Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ(おすすめch紹介)

Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ(おすすめch紹介) チャンネル紹介

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【#姫森ルーナ3D】姫森ルーナ3Dお披露目なのら~!【#JointhefutureJP】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ Twitterハッシュタグ#姫森ルーナ3D でツイートしてなのらね♡ #ホロふぉーす#JointhefutureJP 音源提供者様 Medansy様 ルーナ3Dに …

_She gets tired after a few swings_Yep, she’s a Dark Souls character alright

First Coco, now Luna. Mortality rate for 4th gen 3D debuts is dangerously high. Can our big kusa -devil- angel survive? Find out next week!

*CUTE 🍬 IS 🍭 JUSTICE 🌙*Luna! Congratulation on 3D Debut!*19:09** My kokoro was not ready* ❤️Coco died once in her 3D debutLuna died four times in her 3D debutMatsuri put all points in attack and zero in defenseLuna put all points in *cuteness* and zero in staminaMarine is just a tired 30 yo ladyLuna is a cute 0 yo baby princess we must protect!Luna has a cute performance today!Matsuri was so entertaining!Also, Marine-senchou, honestly, you’re great! XD00:43 Start04:28 Luna’s talk05:31 LuKnight Takoyakis05:58 *Luna’s microphone*06:40 Luna eats the takoyaki+ 07:36 Luna: _”mogu mogu”_08:17 Luna drink count: 108:54 Mootsuri-butler spawned from Luna’s skirt! YABAI09:39 Luna and Mootsuri-butler heart pose ❤️10:35 Pose and photoshoot time11:09 Matsuri’s liked part: Luna’s cheek from behind is fluffy11:39 Luna is trend #111:53 Luna’s hand12:06 Matsuri’s liked part: Zipper at Luna’s back16:40 Angry Princess Luna17:32 Taking pictures with *LuKnights*18:52 Love Confession ❤️19:45 METALuna 🤟22:57 Luna drink count: 2 (while Mootsuri-butler is dancing)25:01 Campfire Lit (Dark Souls: *Battle of Luna)*+ 26:56 Luna is losing (look at her HP bar)+ 27:47 Luna death count: 1+ 28:58 Mini boss+ 30:46 Last boss: Giant Mootsuri-butler dialogue+ + 31:48 Last boss battle start+ 34:11 Luna drink count: 3+ 35:24 Luna death count: 236:25 Holovaders (shooting game)+ 37:45 Game start. Player: Luna. Enemies: Marine, Subaru, Matsuri, Roboco+ 38:30 Luna: _”Marine-senchou is weak (zako)”_+ 38:48 *Luna imitates Subaru*+ 42:06 *Luna imitates Subaru*+ 44:46 Luna’s “chu chu” angry sound+ 46:55 Luna drink count: 447:37 Mootsuri-butler second spawn (from skirt again)48:40 Punishment for Luna: Sit-up+ 52:01 Luna death count: 353:35 *Matsuri’s birthday announcement*54:41 *Luna 3D Goods* CM: 15cm Acrylic Table Clock _(AsaCoco CM style)_59:30 Luna death count: 459:56 *Towa Announcement*

Index- Start: 0:44- Naaaaaaaaa~~: 4:30- Takoyaki: 6:28- Luna’s Servant introduction: 8:52- “Heart”: 9:41- Matsuri takes the camera: 10:39— The way you would see Luna if you meet her xD: 15:40- Luna’s Servant come back: 22:38- Luna eat’s all the takoyakis: 24:14- Campfire Lit: 25:04— Noooooo Lunaaa T-T: 26:16— Final Boss: 28:56— Final Final Boss: 30:46- First Choice, “No”: 35:13— First Choice, “Yes”: 36:12- Holovaders: 37:10- Second Choice: 47:25- Matsuri takes the camera while Luna exercises: 48:40- Luna dies another time: 52:00 – Schedule and end of stream: 54:41- Towa announcement: 59:55

her stream had no intermissionsthats surprising considering she gets tired fast

Looks like Luna now holds the record for most deaths in a 3D debut! I didn’t realize that was a record anyone was going for, but here we are…

Luna: *trusts Matsuri with the camera*Everyone: I don’t like where this is goingFBI: *tough guy finger snapping*Congratulations on your 3D Debut, Luna! We’re really happy for you! And thank you dearly for blessing us with this whimsically delightful stream! We would also like to thank Matsuri for coming! As you continue forward on your ambitious journey, we’ll stay by your side to support you all the way! For now, get some good rest! You must be exhausted!

Her waving the axe almost made my spit my tea.

I like how she play with a controller In an Arcade game


🍬Congrats on 3D debut Nanoraaa!🍬 Please work on your staminaaaa!!⚔ Naaaaa!!🍩🍡🥛🍮❤

That was so cute nanora! A bit disappointed there was no piano but it was still fun especially with matsuri in it!

This is still the best 3D debut IMO. Lot of variety entertainment. And Luna is the cutest forever.

8:09 バテ始めてる姫様可愛い8:29 え?みみみみ見えてねぇのらよ?

Princess Luna!!!!! Beautiful debut, congratulations!

When she died, she should’ve had Rushia come and resurrect her XD

Hi Luna, I just want to say congratulations for your 3D debut, it was fun to watch, stay awesome! 👍

You can just hear all the Luknights marching with joy in the Takoyaki Army all throughout the streamCongrats on your 3D debut Luna.I’m so excited to see her on the next Hololive Animation episode.

So far her 3D debut have the most fanservice among the 4th gen.Thank you AV director Matsuri.


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【#20万人記念スバルーナ】記念配信はVRホラーでカッコイイとこ見せちゃうのらよ…!【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ ちょうど3Dお披露目の時に20万人突破が被って祝うことが出来なかったので、今回改めて20万人突破の記念としてお祝いしてくれたら嬉しいのら 補足:1ヶ月前からVR …

ここすき13:10 22:14 38:23 47:01



This stream is gold mine. So glad I sacrificed my sleep to watch it live. Subaru is such a nice senpai! Have some timestampsLuna13:07 Death 122:11 Death 224:06 Tears24:39 Recovered already (I wasn’t scared at all!)25:08 smug Luna25:45 Serious face31:51 かわいい ルーナ33:07 Luna dance 140:21 Death 2.541:34 Luna is little broken46:59 Death 349:52 Luna is “genki”50:04 😵 51:16 skipping (and then teasing Subaru-senpai)52:52 Luna dance 238:24 Double KillSubaru 7:15 Cheerleader 14:52 Helping Obaa-chan22:51 helping Luna 123:55 helping Baa-chan 225:44 *CHUBA CHUBA CHUBA*27:21 Reset 129:04 *CHUBA CHUBA CHUBA* 2 (Thank you, Imael kek)31:23 Reset 239:25 helping Obaa-chan 340:21 🤚41:26 Tomboy duck being cute41:13 Cheerleader 241:44 Adorable 🦆47:10 helping Luna 2 (censorship)48:44 helping -Luna 3- Baa-chan 452:26 Reset 3 (Thank you Maika Saeki )55:23 Reset 456:34 – Ending/Farewell message-(I’ll add any others I’m missing later, and Subaru. Tired right now)- <— this was a lie. -25 mins- an hour later I’m still going thru the video and making sure the timestamps are not too early/late

I’m surprised Luna did not faint with how she handles those jumpscares. She looked like me when my grandma accidentally flashed me.

Start game : ScreamMove : ScreamOpen Door : ScreamTurn on/off light : ScreamJump Scare : Backflip & Scream

This _Fall Guys_ collab was great! Looking forward to more in the future.


38:23 一緒に倒れるの草


I am actually glad it was Subaru rather than Matsuri. Because even though she was scared too, she was a good moral support duck. Matsuri would just have screamed and destroyed the VR headset. Luna literally falling off her chair was pretty crazy… But her putting up a tough face as she made Subaru suffer too was exquisite. Sasuga takohime!


I love how Luna gets scared when Subaru gets scared lol






16:24 ここのスバルちゃ先輩とても可愛いのら


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【 モンスターハンターライズ 】0時!狩猟解禁なのら!(・o・🍬) MHRise【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】

【 モンスターハンターライズ 】0時!狩猟解禁なのら!(・o・🍬) MHRise【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ モンハンたのしすぎてつれえのら(・o・ ) ========================================== この動画およびライブは、株式会社カプコンの利用許諾を受けて配信し …

This stream was such a bliss to watch.

Luna enjoys this game so much that it is very entertaining to watch her play

34:40 she makes it in!3:19:15 cooking for Luknights3:28:15 blessed singing5:24:50 moments before unleashing BONK5:28:45 never fall asleep6:02:20 more blessings6:07:35 game review (it’s actually at 6:07:45 but I can’t miss that laughter)6:08:47 Luna would like some McDs please

I am an old hunter with some arrows in my keen. Watching this actually makes me wanna pickup my big hammer one last time.


*Luna the bonk hunter princess*Thank you for the long stream Luna. I love your monster hunter gameplay 💯

2:24:11 2:37:45 2:56:53 3:34:383:51:34 4:12:26 4:42:58 5:13:56 5:34:01 6:04:28 6:33:55 6:51:20 モンスター登場ムービー

It’s so exciting seeing Luna in her Monster Hunter element! Absolutely fantastic stream, looking forwards to all the future streams and potential collabs!

1:44 開始 1:20:09 冒険スタート 1:41:21 初クエスト

This was a fantastic stream. Looking forward to the next time already! No monster is safe from the princess’s bonking hammer!

This was a lot of fun, Monster Hunter is one of my all time favorites and it’s great to see Luna having fun playing it. Luna is winner! Bonk Bonk nanoraa

Luna Super Powerful Bonking Hammer Princess!

Thanks for the long stream Hammermori Luna, it was a very fun evening for me! Now I’m very hyped for when my copy of the game comes in tomorrow!Let’s bonk all the monsters!

Can’t wait for my copy tomorrow. Thanks for the stream Himesama!

i left the stream on on my PC when i went to sleep just to wake up seeing a Princess having a BONK awakening. lolas a fellow MonHun fan i am happy!

Wow, just woke up and it’s 7 hours, amazing.


A great stream, sasuga Hime-sama! Waiting for the next time! Damn I need a Switch in my life (lol)


What an amazing long stream. I loved it.

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【 #ホロライブ正月衣装 】初めての新衣装…!✨今日、ドレスを脱ぎますっ…!!なのら!🎍【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】

【 #ホロライブ正月衣装 】初めての新衣装…!✨今日、ドレスを脱ぎますっ…!!なのら!🎍【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ ルーナイトのみんなああああ 明けましておめでとうなのらあああああ ✨ 2021年もプリティルーナでんなあああああなのら ・・・あのね、あのね、晴れ着ね、上から下まで全部 …

Luna is the cutest

On a scale of Justice to Justice that costume is extremely Justice.

Who dresses up this cute little baby in such a beautiful outfit?

She resembles that young relative that wore a traditional costume to a party and instantly became the star in the room. Kawaii!


and here i thought she can’t be any cuter, boy was i wrong

16:42 new outfit

Nanora nanora narora gets a cute dress~~

Kawaii nanora!!

16:42 せっかちニキ用

Божечки, сколько вариаций костюма! И все они очень красивые! А Принцесса Луна как всегда очаровательна

Luna’s cheeks just became more pinchable the more i stare at it,new outfit is too sweet like a cotton candy.

how hime-sama can be this cute!?

Her cuteness can’t be contained nanora

no crown because no one should know shes royalty when she visit the shrine

0 years old to -1 years old real quick


Ngl, this new costume makes Luna a proper and elegant princess. So cute damn. Happy New Year Luna!

Luna-hime looks so cute on her new outfit :D, im so glad so many people got to see her.


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【 初凸待ち 】姫森ルーナはホロメンと喋れない訳がないっ!1st Anniversary👑【 #姫森ルーナ1周年 】

【 初凸待ち 】姫森ルーナはホロメンと喋れない訳がないっ!1st Anniversary👑【 #姫森ルーナ1周年 】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ 凸待ち・・・誰か・・・誰か・・・(・o・;) ▷メンバー登録 ➡ 姫森ルーナ 活動1周年記念グッズ 販売期間:2021年1月4日~ BOOTH …



I really want to know what Matsuri and Luna talk about

Translation for the letter from Luna (DeepL Translate) :To everyone who loves LunaLuna is not good at Japanese, so I don’t know if I can communicate well, but I’ll write.Before her debut on January 4, 2020, Luna was not so much worried or nervous as she was happy and full of expectations.To everyone who loves LunaI don’t know if you can understand what I’m saying, but I’ll write it down. Even before her debut on January 4, 2020, Luna wasI was full of joy and expectation. But there was one thing I realized after I actually joined.But when she actually joined the club, she realized something: she was not a good communicator and could not talk to everyone.Luna was really bad at talking to people, and when she was feeling anxious, it was Matsuri-cha-senpai who approached her.I was really happy that she invited me to collaborate with her and to have dinner with her. Even outside of the distribution, she consulted with me and gave me advice and helped me many times.I’ll always remember that I owe my life to you.Thank you so much for everything!And. I’d like to thank you all for your support. I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to go home at the end of the year. I’m not sure what to say. And if you’re in trouble, he’ll help you out.I’m not sure what to say.It’s a common thing in Sulu’s senior books.Let’s take a bath together again!And Amane. Coco. Watame. Toi Toi’s classmates.Whenever something happened, we worried about it together and talked about it! Let’s keep moving forward together!This year, I’ll be wearing an idol costume on stage for part of the show.Thank you for working with us all year!I’m sure you’ll be able to understand why I’m so happy to be here.There are times when I feel anxious and it’s hard. The warm comments and tweets on the site. But when she reads the monthly tweets from the RunitesBut when I read the warm comments, tweets, and monthly messages from the Runites, my heart gets all warm and fuzzy.The reason why Luna is where she is today is because of the Runites who have always supported her.I love you so much for always watching over me!Congratulations nanoraaa! We always support youu!

🍬9:50 Part 1 : 凸待ち / Totsumatchi – waiting for sudden visit  珍しく緊張している姫さま / Luna is unusually nervous  10:40 4期生 / 4th gen. members   19:52 まつりちゃ先輩 / Matsuri senpai  24:52 ラミィママ / Lamy mama  30:46 ロボ子ちゃん / Roboco senpai  36:05 船長 / Marine senpai  42:47 5期生 / 5th gen. members without Lamy   49:18 みこち / Miko senpai🍬55:05 Part 2 : Introducing 1st anniversary voices and goods   BOOTH:🍬59:23 Part 3 : お手紙 / Message to members and Lu-knights Summary : I have some difficulties in communicating with others. So at first, I couldn’t talk to members at all. But Matsuri talked to me and Subaru helped me. And Lu-knights always give me the nicest compliments. Thank you and I love you.🍬1:05:49 Part 4 : 歌 / Sing a song   デリケートに好きして / Love a Delicate One – Takako Ohta


39:25 まんまスバルの反応でニッコリ



24:53 this was my favorite part xD


Man, I’ve just read the letter and it hit right in the feels. I’m really happy for our princess

That letter was so powerful. Luna tends to keep her feelings to herself so for her to open up with such a heartfelt letter like this is amazing. It really shows just how much she has grown and how important this past year has been for her. She didn’t have the greatest start, not to mention the injuries as well, but she finally found her place! She had mentioned that she didn’t have friends so I’m so happy to see that changing with Matsuri, Subaru, and the other members! And she’s done amazing things by learning Piano and singing on stage! Luna always puts on a strong face, but there are times where she can be hurting too. But now it feels like things are becoming much brighter for her, and now there’s so many people supporting her! We’ll always be cheering you on Hime-sama! Thank you for the wonderful times together, and for the ones still coming!

Congratulations on your 1st anniversary, little princess. And, thank you for helping me rediscover forgotten parts of my childhood through your music streams, both piano and karaoke streams. Keep the NANORA coming, okay?

Congratulations on 1st anniversary, Luna sweets princess!💖💖💖


Congratulations on the First Anniversary Luna!You have growth so much as a Vtuber and a person, so proud of you! Cute is Justice!

ルーナ姫1周年おめでとう!🎉🎉🎉12:50 辺りからの姫が結構素の反応っぽくて、やっぱ同期って特別な距離感という感じがしていいなぁって思った

42:45 ん゙ん゙ん゙な゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙あ゙


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【 モンスターハンターライズ DEMO Version2 】一狩り行こうぜ!なのらっ(・o・🍬) MHRise【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】

【 モンスターハンターライズ DEMO Version2 】一狩り行こうぜ!なのらっ(・o・🍬) MHRise【姫森ルーナ/ホロライブ】  (c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ

(c) Luna Ch. 姫森ルーナ モンハンきたぜ・・・なのら・・・(・o・ ) ========================================== この動画およびライブは、株式会社カプコンの利用許諾を受けて配信してい …

The wide-eyed, innocent joy on Luna’s face while watching the slaughter on screen had me smile for 5 hours straight XDThank you for the stream, Hime-Sama!

the best part was Luna having fun the entire stream

The world needs more hologirls playing Monster Hunter 😎👌🏻.59:07 Cute Luna singing Mizutsune theme


Hope to see the members play Monster Hunter together.

2:22 開始start

Hearing her singing along to the “Aaaaaa~” during the fights was so adorable



Humans are basically all babysThere’s nobody who isn’t a babyLunachan having tons of fun with just the demo is pure joyEveryday すき あいしてるよ ちゅ ちゅ ちゅ ちゅ

5 hours just for the demo alone?god damn, cant wait till she play the full a fellow Monhun francise fan, i am so happy!ルーナ姫様お疲れ様です。

Thank you for the stream. Monster hunter is one of my favorite series, and it was great to watch you enjoying the demo!

The actual release is so close, can’t wait !


4:23:33 ガルク(犬)に乗って、ハンマーを研ぐシーン。姫のカメラワークも最高で、広告に使えるレベル。


Cant wait to see Luna to play the full version !