap

(c) shurap Making a blade from Damascus steel from two 5 meter tape measures and 100 blades for stationery knives. 201 layers in one forge weld (my new record).

2 часа ночи? Самое время посмотреть как из рулеток делают нож

Пол третьего ночи это попало в рекомендованное…вроде и нафиг не надо, но и оторваться не смог, пока не досмотрел до конца.

You can tell this guy is an expert,he has still got all his fingers

I’ve never been so confused and mesmerised at the same time, I’m still confused 🤷🏼‍♂️

Вы настоящий мастер, Дмитрий! Спасибо вам за видео!!!

Now the REAL test… Turn that knife into a tape measure.

Fantastic work mate!! Love the pattern and creativity

Está lâmina é muito linda, meus parabéns, ficou perfeita.😋

I’m really impressed this welded so well with all that black oxide on the tape segments. Well done Sir!

Теперь я понял, что рулетку использовал не по назначению

Я тоже люблю ножи делать,правда еще не один не сделал)

Wow that was amazing looks like really rewarding work, an awesome hobby and an even better job

Completely love the professional craftsmanship.

This is the sixth video from shurap I have watched. At the end of the day I watch these and relax being amazed at the skill he has.

Спасибо за видео! Очень интересно. Делайте ещё!

I forget what I was originally looking for but now I’ve seen this.

So when his actual kitchen knives break he simply melts them down to create a new knife.

Концовка неожиданнаяРад видеть сумчан 🙂

This was really impressive work. I aspire to create so beautifully one day.

Well this video and the knife both “measured” up well to my expectations! 😃

Damascus steel from bicycle tires (from bead bundle)

Damascus steel from bicycle tires (from bead bundle)  (c) shurap

(c) shurap The process of making blades by forging welding (Damascus steel) of bead bundle bicycle tires. A total of eight tires were used. One blade is made with a twist …

For non-Russian/Ukrainian speaking people, the joke in the spices is that spicy is the same word for sharp in those languages. He’s adding sharpness to the blade 😀

Format for Dmitry’s videos never changes (although tea-time is new addition) — nothing fancy, straightforward videography, no on-camera personality, but I never get tired of watching this master craftsman at work. Alway beautiful.

I’ve watched this one twice. And several others as well. I’m highly impressed by this craftsman. The presentation is excellent.His various tools (well used and used well)!The process is highly interesting and informative.The end result are amazing. I’ve subscribed! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and skills.

Yes because one must always season the metal before cooking it

Жду дамасскую сталь из яблок)

Um verdadeiro artista. Parab�ns!

Those just might be my favorite knives you’ve made so far. Damn.

You are one creative hard working guy, and I love that you take time for tea!Best to you and yours!

Estimado shurap: Le escribo desde Argentina, he visto un sin n�mero de sus v�deos y cada uno me sorprende m�s que otro, realmente admiro cada uno de sus trabajos. Reciba usted mis m�s sinceras felicitaciones y gracias por compartirlo con nosotros.

Тысячи лет кузнецы завораживают!Время перестает существовать,когда наблюдаешь за их мастерством!Будьте здоровы!!!

Your creations are absolute perfection.It is so satisfying to watch a true artisan at work.

Wow, congratulations. Outstanding work, the grain pattern is absolutely stunning!

You know how many times on forged in fire I’ve seen disaster with the canister Damascus? This was awesome.

I’m impressed with this man’s patience. He went through all of those tires to get the steel from them.

Прекрасная работа! За юмор отдельный респект. Ну и самое главное: рад, что убрали с превью финишный вариант изделий, ведь так остаётся интрига, какой на этот раз у Мастера получился шедевр!

que trabalho sensacional 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Beautiful knife! The tea break was a favorite part of the video. Personal

Descreve os ingredientes usados. Parabéns, seu trabalho é admirável. 🇧🇷

Слез девственниц нужно было ещё в начале добавить.

Eu assisti o v�deo todo achei incr�vel os detalhes do trabalho e o resultado final fant�stico um trabalho totalmente artesanal e o desenho na l�mina ficou show parab�ns

Damascus Steel “Flowers on the River Bank” from the Elevator Cable

Damascus Steel "Flowers on the River Bank" from the Elevator Cable  (c) shurap

(c) shurap The process of making mosaic Damascus steel l from an elevator cable. Tea: Hibiscus (Sudanese rose, Karkade) I want to …

Hermoso el patr�n logrado!! Felicitaciones !!! Cu�nto tiempo tomo terminarlo?

Excelente trabalho! Muito bem feito ! � algo muito complexos no ramo da cutelaria o a�o damasco

Wow! What a Craftsman! Everything with the bear Hand’s! Respect for You Sir!

Absolutely gorgeous craftsmanship. A fitting name for this pattern, I can see the flowers and the river! Beautifully done, bravo!

Astonishing! Thank you for sharing your skills with us.

So far out of your mosaic damascus experiments, I think this is my favorite.I think the name fits with the pattern, very beautiful.

Have you ever done a Full Size Sword using this process ? Or is your Forge a bit too small . Just curious . Spectacular ” Olde World ” craftsmanship Sir .

Honestly your work is amazing! I know little on forge welding and knife making but I know enough that, the work you create is truly art! How do you come up with these crazy designs?

Как же завораживающе и без единого слова 🙏 Просто магия✨🎩✨

Truly incredible work! I would love to see a longer blade with this pattern

That is the most beautiful design I’ve ever seen, I’m in love with it !! Just the detail in the close up , I could look at it all day lol. Great job 👏

It is so relaxing watching you work your magic!

I love watching someone like yourself, who pays such attention to detail work. Just the time you took to forge weld all those pieces together was brilliant! The final product was absolutely beautiful! Thank you.

Pete had a wonderful life w/ you. You were a good pair. I’ve lost 5 Jack Russells and it doesn’t ever get ok. One day you can get another Friend like Pete.

I’ve been selling Abrasives for over forty years and I think you’ve figured out what the correct Surface Feet Per Minute can do to get the best performance out of that belt. Spectacular metal removal Sir..! 😳👍

every video i keep thinking “this is my new favorite” they are all wonderful!

That is very impressive! art on steel! Cheers from Brazil!

Просто фантастика! Спасибо, Мастер за возможность посмотреть, как Вы работаете!

Amazing work, thanks for the share. You’ve inspired me to look in to blacksmithing.

Not just a craftsman, but a true artist. Very well done sir.

Damascus from the cable, the entire process (Blade)

Damascus from the cable, the entire process (Blade)  (c) shurap

(c) shurap The process of forging a blade from a cable. Mosaic damask steel from the cable. On the cutting edge steel W110, zone hardening 62 units. Such video from the …

stunning! amazing work sir. Do contact me if you part (sell) your knives.

Узор красивый…работы много…руки из нужного места..лайк…

Amazing! Do you know how it’s going to turn out, or do you just keep working it and hope it looks like you want? They are all so beautiful.

It never gets old watching you make those wonderful blades.

Beautiful patterns. I am also a knife maker with 15 years of experience. I love watching your videos and skillful performance. No hate here. Thank you, Sir, for sharing with us.

Great and beautiful patterns. Love the snakeskin look some of the best pattern welded steel I’ve seen

Absolutely beautiful blade 👏👍job well done sir!!

Damn! He managed to make a snakescale pattern, awesome work!

Wow what a setup! Looks like a lifetime of love! Nice work!

I love watching you use your tooling! You’ve got some awesome tools and mad skills!

Simply beautiful, period! Best knife maker on YouTube.

It is amazing watching you manipulate the various steels in your videos, I hope to see more, stay safe. You are a true master in your craft.

That is great. Ever since i tried making a hypodermic needle with bamboo, I have believed the power that threading like this exists. I bet you can make some real dynamic weapons this way… no doubt

From the start I knew those cables were going to make some incredible looking damascus patterns, loved it! I’m so jealous of your shop and tool collection!

Thanks for the awesome video.The real Damascus was forged near my native in southern India. The impurities in the mix are now lost in time after the British broke the back bone of Indian manufacturing. Good to see ideas and hardwork living on through people.

Some amazing art work!

Класс! Чем больше смотрю, тем больше восхищаюсь!

That is bar none the best blade i have seen. The stand up cable idea is awesome! Beautiful work

But really his blade work makes me tear up its so gorgeous

Damn, now I know why knives are so expensive. I never realized how much time and work it takes to make one.