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Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version)

Questions No One Knows the Answers to (Full Version)  (c) TED-Ed

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the real question is, “do flies call us walks?”

“The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.”

The real question is, “will there be a sanitiser/hand soap which kills 100% germs?”

Everyone stepping into this video:“I bet I know the answer to one of them”

The fact that both “we are alone” and “we are not alone” are terrifying

Who are the one out of ten dentists who don’t recommend Colgate?

The fact that we are lost in billions of stars, galaxies, even universes might seem terrifying. But imagine if there was only the Sun, the Earth and the moon in space…and nothing else. THAT would be terrifying.

This is so deep. When I started being conscious of my consciousness, I definitely asked my self that 1st question. And until now, I don’t believe that we’re the only ones who live here in the universe. Who knows, whenever I think about this my head is about to explode so I just watch things like these and share my confusion with everyone.

You just put literally all the indescribable deep thoughts that I think about into words. Well done, this is an awesome video ❤️

The real question is: how you can imagine something, how can you ,,see” something not using your eyes.

The real question is : Will we ever stop going through comments while watching the video?

It is important to draw the distinction between knowing something with certainty versus knowing something with probability. There are few things we know with certainty. We make most of our decisions based on knowing something with probability. This seems to work…for the most part.

On August 2019, I was on a motorboat en route to the next island on our island tour. I was sitting there with my good friend, the other tourists and the tour guides. The waves got rough and it was a rainy day. Then, I briefly imagined myself going overboard and thought that I will disappear in a matter of minutes. It made me realize how small I am compared to the vastness of the sea. That was such a humbling experience and I often get reminded of how I felt at that time.

This makes my younger self really happy because this is the stuff I desperately wanted to learn when I was 10. When they asked what we wanted to be in elementary school I ALWAYS said astrophysicist. I was in love with the stars and all I wanted was to understand the multiverse and string theory and everything about the universe. And then I got older and realized how much math there is in astronomy and physics and I gave up. I had undiagnosed learning disabilities and so many math and science teachers telling me I would never understand. I decided I wasn’t smart enough to ever do astrophysics and it broke me. I swear this is unlocking a memory I forgot I had.

honestly everything can be questioned like maybe it’s just a habit of mine to question everything i know a lot of other people can relate but i don’t think it’s bad … i think there is great great peace in not knowing you just accept that it’s all a mystery , you just be here and now. you accept that you cannot know , we don’t know ,where we are,what we are,we don’t know what any of this is really now we can pretend to know and we can give things labels but it’s all a mystery so you just love it love it all , teachings of ram dass helped me overcome my existential crisis anxieties so if you are feeling small or confused or scared just remember it’s okay nobody knows anything just be here now be in this moment don’t get intertwined in your thoughts after all that’s all they are just thoughts❤️

how to respond to “ok” and “lol”

This opening music transports me back in time in a way I can’t even explain. It’s almost like I can see myself from someone else perspective in these past moments in my life. Don’t know what it is but there’s a timeless quality to it.

I’ve spent my entire life thinking, wondering, listening, worrying, watching and have virtually no certainties – probably none. Well, maybe one. I’m always incredibly suspicious of those who like to begin almost everything they say with, ‘What it is, is this’. I’ve also managed to retain a sense of wonder and hope. I think.

Hey Chris, you have beautifully narrated this video, very intuitive, kept me interested, made me think of those which I won’t notice in routine life. Thanks, Tedx and team.

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Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle? – Alex Gendler

Can you solve the prisoner hat riddle? - Alex Gendler  (c) TED-Ed

(c) TED-Ed View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-you-solve-the-prisoner-hat-riddle-alex-gendler Want more? Try the buried treasure riddle: …

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If this is the level of intelligence they expect of us, I think they could definitely eat us

Alternate strategy: Take off your hat and look. It’s still allowed via the rules given

Unfortunately when you pick 10 humans at random there’s gonna be a lot of idiots

honestly, if this plan was explained to me without any visuals within 5 minutes, i wouldn’t even understand it 💀

Prisoner 10 sees no hats, so he answers blue. Everyone died. Don’t be prisoner 10.

only one serious problem of this riddle : everyone must understand your plan

“Can you think of a strategy guaranteed to save everyone?””No, no, I can’t.”

I figured out a different strategy and it only took me about a minute, kind of hard to explain and the execution would be a bit tricky but the first person would say the color of the next persons hat. The second person would either repeat that color immediately or wait 20 seconds and then say that color depending on the color of the third persons hat. If the third persons hat was the same color he would repeat it immediately, if it was a different color he would wait twenty seconds to signify that the next persons hat was a different color, and so on.

Him * extremely smart and advanced answer *me: hmm maybe they can breathe hard on each other’s necks they could make some kind of code

but… theres always that one guy who doesnt get the rules.. we’re screwed

There’s absolutely no way a group of random people would accomplish this even if you explained the strategy

“You at the front of the line”Yo forget the puzzle is he calling me short!???!!

Unfortunately even if you figured this out, you’d have to convince everyone in the group to follow the plan, and stick with it. But there will be other people in the group with bad plans that insist to do it their way. You then are forced to watch as everyone gets everything seriously wrong. I’ve been in similar situations before where I know the correct way to do something, but everyone else has to try their way, or criticizing my plan. I have to watch as they get us killed

There’s no way someone wouldn’t mess this up.

I just love how Ted creates a backstory and then goes into detail to make it as logical as possible. E.g the universal translator app

Any random sample of humans would have at least one person who fudged it up.

I’ve seen all the possibilities of this riddle and I can confirm that it always works

Imagine being the 10th person and guess the wrong answer, while everyone successfully did their job.

Imagine actually coming up with this genius plan and spending the next 5 minutes carefully explaining it to everyone, just for the last person to screw up and cost everyone their lives.

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Can you solve the bridge riddle? – Alex Gendler

Can you solve the bridge riddle? - Alex Gendler  (c) TED-Ed

(c) TED-Ed View full lesson: https://ed.ted.com/lessons/can-you-solve-the-bridge-riddle-alex-gendler Want more? Try the buried treasure riddle: …

If the professor can figure the eta of the zombies, he can figure this….

I find it absolutely HILARIOUS they had to remove befriend the zombies as an option just to shut the trolls up

I can’t help but think that you wouldn’t need the lantern, like just go forward

“Hey, what was your job as a college student?”“Oh, I was a pizza delivery guy!”“I almost started a zombie apocalypse.”

My teacher showed this riddle to my class and half the kids were saying “SACRIFICE THE PROFESSOR!”

And as you hand the lantern to the janitor and he and the professor vanish through the darkness crossing the bridge you hear the professor’s voice shouting from a distant spot: “Did I say seventeen? sorry, I meant seven”

“Since the janitor has to slow down for the old professor, who keeps muttering that he probably shouldn’t have given the zombies night vision.”How about we don’t make zombies in the first place.

This reminds me of the chicken, wold, and grain riddle.There’s a river and you have a boat. On one side of the river, there’s a wolf, a bag of grain, and a chicken. You have to get all three across the river, without using a bridge, going around, or any kind of tricks. Just using your boat. You can’t leave the wolf alone with the chicken because then he’ll eat the chicken, but you can’t leave the chicken alone with the grain because then he’ll eat it. Your boat can only hold 2 things: Yourself and another thing. You can’t push the boat across without you on it. How do you get all three across the river without any casualties?Answer:First, you have to take the chicken over, and then back for the grain, but when you get to the other side, you leave the grain and take the chicken. Then you do the same thing and leave the chicken and take the wolf. Then you take the chicken over.

Step one: Confirm the zombies have green eyesStep two: Ask them to leave

It doesn’t take too long to figure that the two slowest HAVE to cross together. Otherwise, you’ve used 15 minutes on them plus 2 additional minutes to bring back the lantern each time. From there, it becomes fairly obvious. It also doesn’t matter who stays on the far side after the first trip. The math works out either way.

Well you don’t have to cut the bridge.. it’ll collapse from the zombies.

Was I the only one who thought of carrying the professor? like he didn’t look too heavy and even if it slowed you down it’s not gonna take 10 minutes

I paused the video and tried to solve this myself. Every time I failed, I wanted to kick the Professor into the river.

When they mentioned bridge, I knew it will be this riddle. Funnily, I knew it already from… very old mmorpg called Tibia. They had this riddle as a part of a quest, where different vocations/professions in the game had different bridge crossing times. And it all boiled down to the same problem

When I was in class 9/10 I had solved it… It was in a math magazine….. Now after a long period of time I discovered the question again… Thanks TED for giving my old memories back….

Thanks so much, TedEd. I saw this video years ago, and since then, I’ve been in that exact situation 4 times! You really saved my life.

I feel proud to have figured this one out, even if it is one of the easier ones.

Yes that lab assistant is totally going to come back towards the zombies to save me with perhaps 0 minutes to spare, and her being the slowest of us two, and with me being the one who released the zombies. I feel perfectly safe having explained my plan which just leaves me alone on the zombie side of the bridge, totally sure someone will come back to rescue me.

I feel so happy I finally got one of these me and my sister were freaking out when I got it 😂

Escape with the lab asistant while leaving others, you have extra 15 minutes!

The language of lying — Noah Zandan

The language of lying — Noah Zandan  (c) TED-Ed

(c) TED-Ed View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/the-language-of-lying-noah-zandan We hear anywhere from 10 to 200 lies a day. And although we’ve spent much of …

Biggest lie in the universe:_I have read and accept the terms and conditions_

New title: how to be a successful politician.

I can say with confidence that this did not just teach me how to lie more effectively.

Here’s a pro tip: when you tell the truth, tell it like that’s a lie. When people realise that you tell the truth, they will assume that it’s just how you speak. So, when you tell a lie, people still assume that you speak the truth.

*Biggest lie*teacher: have u understand the lesson class?students: *yes maam* !

The most dangerous lie is when the liar doesn’t realise he’s lying to himself

Let’s be honest,No one wants a lie detector to ever exist.


short story shorter:when you tell the truth, you are telling how you experienced a situation; when you lie, you tell how others may have percieved a situation

“Hey! How are you?” “Good! And you?* “Good! Thanks!” *Most common lie*

I do this weird thing where I smile when I tell the truth (and the other person thinks I’m lying). Only because I find it funny how they think I’m lying. It’s really annoying when they say “You’re smiling, which means you’re lying”

“I love you” A good lie is one we want to believe

in other words you can make a lie look more believable by:- using first person pronouns- simple phrasing- positive language

This is teaching people how to advance their lying.Not complaining though.

“On psychological level, we lie partly to paint a better picture of ourselves, connecting out fantasies to the person we wish we were rather than the person we are”.Loved this line.

Plot twist: the video is a lie.

Thanks Noah, good work. The biggest lies in history are the so called “Seven Deadly Sins”. (Dishonesty isn’t even listed!), and similarly, the Seven Cardinal Virtues which ignore honesty. Whoever wrote these thought we could live decent lives without being honest, and incur no penalty for lying. This absolutely disgraceful. Brave topic, thanks again. PR.

Biggest lie that we have told to ourselves once:*”I’ll just watch one more video then sleep”*

“How to catch a liar”you don’t need to catch me, I’m a liar and everyone knows it.

unconsciously, this is how I spot my brother lying. when he lies about making a mistake, he tends to say “that’s just how it originally is” or “nothing happened”. then I’d get a hunch that he’s lying so I ask him “So *you* didn’t do it?” then he’d be a little hesitant before answering lol

What is depression? – Helen M. Farrell

What is depression? - Helen M. Farrell  (c) TED-Ed

(c) TED-Ed View full lesson: http://ed.ted.com/lessons/what-is-depression-helen-m-farrell Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world; in the United States, …

Saying “Why are you depressed? Life is so beautiful”is like saying”Why do you have asthma? there is so much oxygen to breathe!”

Really to say, when I was going through depression, I almost thought of suiciding because of getting psychologically bullied at school, for people who don’t know what is “psychological bullying” it is a different type of bullying,where the bullies can easily control your emotions and feelings. Trust me, psychological depression sounds simple but literally stabs you. The main fact is, I was only 7 years old when I faced the most dark hours ever. My bullies literally framed things as if I was the one bullying them, I was crying day and night. I lost my appetite and this went on for 2 years. Another year of verbal bullying and then I became a complete loner at age 10, I am 13 now and I have a mental age of 38, seriously! Well, my bullies taught me one thing, never to trust someone before you get to know them well, turns out, they are not that bad after all🙂

I was depressed for a while, I felt nothing, not even sadness. I had no friends. I eventually decided that I need friends to feel something and it worked. After two years of just no feeling, I became happier than I ever have been before. I still sometimes get those empty feelings and also new feelings of maybe my friends don’t want me but so far it is all going good.

In last 6 months i was depressed Due to family problems 😞😞 but now im fine❤️

The worse part about being depressed it’s the overwhelming point of no return, when you loosed all the interest for everyone or anything, nothing it’s exiting anymore, living just because dying is’nt a better option

“I don’t wanna die, but sometimes I wish I’d never been born at all.”-Freddie Mercury.

It’s not always the sad ones. Most of the times, it’s the ones that seem perfectly normal, coz they were forced in the past by others to hide their feelings so well. So just look out for each other.

Some ppl think depression is nothing but just being sad so listen here (the msg Below is not pointing to any particular person I just want to spread it) Depression isn’t about just being sad sometimes it’s not even knowing how you’re feeling and it’s wondering why you’re living in a world where people can only assume depression makes you crazy but you know what’s really crazy? being surrounded by people who choose to think they understand they say they get it if you’re crying you’re broken but people fail to notice the most hurt look the strongest they really be the ones trying to lend YOU a hand so be nice because you never know who’s going through it and be kind because words really do hit and be aware those you love may need you more than they show be cautious because you just never know and one day it’ll be too late because you thought depression mean just being sad and everything is actually ok it was more serious than that we got to take depression more serious than that

I haven’t been diagnosed with depression, but I feel I do, reading the comments I find peoples thoughts similar to mine:-wishing to die but body won’t let u-sleeping too little-feeling alone-hiding it like an act-losing motivation for anything -a feeling inside u , that u can’t describe but it hurts almost like it’s shaking your nerves, stabbing your heart and eating u aliveWhat causes it? It varies from person to person, and I hate when people say it’s “your typical teenage phase” or “why u sad? People have been through so much more” because those people only see the outside, they see your material things, your fake smiles, they never lend out a hand, who u gonna tell? They blow it off, mine was caused because of my father, he still lives with us, but I don’t want anything to do with him, my mom says I suffer from severe anxiety, which is possibly true Which could be the reason I get stressed for little things that I shouldn’t, or randomly started crying in school the other day idk Cuz of this, I’ve tried to learn new ways to help others so we can help each other, I’m entering the medical pathway to be that helping hand, I’ve also found little things to motivate me, like getting getting hobbies (for me that’s drawing The Weeknd) listening to music helps as well, or even looking at stuff u like (for me that’s shoes lol) sorry the message is long but convey to me what I have to you, Nothing is impossible, for the word says “I’m Possible” —someone

Well, thank you very much for this video, a year ago, I had 7 symptoms described in 9, the loss of morale, the difficulties of concentration, the agitation, the losses of energy, changes of appetite, Feeling of uselessness, do not sleep enough, the desire to sucid several times a day, even attempt to cut my throat, to plant a knives at the heart … and it lasted for several years, and I did not realize a few months ago, I reassured myself by saying that it was probably not that and that anyway it was past, but now I feel like relieved, I do not know absolutely not why, but it’s like I lost a weight, even if it’s not upon since I never talked to anyone or even a doctor, so I did not pus Being diagnosed, it’s still the first time I talk about my life in this comment.I would have liked to see this video earlier, but I told myself that I had a lot of luck to go out alone, but that many will not have this chance and that your video will help them see people who can help them. So thank you, thanks in the name of all the people, who maybe thanks to you, will dare to talk about it.Sorry if some things are not write in a good way, but I am french, again thank you, and good evening

Depression is like having a mind that wants to die, but a body that wants to live…

The question I always hate the most is ” what do you have to be depressed about ” and then they will list different things they think are perfect. Getting the right help is one of the best things to do for yourself, once you have the right doctors to talk with and meds if you need them will help but it is not a cure all. It doesn’t always make the thoughts of death go away, the thing that helps me the most is knowing that I have depression and if no one understands it’s okay. What matters is being able to tell your doctors about these things, and making sure they know when things change for the good or bad.

I’ve struggled with depression on and off for over 8 years, even trying to commit suicide, before seeking treatment. After 2 years, I’m nearing the end of my treatment (psych sessions and meds), and I feel a lot better. My living conditions haven’t improved much, so some days are still hard, but now I know I’ll weather through them and I deal with problems a lot better. I strongly encourage anyone struggling to seek help (and to continue to seek help if at first you don’t find what you need)!


I can relate with many of the symptoms listed. I feel like I have depression, though I’ve never gone to a therapist so I’m not entirely sure. Why don’t I seek for help? I have mentioned my problems to my close friends, but I feel guilty by telling them my problems because I’ve been mostly taught to be always happy, which is mostly impossible. It’s hard for me to tell my relatives my problems without them judging me as getting mad because I “ruined their day,” or “is just a phase.” My parents want me to always succeed like all parents out there, but they sometimes tend to push me too hard that it makes me feel pressured especially if I’m experiencing an event or feeling which also makes me be pushed away from them and not entirely able to trust them due to being scared of the results. It’s been a while I’ve tried to ask for help because I’m concerned for my own health, but I don’t know what to do…

everyday is just constantly trying to find a reason to live, hoping you’ll find one before you get tired of looking

Something that sometimes *really* annoys me is when people mix being depressed with being sad, or don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Idk about other ppl for I’ve always found how addiction is described to most similar to my experience with depression.The knowing you’re slowly ruining your life but just not being able to stop.The way after you ‘get out’ you’re never fully ‘out’ it’s such a slippery slope you can always fall back in so easily

Trying to explain this to my brain is like trying to explain the color to a person who has been blind all their life. I want to understand (or maybe I don’t) but the concept is just to foreign. I did have a very good friend that took their life because of depression. I also have a friend who was depressed and down quite often, and while sun bathing next to the pool a little girl was drowning. He jumped in and saved the tiny little girl. While he was going back to his chair slipped and smashed his head on the edge of the pool which put him in a coma for just over a month. When he did finally wake up from the coma he was completely different. So vibrant and so full of life. Thankful, humble, grateful, and giddy about life. I don’t know how to explain it – but it’s awesome to see him happy and full of life.

I ask myself the question everyday because I don’t feel that it’s a real thing. Too many people claim to have it nowadays and it seems that in most ways it’s just a trend and may be misused and interpreted as depression but could just be sadness. Luckily this video gave me a more thorough look at it, and I nor do others have it so thank you