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공짜로 딸기 모종 얻는 방법!ㅣHow To Grow Strawberries From Seed

공짜로 딸기 모종 얻는 방법!ㅣHow To Grow Strawberries From Seed  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 딸기 사 먹고 공짜로 모종 얻는 방법 1. 19.2.14 딸기 씨채취 (온도 17도 ~ 22도 사이) 2. 원예용상토 사용 3. 처음엔 항상 물을 흠뻑 많이 주세요 4. 햇빛에 많이 노출 …

Thank you for your interest.I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of your comments.Let’s add a description as much as possible from the next video.1. 19.2.14 Strawberry seed collection (It started between 17 and 22 degrees.)2. Use Gardening soil3. Please give me plenty of water at first.4. You do not get mold if you let the sun see a lot.5. It depends on the temperature, but 30 to 45 days later, it comes out.6. 19.5.1 Seventy-five days later, I planted it.7. Be careful not to get mold.Interpretation using translator may be wrong.Thank you very much.Have a nice day♥

Me: *always super afraid of over-watering plants*This person: “lmao”

обыкновенное чудо


My mom said I can’t get any more plants untill we move in like 3 weeks…. haha, jokes on her 🙂 we have strawberries in the fridge.

me after watching this :Okay, i’ll plant strawberry

Yay, I cant wait another 6 months to eat another strawberry

당신은 많은 외국인들 중에서 한국인을 찾으셨습니다축하합니다

저는 딸기와 꼭지 중간에 있는 검정색들이 씨인줄 알았는데 아니였네요,,?

I am lucky that I have 5 fully matured plants which have tons of runners on them 😄 and in 1 month it gives around 52 strawberries ☺️

Soo good to see that there are still people interested in plants ❤️

me: *watches this video*me: *suddenly thinks i’m a gardener*

Thank you this insight into growing strawberries. I will be trying this also.

Is that what is called a Japanese pulling saw, that cuts on the pull stroke?

thank you alot im going to plant this for my mom in secret and then ima suprise her(im 11)

I need to develop a strawberry 🍓 tree then I will save my back.

Who else thought he was gonna pick the seeds and not just cut it

Спосибо за такое видео. Мая дочка тоже сделала так , но на салфеке их высушила а потом посадила в огороде.

We planted some strawberry seeds in school for My Little Ones, I’m gonna do some more at home, just in case. They are so excited for them to grow!!!

Can we just appreciate how much time they waited

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맛있는 노지 감자 수확♥ㅣPotato Harvest 2020

맛있는 노지 감자 수확♥ㅣPotato Harvest 2020  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 3월 중순 감자를 밭에 심어 90일동안 감자 성장과정과 수확영상입니다. 별거없지만 좋게 봐주셨으면 좋겠네요 🙂 ㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡㅡ …

May I know what kind of fertilizer or chemical that use for covering potato seeds after cutting in the first minute of video?

Good work, keep it up👏

Amazing stay safe Godbless im your new subcriber

Great patoto harvesting, thank for sharing 👍👍

하나 박스 는 얼마죠



فاكهه الكاكي يباع منها في السوق مستوردة

Do you add top fertilizer and if so how do you do it?

Bgm is so good..

Selamün aleyküm kolay gelsin bereketli olsun inşallah bir konuyu danışmak istiyorum ilk patatesleri kestiğinizde siyah bir tozla kapladınız o nedir faydası nedir 1 kasa patatesi 2 ye böldünüz 2 kasa oldu kaç kasa toplamda ürün aldınız tekrarlamak istiyorum bereketli ve bol kazançlı olsun inşallah


Thank so much for the video

Nice vedio☘️

Gracias por compartir el video




Wow Amazing

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(Eng Sub) 무화과 삽수 보관 및 번식하기ㅣHow to Grow a Fig Tree from a Cutting

(Eng Sub) 무화과 삽수 보관 및 번식하기ㅣHow to Grow a Fig Tree from a Cutting  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 매년 11월 초중순에 가지를 잘라준 후 냉장보관하였다가 2월초중순에 삽목해주었습니다. 별거 없지만 좋게 봐주셨으면 좋겠네요 🙂 +음악 …

Perfect job!

I love how you threw out 3 different methods to see which one would work best!

thank you very interesing. some thing to know and learn about how to grow from cuttings love this.

I like the way you do it! Clean and simple.👍🏼

The video is very useful for everyone who plays bonsai, I come from Vietnam, and also have a passion for bonsai

Viewing this: Total relaxation, of the deepest kind….

Too many steps. I just make the cuttings, wrap them with grafting tape to prevent them from drying out and stick free ends into the soil mix. Works every time.

My dad do this every spring👍

Thank you so much for sharing your methods. I recently lost my Mom and this will help me (hopefully) get some successful cuttings from her favorite fig tree before we have to sell her house.


Three methods to plant fig tree, gain my knowledge. Thank you

Thank you! Looks like all the ways work – I will try them all, as well 🙂

This is the best way i ever seen for planting fig trees, thanks for sharing

What soil do you use? I really enjoy your method to grow fig.

I like watching your videos! Please make another video about your blueberry plants. Thank you! 🤩

Excellent, thank you kindly🙏

Thank you, a great informative video. I love your passion for growing and I love figs. I am growing a couple in New York.

Brilliant job, bravo.

Hi . I wish you all the best could you please make a video concerning the plants and vegetables that we can grow in small pots in our houses . Thnks in advance 😊🤗 I am watching you from Algeria

Good work – THANKs!

심심해서 해본 무화과 뿌리 내리기♥ㅣRooting figs in water

심심해서 해본 무화과 뿌리 내리기♥ㅣRooting figs in water  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 이렇게해도 무화과뿌리가 내리는구나… 무화과 가지에서 60일동안 무화과 뿌리내리는 성장과정 영상입니다. 별거없지만 좋게 봐주셨으면 좋겠네요 🙂 +음악 …

is it still alive? there are many leaves for a few roots!

The video is very useful for everyone who plays bonsai, I come from Vietnam, and also have a passion for bonsai

Parab�ns, muito bem explicado!!!!

Круто. Спасибо за совет. Обязательно использую

muito bom, parab�ns.

How about a lemon tree? Would you please let me know! Thanks 🙏

I’m wondering if it still alive after a few days without removing the leaves

Best rooting video I ever saw. Thank you for sharing this.

Never seen this technique. Very Inspiring. Thank you very much for excellent instructions.

Gracias por compartir sus conocimientos!!Felicitaciones y saludos desde La Plata, Argentina 🇦🇷 🇦🇷 !!


Excelente técnica. 🇧🇷 Brasil – São Paulo

Thanks for this video,i’ve got an idea on how to grafted fast the branch of a fruit bearing tree w/o doing extra effort! And also it didnt cut all the leaves but to plant it already! That’s another Great!More power to your Channel Korean Gardening!

Very good job!! Congratulations! From S�o Paulo Brazil.

Good idea, will try on mango and jack fruit..

Magn�fica. Parab�ns pelo trabalho. Grande abra�o Brasil

Thank you for this video. I had a nice fig tree but could not move it from a house i lived in. I will get another soon.

God job brother❤

Great work my friend, I Will try the same method, thanks for sharing 👍👍👍

Fant�stico!!Vou fazer agora!

노지 고구마 수확♥ㅣ2020 Sweet Potato Harvest

노지 고구마 수확♥ㅣ2020 Sweet Potato Harvest  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 5월초중순에 고구마모종을 구입하여 고구마 밭에 심어 보았습니다. 150일동안 고구마 성장과정과 수확영상입니다. 별거없지만 좋게 봐주셨으면 좋겠네요 🙂 How to …

Great content

아니 어떻게 저리 크게 나오지…

Love this video and ❤️ your channel 🔝

Boa tarde amigos gostaria de saber se voc�s podem me ajudar em uma informa��o como fazer pe de acerola produzir mais r�pido fazendo a muda a partir da semente

와 아무레도 화분보단 노지가 알이크고 양이 많네요!! 코로나 이전엔 할머니집에서 포도도따고 할머니 고구마로 전부쳐먹고 재밌었는데ㅠㅠㅜ 진짜 너무 슬프네오ㅜㅜ 빨리 코로나가 끝나면 좋겠네요ㅜㅜㅜ그리고 고구마 캘때 고구마에 묻은 흙을 툭하니 툭떨어지는거 너무 재밌어보이네욬ㅋㅋ

A very unique method to.get optimum growth and yield for sweet potatoes. Can this method be adopted to regular potatoes. What are the fertilizers used in soil preparation. Seems to be sandy soil.👌

This very impressive amd intresting video! I love your sweet potato


Masallahhh 👍👍👍👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏😃

수고 많으시네요~^^고구마 심지가 안생기게 할려면 어떻게 관리해야 하나요?

Parabéns 👏👏👏

Wow amazing 150 days for harvesting sweets potato 🥔

Amazing harvest

Una maravilla ,, felicidades ….

Great video but is that the normal potatoes or is it a different type. The one I plant runs all over the farm

This is awesome

lovely harvest!

Wowww very impressive… Tasty… 🍠

love love Korea sweet potatoes grill in charcoal, I cant forget that wonderful smell, thank you for sharing this wonderful harvest, it brings back a lot of beautiful memory of my good time in Korea

고구마 실하네!!

레몬 사 먹고 공짜로 모종 얻는 방법!ㅣHow to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed

레몬 사 먹고 공짜로 모종 얻는 방법!ㅣHow to Grow a Lemon Tree from Seed  (c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV

(c) Korean Gardener 초록식물TV 마트에서 레몬 10개를 사먹고 나온 씨앗을 심어 보았습니다. 30일정도면 이쁘게 모종을 얻을 수 있어 좋네요~ I bought 10 lemons at the mart and planted seeds.

It’s so interesting to see how to do all of this… It motivated me to grow some plants out of seeds as well. 😋Thanks

I followed this method. The seeds germinated and i have planted them today. Join me for a lemonade .. hmm .. May be in 2025 .. till then will patiently wait for them to bloom and bear fruits.

i remember the lemon plant in my village …. and smell of those leafs…

레몬 묘목이 찬바람 맞아서 입줄기가 노래지면 죽은겁니다.

Dude I planted the seeds without any “trick” and they grew the same in the same time.

드루이드가 유튜브를 시작했군요

예전엔 식물의 매력을 몰랐는데 무언가를 키운다는건 정말 매력적입니다

That’s really time consuming. You can just plant the seeds in soil immediately and it will grow as well.

손글씨가 예쁘시네요. 레몬 개인적으로 정말 잘 먹는데 팁 감사해요. 오랜만에 방문하네요. ^^

I lost my motivation when it took year😅

재밌는 시도입니다. 과정을 하나하나 보여 주셔서 재밌게 보았습니다

For Americans…got to your local Mexican grocer to get those little lemons. Regular store lemon seeds don’t work.

Coisa querida. 🌱❤️

I just gave up on a batch of lemon seeds a couple days before finding this video……..the universe is mocking me

Om my God I am doing same thing and finally my plant is growing up so fast thanks for it

This is an informative content and thank you for sharing with us on how to grown lemon from the seed and will definitely will give this a try too.

I got more of my seeds to work when I put the bag in the window 🤷‍♀️

I regret not planting lemon tree when i enter college. must be nice having my own full grown lemon tree at the time i graduate.

When we grown lemon from seed, is it take long time to have fruits?

좋은 정보 감사히 잘 보았습니다 즐거운날 되세요