Towa Ch. 常闇トワ(おすすめch紹介)

Towa Ch. 常闇トワ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介
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-ERROR/常闇トワ(cover)  (c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ

(c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ nikiさんのカバー2曲目です! 本当にどの曲も大好きですのでまた歌えてうれしいです✨ 『どのくらい異常?』 ○o。+..:*○o。+..:*○o。+..:*○o。

Wow this is way too good

That breath at 3:12 gets me every time 😩💦

Ok, so I’m a year late but, WHAT….in the WORLD?! Are you kidding me?! This was absolutely AMAZING! I don’t know how this cover alone didn’t propel Towa into permanent infamy, because it’s out of this world. Like…You can just feel her pouring her soul into this, and it’s perfect. Not the original or other covers holds a candle to the raw passion Towa puts into this song. Bravo, 100 times over! I’d be swearing in excitement, but I wouldn’t want to hurt Towa’s precious Angel Eyes, haha!


It doesn’t matter how many times I listen to this. Tears and shivers every time. Towa’s voice is heavenly.

1 million, guys. Let’s get it. She deserves it.

When you thought today’s Hololive ERROR was about this song…

Don’t mind me, just coming back here after several months and still get surprised by the sheer force of her voice.


Listening to this in 2022, and it still gives me goosebumps… Such a powerful womanly voice. Such an amazing voice. Best cover song ever. it’s inspiring.

Towa when streaming: Cute nasally voice. Very adorable.Towa when singing: The voice of a goddess.





I’ve been following Hololive for awhile but just the EN side, but recently I’ve been taking a peek at JP and goddamn I love Towa’s voice. It gives me the same vibe as Suisei’s voice, they are both powerful.

Mames tremenda voz chingona que tiene la towa verdad de dios



-ERROR/niki (covered by常闇トワ)見える? この目の涙 命の色に滲んでいる何を残して与えた? 問いかけて 潰れて青と赤と白 混ざる この世の中で叫んでいる何を求めて歩いた? 追いかけて 疲れてどのくらい異常?壊れているの? 壊れているよ それでも息を …したい したい君に見えてるの? 夢のように最後の言葉も詰まるよ error遠い日のこと 淡い光が 空に溢れている何を選んで並べた?涙色 重ねて浮かぶその身体 意識の中溶けて 滲んでしまう何を見てきて比べた? 悲しくて 忘れてどのくらい異常?歪んでいるの? 歪んでいるよそれでも 息を …したい したい夢を見ているの 想う君に最後の言葉も詰まるよ error与えることも 失うことも忘れることも できないの?暴れ出すこの『*****』こ ろして 笑う僕が また『*****』壊しているの?壊して知るの?それでも涙 …イタイ 痛い君に届いたの? 歌う声に最後の言葉並べても 重なる色滲んで壊れているの? 壊れているよそ れ でも 息を… …したい したい君 に 見えてたの? 夢のように最後の言葉も詰まるよ Error┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ ┅ 長文歌詞コメ失礼します!400万回再生突破おめでとう!前夜祭の時映像にトワ様の歌声が負けるかもなんて言ってたけど全然そんなことなくて素晴らしい映像、かかげ先生のイラスト、そしてトワ様の最高の歌声が合わさったcoverでした!正直今までのcoverの中で1番好きです!鬼リピします

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ボッカデラベリタ/常闇トワ(cover)  (c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ

(c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ 素敵な本家様 『ボッカデラベリタ』/柊キライ様 ・ …

Towa saying “I hate you” is the evilest thing that has come out of her mouth, TMT.

Can we just appreciate how soft she looks in the picture

Towa: “I-i-i hate you”Everyone else: “well yes but actually no”Joke aside, her illustration isn’t as scary as the original coz she didn’t want to freak us out, what a Tenshi

people who havent heard towa singing.. you guys are missing something in your life..


Imagine someday Towa releases her original song and it’s a hymn.

Towa: I-I-I hate you!Me: MOM! GET THE CAMERA!!! The Angel is acting like a devil!!!




Towa: “I hate you”Everyone: Awww I love you too angel




Towa’s just trying to make us think she’s a devil with this song. But she won’t fool us

Getting told “I Hate You” doesn’t really affect me, but when Towa says it, I get motivated

not only Towa killed it with her singing, the pianist also decided to decimate us with 2:07



Powerfull voice, nice cover as always

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【オリジナル曲】 Palette/常闇トワ 【フルMV】

【オリジナル曲】 Palette/常闇トワ 【フルMV】  (c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ

(c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ 強くなくてもいい ※ホロライブ・オルタナティブとは無関係です。 ーーーーーーーーーー 常闇トワ オリジナル曲「Palette」配信中 ▽詳細▽ …


People here only complimenting Towa-sama and Niki-san. While both done a amazing job and i teared up but i would not forget Kakage, he by now worth quite good and also more frequently with Towa-sama. For example already for the Error Cover Kakage done the art and he really went all out here. Even more then in any previous work. This here is in the end a Music Video so feel like people shouldn’t JUST appreciate the music and should consider how much work went in this animations given Kakage done it himself entirely.


Now a 20 years old guy felt how parents watching their daughter grow feels like

After listening IRyS’ cover of this song, i immediately come back here to listen to the original. IRyS is definitely good, but Towa is just… Towa’s deep but feminine voice is just too good it’s almost unfair. Not to mention Towa’s ability to sing any song with full, no with OVERFLOWING emotions!Tokoyami Towa is, and will always be my favorite singer in Hololive and even in general.

We’re all going to cry, aren’t we? I’m fine with that, since Towa-sama poured her heart and soul into her original song. Edit post-premiere: I cried. I’m left speechless.

歌詞風に吹かれて 誰も気づかぬよう区別がつかない モノクロの世界色を足しても 何も見えなくてまるで私は 息を止めていたもういいよ遠くても 叶えたい 私はこんな世界 想いも抱きしめていたいのに夢のキャンバスに 居続ける意味はこの胸に 輝いている ストーリー与えることに意味などないけど拾い集めたカケラ失うの?そして夜はその冷たさを溶かして手を伸ばしたもういいよ遠くても 届けたい 私は受け止めてく涙も抱きしめていたいのに夢のキャンバスに 心込めるのはこの空に 描きだしてく ストーリーそして夜はその冷たさを溶かして手を伸ばしたもういいの遠くても 叶えたい 私のこんな世界 想いも言葉で包んだ夢のキャンバスに 色を足してゆくこの胸に 今 輝いて強くなくてもいい 壊れかけてもいいこの心は永遠(トワ)に羽ばたいて響くように塗り替えていく Palette間違いがありましたら教えてください

Considering Error kind of became Towa’s song, it’s fitting that Towa’s first original song sounds like a spiritual sequel to Error. If Error is about feeling broken yet still wanting to live, Palette is about picking up the pieces, getting back up, and reaching for your dreams.


1M おめでとう!!

I’ll never stop being surprised at how good Towa is at singing. Hot damn son


Vtuber楽曲大賞2021で、常闇トワ ちゃんを初めて知りました!すっごい!めっちゃいい声!もっと早めに、この曲を知りたかったな。

Exactly One year since the song released later here I am listening and gets emotional. I was new to my job back then and now I got promoted. It inspires me to never give up on my dreams.


Notice how over 75% of the MV is monochrome? It shows how her life before Hololive lacked color.(Look at the lyrics at 0:24 of the MV) Then at 0:57, we see a glimpse of her delinquent school days(Short hair), where she probably regrets making some bad decisions. The we see the part where she is submerged, which symbolizes her struggle to deal with her past mistakes. And at 1:20 we see a young Towa getting a headpat, meaning that she was a good kid before becoming a rebel. Then at 1:26, we see her in a ponytail, discovering her passion for singing. And with the constant theme her reflection, it shows that she is constantly reminded of her mistakes. And the Bibi that appeared at 1:42 is my favorite part. The Bibi symbolizes a savior who came to help Towa at the perfect time. Probably Hololive, or even us Kenzokus. Then at 1:55 we see her in her streaming outfit, still monochrome, since she’s not yet out of her shell yet. And at 2:02, we see Bibi slowly guiding Towa to a brighter future, probably representing the Kenzokus who stayed with her during a turbulent time in the past. Then at 2:12, we see Towa confidently walking forward to the light, showing that she has found her strength. And finally at 2:36, Towa breaks through and she sees color for the first time(reason why the song is called Palette). At 3:03, she dons her Bibi hat, showing that she’s taking her Kenzokus with her on her journey( remember how she always says the Bibi is her guardian) The lyrics at that part also shows that she accepted herself for who she is(She read the kanji as her own name) At 3:08 we see her 3D debut, which then transformed into her in her idol costume at Bloom. The Bloom photo replaced the delinquent picture that was in that exact frame at the beginning of the MV. The End.



this is awesome



灰色と青/常闇トワ×星街すいせい(cover)  (c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ

(c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ 素敵な本家様 『灰色と青( +菅田将暉 )』/米津玄師様 □MIX&inst 淳様(@jun40am) …

Suisei – Voice of an AngelTowa – Literally an AngelYup, this cover was truly *Heavenly!*


Towa’s powerful voice and Suisei’s sweet voice. This has to be Hololive’s best singing duo.

Suisei wasn’t KIDDING when she said she was busy recording this month… this is like, the 4th cover! Sui Towa have amazing synergy too with their powerful voices, hope to see more of these in the future!

いつか遠い未来 お互いの道をを進んでいた二人が再会してホロライブ時代を懐かしむように語り合ってるワンシーンが想像出来て泣ける。いつまでも歌を楽しんでいて欲しいなぁと思った今日此頃。

Towa and Suisei. Having two powerful voices is almost unfair.1:20 *slow headbanging commences*3:08 *slow headbanging intensifies*4:30 *wipes away tear*

灰色と青 歌詞袖丈が覚束ない夏の終わり 明け方の電車に揺られて思い出した懐かしいあの風景 たくさんの遠回りを繰り返して 同じような街並みがただ通り過ぎた 窓に僕が映ってる 君は今もあの頃みたいにいるのだろうか ひしゃげて曲がったあの自転車で走り回った 馬鹿ばかしい綱渡り 膝に滲んだ血 今はなんだかひどく虚しいどれだけ背丈が変わろうとも 変わらない何かがありますように くだらない面影に励まされ 今も歌う今も歌う今も歌う 忙しなく街を走るタクシーに ぼんやりと背負われたままくしゃみをした 窓の外を眺める心から震えたあの瞬間に もう一度出会えたらいいと強く思う 忘れることはないんだ 君は今もあの頃みたいにいるのだろうか 靴を片方茂みに落として探し回った 「何があろうと僕らはきっと上手くいく」と 無邪気に笑えた 日々を憶えているどれだけ無様に傷つこうとも 終わらない毎日に花束を くだらない面影を追いかけて 今も歌う今も歌う今も歌う 朝日が昇る前の欠けた月を 君もどこかで見ているかな 何故か訳もないのに胸が痛くて 滲む顔 霞む色今更悲しいと叫ぶには あまりに全てが遅すぎたかな もう一度初めから歩けるなら すれ違うように君に会いたいどれだけ背丈が変わろうとも 変わらない何かがありますように くだらない面影に励まされ 今も歌う今も歌う今も歌う朝日が昇る前の欠けた月を 君もどこかで見ているかな 何もないと笑える朝日がきて 始まりは青い色

Towa and Suisei singing together. A Christmas gift.

My two favorite performers on Hololive! <3







3M views!Congrats Towa-sama and Suisei

This song is amazing. Towa’s and Suisei’s voices are angelic to the core for this. I really want to get the tabs to play this on my guitar

The Live performance was perfect, every time Towasama sang this in karaoke was beautiful, but hearing this fully mixed cover collab brought tears to my eyes. Thank you Towasama and Sui-chan for the beautiful cover, and everyone involved in the production.


トワ様的歌聲多麼細膩有層次 加上豐富情感與力量 真令人著迷 百聽不厭


KING/常闇トワ(cover)  (c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ

(c) Towa Ch. 常闇トワ 素敵な本家様 『KING』/Kanaria様 ・ ・ …

*TMT* = *Towa Maji Tenshi* *TMD* = -Towa Maji Debiru- *Towa Maji Daitenshi* *TCA* = -Towa Chou Akuma- *Towa Cute Angel* *TMK* = *Towa Maji King*

her range in her chest voice is so impressive, it’s hard to go that high without breaking and going into the head voice

The fact that she’s singing in a high octave with a deep voice sounds so unique. Reine and Risu did enough justice for the cover but man Towa-sama really did hit the spot on this one. It’s like eating your fav food after a hard exam.

Towa’s voice is perfect for this song.

She actually pronounced the English lyrics really well. I’m impressed

Bless Towa for her angelic voice



The irony of being told “You are king” when she’s the one radiating kingly aura the most.

oh no, her powerful voice is hot

トワ様のKING 好き

Congrats on 3M views


Towa’s is the only version that has given me the sense that I should be afraid for my life, in a good way. Her vocals and energy are so commanding.

Towa’s voice is so unique in a sense that it’s deep but still sound girly/feminine.

People: Why is Towa-sama the best singer in Hololive in your opinion?Me: Yes

Out of all hololive members that covered this song this might be the best cover so far, it fits Towa’s voice perfectly just like the error cover. I may be bias cuz Towa is one of my oshi in hololive but i digress.


I honestly think this is the best KING cover in Hololive. Towa just has cool ikemen voice with a super high range on her vocals that allows for her to transition between the highs and the lows that let the song provide the impact it should. I personally think male voices are more suited for this song but Towa’s is up there.

I’m ready for Towa to say “You are King” just to prove she’s an angel