Restoration EG(おすすめch紹介)

Restoration EG(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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Restoring the original PlayStation (PS1) – Vintage Console restoration & repair

Restoring the original PlayStation (PS1) - Vintage Console restoration & repair  (c) Restoration EG

(c) Restoration EG Restoration & Repair of broken Xbox 360 and Fix The Red Ring of Death How to remove yellowing from old plastic (retrobright) …

This device was bought in this condition from a junkyard for 2$

Tantos comentarios en diferentes idiomas, el gaming nos une.

This was definitely a PS1 that was on multiple construction site jobs for people on break wanting to play Crash lol. No other answer could be right lol.

Impressive how people throw things away like that after being part of their happiness, videos like that makes me sentimental. It’s like a surgery for machines to bring them back to life, amazing work. <3


The best name would be “focilized PS1 restoration”

Sim, eu perdi 19:43 minutos d� minha vida vendo esse v�deo, mas com todo prazer e alegria… que rel�quia um PS1… d� at� saudade do meu PS1 que era a vers�o ”tijol�o” (que perdi ou melhor, roubado) fiquei levemente emocionado com essa porra de v�deo KKKKKKK

O maluco limpou o neg�cio e concertou, ele fez agente se interessar por um v�deo top e deu um tutorial tbm, brabo dms

Ах этот звук при запуске соньки, этот запах джойстика и нагревшейся приставки, этот домашний запах, запах детства, эти безсонные ночи, и вечные споры с братом кто будет играть главным джойстиком, это обстановка и окружающая атмосфера, с такой настольгией я щас вспоминаю те годы, годы детства, самое прекрасное время в жизни человека) спасибо за видео, было приятно вспомнить эти золоьые годы, всем добра и здоровья!))

This video should be called “Gaming PS1 restauration ASMR” Jesus, it’s so satisfactory As the PS1 of being a shit remains a new one, awesome dude.

These game on the end of a video brings back good memories when my parents bought me PS1. Tarzan was the game that I got with console. I remembar like it was yesterday we didnt have memory card and I completed almost half game when my father said “Pause the game lets go and buy memory card”. I was maybe 8 years old and I will never forget those childhood days. Thank you god on good memories.

I have found a Master System 2 that was left outside for decades and only needed a good clean to work again but this being a laser console its amazing that still works!

Лучший ремонт в моей жизни. Разобрать, помыть и готово, работает. И где такой цемент продают, который мыльной водой смывается?)

как говоритсяяя,невыдуманная история о которой невозможно молчать

Incrível como parece velho e os parafusos novos devia estar enferrujado não 🧐

Смотрю и думаю: как все сделано круто, что кажется поломка невозможна при таком качестве мануфактуры. Лучшая реклама Сони ☺️


мне бы такие пятна цемента, которые теплой водой с мылом оттираются

Hermano esa fue mi primera play que recuerdos vale oro querido excelente v�deo cuanta nostalgia

Neta me pase 15 minutos viendo esto. Valio cada maldito segundo XD

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Restoring the Original Xbox (CPU overheating) – Retro Console Restoration & Repair – ASMR

Restoring the Original Xbox (CPU overheating) - Retro Console Restoration & Repair - ASMR  (c) Restoration EG

(c) Restoration EG Restoring the Original Xbox (CPU overheating) – Retro Console Restoration & Repair …

I miss when you could just slap a disc into a console for the first time and play it instantly without having to install the game 😊

Considering these haven’t been manufactured since 2005, over 16 years, this isn’t all that bad

007 everything or nothing is goated, one of the best games I’ve ever played as a child. If I ever get to play that again, I will be complete.

Esto es simplemente, relajante…. Ahhhhh…

Back when 10GB was enough storage space for a console lol

I’m curious, how do you manage to avoid ever frying the electronics you work with? Is it true that circuit boards are actually not as fragile as we think? There is so much confidence in how you just touch these things with gloves and alcohol that it makes me wonder sometimes if I’ve just been psyching myself out when trying to build a PC and stuff.

Se necesita mucha paciencia para hacer este tipo de trabajos yo le limpie el ventilador y el disipador de calor a mi PS4 Slim con mucho cuidado y ahora no más ruidos al iniciar mis juegos gran trabajo saludos 💪😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

I love how this guy repairs stuff to the point where they look like new bought consoles and then just like in everyday life makes a break and simply plays on those consoles.

Еба! ХBoX это ретро консоль… Почувствовал себя дедом)

God I remember accidentally opening the closet a few weeks before Christmas as a young ass kid and seeing the XBOX that my parents bought all of us. The best memories I have ever had were on this thing and watching my brother play it then moving onto the XBOX 360 when it first released.

This was extremely satisfying, after watching this, I stripped my original xbox and did a bit of a restoration, still play underground 2 and midnight club 3, love it👍👍

Far out watching this makes me feel old. Remember my cousins and I would play on this at their place.

I remember replacing the disk drive,then putting in a better heatsink/fan in mine….kept her going

Guau :v me fascina el trabajo que hizo, fue muy interesante, me agrada la electr�nica pero no s� nada sobre ella

Original xbox is one of the most underrated consoles of all time. Hate to see it in this condition.

Man seeing this video made me so glad i took care of my stuff and bought a case and regularly clean all my consoles , classic still runs better than the 360 and ONE

V�deo t�p de + esse v�deo e satisfat�rio de+. Parab�ns topzera de +

This got me nostalgia.

the scratches on top of the console somehow magically disappeared after he cleaned it. 🤣🤣

I might only be 15 years old but the amount of nostalgia I got from seeing just the home screen was so enjoyable let alone pulling out the first game out of my favorite series ever made me so happy. 007

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Restoring the Original Xbox 360 Controller – Retro Console Restoration & Repair – ASMR

Restoring the Original Xbox 360 Controller - Retro Console Restoration & Repair  - ASMR  (c) Restoration EG

(c) Restoration EG Restoring the Original Xbox 360 Controller – Retro Console Restoration & Repair – ASMR …

It’s crazy seeing your childhood console being considered “retro.”

im no tech genious, but how the hell do you let a controller get that bad?! that looks like it belonged to the discord head admin, whose house was filled with roaches.

I’m just left wondering wtf that controller went through to end up like that as I still have my original Xbox 360 controller and it still has its original white color and isn’t nearly as moldy

Juuu hermano eso estuvo genial muy pocas veces le presto tal atenci�n a un v�deo. Es realmente precioso que le de vuelvas la vida y utilidad a este control. Te ganaste una manita arriba y un suscriptor mas. Estar� viendo tus v�deos gracias. por el aporte.

Putting batteries in this controller felt like you were loading a double barrel shotgun 👌🏻

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As someone who still has their Xbox 360, I feel proud knowing that it’s considered retro now.

It’s currently 4:44 in the morning and It’s so satisfying to watch the whole video and feeling some nostalgia of playing Xbox 360 with my older brother I miss playing call of duty on the 360 when I was in elementary school and he was in high school good times.

Wow, this brings back memories. I used to play on cod MW2 with my high school friends all 15 of us shouting down the mic trash-talking each other 😂😂😂. Why can’t we just feel that feeling now 😭😭

Just imagine, in about 15 years from now we’ll get to see a restored PS5 controller

You can hardly consider this “retro.” Give it another 5-10 years and then I would consider it to be truly retro. That said, good job on the restoration. Brings back memories.

“retro”It’s the newest system I own. Got it in HS.Oof.

As satisfying as it is to see this, I hate to see how people let items go to waste, thank you for restoring this!

I got two of those controllers in perfect condition and one it pink, I also have a nice 360 that I play on every once in a while for fun, it is always nostalgic.

This was my childhood console The fact it’s being called retro is making me feel old when I’m not 😭

I AM OBSESSED WITH YOUR VIDEOS. 😩 THEY’RE SO RELAXING AND I JUST RESTORED MY SUPER NINTENDO. It’s the start to my collection of old consoles that I really miss. 💕

Omg so much nostalgia! I remember modding the controllers and reselling them! 😭

That board looks new, my controller was abandoned like for 5 months and it wasn’t outside, it was inside a box and the board was almost done cover in oxide!

Omg so much nostalgia! I remember modding the controllers and reselling them! 😭

it’s insane to think about the xbox 360 on it’s way to be considered a “retro” console now lol.EDIT: xbox 360 was a GREAT console. i think ps3 was slightly better because of the exclusives but xbox 360 was near there. it’s a way better console then the xbox one and series x. it’s not about graphics. it’s about the many good games on there and the friendships that have been made with xbox live. no toxic kids (most of the time) and not lgbtq supporters going in your face if you have an opinion differently then them. so it’s sad to see ya’ll childhood get washed away since in about 4-5 years it’s gonna be considered vintage. (i never grew up with the 360)

Windows95 Keyboard Restoration – Yellowed Plastic Retrobright ASMR

Windows95 Keyboard Restoration - Yellowed Plastic Retrobright ASMR  (c) Restoration EG

(c) Restoration EG Windows95 Keyboard Restoration – Yellowed Plastic Retrobright – ASMR This is Windows95 Keyboard Restoration model KB-6868 This restoration took me one …

It’s amazing restoration, love your video. You did a great job for old keyboard. 💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝Love From : LS HOME DESIGN💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐💐

The final result is actually looking like a gaming keyboard imagine trying to just put in some RGB lights in there as well, would be pretty dope.

I’ve had the same COMPAQ keyboard for over 2 decades. I usually open it to clean it once every couple years. The worst part is always putting the keys back one by one.But if you take care of your old keyboard, it will last you your entire life barring accidents. Like every consumer product, they were probably made to be less obsolescent back then.

Я всегда думала, что эта клавиатура сама по себе выпускается жёлтой🤣

It’s kinda crazy how after 25 years, that keyboard still looks nearly identical to one today.

¡Wow, Ame el resultado! 😊 Fue muy relajante, entretenido y muy educativo este video. Ya que nos enseña una restauración de un teclado antiguo y uno de los primeros teclados de la llegada tecnológica. 😇🙌🏻 Por eso mismo, Te mereces tu like y suscripción, por ese esfuerzo y amor hacia este tipo de cosas.

до слезit’s so perfect

А то что он WD брызнул на винт который вкручен в пластик , никого не смутило?

What really got me was the plastic through which the keys send the presses to the pcI recently opened a new keyboard and now seeing this one I can see they haven’t changed one bit

after restoration this bring back childhood memories

Хороший реставратор, в самом начале сорвал головки, выбрав неправильную биту…

Вот что значит любовь к своему делу, всегда приятно наблюдать за реставрацией.

Muito satisfatório 😍😍😍😍

알고리즘에 떠서 왔는데 13분이 순삭이 되었습니다~~

I want that keyboard, it’s amazing

8:36 я прочувствовал всю боль этого пореза.

Bom demais essa restauração👍😎

진짜 전문가이시네요 구독누르겠습니다 ㅎ

¡Que buen trabajo! 💻

15년전 건즈할때 이 키보드가 짱이었는데…

Restoration Mini TV produced in 1981 Antique television restore Restore old Mini TV

Restoration Mini TV produced in 1981  Antique television restore  Restore old Mini TV  (c) Restoration EG

(c) Restoration EG Restoration Mini TV produced in 1981 | Antique television restore | Restore old Mini TV Restoration & Repair of broken Xbox 360 and Fix The Red Ring of Death …

TOP demais…eu tive um tv desse modelo..HOO tempo bom

This is so satisfying. I used to have one of these televisions as a kid, and I would take it into the bathroom with me and set it on the toilet while I laid in the tub and watched threes company on a grainy black and white screen. Simpler times, but I remember it being just one of the most relaxing and satisfying times of my childhood. Thank you for this.

You have the most amazing content! I can’t quit watching your videos. Can’t wait for the next one. Keep up the great job!

I always wish I’d learned electronics and wiring when I was younger. To this day, it’s really interesting for old wires, and circuit boards can be rejuvenated.

I love older stuff way more than new stuff. Older stuff looks more interesting and has more buttons on it. You could mess with its dials all day. Also I always liked how screens on older TVs were made of glass and not a black plastic and I liked how the edges are curved and not just a flat rectangle.

My mother had one. I used to watch the television in the van that my father had. It can run on batteries, 12 volt in the car, and in a outlet. She got it in the early 80’s, too. I don’t know what happened to it.

No in�cio da d�cada de 90 essas TVs eram uma febre aqui no Brasil. Parab�ns pelo trabalho que serve de incentivo a quem quer aprender a fazer algum tipo de reparo.

This is hard work. If it would be me, I’m sure I would of had extra parts after putting it back together lol

I used to have one like this but had a radio on one side. I remember hooking it up to an NES and playing duck hunt on it and it worked. I remember taking it out camping. It ran on a small fortune of batteries that didn’t last very long.

Tudo que eu monto eu acabo quebrando algo ou n�o consigo remontar, admiro muito quem tem esse dom e paci�ncia

A total restoration woulda been cool,Like cable management and a paint job. Still a good watch.

Bicho, eu lembro dessas TV’s! Eu lembro que eram vistas como algo moderno, inovador! 😁😁😁

ASMR, beautiful sounds and very interesting vintage design

in Brazil this kind of portable TV was popularly called “televis�ozinha de pedreiro” (lit. bricklayer’s little television) because apparently it was common for bricklayers to take this type of television to watch, or hear the radio while they were working

çok güzel iş başarmışsınız tebrik ederim ,çekim daha profesyonel olabilir, videoyu bi tık ilerleterek izledim.(yorumumu lütfen iyi bir eleştiri olarak algılayın) emeğinize sağlık 🙏🏻👍🏼

Don’t see what the fuss is we still have ours in our living room works perfect my neighbour also has one we had it converted to digital it cost us £220.00 their a great tv 📺 the job you done on that one was fantastic.

Very nice restoration. Restauração muito legal!!👏👏👏👏👏

We had a similar mini tv/radio in our kitchen growing up in the 80’s. Surprised to see yours worked at the end

A melhor parte voc� deixou para final que foi o jogo

Reminds me of someone who comes out from the screen Scary feels at the end of video ✌Great Hard work restoring the Mini Tv 🎉