Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾(おすすめch紹介)

Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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AIKIDO × MMA – Does the Aikido Master’s technique work for MMA fighter?

AIKIDO × MMA - Does the Aikido Master's technique work for MMA fighter?  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 PART2 is here↓ Please use the English subtitle function ・AIKIDO × MMA – Does the Aikido Master’s technique work for MMA …

Two Aikido Masters get drunk in a bar, get in an argument over a mutual girlfriend. They agree to settle their differences outside ( to preserve the Bar from possible property damage). Once outside they circle each other, each waiting for the other to attack. Legend says they are still there today.

As a previous practitioner I can confirm that Aikido is very effective when you just stand there like a dummy.

Aikido is a lot like marriage. It works fine if you do everything your partner forces you to do.

The answer to the title is… No not usually.

You had me at the full word – Collaboration! 👏 If I see another youtube video with somebody saying Collab I’ma put me out of my misery!😏 Salute!!!

“Every fighting video has the mike tyson punched in the face quote”- Me

I would love to have a scientific sparring session! 😁 *I DOUBT I’LL GET A REPLY* but I would definetly be open to learning alot from you guys if these techniques work with real resistance.

I thought they would do some sparring. I’m kind of disappointed

I kinda had hoped that you would display its effectiveness through a live situation, rather than you just talking about it. The other guys were being extremely generous to you.

The techniques in Aikido seem valid except an opponent will usually not try to grab someones arm. I did use some Aikido technique when sparring in full armor at full speed with sticks and some of it did work.

Domo arigato gozaimashita Sensei. Inspiring to see this collaboration. It also is sometimes done in dojos I train in. You re-awaken lost lessons from my early training with good teachers. Thank you.

That’s pretty cool.So anyways here’s a low kick

Refreshing to see it done by someone who really understands.

Being Aikido is jiu jitsu, it’d be interesting to see Aikido vs. Gracie Jiu Jitsu, where Sokaku Takeda probably would be comparable or Morehei Ueshiba, but Aikido might need to back step in time to be comparable in effectiveness. Maybe.Understand Gracie’s are athletes, where that’s huge. But, Aikido, if real world tested against violent aggression, it’s deficiencies would be found. I am not encouraging violence, but realizing an attack is not one step methods, as it can be a powerful fast flurry of multiple strikes, where having someone competent to assess things is important. Not a king anything from Aikido, but..

I’m impressed with this martial art. First time I saw and know this martial art in an anime called kenichi the mightiest disciple.

Master, thank you for sharing your knowledge.

Impressive applications…especially when done full speed. I see aspects of Aikido that can effective to defend oneself against unsuspecting attackers (since they will resist less) more than a planned caged fight.

Obrigado por nos ensina a sermos melhores…Como Ser Humano e espiritual.

I wish I could join you, I’ve not been in a dojo in over 20 years. I still live an Aiki life.

Aikido is built around some sound concepts about exploiting the skeletal and directional weaknesses of an opponent, but the lack of randori (free sparring) leaves its practitioners at a disadvantage to martial arts that allow participants to test themselves against a resisting opponent. Aikido + Randori = Judo

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Aikido JAPAN – SportAccord World Combat Games2013

Aikido JAPAN -  SportAccord World Combat Games2013  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 SportAccord World Combat Games 2013 AIKIDO-JAPAN demonstration Team from Japan is Shirakawa Ryuji – Abe toshiharu Hatayama Hiroshi – Suzuki takaki …

After a long break in aikido and trying different martial art. I’m back in aikido. Aikido is a way of life for me, I’ve no intention to engage in a street fight or combat or competition. I’ve a family and a job, I can’t afford to train like an athlete (nor to show up with injury at work). I like to train aikido till I’m old and to maintain my health, which is possible in aikido. What makes me back to aikido, was reading some of people’s comment about martial art on youtube, I know that aikido also teach its participant to be respectful and humble — which we need more in real life — cheers

he signals his attack a mile away , like a choreography

The ancestor style of Aikido, Daito-ryu Aiki-jujutsu, has more direct, violent but still flowing techniques. There are plenty of vids here on YouTube demonstrating its applications. I’m pretty sure the students’ groans of pain is not fake.

Wonderful ! I love the way they move. Aikido is so beautiful!

I love Aikido, Its so beautiful

Beautiful. Teaches you so much about life.

All martial arts are great. Every art has something to offer . All martial art is created initially for self defense in it’s own unique and wonderful way. From the grace movements of Aikido to the devastating attacks of Muay thai..

I did so many sports but my fav one is still a�kido it’s been 3 years that i practice it now and i’ll never stop

one of the best demonstrations I’ve seen

Hermosas coreografias 😁

Mais c’est grave doux comme sport de combat c’est trop agréable à regarder


Yes. I apreciate this show

Hermoso… Elegante… Hokusai (Wave)…


второй ассистент был неудобным , спасибо замечательно

i did one of the basic aikido wristlocks (got it from somewhere else though) in BJJ, worked just fine. you just have to put it tothe test and drill it properly.

Claiming it’s useless as a form of self defence is synonymous with claiming surfing is useless as a method of transportation. (:

Epic Aikido demonstration!

exelente aikido!!! good job….my son is aikido-ka too

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合気道と柔術&忍者 Aikido&Jiu-Jitsu&Ninja techniques

合気道と柔術&忍者 Aikido&Jiu-Jitsu&Ninja techniques  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 合気道&柔術&忍者テクニックをMixした特別な技 A special techniques Mixed Aikido, Jiu-Jitsu and Ninja 白川竜次 師範 – 合気会6段 Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai …

Shirakawa moves like a silk scarf in a breeze, perfect flow, incredible grace and powerful!

I just love how his body moves like he has no bones whenever he gets thrown 🤣

Excelente felicitaciones, debe ir a UFC y derrotarlos a todos, es incre�ble, este si es

I love how you combine Aikido with Jiu-Jitsu and more. It feels just right to see a mix of technique’s that complement each other well.

I love this as I have blended wing Chung, aikido and small circle Jujitsu because of the acclimatization they have in movement and concept.

Funciona muito bem com um oponente compassivo, quero ver algu�m dando resist�ncia e metendo um cruzado

So beautiful to watch. Amazing performance!

This is some really cool stuff! I wish I was athletic enough to do it. But I’m still gonna give it more viewing to to see if there’s anything I can do in this or learn how to do in this video. Thanks for posting!

Demasiado cool para una exhibici�n. Hay que tener en claro que muchas de estas t�cnicas son impracticas en un combate real sin embargo el nivel de control y destreza es muy alto. Felicitaciones

Amazing! I love the flow and the ease of which the techniques is performed!

Amazing form of Aikido(jujutsu),oriented grappling. Very nice to see this type of A�ki which is rarely practiced or taught in France for example.. Elements of Fudoshin A�ki from Belgium or Tritac in England or Scotland..Interesting.Greetings from Paris!

Excelente demostraci�n, uno nunca sabe suficiente y siempre se puede aprender . Un saludo desde Espa�a

Beautiful techniques! Done with such grace!

An amazing range of moves and amazing as a demonstration!

Amazing techniques. Your precision is beautiful and awesome all at the same time. Thank you so much for posting these videos!

Realmente impresionante, perfecto e interesante de aprender. Un abrazo desde Per�.

It’s interesting to see how these arts use the circle in application.

Outstanding. Clean and smooth. We get to see these techniques without anything getting in the way. I really enjoyed this. Thank you.

I just loved this❤😍

Awesome display!! Fluid and flowing,excellent show.👍

Amazing! Aikido special self-defense techniques – Shirakawa Ryuji shihan

Amazing! Aikido special self-defense techniques - Shirakawa Ryuji shihan  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 aikido #ryujishirakawa #selfdefense #合気道 #白川竜次 #護身術 ◇Reproduction is prohibited Shirakawa Ryuji shihan – aikikai 6th dan ◇Facebook …

Nice moves. I could see how aikido would blend well with other grappling arts. Id love to learn aikido from someone as skilled and technical as this sensei.

Que aula espetacular, nem o covid 19 escapa. Parab�ns.

As a Krav Maga stylist I compliment your shirt and lapel grab defenses. They are fairly sound against a resisting opponent.🍻

There are some moves in here that I would totally use in a Judo setting. This is the most practical Aikido I’ve ever seen.

This is poetry. Beautiful understanding of energy and harmony.

I think I have watched this about 80 times already . Positioning , balance and timing are beautiful . You make it look easy , all those years of dedication and training . Well done shihan .

I’m glad techniques like this are getting more recognition as fitting in with aikido.

Magn�fico, gratid�o.

It’s so interesting to watch how Aikido has continued to evolve from the original art of Osensei.

Wonderful body control, admirable. Although the beautifully executed Aikodo technique only works if UKE is willing and absorbs everything.It’s still better, though not realistic, than the absurd MMA or boxing brawl …Long live Aikdo and world peace!

Pode aprender um pouco dessa otima arte marcial, por cerca de 2 anos. Pena que tive que parar. 👍☝️👏🇧🇷

Thank you for the lesson Master Shirakawa blessing be to you.

As a practitioner for many years of hard and soft martial arts, I can only say. You are wonderful, that’s marvelous. Many of this techniques are for real and can be used in any real world fight.

I love aikido I don’t practice like I use to but my flow has never felt me. I’m still confident in getting off the line and throwing ukei respectfully.

Starting at 2:12: key is to step back in harmony with the pressure of the attacker, putting him off balance. Once he has lost balance, defender has many options. Very clear demonstration.

Loved it! Excellent execution of technique, excellent Uke!

Nice demonstration on technique, I made it to 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido. One of best videos I’ve seen for Aikido. Your partners have train well,everyone looked awesome

I love to watch this beautiful of poetry of Aikido how the master is throwing around the attackers like a logs to the ground:))))) Kudos for his awesome skills. I think I am in love with Aikido now ❤️🙏😊

Great technics Sensei well done! Keep up the good work and inspire us with all these nice videos!

This is really a highly high art of marital techniques, a real ballet of self defense

合気道‐技紹介 Aikido Techniques

合気道‐技紹介 Aikido Techniques  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 合気道 技紹介 合気道神武錬成塾 白川竜次先生 受け 阿部宗玄 四方投げ・小手返し・入身投げ・一教・天地投げ・呼吸投げ(隅落とし)・回転投 Aikido Shinburenseijuku …



Great!! In the film, each Aikido technique was showed with a slow motion replay.

I’m sincerely thanking you for this extremely useful material. Beautiful. Utmost respect to years of practise



His technique is awesome, he has a great Uke too !


Tant de grâces et de beauté c’est absolument magnifique! Merci. とても優雅で美しさがとても美しいです ! ありがとう。

Now that I have about three of Tai Chi behind me, I can see just how well rooted he is to the ground. And he doesn’t use any arm strength at all, it’s all hip rotation.

It’s nice to see the Harmonizing Spirit in motion…like moving calligraphy! Very good Sir, thank you for posting.

Fantastica fluidez,saludos desde Espa�a .

An Artist at work, beautiful!


This is the thing we should teach in the PE classes of school students.


合氣道的投技 關鍵全都在足部的位移方式,你的走勢位移可以影響對方的平衡感,會的人就能輕輕鬆鬆的使用投擲技能

Mis respetos 🙏 maestro


Excelente aikido.parabens

Amazing! Aikido – Big Man VS Little Woman

Amazing! Aikido - Big Man VS Little Woman  (c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku - 合気道神武錬成塾

(c) Aikido Shinburenseijuku – 合気道神武錬成塾 The video has English subtitles. Please use the subtitle function of YouTube. ◇Jeet Kune Do Master Togo Ishii x Aikido Master Ryuji Shirakawa Click here for …


Ever since I was a child watching the economy of effort demonstrated by a true martial artist has fascinated and confused me… watching this brought a smile to my face; simple yet complex the demonstration shows all that a good teacher and master is. Thank you.




17:28 のところで声出して笑ったしまったwww倒れそうな行雄さんを支える優しさだったんだろうけど、面白かったw