Coco Ch. 桐生ココ(おすすめch紹介)

Coco Ch. 桐生ココ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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【#桐生ココ3D】桐生ココ3Dお披露目!#ホロふぉーす始動! 【#JointhefutureJP】

【#桐生ココ3D】桐生ココ3Dお披露目!#ホロふぉーす始動! 【#JointhefutureJP】  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ It is the dawn of the age of Coco #JointhefutureJP ホロライブ4期生、桐生ココついに3Dの姿をお披露目ッ!!!! #桐生ココ3D #ホロふぉーす 一部表情イラスト:LIMI …

Kanata: Did you die?Coco: Sadly Yes.Coco: But I lived

For the guy in the chat, who wrote “2020 is finally worth it”, I’ve seen you and honestly feel the same way xD


Rewatching this so I can see that smile again.

41:42 ~ ワイめっちゃ目立ってて草

That was the best stream ever.Her cute faceHer big- TailHer legendary poseYagoo in the officeThe dance with the two shateiThe loading screenAsacoco/MemeYakuza moment The song was amazingShe was just breathtakingThank you for this stream.

28:33 IS THAT THE REAL GIGGUK DONATING ???? I know you’re addicted to Vtubers

The 3D of Flare was already something great and now I find out that Coco joins the ranks. The Dragonic Empire was born with her.

19:05 Nerfed Thundertits lmaoooo.

Imagine how the hololive’s staff must feel when they’re watching her irl

Don’t worry she isn’t dead, she is just back to her last save

Kiryu Coco got murdered on the stage while lots of witnesses still waving their lightstick

Honestly, this was the perfect 3D Kaicho stream. It showed off almost everything about her— her love for yakuza, her insane humor, her genuine sweetness, her ability to be really idol-like, and ofc her amazing dance moves. Watching the stream, there were times I laughed out loud so hard tears came to my eyes, and there were parts so wholesome and so Tee Tee that I almost cried for them too. The entire chat was going crazy for the full hour, and the energy was reflected in that. Coco and the staff obviously worked their tails off (pun 100% intended) to make this happen, and damn did they pull through. I can’t wait to see what our dragon waifu does next!!Well… provided she’s still alive… grass

Others: “NOOOOO, Don’t look at my panties you hentai!”Coco: “Hahaha! Butt goes twerk twerk!”

Now we’re going to see her in some of their Hololive animations!

sad that the YAGOOZA finally got her


The future is now, Coco is our future and quite frankly,*It brings tears of joy*

7:30  誓って履いてはおりません。 coco:I swear I’m not wearing underwear.    22:20 同期集合サムネの例のポーズ This pose for the fourth generation group thumbnail.34:50 逃げる椅子         chair to escape.44:14 封印された指        Sealed hand sign49:48 生ライヴ          Live58:36 会長~!うしろー!     Kachikomi1:00:06 ネクストホロライブヒント  Next member event notification

I still imagine her wearing full set of adidas armor behind that 3d debut livestream

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TADADA--DA--DA--DA--DADADA🎶~🎵~🎶  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ DO DO DO.

Those hips don’t lie!

POV: she’s in character select screen waiting to be picked.

“You’re dancing. My dreams were destroyed and you’re dancing.”–Yagoo, probably

Sasuga american hips

Everyone: talking about Yagoo or Coco’s bodyMe: *T A I L P H Y S I C S*

Kaichou after having completely destroyed Yagoo’s dream.

“I don’t like this video, its smug aura mocks me” – Yagoo, probably

I’m glad yagoo finally decided to stop denying that he own entertainment company, not idol agency

Is she asking us to make memes out this?Sure why not.

No one:Idols when their CEO finally says ‘Entertainment company’:

yagoo: god is dead. coco killed himcoco: victory dance

When Coco finally destroys yagoo’s dream

Has anyone realized that this is one her most viewed videos


She’s just swaying… Menacingly, unblinkingly, fearlessly

No one:RPG characters waiting for you to pick an attack move:

This is how enemies of power rangers do when they’re waiting for them to transform.

You’re dancing, someone’s Dream is Death, and you’re dancing to celebrate it-A-Chan Probalby

This needs to be set to Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga’s battle music.

The Village is burning Everyone is getting murdered Screams howl throughout the NightYour Character waiting for orders:

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【#マリココ3D】船長、一緒に踊りましょう?【3D配信】  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ マリン船長にUSDA流のセクシー腰振りを伝授! HIP DANCE WITH MARINE!! ※本ゲームは Copyright © 2010-2017 SKH Apps LLC の確認を得た上で配信・収益化を …

Staff: “Yagoo san, our shitposting dragon is doing it again!”Yagoo: *See financial review* “Let her be” *Cry in idol dream*

24:27 Not gonna lie, I wasn’t ready for that

1:17 “What is she doing?”“HER BEST”

18:06 yes senchou we know

I love Marine’s moves! They’re just filled with questionable life choices and poor physical health! IT’S ADORABLE!!!

2:41 ah yes, senchou’s signature dance move

33:50 “clown boy is delete” this is peak maringlish, she is beginning to believe

I wonder if staff still yells “Don’t do it!” or did they give up.

This stream is very “wholesome” The last minute proves it all.51:26

6:10 Coco really did the splits to flex on Marine’s athletic ability, huh?

Tags: age difference, size difference, large insertions, tail plug

18:07 the cutest exclamation of horniness

Doujin artists: *”its free real estate.”*

Parents: What are you watching?Me, who speaks 0 Japanese: When I figure it out, you’ll be the first to know.

Maringlish is still pretty funny but she’s improving quickly.

Yet another collab stream that cannot be clip-translated because the entire thing is just gold XD

That’s not fair. Coco’s rig has like twice many points in of articulation in her hips than Marine’s whole rig.

Random comment: “Marine’s flexibility is amazing! It reminds me of uncooked pasta”

37:05 best expression!

Kaichou: “Horny!”Senchou: “Horny?”Kaichou: “Hooorny!”Senchou: “Horny?”Kaichou: “Hooorrrrny!!”Senchou: “I’m Horny!”Me: “Always has been…”


【新衣装】桐生ココ!新しい服!お披露目ぇ!!!【#新衣装桐生ココ】  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ ついにきたーーーーーーー!!!!4期生新衣装!一番手桐生ココいきまーーーーす!!!#新衣装桐生ココ でつぶやいてね! ☆Memberships to support Coco☆ …

simple, twin tails, no pants, knee socks, bare shoulder, big BADONKAHONKS, this outfit is 10/10, really glad to see such beautiful outfit kaichou!!!

Coco: “Which outfit do you like most?”Chat: *YES*

Imagine editing Kaichou as Coco Kaine for a joke but it ends up being accurate

“I MADE THE WORST MISTAKE, I ASKED THE REDDITORS”/r/Hololive: Damn right you did


The jacket outfit unironically looks like Adidas wear, which is fitting for our AdiDora. Hey Coco, like other people I am also wondering if you will ever get a DQN outfit. It’s strange that you don’t have one already since you are basically the DQN chara of Hololive. (Btw guys, DQN = Delinquent = Troublemaker = Possible ties with yakuza, etc.)

Damn kaichou really knocking it out of the park with each and every outfit man. Straight 10/10’s

42:50 *Choco breathing heavily* Ahhhhh~~

it’s basically the outfit she should have all this time

A simple hoodie can make anyone look even better

I didn’t realize twintail Coco could have this kind of power

Makes sense, as a Kaichou, Coco is required to have the most fire outfits possible 🤣❤

31:19 Ah, it seems that my guess was way off! The real outfit is much much better and even slightly sexier! ^///^

Cool artists guessing Coco’s new outfit check, memes check, Yagoo check, cute Coco with new outfit and long twintails check, maximum Coco stream power achieved. Love the new outfit and hope it gets a lot of use.

新衣装最高にかわいいで!会長!1:19~start/新衣装5:04~新衣装予想発表9:01~水着/Swimsuit14:28~メガネ/Glasses19:28~ジャージ/Jersey28:20~REDDIT予想発表33:57~YAGOO35:32~Coco Kain43:00~新衣装発表①46:09~新衣装発表②46:50~タダノキャミソールダトオモッタカ50:54~新衣装発表③52:09~新衣装発表④52:54~新衣装発表⑤54:04~新衣装発表⑥54:37~新衣装発表⑦56:57~アサココ温泉郷1:00:36~ending【SC読み】1:02:25~start/sc1:15:11~泳ぐ/swim1:21:29~ガノトトス1:30:14~部屋/room1:31:49~OLLIE1:34:13~充電器/Charger1:49:50~洗脳動画/brainwashing2:06:08~Kiss2:07:01~トイレ/toilet2:18:48~Noeru2:20:19~プレゼント/Kantan2:34:59~バジリスクタイム2:42:18~グラフ2:48:04~なのら3:37:36~ending

That’s how she actually dresses IRL, though, according to the streams when Kanata and kaichou herself mentioned her taste in clothes.

My heart can’t take this much cuteness. Kaichou looking kawaii and fresh. Your new outfit suits you good.


Just when you thought she couldn’t get cuter. BAM! Moe Attack!


あさココLIVE 10/19 #asacoco

あさココLIVE 10/19 #asacoco  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ 月・水・金はあさココ! あさココはニュース?ゴシップスクープ!?いいえ!ただのエンターテインメント! たのしんでいってね! サムネいらすと そば粉さん …

Jesus Christ, just 20 mins, and she just earned what she would’ve earned in those 3 weeks

Coco: *adds subtitles to stream*Translators: “Wait that’s illegal”

antis: NOOOO YOU CAN’T JUST SPAM SUPERCHAT TO BLOCK OUR BOTS!!!holosimps: hehe superchat goes brrrr brrr

the antis want her to ”graduate” and so she makes her own university, SAVAGE AF

Im crying… Our boss is back.. WELCOME BACK

Coco: spouts random stuff during her first stream backClip channels: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN!!

Damm the spammers got destroyed when the stream starts, and the chat is literally speed, im quite shameful for myself for missing the live, but it looks like the chat went fine with giga chads, and super simps on the run flanked by the tatsunoko’s. The anti army was reduced to dust once coco stream started, i didn’t manage to watch the stream live but atleast there an archive of it.

Coco is smarter than the antis thought, they didn’t expect a fake livechatCoco: *exists*Simps: Haha supachatto goes brrrrrr

..1:24 開始 3:11 70万人ありがとう 5:42 船長 ゴスロリ新衣装公開10:37 CM あさココ大学13:30 通販 あさココミスト18:52 大親友とパスタを食べた

That “fuck you and never come back” bit at the end is so satisfying to read.

Antis got bodiedChat was going so nuts that the spam couldn’t even keep upStay mad, you glorified chuunis

Well would you look at that, yesterday it was more than 7K dislikes… Now it’s reduced to 6.2K dislikes, YouTube or concern citizens are reporting these Anti-Kiryu Coco scumbags alright.Edit: HAHA! From 6.4K to 6.1K, keep it up concern citizens and report these Antis!

Man, the little gems hidden in Coco’s subtitles, I forgot how much I’ve missed those

antis: **gives tons of negative feedback and has extremely negative energy**Superchats: Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of me giving her money and my support!

Fun fact: The dislikes are the antis being mad they couldn’t spam her chat

You can’t bring down the legendary legend of the legend of the legend of the legend of the legendary legend of Kiryu Coco.

Coco: **comes back**Suoerchat: “GAS GAS GAS IM GONNA STEP ON THE GA–“

*Asa Coco University has been announced*Me : “Now I know my dream college is!”*Sees the entry requirements*=> _If you can write your name you’re in_Me : *”Goddamnit I wish I can write…”*


The antis thought spamming the chat with bots would work. They didn’t account for the fact that literally everyone spams the chat, and they were quickly drowned out by the other bullshit people were saying.


COCO IS BACK!!  (c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ

(c) Coco Ch. 桐生ココ ホロライブ所属、2019.12.28デビューしました!4期生で4代目会長の桐生ココ(Coco Kiryu)です。 my twitter ▽ Hey this is Coco Kiryu from …

自分用25:14 fubuki28:16 watame31:00 flare33:40 pekora35:39 choco38:54 botan39:49 polka41:47 subaru43:30 mio47:49 miko51:13 akiroze57:50 PPT coming in real hot (in real life

we missed you

she protecc she attac but most importantlyshe come bacc

桐生会ラインナップ/Kiryukai Linenup2:27~start3:35~桐生ココ登場/Kiryu Coco Appears5:39~Kiss10:35~結婚/marriage13:43~フブキちゃん/Fubuki-chan14:15~まつりちゃん/Matsuri-chan14:26~宝物/treasure15:50~オリーちゃん/Ollie-chan16:50~洗濯/Washing20:16~予告なし凸待ち/Waiting without notice23:47~フブキちゃん/Fubuki-chan28:16~わためぇ/Watame31:03~ふーたん/Futan33:33~ぺこら/Pekora35:29~ちょこ先生/Choco-sensei38:47~ししろん/Shishiro39:44~ポルカ/polka41:48~スバル/Subaru43:27~ミオ/Mio47:34~みこち/Mikochi51:11~アキちゃん/Aki-chan57:39~かなたん/Kantan58:34~ペアリング/Pair ring59:45~結婚おめでとう/Congratulations on your marriage1:02:14~聞いてる?/listening?1:03:07~龍が如く/YAKUZA1:07:14~感謝/Thanks1:08:48~元気です/I’m fine1:11:49~杞憂ココ/Mourning Coco1:13:38~MEME①1:16:02~MEME②1:18:26~ending1:21:25~おまけ/bonus

I love how every time she comes back now she brings an army -harem- of other hololive members to assert her dominance. Good to see her back

She’s TadaiBACK MATHA FAKA!… My favorite swearing apex anime dragirl…Yes! More! More!

Ok, she’s definitely married to PPT, no one can change my mind lol.Okaericome back Kaichosident

I disrupt my sleeping cycle~In favor of Kaicho’s stream revival~Welcome back boss

Welcome back kaichou!!!We’re all waiting for you to supply us with asacoco again


no matter how long, we will always wait for you kaichou

Welcome bacc Kaichou 1:06:29 Wholesome

Welcome back Kaichou! We missed you!

1:06:27 全てが浄化される尊さ

awh i was asleep and missed it’




Happy to see you back, Coco!

予告無しでも凸待ちに来てくれる人がこんなにも集まるなんてやっぱりホロライブはあったかいなぁ おかえりなさい会長!!